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Russett, Oklahoma

Russett Reunion

by Ora Mae (Brown) Boyer

Tis Our Russett Reunion

And we’re young for tonight!

And all through the house,

We’ll check in each mirror

And beg our poor spouse

To Say we look great,

That our chin isn’t double;

They lied through false teeth,

Just to stay out of trouble

Though we wear bifocals,

Our eyes haven’t changed;

We have the same figure,

Just a mite rearranged.

Our skin is still silky,

Although looser in places;

We walk rather slow,

But still make all the bases.

We swallowed the words,

Hook, sinker and line,

And enter this banquet

Feeling just fine;

We’re greeted with hugs;

But like me 50 years

Adds gray to our hair

And width to our rears.

Somehow we expected

Our classmates to stay

Just as they were

On that long ago day.

We’ll share a few memories

And re-tell some class jokes;

We’re 18 in spirit,

Though we look like our folks

We’ll talk about the good times,

Now long gone by.

When we were still students

At old Russett High.

We’ll turn hearing aids up,

And dim down the light,

Roll back the years,

And we’er young for tonight. 


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