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Russett, Oklahoma


The following is a photo gallery of Russett Student Classes dating from Russett, Indian Territory days in 1902 to the closing of the  Russett School system.  Click on the below thumbnail photos to view them enlarged.  Click on your browser's return button to come back.

Russett School - 1902 - Russett, Indian Territory

Back of 1902 Russett Photo

Russett School - March 14, 1906
Miss Fleeta Caperton's Class - 1910

Top Row: Mr. Morris -Teacher, Jess Hays, Jake Jester, Horace Kimbrough, Ethel Kelly, Ida Farraz, Laura Cashion, Prudence Shook, Bessie Dewbree, Lilly Parks

2nd Row: Clarke Morris bro, Frank Mitchell, Henry Farrar, Noah Parks, Joe Eades, Gorden Eades, Euge Cashion, Millard Parks, Wess Pearce, Alf Copeland

3rd Row: Ruth (sister), May Kimbrough, Laura Key, Lula Key, Mint Hays, Bert Craig, Iva Easle, Fleeta (Caperton), Alta Stone, Ruby Mitchell, Skeet Hays

4th Row: Harden Cashion, Denton Craig, Pearl Hays, Lena Moore, May Parks, Jewell Smart, Mirtle Parks, Arthur Payton, Leonard Morris, Johnny King, Henry Debree, Eugene Woods

(Photo Courtesy Jadean Fackrell)

Names of Students and Teacher(s)

(Photo Courtesy Jadean Fackrell)


(Photo Courtesy Barney Waggoner)

1. Frankie Dewbre

2. Johnny O'conner

3. Rollen Cumbie (Roland?)

4. Bud Waggoner

5. Eugene Huges

6. Payle Hughes

7. Thompie Waggoner

8. Hays O'conner

9. Buddie Glass

10. Clieve Allen

11. Cordia Allen

12. Reggie Hughes

13. Avel Quick

14. Jewell Morgan

15. Maudie Jones

16. Dona Glass

17. Emma Jones

18. Talitha Allen

19. Emma Huges

20. Josie Morgan

21. Stanley Moore

22. Claire Moore

23. Oren? Dewbre

24. Elsie Pierce

25. Ola Montgomery

26. Clyde Allen

27. Viola Whitefield

28. Lillie Morgan

29. Mattie Jones

30. Claud Hughes

31. Blanche Allen

32. Dewey Jester

Miss Fleeta Caperton

(Photo Courtesy Jadean Fackrell)


Back of 1910 photo with names of students

Russett School Circa 1910 - 1920

Russett Students in front of old School House

Class of ?????

Front Row: 5th from left Tomp Waggoner, Ralph Cumbie, Roland Cumbie

(Photo Courtesy Jadean Fackrell)


(Photo Courtesy Wayne Easterwood)

Date - ????

(Photo Courtesy Barney Waggoner)

Back row: #8 from left Audrey Martin.

(Photo Courtesy Mona Jo Cumbie)

1926 Photo of 7th grade class of Russett, OK

5th & 6th Grade - 1930

1934-35 4th and 5th grades

Class of 1934 -1935

Back Row: William Boyer, Clifford Lemons, Unknown, Alice Shipley, Henry Hardy the Teacher, Lillie Fay Barham, Hattie Lee Dake, & Ozella Sizemore.

Fr. Row: Chester Thorton, Bertie Thomas, J.W. Holt, Serena Martin, Archie Wendt, Audrey Carpenter, & Minnie Mae Walker

(Photo Courtesy June Boyer)

"Sambo's Party" given Feb 12, 1930 by Mrs. Rosalie Selby. Wesley Waggoner is in the play.

(Photo Courtesy Barney Waggoner"


(l-r)Front row: Buddy Beam, Floyd Rogers, Billy Wicker, Don Martin, 5 , Gene Brown, 7, 8 , O.Z. James, Jack Autrey
Middle row: Mary Evelyn Williams, Etolia May, 3 , Frank Higgins, S.A. Shook, Marie Adams, Dorothy England, 8 , 9, Genevieve Triplett, Webster Upchurch
Back row: Dalton Beam, J.R. Cremeen, Vonda James, J.H. Carraway, 5 , May Fern Bean,
Neta Boyer, Geraldine Lemons, 9 , Lois (Watson) Holmes - Teacher who lives in Ada at the Baptist Village.

(Photo Courtesy Don Martin)


(l-r)Front Row: Robert Dake, Jack Martin, Murphy Williams, Ervin Hopkins, Wesley Waggoner, J.R. Young, Alfred Autrey, Howard Freeze, Andrew Wendt

Second Row: Ila Vern Williams, Maudie Brown, Lois Williams, Gertrude Harvey, Fannie Lou Sutton, Dorthy Brown, Helen Still

Third Row: Mrs. Reynolds, Zelma Young, Rena Mae Triplettt, Goldia Lemons, Bertie Thomas, Estelle Scifres, Lucille Beam, Helen James, S. A. Triplett, Mr. Richards, Elton Roberts

(Photo courtesy Wayne Easterwood)


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