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Russett, Oklahoma


By Ina Faye (Scruggs) Hallmark 7‑24‑2007

Roland Wafare Scruggs and Gertha (Cochburn) Scruggs were both born in Arkansas. Gertha was the oldest of 10 children. Her folks later lived in Wister, Oklahoma. When Wafare went to get Gertha to marry ... they said you could hear her dad crying and screaming because Gertha was the helper around the farm and with the younger kids.

Wafare was born January 31, 1901 ..died May 20, 1978. Gertha was born December 31, 1903 ... died September 15, 1990

To this union was born:

Ruthie ... who died at age 2

Howell Leon ‑ born January 15, 1926.. died March 25, 1967

Huel Dillard ‑ born October 21, 1928.. died March 9, 2001

Ina Faye ‑ born June 5, 1933

Joe Donald ‑ born December 22, 1940

Allen Wayne ‑ born April 8, 1945 ‑ ..died September 15, 2006

Allen Wayne, Wafare and Gertha are all buried at Russett Cemetery. Dillard is buried in Arkansas ... Howell is buried at Wister, Oklahoma. Joe lives at this time in Bloomburg, Arkansas.

We moved from Russett to Mannsville where Ina attended Mannsville School thru the 11th grade... after attending Russett for sometime. She married J. W. Hallmark of the Ravia area on April 27, 1951, in Ardmore, Oklahoma. We moved to California with Moma and Dad after we married. I hoed cotton, J. W. got a job ... Daddy picked fruit and Moma got a job in a defense plant.

We moved back to the Dallas/Irving area where I worked for Freeman Decorating for 25 years and J. W. worked for ICX and Yellow Freight Lines until our retirement and movement back to the Ravia area. We have two children ..Terri who lives in Irving, Texas and Randy who lives in Tishomingo.

Daddy was a farmer .... he and Moma moved to Mannsville, Oklahoma ... then to Russett ... back to Mannsville ... then to the Norton Bend area. Our neighbors were Mr. Dean ... Opal, Delilah, Johnny and Shirley Morris ... Dillard Coffman, Debs Armstrong, George Dawson, Warren Armstrong , Jess Easley , Jess Norton , Emet Davis , David Eggenberg, the Fitzgeralds, and the Brashier families.

There were approximately 15 ‑ 18 kids in the Norton Bond area ... and after school .. we would play ball.. hoe and pick cotton, corn, peanuts, haul hay, make mud pies, dolls, dishes and houses out of red clay in one of the ditches .. fish in a pond with bacon rinds for crawdads, etc ... that Mrs. Coffman would clean and cook for us. Everyone was good neighbors and always helped one another when they needed it. When hog killing time came ... every neighbor helped and got a part of the hog.

School let out early in the Spring ... and we went back to summer school in July .. then turned out again in the Fall for crop gathering ... sometimes we would play basketball games before we actually returned to regular school ... in October or so. All the kids worked on the farms.

Gertha babysat for Bill Chapman when he and his wife returned to England to visit her folks.

J. W.'s mom and dad are both buried in Ravia Cemetery. He and Roger are the only ones living in this area now ... the rest are in the Dallas area.

J. W. and I live just East of Ravia and South on Canada Lane.


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