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Russett, Oklahoma


This webpage is dedicated to the teachers at Russett.  These Ladies and Gentlemen influenced our lives greatly.  Here is the beginning of a list.  Please add to it.  Below are photos of Russett teachers that we have so far.  Please send a copy of your teacher photos to be shared here.


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Mrs. Rena Mae (Jester) Albright, 3rd & 4th Grade, Circa 1940s

Mrs Mary Anderson

Mr. Branscomb, coached circa 1930s

Courtesy Nova A. Lemons

Ms. Fleeta Caperton - Grammar school teacher 1910 - 1913

See class photo in Student Section

Ms. Thelma Clayton, Class 1940 Sponsor

Mr. Ed Gill, Superintendent, 1940's

Courtesy Nova A. Lemons

Mrs. Alma Filan, High School English Teacher, Circa 1950s

Mr. Henry Hardy - 7th grade teacher - circa 1926

Mrs. Billie Gleaves Herndon taught math Circa late 40s early 50s. Commuted from Madill with Mrs. Filan

Mr. Nigle Hopkins, Math & Science 1940s

Mrs. Thelma Hopkins - Class sponsor 1938

Mr. Charles Houser coached and became principal after high school closed. Circa 1960

Otherine Kingsberry - 3rd grade teacher - circa 1942

Mr. Earl McDonald - Superintendent

Mr. C.W. McGilberry - Superintendent

Mr. Charles Moore coached late 1950s

Mr. Donald Murk

Principal, Science Teacher & Coach

(Photo Courtesy Alleta Smith)

Mr. Leland Portman - Superintendent and history and civics teacher - Circa 1950s

Mrs.Ollie Portman - Elementary Teacher late 40's early 50's

Photo Courtesy Wanda (Andrews) Talkington

Mr. Leroy Ritchey, coach and 5th & 6th grade, 1940s

Mr. Earl Rogers

Mrs. Katie Lou Rood - Circa 1950s

Mrs. Pat Ross taught 5th & 6th grade and commuted with Mr. Littlepage

Mrs. Ethel Sherrill

Taught the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades. Starting in the fall of 1953 (Photo Courtesy Winford Andrews)

Mr. Harold Slack coached in late 50s

Mrs. Mary Jane (Bennett) Slack taught grade school some and maybe business

Mr. B. B. Smith - Taught Typing and Coached

Mr. Jim W. Smith was superintendent in 1946, had health problems and was replace by Mr. Mitchell

Early Photo of Mable Collins Smith

Mrs. Smith was Primary, First & Second grade teachers for many years at Russett.

(Photo Courtesy Barney Waggoner)

Mrs. Mable John Smith. Primary, First and Second Grade Teacher, 1940s

Mrs. Lucille Sneed - High School Business teacher - Circa 1950s

Mrs. Stephenson - Late 50's

Photo Courtesy Wanda (Andrews) Talkington

Mr. F. Tipton, Principal 1960s

Miss Lois Watson - 4th & 5th grade teacher - 1934/35

See her story as Mrs. Lois Watson Holmes Duncan in Families Section

Ms. Louella Oglesby - 3rd & 4th Grade Teacher in 60s

Ms Oglesby loves to travel and has visited 44 countries and all of the 50 states except Vermont.

Mrs. Updegraff

Photo Courtesy Wanda (Andrews) Talkington

Photo Courtesy Larry Wilcox

Teachers for which we do not have photos yetUpdegraff

Ms. Annis Hughes - High School Teacher circa 1930

Mr. Pete Littlepage - Circa 1950s

Mrs. Littlepage - Circa 1950s

Mr. McGibney - Principal - Circa 1929

Mr. Mitcheson - Superintendent 1946-47

Mr. Morris - Head teacher Russett, Indian Territory 1902

Mrs. Patton - 7th & 8th grade teacher - Circa late 1940s

Nettie Penalton - High School Teacher - Circa 1929

Mrs. Reynolds - High School Teacher - 1932

Mr. Richards - Circa 1930

Mrs. Ritchey - 7th & 8th grade teacher- Late 40s

Mr. Earl Rogers

Mrs. Grace Sutton - 5th, 6th and one time 7th grade teacher - Circa 1940s

Miss Julia Wilhite - First Russett School Teacher, taught in the one room school for three years - 1905 - 1908





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