Russett, Oklahoma




To Former Students of Russett and their descendants and to anyone who might be interested in learning more about Russett. It has been 100 + 1 years since the Beginning of the Russett School


This course will be offered at the date and time listed below.  We have former Graduates of Russett To tell you where you can find more answers then you might want to know about Russett and people you have forgotten.. 


The instructors for the course will be:

Larry Wilcox – 1952 - Webmaster -

Jerry Henry  – 1953 - Sports Editor for the web site.

Jim O’Steen  – 1952 – Reporter and Writer of stories for the web site


            Please reserve the Saturday Night before Memorial Day to be at:

            Place:               Murray State College Cafeteria

                                     Tishomingo, Oklahoma

            Date:                May 26, 2007

            Time:                Fellowship        5:00 P.M.

                                      Dinner              6:00 P.M.

            Cost:                $10.00 in advance

                                     $15.00 at the door.


We will honor the Graduating Class of 1957 for their 50th year anniversary.


Everyone come for a good time. If you know of anyone who went to school at Russett or even drank from the well, please forward this to them or let them know about the REUNION.  We would love to have them come join us.


Send response to me before May 15, 2007.


                        Codeen Easterwood

                        9900 W Mockingbird Road

                        Mannsville, OK.  73447


                        Phone (580)-371-2091  E-mail



I (/We) will come to the Banquet

Please reserve _____ places @ $10.00 each.

Amount enclosed $ ________

Names to put on Name Tag (please print).






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