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Russett, Oklahoma

Junior/Senior Plays

A special activity each year for the Russett Junior and Senior students was the Junior/Senior play.  This was a chance for the students to try out their thespian abilities.  The stage was at the end of the gymnasium and the acoustics were awful.  The teacher in charge of the production had a devil of a time getting the student actors to speak so as to be heard by the audience.  The play generally was rehearsed several times during "Study Hall" time and then a dress rehearsal was done in a general assembly the afternoon before "Opening Night". 

Opening night was a community affair attended by most of the community.  Sometimes the play came out so well, the cast went on the road and played at several of the nearby schools.  Such was the case in the 1952 production of "Coming Around the Mountain".

Below are some photos of the Junior/Senior Plays.  We would like to add to this collection.  Please send us your photos of Junior/Senior Plays.

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Junior/Senior Play - 1950

(l-r) Melba Dawson, LaFon Brown, Eddie Armstrong, Elizabeth Bearden, J.K. Biles, Dale Easterwood, Flora Mae Green, Leoma Gray, Donald Covington, Imogene Ingle, Lou Colson, Geneva Gray, Guyman Henry, Beth Biles, Faye Rush, Claudus Smith, Billy Behrens, Flodell Bearden & Mrs. Filan; Sponsor

(Photo Courtesy Flo Behrens)


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