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Russett, Oklahoma

The Lemons Family

By Nova A. Lemons

Clarence L. Lemons and his wife Belle (Ragsdale) Lemons were lifetime residents of Marshall Co., OK, but Russett in Johnston County was their home.  Their farm is located just off old Hwy. 70 near Pettijohn Springs and several yards south of Johnston County line.  They had 9 children who attended school in Russett.  The family did their shopping in Russett, went to social activities there, and worshipped at the Russett Baptist Church.  Today both Clarence and Belle rest forever at the Russett Cemetery.  Click on the link below for more information about the Lemons family.” 


At the Lemons farm…1950s

(left to right) Hubert Ayers, Easter Willis, Nolan Lemons (my dad), Hobart Lemons, Larence Lemons (who was one of the first Seniors to graduate from Russett), Will Dewbre, and Clarence Lemons

(Photo Courtesy Nova A. Lemons)

Clarence L. and Belle (Ragsdale) Lemons and Rosa (Smith) and J. H. Pryor at the Lemons farm.

(Photo Courtesy Nova A. Lemons)

Nolan Lemons and Daughter Nova Ann - 1961

Nova Ann says "Me and my dad at the farm in 1961. I have good memories of going up there several times through the years growing up. The farmhouse is in bad shape with no floor left. The old barn and log cabin (smoke house) are now gone."

(Photo Courtesy Nova A. Lemons)



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