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Russett, Oklahoma

Spiritual Growth

Eugene Henry says: "To the children of Mrs. Carrie Jester, Mrs. Carrie O'Steen and Mr. Luther Smith, your father and mothers played a big part in my Christian life.  I am thankful for Mrs. Jester and Mrs. O'Steen who taught our Sunday School class for their understanding of the young people, teaching and living a Christian life and we all knew they loved the Lord.  I am thankful to Mr. Smith for coming down the Aisle during an invitation and took my hand and asked me if I was ready to accept Jesus as my savior and I said yes and I accepted Christ and was baptized.  For if Mr. Smith hadn't came and took the time that night even though I wanted to but just that gesture led me then to accept Christ.  For this I want to thank him and the Lord for sending him to me on that night."


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