updated: 05/22/23

In 1939 there were 85 grocers listed in Ardmore. By 1950 the number had dropped to 65. A lot of corner grocery stores have ceased to exist over the years. As you read over the stores listed below, if you think of any that’s not on the list, please let me know. Any help is appreciated to add any grocery stores I’ve missed. By the year 2000 the number of full service grocery stores had dropped to 3 and some 30+ corner convenience stores.

Ardmore, Oklahoma Grocers

A&P Grocery. (Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company) 230 and 232 West Main in SE corner of West Main and C Street. 1940

Alexander’s Grocery and Trailer Park, Highway 77 south

Baber’s Grocery, south across 5th NE from Washington School. 1930s

Bartgis Grocery. 691 12th Street NW at Wolverton and 12th NW. Started before 1950 by George Bartgis. Newspaper Ad

Bays Grocery. 821 11th SE at 11th and Carter SE. Arthur Bays. 1949. Around 1960 it became Keeton Grocery.

Benham’s Grocery. (Ralph Benham) 213 A NE. 1950s

Besaws – located east side C Street NW between 10th & 11th – mid block. Closed about 1935.

Best Yet Grocery. Tiffany Plaza (now Thompson Square). Ardmore

Buy For Less Tiffany Plaza (now Thompson Square). Ardmore

Best Buy. Tiffany Plaza (now Thompson Square). Ardmore

Brown’s Grocery 213 A Street NE. Early 1950s

Buy For Less. Tiffany Plaza (now Thompson Square. Ardmore

Boyd’s Grocery. 220 Lake Murray Drive at Lake Murray Drive and C Street SE. 1967. Bill Boyd. Also owned a store at 720 West Broadway.

10/03/10  “Hey Butch – just a small “correction” on the grocery stores list. There are two listing for my dad’s grocery stores – listed as “Boyd’s Grocery” with the Lake Murray Drive location & Broadway. They were originally called Boyd’s Pak-a-Sak (not just “Boyd’s) – and there is/was also one on Washington – don’t remember address, but it’s on east side of road and my dad sold it to Jerrell Allen (oops can’t remember for SURE his last name or correct spelling of 1st name) eventually, but he still called it “Pak-a-Sak.”

There were a total of 3 locations – originally Boyd’s Pak-a-Sak . . . have some pictures SOMEWHERE – if ever find them will scan & send to you.”   -Pam Boyd Barry

Another Boyd’s Grocery was located on the south side of East Main and E Street during the 30s.

Boy’s Food Store. 1330 Sam Noble Parkway, Farris Richards.  Photo

Brook’s Grocery. Hollis and Ellis Brooks. #13 N. Washington. 1920

Brook’s Grocery. 125 7th Street NE at 7th and B Street NE. Homer and Lillian Brooks. 1960

“Brooks Grocery (Hollis Brooks) on North Washington seemed to always have an open top ice box filled with crushed ice where they had fresh fish on display for sale. It seems that this case was located at the very entrance to the store – maybe near the sidewalk.”

Bulards – located NW corner of A & 9th NW

Burchfield’s Grocery. 735 11th NW. Later moved to 217 McCullough S.W.

Butler Grocery was on the corner of 9th and A NW.

Cash Grocery. 425 West Main. Sam Parker, owner. “09/09/16:  My great grandfather was Sam Parker and owned the Cash Grocery. Also Sam and his son-in-law, Harry Sharkey, owned the Ardmore Potato Chip Co. Sam was also the County Treasurer in 1918 to the middle 1920’s.” -Sandy Walton, Wichita, Kansas This is a photo of the store. Bea Parker and Aquilla were Sam’s sons. PHOTO

After an enforced idleness on account of fire that destroyed the plant, the Ardmore Potato Chip factory will resume business at its former scale Monday morning according to an announcement of Harry Sharkey, manager of the factory, Saturday. Mr. Sharkey states that the new plant has been carefully equipped and better prepared to take care of the constantly growing business than ever before. The new factory was erected on the site of the one recently burned at 22 Fifth Avenue Southwest.

Chowning Grocery. 834 3rd NE. Andrew and Eliz Chowning. Started around 1930. Later became Hickman’s Laundromat and then later Hickman’s Grocery.

Coe’s Grocery. 519 Douglas SE. Clint “Bud” Coe. 1960

Collins Grocery, 2nd and C Street SE. Lloyd Collins

Cornell Grocery, Frank D. Cornell proprietor. Frank Cornell came from Greenville, Texas, in the spring of 1891, and first settled at Durwood where for eight years he was associated in business with his father, Nathan Cornell. Around 1900 he would open a grocery store in Ardmore at 201 A NE.    -Submitted by Louis Cornell, great grandson of Frank Cornell.

Corner Grocery. “It was located at 2nd Ave. and H Street N.W. in Ardmore. It was first operated by Thurman and Lois Loughridge, and later by Clyde and Cordelia Leeper.” -Sam Williams, Denton Texas

Couch Grocery, 6th and E Street NW.

Cox Grocery. 701 6th Street NE in the NE corner of 6th and G Street NE. Houston Cox was the second owner. Basil Moran was the original proprietor. Basil sold later to Houston Cox.

Crescent Grocery on Main Street. Photo

Davis Grocery. 207 C Street NW. J. W. Davis. 1898-1961. Later the Ardmore Arthritis Clinic’s location at 210 C Northwest – Dr Winifred Medcalf practiced 1968-1990

Photo 1 is inside the original Davis Grocery in the 200 block of East main.

Photo 2 is the 213 C NW store with the three owners, L to R: J. W. Davis, George Davis, son, and Warren Davis, son. It was replaced with a new building at 207 C NW in the early 50’s.

Photo 3 is the new Davis Grocery at 207 C NW.

Photo 4 is employees L to R: George W. Davis, 2 part time employees: Esley Brown and Jess Reed, George Bradley, Warren Davis, George S. Davis, and J. W. Davis. –photos were submitted by George W. Davis

Davis Grocery. 619 3rd NE. Ran by Mr. Ed Davis and his twin daughters, Eddie Lou and Betty Sue and his wife in the 1930s and 1940s. The store was later Sperry Grocery, Fred Sperry around 1960.

Darnell’s Grocery and Station, 3rd and P Street NE.

Draper’s Food Store. Before it was Drapers it ws Howell’s Food Store.

Eddington Grocery. 1225 12th NE. Sterling P. Eddington. 1926

Elles Grocery. 718 B Street NW. Eddie Elles. 1960. Here is a 1997 photo of Elles grocery.  Ellis Grocery was originally the location of Martin’s Grocery. Martins lived on the corner of 7th & B NW, Grandson named Baron Goodfellow.  Before Elles Grocery it was Shannon’s Grocery.

Ezy-Way Grocery. 201 South Washington across to the south from Colvert’s Dairy. Started around 1950. In 1960 this building was occupied by Chickasaw Regional Library System. Today Ardmore Animal Supply is located there.  Also an Ezy-Way Corp grocery store at 1024 12th Street NW.

Flannery’s grocery store on west McLish SW where the Frame shop is located. 1942

Floyd’s Grocery. 691 12th Street NW at Wolverton and 12th NW. Winston Floyd 1953. FloydGrocery1963

Ford’s Grocery. 702 Lake Murray Drive at F Street SE. Brownie Ford. 1960

Fraser’s Grocery Store, 501 East Main at E Street NE. (Fraser’s slaughter house in back.)  Mack Fraser.

Foodway was located at 5th and South Washington across the street from present day Ernie’s Meat Market. Foodway was a small building right next to Washington before Pratt’s, later Wynn Dixie was built behind Foodway. Sam West worked in the meat market around 1965.  Sam would later hold the office of Carter county assessor.

10/08/12 “I grew up about two blocks west from the above grocery store. It was the neighborhood grocery that our family frequented each week. I recall the name was “Pratts” during the early to mid 60’s, and sooner thereafter was renamed “FoodWorld”. I also fondly recall Mr. J.B. Harper, our next door neighbor, who was the butcher in the meat department at the back of the store. He was a lifelong bachelor with a friendly disposition and fan of OU football. He was the first person in our neighborhood to afford color television. This was quite an attraction to a young boy like me and my dad.”  -Larry Walck AHS class of ’72

Goodin Grocery. 1203 6th NE at 6th and M Street NE. Clara May Goodin. 1960

Goodnight Grocery. Just west of Springdale Rd and Harvey Rd. North side of Springdale Rd.

Greenfront Grocery. 200 block West Main

Hammer’s Grocery. 908 C Street SW. Loren Hammer. Was originally at 301 11th NE in 1939. Also at 107 A NE and 908 C SW in 1960.

Harrison Grocery. 1500 3rd NE at 3rd NE and P Street. James F. Harrison. 1960. Closed about 2009. Photo

Hart’s Grocery. 1424 3rd NE. SW corner of 3rd and P Street NE. 1941. Clarence Hart. They later  sold parakeets at the business. Harts later moved the store into 1500 3rd NE which around 1960 and became as Harrison Grocery. Photo

Heartsill Grocery located NE corner 12th & E NW mid ’30s. One room also but a pretty big store for the mid ’30s.

Heartsill Grocery. 412 C Street SW at C Street and 5th SW. Hobart and Sadye Heartsill.  Around 1951. Heartsills lived next door to store at 410 C Street SW.  Previously Kerner Grocery.

“There was Hicks Grocery on the SW corner of C” St. & 7th Ave NW. in the 1930’s. Later sold to ? Name escapes me but they lived the second house north of intersection on C Street.” -Jim Renfro

Hickman’s Grocery. 834 3rd NE. Jess Hickman. 1960.

Hilltop Grocery (now EZ Shop). 901 Wallace Street. Bob Farrington, owner 1965

Hodges’ Candy and Novelty Store. 410 4th SE across from Jefferson School at 4th and E Street SE. Stanley M. Hodges Sr. 1960

Holmes Grocery, 11th and A Street NW.

Honk and Holler, 12th NW and Wolverton (NE corner)

Hornbeak Grocery. 816 Roff NE near Roff and H Street NE. Luther Hornbeak. 1960

“Howard’s Grocery Store on E Street N.W. and 6th.  Gene and Georgia Howard were the owners and sold out in about 59 or 60.  Both the Howard’s have pass on.”  -Virginia  Also L. D. Lane grocery. Photo

Howell’s Grocery. Located in Broadlawn Shopping Center was owned by Pat and Marnell Howell, and Don & Betty Howell.  Started about 1954-55. Howell’s Grocery would later become Draper’s Grocery.

Humpty-Dumpty Grocery.  G Street and West Broadway.

Hunt’s Food Mart. 726 3rd NE at 3rd and H Street NE. Herman O. Hunt. In 1941 it as W. L. Cast Grocery. Before that starting about 1935 it was Tanner and Davis Grocery. Charles B. Tanner.

J&J Grocery. Lake Murray Drive and 10th SE

Joe’s IGA. 501 12th Street NW. NW Corner of 12th and E Street NW. Elton Dragg. 1950 and 1960

Keeton Grocery. 821 11th SE at 11th and Carter SE. Around 1960. V.K. Keeton. Store was owned by Arthur Bays originally. Keeton moved to 9th and Lake Murray Drive later.

Keeton Grocery. “I just always knew it as Chuck & Louise Keeton’s store. It was located on the SW corner of 6th street and Lake Murray Drive, directly across from Hardy Murphy Coliseum. It was a small one main room with a side room where he put feed and pops. Dad paid his bill twice a month when he received his check. I feel sure it was there for at least 50 years or more. Chuck’s brother that we knew as Lem Keeton had his store on the corner of 9th street and Lake Murray Drive but I don’t how long it was there. You sure bring back some wonderful old memories. Thanks so much.”  -Letha Blevins Fair

1957 Keith’s Grocery. Henry S. Keith. Small rock building on 540 12th N.W. near Harris Street. Later Mitchell’s Barber Shop.

Kerner Grocery. 5th and C SW. Would later be Heartsill Grocery.  Around 1920.

Key’s Grocery.  Caddo and East Broadway.

Lamb’s Grocery. 1121 E Street NW in the SW corner of E and 12th NW. The grocery was orignally started around 1935 at 519 5th SE (Lake Murray Drive) by Walter G. Lamb and his wife Nannie. In 1949 it was Crews and Lamb Grocery. John Crews and W. Don Lamb located at 1121 E Street NW. Also Walter Lamb ran Pitman Grocery at 4th and M NE back in the 60s after Pitmans closed.

Lasley’s Grocery.  501 East Main. 05/17/14 “Hi Butch! Can you add my grandparent’s store, Lasley’s Grocery? It was the “front part” of the building where Fraser Meats was located. Mac Fraser and my grandmother (Anita Fraser Lasley) were brother/sister. Alice Fraser Hunt who owned Hunts Grocery was their sister.” -Lisa Allen Fleming

LeFevers Grocery, 77 South

Lewis Grocery. Started at 118 L SW around 1945 by James T. Lewis. Address would later become 118 South Commerce. Continued until the 1960s by Jimmy F. Lewis.

Lloyd Collins Grocery, 2nd and C Street SE

Luke’s IGA. 105 South Commerce where Blockbuster is now located.  Mr and Mrs Luke would later move their store to the south end the Ardmore Mall at North Commerce and Grand Avenue.

Mac’s Minit Mart. 1024 12th NW (Citizen Bank now located). Delbert McGuire. 1966.

Minter’s Grocery store on the grocery store list. Clyde Minter, owner. It did burn a long time. It was on the NE corner of Hwy 70 and Plainview Road. Across the street/hwy from the car lots. I there’s a car wash there now.

McElreath Grocery. E.D McElreath. SE corner of North Washington and 2nd.

Moore’s Grocery. 501 6th Street NW across from Franklin School. Dorn Moore. Started about 1955.

Moran Grocery. J. J. Moran. 540 12th NW. 1946.

Moran Grocery. 701 6th NE. 6th and G NE. Basil Moran owner. Houston Cox would later be the owner. The store when it was wood. And here is the store rebuilt as a brick grocery store with Basil Moran standing in the picture.

Newman & Boucher at NW corner of Caddo & 3rd Ave NE. 1930s and as late as 1941

Pak-A-Sack on Lake Murray drive and  C Street SE now C Street Exchange pawn shop.

Pak-A-Sack 1114 North Washington. Originally Boyd’s Pak-A-Sak. Bill Boyd owner. Sold to Jerrell Allen.

Parker’s Grocery. 827 5th NE in the NW corner of 5th and I Street NE. Carl Parker. 1960

Pate’s Grocery. North of Tim’s Convience store on C Street Southeast. 1940s

Payne’s Grocery. 927 C Street SE. Wayne Payne. 1967. Previously Trotter’s Grocery

Piggly Wiggly. 231 West Main. About 1925-1930

Pittman Grocery. 1123 4th NE. 1960

1933 – Pratt’s Grocery. #19 North Washington

Pratt’s Grocery. 114 A Street NE (Caddo) (Bryon Cross, Mgr) and 815 West Broadway. 1940

Pratt’s Food Store. 405 South Washington. Ceamon Lacy, Mgr. 1957

Pratt’s Grocery Company (J.B. Pratt). 202 South Mill. (wholesale) 1957

Pratt’s Food Store No 1. 815 West Broadway. Dominic Marzolino, Mgr. 1957

Pruitt’s Grocery and Service Station, 9th and A Street NE.

Pugh’s Grocery and Feed, Caddo and Broadway, 1930s to 1960s

Raymond’s BBQ Stand. Lorenzo Murray. 623 I Street NE. 1960s

Sam’s (West) Meat Market before it was Ernie’s Meat Market 1950s

Sewell’s Grocery. At 8th and G NE. It was called Cecil Sewell’s Grocery and later Leonard Ellis Grocery.

Shannon’s Grocery 718 B NW, also Martin’s Grocery, would later become Elles Grocery

Short Stop Food Mart. 1024 12th NW. Ray Hammer, Mgr. 1961. Before 1961 it was Ezy-Way. 1957

Sperry Grocery. 623 6th NE at 6th and G Street NE. Paul Sperry. 1941. This store was across the street west from Cox Grocery. Paul and Fred Sperry were uncles of present day Bob Sperry of Ardmore, father of DA Mitch Sperry.

Sperry Grocery. 619 3rd NE between F and G Streets. Fred Sperry. 1960

Sperry Grocery. 621 C Street NW the SW corner of C Street and 7th NW. Paul Sperry.

Springdale Grocery. Just west of Springdale Rd and Harvey Rd. South side of Springdale Rd.

Staples Grocery. “My grandfather Lewis Porter Staples ran a grocery and market before the streets in Ardmore were even paved. I have a picture with several people in it in front of the market. I would assume it was located on Main Street. I do not know the name but if anyone could fill in some of the blanks it would be greatly appreciated. And of course with the information I would like to add it to the grocery store list.” -Ron Staples

Sunshine Grocery Store. 1401 A Street NE. E.S. and Jesse L Williams. 1941

Taylor Foods. 1023 A NE, SW corner of A Street NE and 11th. 1941. Original building destroyed by fire in the 1960s.

Tipps Boys Grocery. 701 6th NE at 6th and G Street NE. Around 1965. Cox’s Automatic Laundry was next door at 703 in 1965.

Thompson’s Grocery was located at Q and McLish SW back in the 70s.

Tipps Grocery store, Lake Murray Drive, 700 block and H Street SE across from the old A&W root beer stand. Owned by Tom and Irene Tipps

Trotters Family Store. corner of ‘C’ street SE & 10th Ave. 1945 until somewhere near or after 1960.

Sooner Food. 1023 A NE and 1213 North Washington.

Vanderburg Grocery. 903 7th NE. Floyd Vanderburg Jr. Started around 1955. Around 1975 he moved it to 213 A Street NE.

Vann’s Grocery, 3rd and A Street NE. 1930s

Wade Grocery. 501 12th NW. Walter Wade. 1946

Whitehurst Grocery and Bait Shop. 320 Lake Murray Drive. Alfred Whitehurst.

Whitney Grocery. “Butch I remember a store from the late 20s and early 30s that are not on your list. One was on the corner of 2nd and H Street NW ran by a man by the name of Whitney. We lived a block north of there when I was growing up.”  -Troy Seedig

Wigg’s Wag-A-bag at Lake Murray Drive and D SE. Owned by Wigg Yeats

Williams Grocery was located on the south side of East Main and E Street during the 30s.

Wilson Grocery. 423 K Street NE in the SW corner of K Street and 5th NE. Charles Wilson ran this store out of the front of his house. 1949 and 1950

Woods Grocery and Market, 527 Lake Murray Drive, 1951

B.E. Woods Grocery and Market, 808 K NW, 1951

Zellner & Stevens Grocery.  “When I was growing up out on West Main, there was a store that we traded at for many years. It was: Zellner & Stevens Grocery McLish & Q Street in SW Ardmore. It operated in the 30s and 40s and was owned by Roy Zellner and Bud Stevens. As was the case for many in those days, we charged our groceries, and since our dad worked in the county courthouse, he was paid only monthly. Therefore our grocery bill was paid monthly. The high point of this day was that Mr. Zellner or Stevens would give our dad a large bag of fruit when he paid the bill, and needless to say with a bunch of kids, that was an anticipated treat.” -Virgil Harris

Carter County Grocers

Breezy Point Grocery – May 1999 newsletter – I talked with an old timer SE of Ardmore this week and Breezy Point is located 1 mile south of Springdale Road and Harvey Road. Harvey Road is about 2 miles east on Springdale from Lake Murray Drive. Breezy Point was located at McLain Road and Harvey Road – Ardmore. In the SE corner of that intersection was a grocery store owned by retired railroad worker E.P. Scholz. The store went out of business during World War II. E.P. Scholz’s son, Carl Scholz, was a shoe cobbler on Main Street.

01/09/20 – Holt’s Grocery. Lone Grove. NW corner of Highway 70 and Newport Road. Janette Holt Clifford and Callie Holt bought the store and land in 1959 from the Fowlers that lived in the first house west of the store. Then dad sold to his sister Ruby Holt Redman. Holt’s Grocery was the first in Lone Grove to sell alcohol. Us kids had a hard time in town over that.01/09/19 – Another Carter County Grocery Store
Hey Butch, This is a photo of James Sidney and Annie Pruitt in front of their grocery store at the Healdton Wilson Y. -Rick Burris

11/14/17 – One of the first grocery and dry goods stores on Main Street in Wilson, OK was established by my grandfather, Samuel P. Brimer Sr. As early as 1916, he managed and owned The Peoples Store. Later changing the name to S. P. Brimer & Sons. As each son, Eugene, Earl and Samuel Jr. graduated from high school he entered the family business. After their father retired the store was renamed Brimer Brothers “for what you eat and wear”. Earl retired in 1963, Eugene in 1965 and my dad, Samuel Jr. retired and closed the store in 1968. Lots of good memories! -Carol Brimer Thornton Beatty Grocery.  Ran by Homer Beatty at the SW corner crossroad of Oil City and Dillard road.”  -Troy Seedig

10/15/19 – Freeman Grocery. I was born in 1961 and we lived at Dillard where my dad worked for Westheimer-Neustadt Corp. For most of my growing up years. Ruby Freeman (1902-1972) had a one-room store 3 miles north on Dillard Road for several years, near where the old Rexroat Baptist Church was located. It was open until sometime in the late 60s or early 70s. I remember the parking area around the store was covered with lids from pop bottles. -Terry Tolbert, Pastor, Trinity Baptist Church, Ardmore, OK

10/15/19 – Taliaferro Grocery. Dub Taliaferro had a grocery/gas station/feed store at the corner of Dillard Road and the first section line north of Hwy 70. He was a butcher and cut meat in that store also. I’m not sure it would pass inspection by today’s standards! He had the coldest soda pop around. -Terry Tolbert, Pastor, Trinity Baptist Church, Ardmore, OK

05/22/22 Many games of “washers” were played in the Dillard store parking lot (see photo below) by the local oilfield workers. -Shelley Cain Way

Shug West Grocery was located about five miles east of Ardmore on Highway 199. The original was built in 1945 just after WWII. The second which still stands, but not too much longer was built in the mid-1950s. The original store building still stands near 9th and E Street SE as a storage building.
Note: The old Shug West Grocery was demolished to make way for the widening of Highway 199 on January 12, 2009.

10/16/08 “Red Everett’s Grocery Store it was located on Hoxbar Route, which is now Sandy Creek Rd south of Ardmore. Still in Carter county of course. Sandy creek does continue east to the Marshall County line…my parents acreage was just west of the grocery store. The store had everything you could imagine…a gas pump, kerosene pump (inside the store) groceries of course, ice cream and candy, a feed room was on the east side of the store and where a few of us would wait out of the cold weather for the Dickson school bus . On the west side of the store was another connecting building that held all the extra bottles of soda pop…Mr Everett had a big old white dog named Shep that slept on the front porch and had an egg for breakfast every morning with Mr Everett.”  -Sharon Jones

Arnold’s General Store operated from 1953-1969 and I remember it being on 77, west side, right in Springer. This link is an announcement of the Arnold’s 50th wedding anniversary with a little info on the store.

Walker Grocery at the Y north of Healdton

Walt’s Quick Check, Highway South, Healdton. 1970s to mid 1980s

Bray’s Grocery, Main Street, Healdton

Couch Grocery, Main and 4th Street, Healdton, Oklahoma. Horace and Ina Pearl Couch, 1945

Prater Grocery, on Texas Street one block north of Sunset Grade School, Healdton, Oklahoma

Jim Teel’s Grocery, Healdton, Oklahoma

C & W Grocery on Highway 76 on west side of Healdton during the ’40s. It was owned by Clay and Wayne Golson

Emmitt Gauntt’s Grocery, Healdton, Oklahoma

Hammett’s in Lone Grove ran by Ned Hammett

Haney’s Grocery, Gene Autry, Oklahoma 1979 photo

Healdton’s Hopkins Grocery sold out to Jim Teel and Hall’s Grocery which was next to the Wacker’s 5 and 10 cent store on Main.

Hyde’s Grocery, west of Lone Grove before the Bayou on the north side of Highway 70, ran by Jess Hyde. (The front porch had a hole in the floor and a great thrill for us kids was when Mr. Hyde would ask us to “empty out the lids.” This meant that we got to take the pop bottle lids from the front of the pop box and dump the lids down into that hole in the porch. There’s no telling how many lids were under there. We were easily entertained in those days.)
Shorty Claxton’s, Healdton, Oklahoma

Phipp’s in Fox, ran by Jess Phipps

Pratt’s Grocery, Healdton, Oklahoma”

Butch, I didn’t see Pratt’s Grocery, on main street in Wilson, in your list of Carter County grocery stores. I worked at Pratt’s when I was in high school in the late 50’s.” -Ken Barrett

Risner’s Grocery in Lone Grove, ran by Lawrence Risner

Roach Grocery. “Lone Grove area. NW corner of Prairie Valley road and Newport road. This was run by an elderly couple by the name of Roach. I was taught to call them by Grandpa and Grandma by my parents. Remember the red soda pops which I always knew I would get when visiting the store.” -Troy Seedig

Northside Grocery, Healdton, Oklahoma

Hill’s Grocery, 5th Street, Healdton, Oklahoma. 1930s 1940s

Gertie Morgan’s Cash Grocery, Highway north of town, Healdton, Oklahoma. 1930s 1940s

Shorty “Nolegs” Gibson Grocery, 5th and Gilmore, Healdton, Oklahoma. 1930s 1940s

Ward Grocery, Wirt, Oklahoma. “Robert Ward’s Grocery was started in 1939 when my folks, Robert and Delphinia (Caldwell) Ward moved the three of us from Milo to “Ragtown” (Wirt). The store was in an old, long sheet-iron building just across the street north of the last location of the Post Office. My sister Novena came along in 1940 and brother Jim in 1946, and Daddy and Momma (and later I) worked up quite a nice, though ram shackled looking country credit grocery store before my dad died of liver cancer on October 4, 1954. Without Daddy, and with me starting to college in January, 1955, we were unable to make a “go” of the store any longer due to having too few family members to furnish the required labor, so we closed down completely sometime in 1956, ending about a 17-year run in a little town, and other even smaller communities nearby, full of great people, and the Dundee Schools. Even though most of the buildings in the area including the school are now gone and I hardly get back down there any more, that community of three or four square miles is what I always think of when “home” is mentioned!” -Keith Ward, Oklahoma City – submitted 10/15/15

Lee’s Grocery, Wilson, Oklahoma

Satterwhite Grocery at Woodford, Oklahoma. It was owned by Ray and Florence Satterwhite from 1958 to December 6, 1990.

08/25/10 Joel Satterwhite sent in a picture of Ray Satterwhite and his side kick, Holly, inside the grocery store at Woodford when it existed. In the photo you will see lots of ball caps hanging all over the room. These were not for sale at any price Joel said. The hats were given to Ray through the years by his customers and he put them on display in the Satterwhite store.  Photo

Pratt’s Grocery.  “Butch, there was also Pratt’s Grocery store in Wilson, located on the south side of Main Street, down the block, west of the Bank of Wilson. I worked there in high school.” -Ken BarrettSteele’s Grocery, Main street, Wilson, Oklahoma

Theo Knight Store, 3 mile west of Milo at Highway 53 and Pooleville Road. 1935Wooldridge’s in Graham and in Ratliff City, ran by brothers. Robert had the more successful store in Ratliff and I believe his brother’s name was John who had the Graham store.

Jones Grocery, Rexroat, Oklahoma. Mary Wilson of Lone Grove, Oklahoma parents, George and Margaret Jones, owned the store. Rexroat was 3 miles north of Highway 70 on Dillard Road and 1 mile east. The Jones’ Grocer was across the street from the Rexroat School at that location. 1953 photo.

09/25/2006 “Butch, When I was a grade schooler at Fox in the 1940s, there was a family named Thomas who had a grocery at Ratliff City. Later they moved it to Pruitt City. I don’t remember the names of the adults but they had kids named Ruthie, Doyle, James (who was an excellent boxer/athlete at Fox) and one or two other kids. The old Thomas Grocery building is still standing at Pruitt, on the west side of Hwy 76. There were two other groceries, both in Wilson. There was a Brimer Grocery, owned and operated by Sam Brimer, and a Super C Grocery (ownership unknown).” -Jim Bramlett

Trent Grocery.  Stanley and Velma Trent’s grocery and Post Office in Brock. Stanley was also preacher at the Baptist church next door.   It closed around 1953(?).

North of Springer at Highway 77 and Highway 53 West in the SW corner of that intersection was a grocery store.  One of the owners was Jearl Meeks.  Maybe someone remembers the original name and owners?

Monty Kerns grocery store in Clemscott on north side of highway.Dean’s Grocery in Clemscott on south side of highway.

Arnold’s General Store ran by Gladys and Cecil Arnold, next by Andy and Kathryn Arnold, then by Ayers Superette in Springer.

Love County Grocers

11/18/22 Here are several little country stores for you to add to your list in Love County.

There was Horn’s Corner Grocery located at the Northwest corner of Highways 32 & 89 and State Highway 76.

There were two grocery stores and gas stations at Rubottom on the north side of State Highway 32 & 89, one was near the Turner School, I wish I could remember the names of them but maybe one of you readers will know who run them.

There were two Grocery stores and Gas stations on Main Street (State Highway 76) across the street from each other in Leon, Love County.

There was one in Courtney at the Northwest corner on State Highway 32 & 89 and Lester Rd. (County Rd. 3080).

Then there was another one in Courtney at the Southwest corner of Courtney and Lester Rds. That used to be the main route before they rerouted the road at Petersburg and paved the Highway back in the 50’s. That store was run by Robert Lee Tucker 1872 – 1947 and his wife Ollie Bell Newsom Tucker 1885 – 1968. The store sold gas, groceries and Ice; he had a large Icehouse. Mrs. Tucker closed the store soon after they rerouted the road and paved the highway in the mid 50’s. -Thanks, Larry Paul


09/15/10 In Marietta, I remember a few grocery stores. Lispscomb’s Grocery was on the NW corner of Hwy 77 and the exit from I-35 into Marietta. Steven’s Grocery was on Main St. as was Humpty Dumpty and Pratt’s. Also Armstrong’s Grocery on Main. Colston’s was across from the old Marietta school on the East side of town. Walden’s was also on Main Street. B&G was on the NW corner of the main intersection on Main. Laney’s was on Hwy 77 and it is still in operation by another name. There was one across the street that was owned by a Mr. Riggs for awhile and later by Elizabeth Eggbert. My uncle had one next to the Masonic Lodge, Thompson’s. I believe that Mr. Martin and then McMeans had the grocery store in Loves Valley. Mr. Banks had a store in Belleville in western Love Co.. Langston’s had one in Thackerville. Testerman’s had one in Greenville, later owned by Goldsmith. There was one in Shady Dale and I can’t remember who owned that one. I am sure that I will think of others as soon as I send this.” -Frances Dunlap”

Butch, Thought I would add another Love County grocery store to your list. My great Uncle and Aunt, Dick and Lona Fuller, owned Fuller’s Grocery on Highway 77 just south of the intersection of Highway 32, where the two highways are the same for a couple of blocks. The store was located on the west side of the road. The building is still there. It has been a carpet store and a video store. I don’t know what it is right now. I remember that even though they owned a large two story home and land about a half a mile north of the store, which by the way the house is still there and occupied, they lived in the back of the store. I would love to hear of any memories that others may have of them and their store. Ironically, Lona is my blood relative, she was a Bridges (perhaps we are kin) and Uncle Dick Fuller, as far as we know, was not connected to my Fuller lineage.”  -Dwain Fuller”

Butch, there was a grocery on west of the Page Grocery on Oswalt Road (Love County) across from Boone’s Propane. It was called Montgomery’s Grocery. I had my first Dr Pepper there about 70 years ago.”

One at Overbrook. It was also a post officeAmbert and Thelma Page store on the corner of Oswalt Road and the road going north to Marsden

Jesse Testerman’s Grocery, across from Greenville, Oklahoma school. 1940 Murray County GrocersMiller Grocery, Bob Miller, halfway between Davis and Sulphur. 1930s

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