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This webpage is established as a meeting place for our readers.  Here we will post questions, comments and other feedbacks from our website visitors.  So, "keep them cards and letters coming". Send information to be posted by emailing the webmaster Feedback.  We will not post personal information without your permission.

05/02/2008 Carolyn (Henry) Massey writes:

I remember the Jordan bus lines.  It passed right in front of our house.  The bus was long and white with red trimming.  One time it stopped and let my sister Billie out.  She was coming home for a visit from Ft. Worth.   Also I remember the Mail Hack.  I rode in it a time or two with my Mother and sisters to go to Ardmore shopping.  I remember it was full of people I didn't know.   Thanks for allowing me to go back in time, known as the "good ole days." :)

Anybody else remember how we got to town in those "good ole days"? 


04/19/2008 Stanley Paul Smith writes:

Dear Sir:
    I lived there in 1952 and 1953.What I remember most about the place was the snakes. Outside of that we all loved being there. What I would like to know, if anyone was around then is, would it be possible to go from Russett all the way to Lake Texoma at that time by way of the Washita River. I also remember it rained a lot those years. Three of my sisters played basketball there. I see Aletta Smith e-mails you from time to time. Mary Jane and Lavella all played there at that time. Was the person we all worked for named Chapman? I also remember the teacher Mr. Murk, he was a very good math teacher.

04/18/2008 Former teacher and coach at Russett, Pete Littlepage passed away and the funeral was April 16, 2008 at First Baptist Church, Tishomingo, Oklahoma at 3:00 PM.


04/03/2008 Jerry Sisemore adds: Apparently the Justices were in Russett when Tony Homer
Justice married Frankie Dewbre.


04/02/2008 Jerry Sisemore writes: Hello, My name is Jerry Sisemore I am the grandson of Hugh Justice, Homer's brother. I came across your website while trying to do a little research on the Justice family and thought I would email you to see if you could shed any light on the Hugh Justice side of the family. I would like to know about Willard and Tennessee Justice, Hugh and Homer's parents. And also if you know anything about the feud between the Justice and the Jones family and what happen to Foy Justice another brother of Homer and Hugh I heard he was killed by Haskell Jones but don't know why. If you can help me out or point me in right direction I would greatly appreciate it.  Sincerely, Jerry Sisemore


Anybody out there know anything about the Justice family, please email pstout3@cox.net so I can pass it on to Jerry.

02/12/2008 Received word that Jimmy Biles, oldest son of J. K. Biles, passed

away this week.  The funeral will be Saturday at 2:00 at Hubbard Kelly Funeral Home in Odessa.  Jimmy was 51 years old.  Your prayers for his family are appreciated.


01/22/2008 Diane Stout emails: I am Diane Stout. My family lived in Russett for 10 years. My oldest daughter will be in touch with you, she has lots of info. Her name is Paula Stout. My youngest is sending pics. Her name is Becky Mc Queary. I love the site and plan to check on it often.

01/22/2008 Rebecca (Stout) McQueary emails:  Hello my name is Rebecca McQueary (Stout)  and I grew up in Russett from 1974-1984.  This is a pic of the house we lived in.  Our family was Cecil, Diana, Paula and Becky Stout.  I had some of the best memories when we lived there.  I am tickled to have found a website dedicated to it.  I will continue to dig for pix and let my sister, Paula. know about this site.  She is the fact hound and has most of the good pix anyway :) 

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12/26/2007 Bobby Payne emails clarification:

Mary Ann Hays (MAH) was the step-grandma to Gene Autry, the second wife of Wesley Pierce.  Wesley's daughter (of 1st wife) was Margaret Linda Pierce, who married Delbert Ozment, and begat Nora (Elnora?) Ozment.   Nora married a Johnson, then an Autry, and begat Gene.  Confusing, ain't it?  Ozment was Nora's maiden name.  See Mary Ann Hays entry updated.


12/25/2007 Earl Responds:

Hello again Larry, The Rhynes may have moved there by the church from the Lewis Chapman farm after you moved from the house near the highway. There was a boy by the name of C. H. and a girl by the name of Henora and another by the name of Genie Mae and the Lady I mentioned that fainted in the church that night was their mother and their dad wore blue overalls all the time and the only ones he could get at Gaylord Wolf's store was always too long and he would role them up a turn or two. I remember this because one time when they lived at the Lewis Chapman farm, he had walked down a trail through high weeds fishing and when he returned home from fishing, a Water Moccasin snake struck at him and got its fangs tangled up in the cuff of his overalls and he would tell of all the kicking that he did do get it loose. 

The Fawler name may be misspelled but there was Pat Fawler who married Marie Potts and he had a sister by the name of Iva who married Walt Pfortmiller who was the brother of my brother-in-law Gordon Pfortmiller. Walt was killed in WWII and is buried at Russett. Iva lives somewhere in Texas. Gordon went home to be with God a few years ago. The Pfortmillers were well known at Russett and well thought of people. Gordon was like a brother to me.

 Larry I think that hot 110 degree day was one of the best days of your life. I have always regretted dropping out of school but we were moving around so much and I got behind and felt out of place as I was nearly six foot tall and in the eighth  grade. 

Yes, I remember the Shooks a little. I remember his name being Willie Shook.

That hay bailer was after my time there. I left there in 1940 and came to Blair and went to work driving a tractor pulling a combine for twenty five cents an hour and I thought that was big money then


12/25/2007 We respond to Earl:

Merry Christmas.  I think you have just come up with some family names that I hadn't heard of before.  The Fawlers and the Rhynes are new names to me.  Seems to me there was a Shook family (not sure of the spelling) that lived around there too.  Do you remember them?
I remember the Watts Bottom which must be a part of the Watts Farm.  It was there on a day that was 110 degrees in the shade that I had one of the major epiphanies of my life. 
My father was in charge of a hay baling crew in the Watts Bottom.  We were using one of the newer hay baling rigs, a Case Pickup Hay Baler.  As you know prior to this to bale hay, the baler sat still and the crew brought the hay to it.  With the Case Pickup Baler, the hay was cut and windrowed.  Then the baler with a crew of 5 would pick up the hay and make bales out of it.  The crew consisted of the driver for the tractor pulling the baler.  The guy who stood behind the pickup and helped the hay into the press, two guys sitting opposite of each other on the bale press.  One feed a block into the press through which he punched wires and the other that sat behind the pickup and tied the wires.  The other crew member rode on a sled dragged behind the baler and stacked the bales as they came out of the press.  He periodically dumped the stacked bales so the hay haulers didn't have to pick up individual bales.  Well, my father was the guy that feed the block and punched the wires.  I was the guy that tied the wires.  It was so dusty we wore goggles but still had to inhale all that dust and chaff.  It was an awful job.  I am sure that today OSHA would outlaw it.  If you blew your nose, mud would come out.
It was custom to take an hour for lunch (we called it dinner in those days).  The crew, which also included the guys running the mowers and side delivery rakes would pull the equipment up under the shade of some of the big pecan groves that were in the Watts bottom for the noon meal.  During the noon meal the shade moved off my seat on that baler.  When we went back to work I had to sit on a very hot seat.  As the chills from the heat flowed through my body, I said to my father there must be a better way to make a living.  He responded that I should get an education.  Which I did.


12/24/2007 Earl responds: "My memory isn't the best about the area around the church house but I think my parents lived in the Fawler house and the Rhynes moved from the Lewis Chapman farm to the house that you mentioned behind the church and the Whites moved from the Lewis Chapman farm to a house southwest from the church near the highway.


I know that the Autrys lived west of the church and across the highway and behind them in the bottom was the Pfortmillers and Duncans. That was a lowland farm called the Watts farm to the best of my memory and when the river got out of its banks , the ones in that low land would have to get out.

I was in the C.C.C. Camp at Sulphur and Grand Lake Colorado at this time but I had bought an old Model A Ford and my girl friend was Lucretia Duncan at this time and I would go down in the lowland to see her when I came home.

I can remember going to Madill and on the road back when I would start down Pettijohn hill I would turn the switch off on the car and coast it seemed to be about two miles. I think that I was paying 10 cents a gallon for gasoline at that time. I remember going to the boxcar where Mr. Chapman kept the gasoline and giving  50 cents for a five gallon can of gas. (bean order as I had no money).

You know that the times were hard at that time but some of the happiest times of my life were spent at Russett."

12/23/2007 Our response to Earl -

Hello Again Earl,
Your Russett memories are gold to this Website.  Thank you again for your contributions.  I never worked in the Broomcorn Harvest and from what my dad told me, I should feel lucky.
In my time I believe that Claude Hudgens and his sister lived in the house you describe as the one on the hill where Lewis Chapman lived.
I forget about all the houses that were around the Russett Church.  I recall one that was directly behind the church and people living there.  Later we made a barn and milking stalls out of the house.  To the west of that house sitting on the highest point was a log house under a great oak tree and I recall people living there.  There was a log barn just below the hill to the south of the log house.  Over time I think the log barn fell down and I recall sawing the logs up for firewood.  I am not sure what happened to the log house.
Thanks again for your memories, Merry Christmas,


12/22/2007 Earl Pollard emails -- Glad to hear from you again and to know that you worked at the Lewis Chapman farm. My brother-in-law fed the silage cutter but that may have been before you worked there.

His name was Herbert Briscoe and he lived in the house just east of where we lived. We lived in the first house on the right going to the Lewis Chapman farm at this time but later moved to east of the church at Russet and the first house north of the Waggoner house. We also lived in the Fowler house that was south of where you lived later.

I can't remember the well that you mentioned but I do remember Mr. Watts living on the hill north of the old barn. There was also a log house just west of the Watts house that the Whites lived in and just west of that was the house that the Rhines lived in. Do you remember the Walls who lived east of the Watts house below the hill?

I also remember the horse tank that was in the lot at the barn that a spring kept full all the time and when we were working in the broom corn thrashing, after work we, boys and girls alike would go down to that cold spring fed horse tank and jump in to get the chaff washed off. We were used to taking our weekly bath in a number two or number three wash tub. The young girls also worked at the thrasher carrying the broom corn to the drying shed.

12/21/2007 We respond to Earl - Good to hear from you again.  I posted your email on the Russett Website Forum.  I hope you don't mind.  Your recollection of the feedlots is a bit of Russett history that I think should be captured.

I remember both Hudgens (Claude and Herbert) and it never occurred to us they were connected.  You see Herbert Hudgens, Sr. had a son whose name was also Herbert.  He was a friend and playmate of mine and I remember him quite well and can even see his face in my mind's eye. 

I too worked with Claude Hudgens doing a number of things like baling and hauling hay, making silage for both the pits and the upright silos at the Lewis Chapman place.  Claude and his sister lived in a house on the hill above the feedpens. There was a well nearby that had the coldest (well coolest) water.  I remember going up to the well hot and sweating and drawing a bucket of water from that well and drinking right out of the bucket and it tasted so good.
There was a Hubert Aires that married into the Lemons family.  Was he any kin to the Archie Aires?  I recall Hubert was a good friend of my dad.  He managed the Grondyke fuel hauling company in Ardmore in his later days. 
I don't know anything about Curtis Twitty.  Maybe posting it on the Russett Website will get us some feedback.
You don't remember Sylvester Lindley, eh?  Maybe he lived in Mannsville.
Take care and have a Merry Christmas,


12/20/2007 Earl Pollard emails -- "Its so good hearing from you again and to know that the Russett Website is doing well.


This Hudgens must be a different group than Claude Hudgens. As you mentioned, I think he may have lived with his sister.


I fed cattle with him and Archie Aires in 1938 at the Lewis Chapman farm. I don't think I have the name Aires  spelled correct but I'm not the best at spelling. 


I wish I could help Mr. Lindley out but this must have been another Hudgens.


I can remember hauling ensilage from the Watts farm and the silo over by the Dave Edinburg farm and the Lewis Chapman farm and also from several pit silos. 

It seems as we were feeding about 1500 head of cattle and about 50 head of mules. This was with three mules hooked to the wagon. One on each side of the tongue and the third hooked to the right front corner of the wagon bed. 


I'm very glad to be back. 


I see where several of the good people from Russet have gone on home to be with  the Lord and so many of us are getting older every day but I think we will all meet again some day.


Take care,  Earl Pollard


PS. Do you have any idea where Curtis Twitty is, or if he is still living?

12/18/2007 Bobby, wow, what you have here is Great!!  Of course if you have more I will be glad to receive it.  Is Cecil Underwood from the Underwood family that lived at Russett for many years?

This is really great because I have been trying to get more information on Carrie (Waggoner) Jester.  She was one of the original pioneers.  I remember her when I was a child growing up in Russett.  She was a very devout lady and her daughter Rena May (Jester) Albright was one of my favorite teachers.
Later I would work in the summers for Fred A. Chapman on his farm and ranch.  There were several older guys from Ravia that I worked with who grew up with Gene Autry.  Gene's father was a telegraph operator at the Ravia Depot.  They reported that the community felt sorry for Mr. Autry because that "no account Gene wouldn't work and wadnt goin to amount to nothin".  They said he sat around on the depot platform picking his guitar and every once in a while would jump a freight train to either Oklahoma City or Tulsa.  Which is where I understand he broke into show business by appearing on the local radio stations.
Ironically Gene Autry became one of the wealthiest men in Hollywood and as I understand made most of his money in real estate. 
Later right after WWII Gene bought a ranch near Berwyn, Oklahoma which is near Ardmore.  The Berwyn town fathers were so impressed to have this celebrity to move into the area that they went to the trouble of changing the town's name from Berwyn to Gene Autry which is still there.  He had a rodeo at his ranch and my folks took me to it.  He performed with his horse Champion.
Many years later I lived in rural suburbia New York and my mother and father lived in Gene Autry.  Every Christmas when I would go to our small post office to mail a package to my parents with an address of Gene Autry, Oklahoma, the people at the post office thought I was kidding.  They had heard of Gene Autry the songwriter, singer and movie star but had never heard of the town. 

Unfortunately, not long after the town's name was changed, Gene sold his Flying-A ranch and moved back to Hollywood but the town with his name is still there.

As I understand it, Gene's family was from Tioga, Texas.  His mother was a Pierce and sister to Aunt Fannie (Pierce) Cumbie also a Russett pioneer family and as you noted a sister to  Carrie (Waggoner) Jester's mother. 
I look forward to getting any information you can give me for the Website.  Do you have any photos?


12/17/2007 Bobby Payne emails, "Hello Larry: I found the connection of Dessie Bridges/Selby/Payne, 1st wife of Wylie Payne of Tishomingo.  This story is about Dessie's grandma.   It could be formatted a little better.  I got it from Cecil Gene Underwood, a gd-son of Dessie's.  If you would like to post it, let me know, and I can put it on word processor.  and add more info.,   I understand that Gene Autry was born in Texas, but lived in Russett/Ravia area as young man.  My Dad remembered when Gene played guitar on streets of Tish.


12/05/2007 Rick Lindley replies, "Claude and Herb Hudgens were brothers they are my grandmother's (Ada Dell Hudgens) brothers. I remember meeting them many years ago when I was about 6 years old."


12/05/2007 Rick, we are so glad to hear from you again and really happy to hear that you are going to send new material for the Russett Website. 

We have posted your email to the Forum section of the Website hoping other readers can help with your research.  Earl Pollard and Donald Martin are old time Russett residents.  They read the Website often and maybe they can help with your research.  Earl and Don, can you help Rick? 

As to your search for the Hudgens, I can help some.  There were at least two Hudgens families living at Russett in my youth.  One was a Claude Hudgens that lived with his sister at the Louis Chapman place.  Another family and I am not sure if they were related was Herbert Hudgens.  He had a son also named Herbert that was a good friend of mine while in grade school.  Herbert's family moved away sometime in the forties I believe but I recall running into him afterward. 

We hope posting your email to the Forum will net some results for your research from other Russettites.

12/04/2007 Rick Lindley writes "I have been writing to Nova Lemons about the Dewbre family who were also from the Russett area. She asked me to send you the info I had to add to the website, I will try to get things gathered up to send to you.

I was asking also about the Lindley’s, I remember my dad speaking of going to school either at Russett maybe the Mannsville area. My father died when I was about 12 so I don’t remember much about his side of the family. I found him in the 1930 census for Stephens County Oklahoma, he was 4 years old. His family probably moved to Russett shortly thereafter, I know he was born in Mannsville, OK.


His mothers maiden name was Hudgens and this was the line I was also trying to track down, I am not having much luck with the Hudgens. Currently I am trying to track down a brother of his mother called John Herbert Hudgens he and his wife lived and died in Madill but I am unable to find any of their children. I think they all moved to Texas somewhere.


I am located in Plano, Texas. The website is great, I wish all communities would do the same. Hopefully I can make it up there at some point to meet with you and some of the former Russett residents.


I was hoping to find some old school photos that might have my dad in them. I am assuming he probably attended elementary but I doubt he went to high school since his father was a farmer and they tended to move around to work.


My dad was Sylvester Lindley (1926 – 1975)

His parents were Paul Earl Lindley (1900 – 1973) and Ada Dell Hudgens (1902 – 1957)

Ada’s parents were Alf Hudgens (born abt. 1870) and Alice Dewbre (born abt. 1878)


Alf Hudgens and Alice Dewbre married in Russett on 12-22-1896, Alf must have died young because Alice is listed as the head of household and widowed in the 1910 census for Johnston County.


I would like to find out more about Alf Hudgens, the census indicates from his children that he was born in Texas, but that’s all the information I have on him.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for writing back, I have been working on the family genealogy many years and I always enjoy meeting and corresponding with folks who are interested in history and family research work."


10/19/2007 Amber Glover from Ardmore writes "I have learned of this website through my Grandmother, Carolyn Day, she is the daughter of my Great-Grandmother Hilda Clara Phortmiller Holbrook. My name is Amber Glover, I am Carolyn's first Granddaughter, from her first born, Chadrick Jimmy Day. I absolutely love this website. I love all the pictures and the stories behind them. It is very interesting to hear about Family, and loved ones. I have many stories about my Great Grandmother, Hilda. She was a great person and held so much love in her heart for anyone who came her way. I spent many a days sitting on her front porch swing, singing old gospel songs. Now I sat on the same front porch swing singing old songs to my children. I loved my Great Grandmother dearly. She was such a blessing to be around growing up, I keep her songs in my heart and I apply her teachings to my life."


10/14/2007 Frank Behrens writes, "I am intrigued by the Forum comments from Amber Underwood dated 9/24/2007. I attended Russett school in the 40s and 50s and was in school with Gene and Chestine Underwood. I believe they had an older sister named Geraldine. I am curious about the date of the drowning of Tina Marie Montetatchi. I had an older brother, James, who had rheumatic fever as a child and serious heart problems as an adult. He died in 1977.


Some years before his death, he was traveling toward Mannsville - he stopped at the creek east of Mannsville in response to a plea for help. Twin girls were in the creek and both were in danger of drowning. One was saved and the other drowned. This haunted my brother for the remainder of his life. He was haunted by the fact that both girls could not be saved from the stream. I could be mistaken but I believe he said the girls were the daughters of Geraldine Underwood. We talked about this incident many times. It bothered him that both girls were not saved. I continued to tell him that 'you did all that you could'. He always said 'It wasn't enough - one of the girls drowned'.


Would that creek be Turkey Creek?


10/12/07 Nova Lemons writes, "If you have Leisa (Dewbre) Bullard's e-mail address, could you send mine to her or send hers to me?  I was in touch with her years ago and she came to one of the family reunions.  Lost touch with her afterwards.  Her dad, Arlyn Dewbre, exchanged information with me back then.  Arlyn's mother and my grandmother were sisters, both being Ragsdales." 


So, Leisa, if you are out there, we not only would like to have your email address to share with Nova, but we would really like to publish the Dewbre Family story on the Website.

09/24/07 Amber Underwood wrote, "Hi, My name is Amber Underwood and I do genealogy for the Chickasaw Nation. My grandparents are buried in Russett Cemetery. You have a listing for Joe Underwood. I have more to add to this.  
   Joe Underwood was a full blood Chickasaw, Dawes Roll number 561. His parents were Salina (Austin) Underwood Lacher and Hicks Lacher. Joe married Mary Jane Hamilton, daughter of Jincy (Reed) and Sim Hamilton, also full blood Chickasaws. Mary Underwood was born Mar 18, 1905 and died October 6, 1985.
   Mary and Joe have no headstones or markers of any kind today. Mary Underwood is buried to the west of Joe Underwood who is buried to the west of Tina Marie Monetathchi. (This name is spelled incorrectly in your listing.)  Noah Lacher is buried to the west of Joe and Mary and has a stone. I didn’t see his name on your list. Noah Lacher was the full brother of Joe Underwood. Joe Underwood’s last name should have been Lacher like his siblings, but his mother never changed his name.
   Tina Marie Monetathchi was the granddaughter of Joe and Mary Underwood. She was the daughter of Harvey and Delores (Underwood) Monetathchi. She drowned in a creek near Mannsville while the babysitter slept. She has a surviving twin sister who was pulled from the creek, also.
   Joe and Mary Underwood lived at Russett and their children went to school there until the school was closed down. They had 15 children, and only seven survived to adulthood. Joe and Mary lived at Mannsville in their later years. An annual family reunion of their descendents goes on every June at Spring Creek near Connerville, OK with over 100 people attending.
   There is a family file and photo albums of this family in the Chickasaw Nation Genealogy Archive Center, 402 W. 8th, Tishomingo, OK 73460, (580) 371-0150."


09/14/07 This just in from Jim (Dale) O'Steen. The funeral service for Harold is scheduled for
Monday September 17, 2007 at 10:00 am at Watts Chapel in Madill, OK.  Please let those you think might be interested know. Thanks.


09/14/07 We just received word that Harold O'Steen passed away around midnight last night.  We will update this when we have more details.  Our condolences and prayers go out to the O'Steen family, former pillars of the Russett Community.


07/29/07 Ruth Autrey Stubbs wrote, "Hi Larry, My Uncle Alfred was the Officer and the one who flew missions. He was a navigator and was a POW for awhile. For accurate details I have to dig out some papers. My dad, Jack, joined the CCC's but was eventually drafted and served in England as a Mechanic and truck driver. We are still trying to find out at what base he was stationed. The reason the Autrey's went to Oklahoma was because my grandmothers parents did. That's another interesting story, the trip from DeQueen took several days as they were traveling by wagon. Grandma's sister wrote about it.

I happened on the site because I was looking for an email for Alfred's family and did a search on his name. Ann and the kids live in Yuma, Alfred passed away in 2003. Daddy died in 1989 and Geraldine in 2005. Mary Ruth is in Oklahoma City, Georgia in Washington state and Joyce lives in Burneyville. I got hooked on genealogy in high school and spend a lot of time doing research on the computer.

I grew up in St Louis, my mother was from there. About 1971 they moved to southwest Missouri, Cassville, and that is where I live. My brother Jack lives in Mountain View Missouri and Tom lives here. My sister, after several years in Spiro, Oklahoma moved back to St. Louis.

Nice to make your acquaintance"


07/28/07 Larry Wilcox wrote: Hello Ruth, Thank you so much for your feedback to the Russett Website. I am very pleased to hear from you for several reasons.

1. At last we have heard from someone from the Autrey family. The Autry family used to live just over the hill from my family, the Wilcox’s. I used to really admire Mr. Autrey, who I think was Jack’s father. He was quite elderly when I knew him but he was also quite agile. He could stand flatfooted and step up into a pickup bed. Not an easy feat for even younger people.

2. Your father Jack was several years ahead of me in school but was highly thought of in school. He was also one of the few Russett students to go on and become an officer in the military. I believe he flew combat missions in World War II didn’t he?

3. We would really love to get the “Autrey” family story for the website. When and why did they come to Russett? Where did they come from, etc? How they survived the dust bowl – depression? Would you be willing to share some of the Autry stories and of course some photos would really be great!!!"

7/27/2007 Ruth (Autrey) Stubbs wrote "Thanks for building this site. My dad, Jack Autrey grew up in Russett. He and his siblings appear in several of the school pictures. I enjoyed the stories and several of the names are familiar. Thanks again Ruth Autrey Stubbs"


6/22/07 Patti Bonar reports "My dad's brother Jack Martin passed away in Louisville, Kentucky yesterday.  He was a Russett 1938 graduate.  Mom and Dad were just there a week ago for Jack and Esther's 65th wedding anniversary, as were their three children: Skipper, Mike and Kay. The Lord was merciful to let them all be together and say their goodbyes."

note: See Jack's obiturary in the obituary section.  Also, Patti sent a new photo for the Martin and Poindexter families' WebPages.

6/11/07 Larry Wilcox says in response to Leisa Bullard "Thank you for visiting the Russett Website.  We are glad you enjoyed the visit.  I am sorry that you couldn't "pull up" the photos.  Could you give me an idea of why they wouldn't show? If possible I would like to fix the sight so that the photos are visible.  I will be glad to email the photos to you. Which family had the photos for the Dewbres?

In the meantime, we do not have anything on the Dewbre Family Story.  You say you don't know much about the family but what you know we would be glad to publish and maybe we can get others to contribute.  Also, any Russett oriented photos you have would be greatly appreciated. I am putting a copy of your email on the Forum to see if we can get some other readers to respond about the Dewbre Family.  Thank you"

6/10/07 Frank Behrens says "Can anyone give me some information on Jimmie Davis. He and I created lots of havoc during the 50s and I haven't heard about him in more than 50 years. I remember when I was a junior in HS at Russett (this was just before we moved away) Jimmie offered me 50 cents to turn the clock ahead 30 minutes. (Remember the clock in our study hall-library? It was used to "ring the bell" for lunch, class changes and the end of the school day. It was a manual thing - I don't remember whose responsibility it was to "ring the bell" but well - 50 cents was a lot of money - I moved the clock ahead 30 minutes and school ended 30 minutes early. It didn't take long for Mr. Portman and Mr. Murk to figure out who did it. Mr. Portman was MAD. Mr. Murk introduced me to the "board of education" - two hard licks that hurt like hell but I refused to cry because I wanted to wait in the hall and listen to Jimmie Davis getting his licks."

6/9/07 Leisa Bullard says "Hi, My name is Leisa Dewbre Bullard I live in Lone Grove. I enjoyed your website. I found some family history.  I was disappointed that I could not pull up the pictures.  There were two that had some Dewbre's in them. Is there anyway that you could email them to me?  I would love to have them.  My dad Arlyn Dewbre past away in April he was raised in Russett. His parents were William and Nancy Dewbre.  I don't know much about my family beyond that.  I am wondering who Bessie and Henry Dewbre are.  I am trying to trace my Grandfather William Dewbre, I know that he had a brother named Walter.  I want to find out who their parents were, but I am not having much luck.  I would love any information you might have on the Dewbre's that lived in Russett.   Thank you Leisa"

6/9/07 Frank Behrens says "I have enjoyed the information regarding the history of the Russett Baptist Church. When our family first moved to Russett, I was in the second grade. I can remember walking from our home (1/4 miles east of Laddie Creek on the Randolph Road) to the church on Sundays. When the weather was bad, my sister or Dad would drive us to church. When it was nice, Dad would tell us that gasoline was too expensive and he would send us on our way. My brothers and I would walk the 2 or 3 miles (it seemed like 5 or more at the time ) to church. Mr. Portman was not only our superintendent at the school but he also taught a Sunday school class. We rarely missed a Sunday. Halfway to church was the windmill near Kirtleys place on Randolph road. When it was hot, we would always stop at the windmill for a cool drink."

6/7/07 Edna Frances Schwab says "I really enjoyed the addition of history of the Baptist church. My mother, Edna Lea (Holbrook) Godfrey (later Lamb) was saved and baptized in the creek out of that church in about l936-37 (I was a toddler). My first memories of church were at that dear place. I remember Mother would take a fruit jar of water for me (long winded sermon?) The first song I remember was ""Love Lifted Me"". I thought the water they were talking of in that song was the Washita that Daddy had taken me out on when it was up. When I hear that song today, it takes me back to that wooden bench at the Russett Baptist Church."

5/30/07 Louise (Wilcox) Harrell passed away at the Ardmore Hospital Sunday night May 27, 2007.  Louise was born June 30, 1944 in the old two story house just north of the church and grew up at Russett.  Funeral services have been re-scheduled to 11:00 am, Friday, June1st at the Milburn Baptist Church.  The ladies of the church will be serving lunch after the services.  Family hour is scheduled 6:00 - 8:00 pm on Thursday night at the Brown Funeral home in Durant.

5/29/2007 Mary Helen Lincoln says: "Just a few of the handwritten entries written by: Leet 'Grannie' Eggenberg 1955 on a small little diary from Milligan agency Insurance.

January Tuesday 4, 1955 Chuck's Grocery 500# corn 16.95 2000# pellets 65.00

January Tuesday 18, English oil Co. 362 gal. gas 66.91 Try that now!!

January Friday 21 Eggs sold 5 1/2 dz. 2.55

January Saturday 22, Sold 1 hog. Tompson's wght. 224 -.18 - $40.25

January Thursday 27, made soap 6 pots

March Thursday 10, clamps for pipe on well 1.00

March Wednesday 16, Jitterbug's goat had 2 nannies hogs ate 1.

July Sunday 17, good rain C. birthday G. Z. died? Jr. and Carolyn ate dinner here. Saw Davy III last.

July Sunday 31, 5 doz. eggs .35 $1.75 Sold Pearl 4 fryer rabbits $1.00 each

December Tuesday 13, sold pecans to Chuck- .34 1/2 cents, 2339# $806.27 $771.77 ours $34.50 Johnnies

P.S. Does anyone have her recipe for Chocolate Gravy????? All us grandkids would love to have it"

5/28/07 Mary Helen (Webb) Lincoln  says "I would like to just start with Oklahoma watermelons are better and sweeter, as well as tasty even when they have been in the sun all day. I remember when I was somewhere around 10, riding on the back end of the trailer attached to grandpa's tractor, that ole John Deere all of the grandkids usually me, my brother Doug and Kim, maybe cousin Kevin would all ride down to the garden and granny and grandpa Eggenberg had the biggest garden I ever remember seeing; we would ride down the tree line usually one of us driving, and grandpa making us laugh by accusing us of drinking Jim, or Jack or some other kind of whiskey while he moved that wheel back and forth crazy like we were drunk. We'd get down to the garden and pick watermelons, potatoes, tomatoes, whatever we needed to pick, usually by the time we got back to the house he'd split open a watermelon and we would eat right there. Man do I remember the taste. Miss those watermelons, but still love them. You may use all of my stories I submit"

5/28/07 Frank Behrens says  "Have immensely enjoyed the Website and hope all of us continue to contribute. I am searching for old pics and memorabilia that I will submit when I locate something that I think you would enjoy. In the meantime I have this to share - this may sound like a puppy love story but read on - it applies to all of us. My wife, the love of my life, died in August 1987. She was 48 and I was 49. It left a big hole in my life and I spent the next 10 years or so searching for a replacement. You and I both know that's an impossibility. I realized that a few years later. I then sat down and made a list of the people I had known over the years who had made a lasting impression on me. This was to be a short list of people I had not seen in years and would like to see again. The short list contained 4 names. One of those was a classmate and friend from my Russett days. I contacted all the people on my list except one and when I received the invitation to the reunion I decided I had procrastinated too long and committed to finding and having a conversation with Patsy Smith. During the visitation at about 5 or 5:30, Fay May and I were looking at some pictures. I finally had enough courage to ask 'what ever happened to Patsy Smith?' Fay told me she had died during the last year. I spent the next 30 minutes or so recovering from what I had learned. I was devastated - I had lost a friend from the past but more importantly, if I had acted on my intentions - to contact the people who were on my list, I would have been able to talk with her before she died. WE ARE ALL GETTING OLDER - IF YOU HAVE A LIST AS I DID, ACT ON IT NOW."

5/25/07 Carolyn Day says "I enjoyed reading in the new faith webpage. I have already written about my parents salvation experience at Russett. I read where my step grandpa, Lloyd Perry was church treasurer there for a while. He was a man of dedication to the Lord's work. I was told by my cousin Johnny Eggenberg and My Aunt Veda that he swam across the Washita river once to be able to attend church services. I remember as a child that he always went with the youth to Falls Creek and he loved to talk about the church work when he visited. I was excited to read about Bro. Ross Hughes and remember the family well. They were the kindest people and was pastor of the K. St. Baptist church in Ardmore when I was saved. They had three sons and a daughter. The happiest times for me as a young nine year old child was when I attended vacation bible school for two weeks and Bro. Hughes drove out in the country and picked us up every day. I remember Mom would give him things from the garden and bake things for them because of their kindness to us. I ask Jesus into my heart during this time and came back the following Sunday and was baptized and joined the church. I still remember the bible school theme, "" Ps. 24"" and the invitation song that we were singing, ""Jesus is tenderly calling today"" when I stepped out in faith and Jesus forgave my sins and came into my heart. I remember how clean I felt and that was the only way I knew how to describe it. Later, I come to realize this was the peace of God that passeth all understanding. The most important decision I ever made. Missionary work is so important and I believe VBS is one of the greatest mission tools we have in reaching children. I wish I had asked more questions about Dad & Mom's salvation experience but am almost sure it was a brush arbor revival. Thanks again for this website and for each one who has contributed so much time and effort. "

5/22/07 Valintino Guxxi says "Hello, Your site is great. Regards, Valintino Guxxi"

5/21/07 Aletta Smith says "My sister did some 'investigation' into the question as to what the item was on Mr. Portman's desk. She asked a former Naval officer what he thought it was and after reviewing the Website he said it could be an ordinance detonator, artillery shell, part of a bomb, etc. Perhaps Mr. Portman at one time was in the armed forces or someone in the armed forces gave it to him.  Check out the following WebPages for more insight.




5/14/07 Jean (Duncan) Graham says - "Harold and I are leaving here the last week of June for Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas.  Won't be back till the end of July. Our first stop will be Tulsa since I have a son who lives there. Then we're going to spend some time in Edmund visiting Veda Pollard Pfortmiller, and from there to Altus, OK to see Earl Pollard and on to Tishomingo. I have some friends I went to school with in Tish and am visiting with them some. Going to Ravia to cemetery as my Mother, Grandparents Aunts and Uncles are there. Somewhere I'm going to see Jack. Whether its at Tish or Texas I'm not sure. I know they built the Lake Texoma there at Russett, did it take up the entire place? I would like to see one more time where I grew up, but know the schools gone from where it was. I went to school there till 5th grade. My husband is coming too, but he's been to Tishomingo a few times. The pictures I was speaking of in my letter are already posted. Lucretia is in a couple of girls basketball team/One picture is with the coach I guess. She was 2nd one from him. James also was in boys basketball so his picture is there also. Mine is too but with grade school kids. I really enjoy reading about the Russett Website, and still remember some names. I read my answer  for Barnet Godfrey. I'd forgotten he had a wooden leg though. Great guy. The question I'm asking is this: Is there anything left in Russett to see? Have a great time at the reunion and tell me all about it. Thanks for all you done for us *Russett folks*."


5/11/07 Gwen (Henry)  Marschall says - How wonderful that we can find information of our friends we made at Russett, and the history and story of how Russett all begun (with the help of Fred A Chapman) during the 1940's.    I know the Staff has worked hard to put this site together and we are finding at the tip of our fingers via the computer we have information of old friends we have often wondered where and how there were doing, it nice to hear from them and what they remember of Russett and the stories are all interesting to read.    I have trying to encourage some of the folks I knew at Russett to join the website, maybe one day they will check in with us.  After 40 years, I plan to be at Russett's Reunion for those who graduated 50 yrs ago.  Thanks for the memories.


5/8/07 Beth (O'Steen) Biles says - Roy O'Steen's Funeral service is scheduled for 12:00 noon Thursday May 11, 2007 Grove Hill Chapel, 3920 Samuell Blvd., Dallas, Texas  75228.  214-388-8887.  Visitation is from 6-8pm on Wednesday evening.  Beth ask to also announce her sister's death.  Dorothy (O'Steen) Hensley (90yrs old) passed away Saturday in California.  Beth said she would always go the the Russett church when she was at their house.

Visitation is from 6-8pm on Wednesday evening.

5/7/07 - T. R. Staggs from Ponca City, OK says "My Grandparents are Ancel & Leona James, from Blackwell, Okla. My father was Mike James, he has passed on. I have enjoyed reading all the posts. I was just doing some random searching to help my daughter for a school project on her family lines. I have in the past few years searched a bit here and there. But the need to help a young girl understand her roots makes it an important thing. Any help would be very appreciated. Great site, we have enjoyed it a lot. My email address is: ttrs@inbox.com "


5/7/07 We just got word that Roy O'Steen, Class of 1949, has passed away.  He has been battling cancer for some time.  Funeral arrangements are pending, probably in Dallas.


5/6/07 Edna Frances (Godfrey) Schwab says "In answer to the question about Barney Godfrey: He was my uncle and did indeed live and farm in the Russett and Greasy Bend communities. He wore a peg leg secondary to paralytic polio as a young child. He married his wife Ida (same first name as his mother, my grandmother) and they parented Ida Sue (Godfrey) Green who has lived in Dallas for many years. She was recently widowed. Uncle Barney has been dead many years and my dad, Frank Godfrey died in the 80's and is buried in Lawton Oklahoma. Uncle Barney, his wife, my grandmother, grandfather and other family members are buried in the Lebanon cemetery. "


5/2/07 Jean (Duncan) Graham says "Does anyone remember a 'Barney Godfrey'? He used to be a neighbor and I was thinking of him. He was married late in life and lived with his Mother, whose name was Ida. They had a little girl by the name of Ida Sue."


5/1/07 Carolyn Day says "I enjoyed the Davis-Smith story and found it so interesting. I met her at Bif Auchard's graveside services at Russett. She was a very attractive lady and I was so shocked to hear about her death. I remember her sister Sue Davis and can still see her ride by Aunt Leet & Uncle Dave's home. I know she rode a paint horse and believe bareback. She had long black hair & I thought she was so pretty. I remember the Emmett Davis name and knew right where they lived. It seems like a family by the name of Ruel Brown lived there before them. What a wonderful, interesting story about her life."


4/27/07 Mary Helen (Webb) Lincoln says "I am Helen (Eggenberg) Auchard's youngest daughter, Mary Helen. I was truly excited to learn of this wonderful site. My mother passed away January 13, 2005, of heart failure. She would have loved the opportunity to share her stories, unfortunately she did not get the chance. As I continue to remember them and gather them from my Uncle Johnny, I will share to the best of my ability. I remember all of the people at my grannies and grandpa's place (Leet and Dave) what a great place for people to gather. I have so many memories out in the pastures, gardens, with the pigs, on the tractor, in the barns, gathering eggs, the bees, dunking the cats in the water from the outside spigot overspill, that ole tree falling in the yard we used to play on, Bambie..the list goes on. I know I have met so many of the folks on this site, of course many are related or it at least feels like I have grown up with many. I cannot wait to share this site with the extended family the nieces and nephews on mom's side. I love the people and I have wonderful childhood memories of Russett the Brasiers, Wow a name I haven't heard in years. I love this site. It makes me smile to be a part of such a wonderful time. I will write again as I have many watermelon stories to share and tons of photos to share. Thank you for putting together such an important piece of history. Mary Helen (Webb) Lincoln age:36 Your welcome to use my e-mail on this site.  Mary Lincoln -- lincoln8979@yahoo.com"


4/19/2007 Edna Frances (Godfrey/Lamb) Schwab from Ardmore says "I and my family, near and far, are enjoying this just discovered website.  I am putting together a family thing, as I know it, for the family name "Godfrey".  My cousin Carolyn has recently sent some really neat stuff on her mother's family, the Pfortmillerrs and her and my mom's family, the Holbrooks.  I remember personally a lot of things and will very soon send a family info with pictures hopefully.  Again, this site is a joy."


4/12/2007 Glynda (Brown) Herndon says "I would like to tell Wendyle Andrews that his family history was very interesting. I am Glynda (Brown) Herndon, a younger sister of Mona Jo (Brown)Cumbie. The memories I have of Russett are vague but what I do remember are pleasant. One of the social highlights was when the Washita River was out of banks and everyone gathered at the bridge to watch the water rise and the trash rush down the river. A dead animal always created excitement. It didn't take much to entertain us. It was especially pleasant to read that Wendyle remembered Daddy's (Aus Brown) surgery. His memory is excellent, however it wasn't his chest but a tumor on one of his kidneys. It was quite large and the doctors might have painted a gloomy outcome. As we all know, Daddy lived to be almost 98 and was able to take care of himself for 15 years after Mama died. In the early 1980s, he had to have a procedure done and we found that he only had one kidney. The tumor had encased the kidney and it was removed. Apparently in 1951 it wasn't necessary for doctors to tell everything that was done to a patient. I remember the cellar trips to the Taylors. We popped gallons of popcorn and I remember the oatmeal cookies. They were the no bake ones. In looking back the storms were probably not bad but the grownups needed to have a little social time. What fun we had!!! Also, had we continued to live at Russett, I would have graduated in 1958. I finished the 8th grade there and was the lone girl in the class of about 10-12 boys. I graduated from Kingston, attended SOSU and retired from there in 2004. I was the secretary of the Visual Arts Department."


4/5/2007 Earl Pollard says "Can anyone give me any information on Marie (Potts) Fawler?
I think she was once around Tulsa or maybe the Whites (Lorell) I think was the name and I think Marie Potts had a sister by the name of Louise. My email is Eearlpollard2@wmconnect.com ."


4/4/2007 Earl Pollard says "I didn't know about this Web Site until Wayne Easterwood told me about it a few days ago and I think it is wonderful that so many of us can rehash our fading memories with others and of others. There are so many who have gone on before us to be with their Maker and have taken many fond memories with them, memories that can never be retrieved and ones that we would like to share with them. I had several good friends at Russett that are gone today and others that I have lost track of. I didn't go to school at Russett long until I had to drop out and help make a living. I was also the tallest boy in the eighth grade and that probably had something to do with it. I started working for Mr. Chapman. I think this was in about 1937. Some of my best friends were J. D. Garner, Junior Metcalf, Lonnie Holbrook and Gordon Pfortmiller who later became my brother-in-law. This Website is a very good service to Russett and the past Russett community. Thanks for a job well done."

3-31-07 Carolyn (Holbrook) Day Says "I love the website."

3-30-07 Earl Pollard Says "I was on the web and noticed names of families that were at Russett and I can remember a few that lived there that weren't listed that I will mention. I may have them spelled wrong but I hope not, there was : Sam Nolan family, Wheeler family, Walls family, Potts family and Barrett family. There were two Barrett girls and Curtis Twitty married one of them. Marie Potts married Pat Fowler and the Fowlers aren't listed and the Wheelers had several in the Family and Wes Waggoner married one of the girls. Wes Waggoner was the brother of Barney Waggoner. Bill Duke became Chief of police at Tishomingo or some kind of lawman there. Most of this is from my memory and there may be mistakes in some of it but my sister married Gordon Pfortmiller and I may be able to get some information about them from her and her daughter."

3-23-07 Edna Frances Schwab  (nee Godfrey) Says "I have just discovered the Russett Website through a cousin with a Russett history.  I was born in l935 on a place owned by Fred Chapman Sr.  My dad, Frank Godfrey farmed for Mr. Chapman.  My mother was Edna Holbrook Godfrey.  Though I did not live there after I was four, I have some vivid memories.  One of my memories of those days was of the peddler, especially the "Guesswhat" candy; I have told my children, grandchildren about that as well as other fables.  My other extended family members included the Ballards, Holbrooks and "shirttail kin", the Pfortmillers.  It was very exciting to see that someone else remembered the peddler just as I did.  I just couldn't wait for the side of that truck to come down and catch a glimpse of the wonders within (especially the "Guesswhats"). 

I will watch this site with interest. 
P.S.  I loved to go Miss Wolf's store.  She had one brown eye and one blue eye and owned a Boston Terrier as I recall in my toddler mind.  There were some wonders there in that store too.  It burned some years later didn't it?"

3-22-07 Jean (Duncan) Graham Says "I emailed a note to Earl tonight. Had to think all day what I wanted to say. I was pleasantly surprised to see his letter. But you never know what you'll find on the Website!! Lucretia passed away a few years ago. Too bad, we didn't have the website then as she would have loved to hear from Veda again. They were like the Bobbsey twins in high school-always together. Jack and I are the only two  Duncan kids left now. Dorothy passed away in 1989; the first of us kids to go.

Just wanted to Thank You again for posting the Website. I always read it every day to see if there's anything new on it. I see the Russett Reunion etc. is May 26th I think? I would love to be there but my Husband is retiring from International Harvester-Navistar-after putting in 48 and a half years. First and only job he's had. He needs to celebrate. Thank you for sending Earl's email address."

3-21-07 Jack Duncan Says "Dear Earl, I was so surprised last night when I found your note asking about my sister Lucretia that I forgot to send the other information you requested.  A brief rundown about the Duncan family:  My dad, Fred Duncan was killed in an industrial accident in California in 1948.  My mother, I, and my youngest sister returned to Oklahoma and settled in Tishomingo where I finished high school.  My mother remarried around 1959 to Grady Cogdill who was a barber there for many years.  Grady passed away in 1971 and my mother followed in 1979.  My oldest sister, Dorothy, passed away in 1989 and then Lucretia passed in 2000.  Last year my brother James died from an accident.  You may have known James as he also served in the CCC's.  He spent time at Sulphur and also in Colorado.  He also told me he was at Beavers Bend for a short period of time.  My youngest sister, Lucy Jean, is older than me, and now lives in Ohio.  We are the only two left of the five Duncan children.  Jean was the one who remembered Veda and Lou finding out about the chewing gum samples being delivered by the post office and walked home taking the gum from all the mail boxes.  My mother made them walk all the way back and put the gum back in the boxes.  I'm sure the girls thought this was funny when they did it but my mom thought taking anything that didn't belong to you was a terrible sin.  This is sure different than the way parents teach their kids today, isn't it?

I really enjoy hearing from folks who lived in the area even though I may not remember that particular family.  As you said, we were all in the same boat.  Nobody had very much but the people seemed to be happy with what they had.
I hope this brings you up to date on my family.
Best regards to you and Veda,
Jack Duncan
Clarksville, TX"

3-20-07 Earl Pollard Says  "Does anyone on this Website have the address of Jean (Duncan) Graham or Lucretia Duncan? My sister Veda (Pollard) Pfortmiller is very interested in this.
I'm Earl Pollard who lived at Russett for a few years and went to school there for a short time before dropping out of school and started working for Mr. Fred Chapman Sr. feeding cattle at the Lewis Chapman farm with a Claude Hudgens and Archie Airs and later into the CCC Camp at Sulphur and Grand Lake Colorado.

I still have a lot of love for Russett and the fine People that lived there and I have many fond memories of those times. I know the times were very hard for us all but we loved one and the other and we didn't worry so much about the clothes we wore or our possessions as we all had about the same (nothing).

When we left the house, we would never lock the doors as we trusted each other and the doors probable had no locks anyway and our windows were usually always open in the summer for God's air conditioning. (The wind).

I would like to get in touch with anyone from those days. The only one I'm in touch with now is Barney Waggoner.

My address is: Earl Pollard,  1017 E. Liveoak,  Altus, OK 73521

Eearlpollard2@wmconnect.com (Notice that the e-mail starts with Ee or two e's.)

Thanks Earl"

3-4-07 Larry Wilcox says "Congratulations on dredging up that memory.  I wasn't aware of Charlie Posey being a hired hand for John McAlister.  I knew Lee Posey well as I used to work with him for Chapman.  The last I knew he learned to drive a bulldozer at Chapman's and then went to work somewhere in construction and made a ton more money.  It didn't matter what you did at Chapman's, the pay was the same, 30 cents and hour and then around 1950 he raised everybody's pay to 40 cents an hour. 

In looking at the Cemetery page on the Russett website, I came across  Walter Lee  Posey   30 May 1921 - 2 Mar 1961      [ssw Sarah] .  I think that is the Lee you mentioned.  His age is about right.  He was a bit older than us.  Remember us talking about Claudius Smith's dad?  He tried to egg me on to fight Lee.  I have always admired Lee's restraint even though I took the bait and egged him on too but he refused to do so.  Lee would have killed me. 
He was good at hopping up cars.  I remember one time we were shocking oats up at Baum.  Lee was running a binder.  The binder had been modified to run off the power takeoff instead of the Bull Wheel and was pulled by an A Farmall.  The Gentry brothers were shocking oats with me.  A chain had come off the cog and Lee was under the binder trying to put it back on when one of the Gentry boys walked up and turned the crank on that Farmall.  The Power Take off was in gear and the tractor started and  Lee's hand got caught in that cog/chain and went all the way around the cog.  His hand was bleeding terribly and it was coated with old black grease.  I am not sure what happened next.


3-3-07 JC Henry says "I remember the hired hand that John McAlister had.  His name was Charlie Posey.  He and his family lived in a little house behind John.  He had a brother named Lee.  He worked for Chapman off and on."


2-28-07 Wayne Easterwood says "Who knows the story behind this little object from Mr. Portman's Desk?".  Click on the thumbnail photo to view it enlarged.


2-14-07 Donna (James) Reed says "I have enjoyed reading the Russett site. My dad and his family were all born and raised around the Mannsville and Russett area. I can remember going to visit different places in Russett and Mannsville when I was a child. My dad's name is O. Z. James. He was born in Mannsville on February 4, 1925. He attended school in Mannsville and in Russett. He did not graduate from either school but has gone back through the years to the alumni banquets. His parents were H. E. and Mamie James. He has 5 brothers and 3 sisters. All of his sisters were born in Mannsville and one of his brothers was born in Russett. The other brothers were born in Baum, Berwyn and Ravia. His sister Lindle married Lawrence Lemons. His brother Ancel married Leona Lemons. Another brother married Serena Martin. My dad still talks about his childhood and memories he has of Russett and Mannsville. Three of the brothers are deceased and two of his sisters are deceased. My dad lives in Midwest City and has enjoyed visiting the Russett Website. I don't mind if you publish what I have written. I think it is an excellent website. Thank you, Donna James Reed of Mill Creek"


2-13-07 Carolyn Adams says "I have an abstract of property near the Russett Cemetery. 1913 Joseph Q. & Maude Rogers, Malvern, Arkansas received 80 acres. This was un-allotted lands that was for sale. Mr. Rogers paid $440.00. In 1922 George D. & Sadie Wilkes purchased the property. Other names who owned land in this parcel was: Walter Neustadt, later his children received the land. Other owners, Alfred H. & Lola Mae Spurlock. My father Ernest Kenedy purchased 70 acres of this property in 1974. I purchased some of the land in 1986 which I still own. The old Spurlock home is still standing. The home owners next to the Spurlock house tells me that a stage coach road came in front of the home. This is located north of cemetery. Anyone who would like more information on the abstract email: cruthadams@yahoo.com" "Carolyn Adams" "R.R. 1, Box 2665, Quinton, OK 74561"


2-9-07 Jadean Paschall Fackrell says "You've done a great job on the Russett website. My grandmother, Fleeta Caperton, attended school at Russett in 1902 and later taught school there in 1911. I have photos of both classes, although the 1902 photo is damaged. Tell me where to send these photos, I would love to share."


2-3-07  Sid Caperton says "Hey, Larry, This is one of your Murray classmates, Sid Caperton. I really like your Russett website, and I thought I would make a couple of comments. As you may remember I am from Ravia. But The Caperton family first came to Ravia via Russett. So I do have a Russett connection. The Capertons moved to Russett from Mannsville about 1898. My father Roy, and two sisters, were already in the family at that time, having been born in Hamilton, TX. But the next two of my uncles were both born in Russett....George, in 1900, And Joe, in 1903. The family lived in a house which would now be in that big field NW of the Russett School House. They all moved to Ravia around 1904. Later on, (around 1919, or so) my mother taught school at Varner, which (I think) was down close to the River, North of the School House. You may know where Varner was. Keep up the good work.


1-29-07 Peggy Cross says "Thank you for posting my Watkins family notice on your forum. I don't know much other than mom was born in Russett the other children were born in Ardmore so don't think they stayed there very long. My Grandmother is a Johnson daughter of John Johnson and Easter Burton. Don't have much on the Johnson so don't if they are related to the Johnson you mention."

1-29-07 Bobby Payne says "atta' boy.. hope you didn't mind my telling Butch Bridges of your site. I'm sure ya'll have been in contact. I remember when Brad and Ernie Gilbert lived just down the hill. Who was the owner/operators of the mercantile store in Russett in the early 1900's? Was it relatives of Dessie Bridges (m. Willey Payne)? Okay to publish name, comments, but please keep email, pho #, & addr. away from the 'spammers'."

1-26-07  Peggy Cross from Visalia, CA says "Enjoyed your web site and learning a bit about Russett. My Mother Alice Irean Watkins was born in Russett March 29, 1927 to Sarah Jane (Johnson) Watkins and Sam Jones Watkins. Would like to hear from anyone that knows of this Watkins family at 559-734-3206 or email at wmcross@comcast.net".

1-25-07 Jimmie Dale Martin from Newcastle, OK says "Good site....I have one for my hometown... http://bromideoklahoma.blogspot.com In my beloved Arbuckles...the wind still whistles thru the trees and keeps her secrets while mini daydreams flood the mind with past roads taken.. Moments etched in time remain forever precious as the Lord of all of us plots our courses for His good pleasure. Jdm 05.05.2005"

1-21-07  Russell Bradley from Durant says "My mother was a graduate of Russett High School...Mildred Johnson and my uncle Kendall Johnson graduated from Russett...Believe he was in the same class as Holland Jester?"

1-21-07 Imogene (Dake) McDaniel says " She remembers playing basketball for Russett and their two worst rivals they wanted to beat, if they beat no one, else was Ravia and Mannsville. She said their ball uniforms were black shorts with white tops with black numbers on the shirts. She says they were the Russett Eagles. She says her mother Jack (Boyer) Dake played basketball in Grade school from 1915 to 1917 and in those days they had suits where the shorts were long bloomers that came down to just above the knee. In those days the basketball court was an outside court. "

1-19-07 Linda (Griffin) Brown  says "My sister, who lives in Ardmore, told me about your web site. I have started writing a book about my childhood for my two children and future grandchildren. This brought back so many memories, although I just went to Russett School my first year of school in 1952. Recently I went by the school and took pictures but yours are much better. Mrs. Portman was my first grade teacher and I remember her husband as being the Superintendent. Mrs. Portman took me under her wing and was very kind to this skinny little girl that was so shy. I was thinking there were cedar trees in the yard that we played under, but the picture didn't reflect it. Thank you so much for your efforts."

1-15-07 Andrew (Skipper) Martin says "My dad--Jack Martin 88, remembers the Masonic building in town-his dad was a mason-it was a brick building he also remembers a cotton gin and railroad station- the Russett Baptist church which was close to his house--he almost burned it down once when he was doubled dared to burn a tree next to the church--he said the sermon was to long--sheriff visited his dad-dad's two story house burned-one story was rebuilt. skipper@themartinnet.com"

1-11-07 Susan (Brown) Pilgrim says "I started school at Russett in 1949. When I was in (I think) the third/fourth grade my teachers name was Ms. Uptegraph (I'm not sure how it's spelled) but I'm close. Anyone remember her? I noticed her name wasn't on the teacher's list. Susan (Brown) Pilgrim, Daughter of Aus & Slack Brown. Daddy was the one that pulled people out of the flood waters at the Y with his Allis Chalmer? tractor. We lived south of the Y and I guess daddy listened for cars trying to make it through the deep water. :) One year I remember sweet potato plants growing in the Y area that must have been carried there by the high water. You may publish this if you want." "Susan Pilgrim" "Ardmore, OK"

1-10-07 Andrew (Skipper) Martin says "This site is so cool--dad--Jack Martin--87yr old and in the Masonic home in Louisville, Kentucky is the son of Wyatt Lee Martin and Minnie (Potts) Martin---Married to Esther Martin of Louisville---Married 65 years this May 07---dad is a grad of M.I.T.--in Tishomingo---came to Louisville, Kentucky in WWII--never left--except to visit home on vacation--my greatest experience was my vacations in Russett and Tishomingo at the old homestead with dad's brother Don Martin".  Andrew "Skipper" Martin - skipper@themartinnet.com

1-03-07 Gwen (Henry) Marschall says "Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you starting this website. It is very interesting to read where families left their homes to move to Russett, etc. The information on the cemeteries was good, a lot of work was put into it. I was in Ft Worth over the Holiday, got home around 8pm New Years Eve, and turned the computer on and caught up on the mail, just before I was to shut down, I decided to click on the Russett Website ...was quite interesting, impressive. Thanks for sharing. and a BIG THANKS for starting this website. Gwen Henry Marschall

1-03-07 June Boyer says "Larry Wilcox has done a most extraordinary job on this web site and I surely hope all you Russett people continue to place your family stories here.  He is truly a computer wizard and unless you have something to do with computers you have no idea how much work he has put into this.  I only went to Russett 6 months in the first grade but my family lived by his and we knew his family as children.  We moved to Nida in December of my first year in school and his brother Thomas was in my class at school in the first grade.  To answer the question of the fellow asking if anyone knew Leroy Ritchey, he was my 3rd cousin and I don't know if he taught at Russett or not, as I was playing basketball for Nida he often was the ref of the games,  He did that as a side job and he was so strict, you could hardly play when he was the ref of the game.  Anytime he was the ref I fouled out, I surely did not like him as a young teenager.  He was a very nice person and when I did our family History had many visits with him, he retired and lived in Ardmore until his death. "


12/17/2006 - Received this email from Virginia Gordon.

Lawrence---when did you change your name to Larry?  Just kidding as I am known by quite a few people now as Virginia.  My oldest friends call me Virginia Ann or Ginger.  I remember some of the Russett people quite well.  I think Boss Easterwood's name was Leslie Ward.  My dad, Warren Jones, used to call him L. W.  They were great friends with other good men like your Dad.  I can remember your uncle and grandmother coming to visit your family but I really don't remember him living at Russett with them.  I was pretty young then so many of the memories are a bit fuzzy, I admit.  Keep up your good work with the website.


Virginia Ann (Jones) Gordon---a/k/a Ginger J and Fred Chapman, Jr. greets me in the church pew at First Presbyterian Church in Ardmore on Sunday mornings by calling me "Ginger J".


12/15/2006 - Aletta Smith in an email had this to say about Mr. Murk. "I was only there a short time and did not know people as well as those who spent many years growing up together.  Mr. Murk, however, had a great impact in such a short time.  He had the most wonderful sense of humor and told great, embellished stories. "


12/14/2006 - Nova Lemons sent me this email and I wasn't sure where to put it on the website.  Maybe here is a place for it awhile.  Anyone knowing more about these people please let us know.


"I was looking at the Garner Township census pages of 1930 Johnston Co., OK and saw that there were a few of the school staff listed so went ahead and copied them.  I only checked Districts 4 and 5.  I did not check the pages on Ravia Town (also in Garner Twp.).  Some of the writing was hard to read.  I am not sure if all worked at Russett school.


Garner Twp. – District 4 – Enumeration District 35-4 – pp. 16A to 20A

McDANIEL, Volmer (or Velma?) R. – age 23 – teacher [This one is a male.]

MILLER, Pearl – 51 – teacher (wife of W. H.)

FLETCHER, J. F. (Indian) – 47 – janitor of school building

PHELPS, Agnes – 21 – teacher  (dau of W. I.)

LEE, J. J. – 25 – teacher (male)

TATE, Lottie – 21 – teacher

BEVIS, Fern – 22 – teacher

PETERS, Edna M. – 19 - teacher


[COX, Betty (Indian) – 30 – was listed as the postmistress.]


Garner Twp. – District 5 – Enumeration District 35-5 – pp. 21A to 27B

CUMBY, Rolan D. – 27 – truck driver for public school

BEANE, Fred E? – 40 – teacher and wife Selma (or Zelma?) – 23 – who was also a teacher.


I am sure some of the Russett area folks lived in Taliaferro Twp. of Marshall Co. because that’s where my Lemmons are enumerated.  I know that many other families in Taliaferro are not in Russett area so I wouldn’t know which did and which didn’t.  Anyway, I am not sure if you’re interested in the names from Garner Twp."

12/2/2006 - Jack Duncan says "Does anyone remember Leroy Ritchey teaching at Russett? I believe it was prior to WWII but don't remember the exact years. He taught at Tish after the war and used to kid me a lot about one of my sisters (Lucretia Duncan) being such a good basketball player and why didn't I inherit her ability. He was also the coach for the girls."

11/30/2006 - Lucy Jean (Duncan) Graham says "I think its great that Russett has a web address. I am a sister to James and Jack Duncan, my name is Lucy Jean Duncan Graham, and I went to school there when Ed Gill was Principal. My best girl friend was Sarah Helen Ballard and I've often wondered where she is today. Keep up the good work."


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