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Russett, Oklahoma


"Where did we get such men and women?"

Our President was heard to ask.

From the backbone of America,

When needed to perform a task.

From the ghetto, the towns, the big cities,

From large ranches and the family farm.

They came from east and west,

When their nation sounded the alarm.

In the midst of random flag‑burning,

Protestors and malcontents.

Our nation rose, then fell to her knees,

And remembered what‑Old Glory meant.

Regained patriotism from coast to coast,

As Americans again flow their flags.

Tied ribbons of orange and yellow,

Lifted spirits that were beginning to sag.

"Where did we get such men and women?"

The answer that comes to my mind.

After all this in AMERICA,

They were here all the time.


Joan Bartlett Brozek April 12. 1992


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