I Call the Living, Mourn the Dead,
I Tell When Days and Years are Fled,
For Grief and Joy, For Prayer and Praise,
To Heaven My Tuneful Voice I Raise.

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Bellpage started August 1998

Adair County, Oklahoma Bells

These are photos of the Stilwell, Oklahoma Elementary School (10 S. 6th Street) bell and United Methodist Church (4 N. 3rd Street) bell in Stillwell.
Photo 1    Photo 2    Photo 3    Photo 4

Alfalfa County, Oklahoma Bells

In NW Oklahoma is the town of Alva. About 15 miles NE of Alva is the town of Driftwood. They sure have a nice bell there!

This bell is located in Goltry, Oklahoma NW of Enid.

Atoka County, Oklahoma Bells

This old bell is in the new tower at St Patrick’s Catholic Church in Atoka.
Photo 1     Photo 2

This bell used to be at the old Center Point School southeast of Atoka.

Beautiful bronze bell at the Atoka First Baptist church Photo 1    Photo 2

Harmony, Oklahoma Baptist Church Bell. It stand in the yard at the church

Bell in front of Lane, Oklahoma grade school

Bell at the Confederate Memorial Museum north of Atoka, Oklahoma.

Bell at the Double Springs Presbyterian Church (Indian church). This church sits in front of the Double Springs Cemetery in Lane, Oklahoma.

Submitted by: Ruth Atteberry Adams, Atoka County Genealogy Coordinator

Beaver County, Oklahoma Bells

This first bell is at the St Frances Cabrini Catholic Church in Beaver, Oklahoma

This bell is in the small town of Forgan, Oklahoma. It is beside The United Methodist Church there in Forgan.

This bell is in Gate, Oklahoma. This bell is located at the Friends Church in Gate.

This is a large red bell located in the belfry of The United Methodist Church in Gate, Oklahoma.

Beckham County, Oklahoma Bells

There is an old school bell mounted on a post outside the rock bluff school in the Elk City Museum Complex. The school is an old one room school that has been moved into the complex from South of Elk City. The Complex is located on the corner of West Third Street and Pioneer Avenue.

04/20/20 This bell is located in the Delhi, Oklahoma cemetery. What a beautiful bell. Shame the wheel part of the bell is broke.

Blaine County, Oklahoma Bells

Here is a picture of a bell located at the old First Mennonite Church in Geary, Oklahoma. The bell is mounted on a brick structure in front of the church. The Mennonite community has died out there in Geary and the old church building now belongs to the city of Geary. There is a bronze plaque on the base of the bell stating that the bell was installed in the church in 1898. It is a large bell. I would estimate the diameter at the mouth of the bell to be close to 3 feet. There is an antique store in the building now.

09/17/17 This bell is located in Geary, Oklahoma. CLICK HERE

The Methodist Church bell in Okeene, Oklahoma

12/24/23 Bell at the old Presbyterian Church in Watonga. -submitted by Belva Shelton Photo 1 Photo 2

Bryan County, Oklahoma Bells

08/04/07  Mary Maurer sent in the following bell pictures from Caddo, Oklahoma. This first one is the Methodist church in Caddo.  View Photo

Mary also sent in a picture of the bell at the Presbyterian church in Caddo, Oklahoma showing it in its more rustic state than the photo in the paragraph below.  View Photo

A friend took a pic of the bell in front of the First Presbyterian Church in Caddo, Oklahoma. Caddo is where a terrible shoot-out occurred a few years ago between two desperadoes and several Oklahoma Highway Patrolmen. I think three Troopers died from the guns of those maniacs.   View Photo

This big beautiful bell is in a little town east of Durant, Oklahoma called Bennington, Oklahoma at the Presbyterian Church.  View Photo

09/23/10 Ardmoreite Doug Williams sent in 4 photos he took of the Bennington church bell.

View 1      View 2      View 3      View 4

11/16/19 – Note, the Bennington bell has been relocated to the Three Rivers Museum in Durant, Oklahoma. CLICK HERE

Caddo County, Oklahoma Bells

11/12/18 Bell at Saint Patrick Church in Anadarko, Oklahoma. CLICK HERE

“Below is a bell I found while visiting a Scout camp located in Caddo county 8 miles west of Apache, OK. It is Camp George Thomas. The bell is a large one and is used to call visitors in for announcements. The bell has several markings on it. One side has “C. S. Bell & Co. Hillsboro O. on it. The other side reads “Steel Alloy Alarm Bell” and the number 536.” -Bill Hall  CLICK HERE

These two photos are of a bell in Cement, Oklahoma. They were taken in May of 2002 when the citizens of Cement were celebrating the 100th birthday of Cement. The bell is resting on the concrete steps of the old Presbyterian Church, which was the first church to be built in Cement. All that remains of this church are the front steps and the bell.
Photo Number 1    Photo Number 2

Oct 2005 – Carnegie, Oklahoma. “Butch, I went to Carnegie, Oklahoma today. The Christian Church at Carnegie has a great bell on their lawn and thought you might like to see it.” CLICK HERE

Canadian County, Oklahoma Bells

12/18/17 This bell is located at Union City in front of the First Methodist Church.  Click Here

This old bell is located on the NE corner of the main barracks area of Ft Reno, OK. The bell has Alarm Bell & Co. cast inside the bell, plus C. S. Bell Co., Hillsboro, O (Ohio). The number inside the cracked bell is 6608M. The building in the background is one of several officer’s barracks used in 1891. Fort Reno is presently a USDA Experiment Station. Unless something is done soon, Fort Reno’s historic buildings will be gone as they are in a bad state of non-repair. As this happens, the United States and Oklahoma lose an important part of both’s history as the buildings are removed.—–>

Carter County, Oklahoma Bells <—– (Click/Tap here)

Cherokee County, Oklahoma Bells

In the far SE end of Cherokee County in the town of Cookson, Oklahoma there is a bell at the First Baptist Church.

Choctaw County, Oklahoma Bells

This is a picture of the bell that was at the Rock Hill School, northeast of Hugo, Oklahoma. Its new home is a mounting on the west wall of the stage, in Bill Grant’s, Salt Creek Bluegrass Park at Hugo. It is used in the opening ceremonies, on the morning of the first day of the festival, which always starts the first Wednesday of August every year.

Update 12/05/14 “Mr. Bill Grant has donated the Rock Hill School bell to Cowboy Crossing Church located on Highway 70 East as of 11-28-2014.”  -JoLynn Self

This bell is on Main Street in Ft. Towson, Oklahoma. Years ago it was used for calling the volunteer firemen. Another view of the bell. And still another view.

Here’s a pic a friend sent me of the bell at the Corinth Baptist Church in Swink, Oklahoma… in far, far SE Oklahoma

Cimarron County, Oklahoma Bells

This picture is a bell at Cimarron Heritage Center in Boise City.These next three is a bell at the Good Shepard Catholic Church in Boise City.
Photo 1     Photo 2     Photo 3

Cleveland County, Oklahoma Bells

03/12/07 “We have our original 1906 Bell and we ring it on Sunday morning here in rural Norman, Oklahoma. The History:  This church building was built in 1906 by land run settlers.  This church building caught fire in April of 1962.  And this is the neatest story:  The lighting hit the bell town on Sunday Morning during Sunday School.  The members called the fire department then proceeded to carry out of the church everything they could carry, including song books, chancel rail, pews, etc.  All of which are in the new church today. 

The church was so far out in the country and due to flooding and weather (it was tornado season after all) the Norman Fire Department could not get there and when they did there was no fire hydrant, Little River was a 1/2 mile a way.  To make a long story short, the church burnt down while the congregation watched.  Then they carried everything they could to their homes for storage.  Soon they had the lot cleared and were in the process of planning a new church.  This is the concrete block structure you see in the picture.

 The church bell  in the tower was salvaged and stored.  When the new building was dedicated the bell was mounted on its current stand.  We ring it every Sunday Morning.  If you look close at the top you can see where it was welded back together, as it fell nearly two stories in the fire. Grace and peace.” -Debra Marlett Campbell, Pastor

FranklinUMCBell7a      FranklinUMCBell7b      FranklinUMCBell7c

FranklinUMCBell7d      FranklinUMCBell7e      FranklinUMCBell7f

FranklinUMCBell7g      FranklinUMCBell7h      FranklinUMCBell7i

This huge bell is in Noble, Oklahoma at the United Methodist Church (Main and Ash) in Noble, Oklahoma.

This bell is in Noble, Oklahoma. Its built into the signboard for Bell Creek Apartments in the south part of town by Bell Creek.

Coal County, Oklahoma Bells

This bell is at the Coalgate, Oklahoma Presbyterian Church.

Here’s a pic of the bell in front of the courthouse at Coalgate, Oklahoma

Comanche County, Oklahoma Bells

01/07/23 Mt Scott Kiowa bell Photo 1 Photo 2

07/06/18 Sterling United Methodist Church bell View 1    View 2

09/28/17 This bell is located at Cache, Oklahoma at the Deyo Baptist Mission Chapel. Photo 1   Photo 2

09/23/06 This bell picture was sent in by Minnie Whittington. This bell is located in front of the Post Office at Faxon, Oklahoma (SW of Lawton) Faxon Bell

This is a bell mounted at the First Baptist Church in Fletcher, Oklahoma

This bell is at the First Methodist Church in Fletcher, Oklahoma

Cotton County, Oklahoma Bells

Hulen school bell south of Pumpkin Center. Photo 1    Photo 2     Photo 3

Craig County, Oklahoma Bells

This beautiful bronze bell is in Vinita, Oklahoma at the Holy Ghost Catholic Church located at 120 West Sequoyah Avenue in Vinita. The bell was made by the Henry Stuckstede Bell Foundry of St. Louis, Missouri (1888-1931). As you could tell by looking at the picture of the church, it has a tall belfry. I bet there is another bell at the top of it too!
Photo 1    Photo 2

Creek County, Oklahoma Bells

07/20/06 “Mr. Bridges, FYI. You may not know this but there is one LARGE Bell Located at the Lone Star School in Sapulpa that is used every day, when school is in session. I do not know of the origin of the bell but if you would like more info I could find out more for you. Photo 1
Lone Star School Website

This bell is at the First United Methodist Church in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. It may be the only bell in Sapulpa.

Custer County, Oklahoma Bells

This bell is at the First Baptist Church in Butler, Oklahoma.

Delaware County, Oklahoma Bells

This big school bell is at the Grace Baptist Church in Grove, Oklahoma. A plaque on the front of the bell’s concrete base reads, “In Memory of Wendell C. Crome 1918 – 1986”. View Number 1 – View Number 2 – View Number 3 – View Number 4

Just south of Grove, Oklahoma a few miles in a community known as Delaware. I found another smaller bell inside a belfry on top of the old “community building” (its no longer in use). Next to the building a few feet to the south is a concrete memorial that reads: “In memory of Frank G. Fuller, A community builder, Oct 13, 1938”. View Number 1 – View Number 2 – View Number 3

Dewey County, Oklahoma Bells

This is the bell in front of the Church of the Nazarene in Vici, Oklahoma

Ellis County, Oklahoma Bells

09/21/08  Arnett, Oklahoma.  Linda Fox sent in these two photos of the Arnett School bell. This is a magnificent bell.    View 1     View 2

Fargo, Oklahoma Methodist Church bell

First United Methodist Church. Located on the SW corner of Olive and 7th Street in Shattuck, Oklahoma.
View Number 1    View Number 2

Gage, Oklahoma Church of Christ Bell Located north of RR tracks and west of the down own area — Children as well as adults are intrigued by the old cast iron bell on display in front of the Gage Church of Christ building. The church building was built in 1902 with a belfry in it. The old bell hung in the bell tower until about 1960, when members of the church had it torn down. The bell is very heavy. The belfry had deteriorated, due to old age and church members were afraid it was becoming dangerous. Children were always wanting to ring the bell, which was done by pulling on a long heavy rope. “Church bells have been used over the years for many things. Early bells summoned soldiers to arms as well as Christians to church. There are many old customs connected with the use of the church bells, At one time in history, the bell was rung for the dying and later it was rung after a death. Bells were used as time pieces. Not everyone had a watch or clock, as we do today, so one hour before church services, they rang the bell to remind people it was time to get ready for church. There are people in the Gage congregation today, who remember when the bell rang for that purpose. Church bells are becoming a thing of the past, but will always be a part of our history. Visitors in Gage often stop to examine the old bell, which was re-mounted on a cement slab not long ago”.
View Number 1    View Number 2

Garfield County, Oklahoma Bells

This bell is located in Garber, Oklahoma in northern Oklahoma in Garfield, county. Enid is the county seat of Garfield County.

This bell is located in Carrier, Oklahoma.

Garvin County, Oklahoma Bells

found this beautiful bell next to the Jack Grimmett Field House at Wackler Stadium in the north part of Pauls Valley.

Just west of I-35 on State Highway 19 in Garvin County is the White Bead Methodist Church. It is located about 4 miles west of Pauls Valley and the church was Founded in 1905. Here are two photos, one of the bell and church and the other of the church’s sign.
Photo One    Photo Two

“Hi Butch, I snapped a picture of a bell for you today. It is located at Cushman Corner 8 miles north of Stratford, Oklahoma.”

Grady County, Oklahoma Bells

1/12/19 Chickasha, Oklahoma. This bell is located on South 29th. Click Here

8/11/18 Rush Springs Baptist Church bell. View 1

This bell is located in the town of Verden. Its at the First Baptist Church of Verden. Verden is located west of Chickasha, Oklahoma on the Caddo/Grady county line.

7/06/18 “This bell is straight north of Verden, Oklahoma. It was originally at the First Methodist Church in Dutton, Oklahoma. When the building was sold to be town, the bell was moved to the present location which is the original site of the Dutton town or community. It is on the Chickasha Lake Road west off Highway 81 and it is straight north of Verden.” -Belva Shelton

View 1    View 2    View 3

8/27/17 Pocasset, Oklahoma Methodist Church bell (population 150) Click Here

8/27/17 Cox City, Oklahoma Baptist Church bell View 1  View 2  View 3

This bell is located in front of the Verden Methodist Church in Verden, Oklahoma.

“9/13/17 First Baptist Church at Ninnekah, Oklahoma CLICK HERE

9/13/17 Bell at the Veterans Memorial at Ninnekah, Oklahoma CLICK HERE

Grant County, Oklahoma Bells

This is a photo of the bell at the high school in Nash, OklahomaGreer County, Oklahoma Bells

This bell is at the Scared Heart Catholic Church in Mangum, Oklahoma

Harmon County, Oklahoma Bells

02/16/11  Here are pictures of the bell at the Church of the Nazarene in Hollis, Oklahoma, Harmon County, Just before the old church was torn down, as it was being torn down and after the bell was moved about two hundred feet or so to the new church. The base/tower has been bricked to the top with brick from the old church but I do not have a picture yet. -Gary Branigan

View 1        View 2    View 3    View 40

8/04/06 “There is a much older bell at the Hollis First Church of the Nazarene in Hollis, Harmon County, Oklahoma. It was quite old when given to the church in about 1950.

“This bell is on top of the Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church in Hollis, Oklahoma (far SW Oklahoma).

Harper County, Oklahoma Bells

11/02/09  “This 1911 Bell is at the First Methodist Church in Buffalo, Harper County, Oklahoma. I got to ring it when I was in Methodist Youth Fellowship. Back then the bell was in the belfry in an old fashioned white wood building church, just across the lot from where the church is now.  Inscription: AMERICAN BELL FOUNDRY CO   NO 36   –   NORTHVILLE MICH  USA” –

View 1        View 2

This bell is located in Harper County at May, Oklahoma. It’s at the Church of God Holiness church and has been at this same church over 80 years calling people to services.

Here is a brass bell in Harper county at the town of Laverne, Oklahoma. Its at the United Methodist Church there in Laverne.
View One     View Two

Haskell County, Oklahoma Bells

03/14/06 “I accidentally stumbled onto your web site. I find it interesting because my dad has a large bell in his back yard. My parents would ring it when it was time to come home. You could hear it all over Stigler, Oklahoma. My granddad took the bell from an old Indian Church out in Western Oklahoma near Lawton. I think the Church was being torn down. In addition to the bell in my parent’s back yard in Stigler, Oklahoma, there is a bell in the tower of the United Methodist Church in Stigler (It is not visible). They would let the kids ring the Church bell on Sundays, because if you were small enough you could “ride” the bell rope up and down as it rang. To my knowledge it is still being rung.

“This bell is at the Baptist Church in Kinta, Oklahoma.

Hughes County, Oklahoma Bells

This bell is at the Moss High School, located east of Holdenville, Oklahoma in Hughes County. Two views of same bell.
View 1    View 2

This bell is located at the Atwood, Oklahoma Church of the Nazarene on Highway 48 in Hughes county (about 7 miles South of Holdenville, OK)

This bell is located just west of Holdenville, Oklahoma at the Middlecreek Indian Baptist Church. On the old 270 hwy.

This bell is located in front of the old Spaulding School Gym, now a community center. Location about 6 miles SW of Holdenville, in the community of Spaulding, Oklahoma.

Jackson County, Oklahoma Bells

08/19/06 “We were checking records in Altus today and exploring the area. We came across this bell in Martha, Oklahoma and my wife remembered your web page.” -Jim & Linda Oliver Martha School Bell

This bell is located at the Church of Christ in Blair, Oklahoma.

Jefferson County, Oklahoma Bells

3/06/19 This church bell is at the First Baptist Church in Irving, Oklahoma.   Photo 1  Photo 2

11/28/14 “This church bell is in front of the First United Methodist Church at the corner of 9th and Lincoln in Ryan, Oklahoma” -Ed Harwood   Photo

06/03/10 Bell in front of the old First Presbyterian Church in Waurika, Oklahoma.  Church is no longer in use.

Photo 1            Photo 2

01/29/06 Doug Williams sent in the pic of this bell. Its located at the First Baptist Church in Hastings, Oklahoma. Hastings Bell

Here is a bell in front of the Terral, Oklahoma Community Center. This is a closeup of the bell.

This big bell is in front of the Chisholm Trail Museum in Waurika, Oklahoma

Johnston County, Oklahoma Bells

08/18/22 I am so excited for this!! My family were the founders of Milburn, Ok before statehood. My grandfather was there when the cornerstone was put in for the first school. That brick building burned in the 1940’s. My grandfather managed to save the original bell. In the 1970’s, my father was given the bell and we painted it red and blue for the bi- centennial in 1976. We proudly rang the bell on July 4, 1976 in Stillwater. The bell has stayed with me since 2000 when my dad passed. Today, my daughter and I are returning the bell to Milburn! On Wednesday at 11 am, we will take it to to the school to be back “ home”. -Lynn Milburn Lansford

11/12/18 First Baptist Church bell at Mill Creek, Oklahoma CLICK HERE

04/10/07  This pic was sent in by Toby Insenberg and is a bell located at the Coleman Baptist Church. Coleman is located about 10 miles south of Wapanuka in Johnston county. Its attached to the top of an “oil derrick” like mount. View 1   View 2

Here is a pic of the bell at the 1st Baptist Church of Connerville, Oklahoma.

In Johnston county, about 8 miles east of Tishomingo is Milburn, Oklahoma. The Milburn Baptist Church has a beautiful bell!

Here the bell outside the old Chickasaw Capitol Building in Tishomingo, Oklahoma. The bell was made about 1889.

This bell is on display behind the capitol building in Tishomingo. It is the original bell in the dome of the old Chickasaw Capitol building.

This is a pic of the bell beside the First Baptist Church in Tishomingo, Oklahoma.

This bell is located on the north side of the First United Methodist Church in Mannsville, Oklahoma.

This is the bell at the First Baptist Church in Mannsville, Oklahoma

10/21/14 This bell was sent in by a Reader of the Fillmore, Oklahoma school bell.

Boy Scout Camp Simpson is a couple miles west of Bromide. This is the bell in front of the Mess Hall   CLICK HERE

Kay County, Oklahoma Bells

Here are a couple of pictures of a bell. It is located in front of the Newkirk Community Historical Museum, Newkirk, OK. Newkirk is the county seat for Kay County. The bell is from the Oak Grove School which was a rural school in the area. View 1    View 2

This picture is of a bell in front of the Blackwell, Oklahoma Police
Station (Kay county).

“The only bell we can think of is located at the First Christian Church, 210 N. 5th here in Ponca City (Kay county). The bell is located in a bell tower and I am not certain if it is visible enough for a good picture.”

Nardin, Oklahoma bell located next to where a church used to stand. Bell purchased in 1899. Click Here

Kingfisher County, Oklahoma Bells

This bell graces the west side of the Kingfisher Courthouse, in Kingfisher, Oklahoma. The bell is from the old Lacy School

07/18/11 This bell was sent in by a lady in OKC.  She took a picture of a bell in Hennessey, Oklahoma

Kiowa County, Oklahoma Bells

5/07/23 Victorious Center Church bell near the town of Mountain View between Carnegie and Gotebo. -Belva Shelton

View #1 View #2 View #3

3/10/22 Kiowa County Historical Museum bell at Hobart CLICK HERE

3/10/22 This bell is inside the Kiowa County Historical Museum at Hobart CLICK HERE

8/08/18 First Christian Church in Lone Wolf, Oklahoma View 1    View 2

This bell was originally at Roosevelt, Oklahoma Methodist Church. In 2003 the bell was moved to the Methodist Church in Snyder, Oklahoma after the closing of the church at Roosevelt.
Methodist Church at Roosevelt
Closeup of bell at Roosevelt
Methodist Church at Snyder and bell

Just NW of Lawton, Oklahoma is the small town of Mountain Park, Oklahoma. The United Methodist Church at Mountain Park has a nice bell mounted beside their church building.

Latimer County, Oklahoma Bells

September 2002: This big bell was at Yanush, Oklahoma. Yanush is by Lake Sardis in far southern Latimer county, south of Wilburton, Oklahoma. This particular bell was at a lady’s house and was for sale. She said, “whoever comes up with $700 can take the bell home”.
Photo 1    Photo 2

LeFlore County, Oklahoma Bells

This bell is in front of the Board of Education Building in Talihina, Oklahoma
Photo 1     Photo 2 Closeup

This bell is in front of the Summerfield Baptist Church in Summerfield, Oklahoma about 5 miles east of LeFlore (Southwest of Poteau). It has been at the Church for over 36 years.
Photo 1    Photo 2

8/03/18 Bell at the Prairie Grove Church at Talihina, Oklahoma Click Here

Lincoln County, Oklahoma Bells

This is a photo of the bell outside the City Hall in Chandler, Oklahoma.

Someone gave me this photo of the bell in front of the Prague, Oklahoma Fire Department. Now this is the kind of bell I want!

Logan County, Oklahoma Bells

This bell can be found on Logan Street towards the east side of Guthrie where the Central Elementary School is now

In Guthrie, Oklahoma is St Marys Catholic Church. This bell is located at the church

This bell is at Saint Mary’s Catholic Church in Guthrie, Oklahoma.
View Number 1    View Number 2    View Number 3    View Number 4    View Number 5

Love County, Oklahoma Bells

11/26/17 Bell in front of the First Baptist Church at Marietta, Oklahoma. Photo 1

 02/08/07 I think this might be the most beautiful church in southern Oklahoma. It’s the Catholic Mission which serves the Spanish community in Marietta, Oklahoma and was just completed a couple months ago. But what really caught my eye was the beautiful, small bell located way up at the top. Photo 1    Photo 2   Closeup of bell

Nice big bell located in Lake Murray Village south of Ardmore. Just go all the way to the end of the main entrance, then turn east a few feet on the north side of the road.

Here’s one of the Marietta, OK courthouse bell in the dome

Very beautiful iron bell on the grounds of the Thackerville, Oklahoma school system.Another Reader gave me a pic of this Marietta, Oklahoma bell this week. The bell is at Badger McBride residence, 508 Mayall Street, in Marietta, Oklahoma.

Here’s a pic of the Thackerville, Oklahoma 1st Baptist Church bell

Major County, Oklahoma Bells

This great church bell is mounted out front of the Elm Flat Independent Christian Church. If you go to Cleo Springs, Oklahoma (downtown), take the county blacktop (not the highway) road north out of Cleo… Go approximately (or maybe more) 3 miles… On the eastside of the blacktop, SE corner of the milesection is the Elm Flat Church with this magnificent bell hanging on some sort of metal stand & cross.

Marshall County, Oklahoma Bells

02/22/06 This old school bell is located just a mile south of Highway 70 and the McMillan sign. Not much left of McMillan, Oklahoma anymore except a few houses and this one church where this bell is located.
McMillan School Bell Photo 1      McMillan School Bell Photo 2  

McMillan School Bell Photo 3     McMillan School Bell Photo 4  

McMillan School Bell Photo 5      McMillan School Bell Photo 6

12/13/14 Update on McMillan Bell:  “I grew up at Tyler,Ok. & am very familiar with that area. The McMillan School Bell has been placed on Railroad Ties out in front of the old School, which is now used as a Community Center & or maybe a Church also. At one time the Bell was laying in a pasture behind Arville Saxton’s house. I had visited with him about putting the Bell up at the Community Center. He agreed that was where it needed to be, but he passed away before he got it done. Later I talked to his son, J.A. Saxton, about putting it there. He said he would take care of it & he did, which I am very grateful. My Daddy & Mother both attended school there thro’ughthe 8th grade. Thanks for what you do. I enjoy your This & That Newsletter so very much.”  -Tawana (Gardner) Fleming, Byers, Texas

10/06/05 “Here is the picture of the Church Bell at Lighthouse United Methodist located at Alberta Creek Rd and Texoma Hills Rd, SE of Kingston.. The congregation was formerly at the Woodville UMC, New Woodville, OK. (the town of Woodville was relocated from the Red River area when the Lake Texoma was constructed during WWII).” -Dale Wise Lighthouse Bell Photo

This bell is located 6 miles south of Kingston, Oklahoma at the United Methodist Camp called Cross Point Camp.   Photo 1    Photo 2

This bell is located in front a police officer’s home in Madill, Oklahoma

This bell is located at a house by Lake Texhoma, south of the Madill area.

West of Madill, Oklahoma is the wee town of Tyler, Oklahoma. They used to have a school there years ago. When the school was torn down, the bell was moved to a residence just a few miles on west near McMillan, Oklahoma. Here is the old Tyler School bell.

03/31/02 “Butch, happened to find a bell to add to your collection. It is located at the Powell Holiness Church, Powell, Oklahoma, in Marshall County.” Photo 1   Photo 2

Mayes County, Oklahoma Bells

This bell pic is the Adair Christian Church in Adair, Oklahoma.  2 more photos added 08/16/09:  View 2 and View 3McClain County, Oklahoma BellsHere is a bell located about 8 miles north of Maysville , Oklahoma on highway 74, going north toward Purcell. The bell is in a front yard on the East side of the highway.Here’s a pic of a nice bell at the Byars, Oklahoma Baptist Church (18 miles NE of Pauls Valley.)This bell is on a farm south of Washington, Oklahoma. The bell was used to call the students to class at the old Ladd school (which closed around 1952) in McClain county.

McCurtain County, Oklahoma Bells

03/02/10   “This bell is located beside the Christian Church at 322 North Main Street in Broken Bow, Oklahoma.   In 1912, a site was designated for the church by Dierks Brothers Lumber Company originally from Broken Bow, Nebraska.  In 1920, the church was established  and on May 16, 1927  the bell was added.  Each Sunday morning  since it has rung faithfully to remind the town of church services.”  -Louise Turley, Broken Bow, Oklahoma (Hochatown)     Christian Church Bell Photo

This cute little bell is in front of the First Baptist Church in Valliant, Oklahoma. Valliant is way over in southeastern Oklahoma where those pine trees grow as thick as hops.

This bell is right on Main Street at Valliant, Oklahoma across from the Fire Department. This was a big one, at least 24 inches across. It was mounted in a rock planter about three foot off the ground in the middle of the Street.

McIntosh County, Oklahoma Bells

“Here’s the picture I took of the bell in front of Eufaula City Hall. The picture came out sort of out of proportion. The building in the background is actually across the street and is the funeral home but the bell looks like it’s as big as the truck outside the building. Anyway, they tell me they used to ring this bell to alert the firemen when there was a fire.”

Murray County, Oklahoma Bells

This bell is south of Main street in Davis, Oklahoma at the Methodist Church.
Photo 1    Photo 2

This bell is located at the Goddard Youth Camp south of Sulphur. The bell was donated by Mr. and Mrs. A.H. DeFratus.
Photo 1   Photo 2

In Murray county at the Davis, Oklahoma Exit, and three miles to the west, is the “old” Lazy S Ranch. Near the front gate on top of the hill is a very nice looking bell.

This is a bell beside one of the camps north of Turner Falls. at the Newburn Center Youth Camp, (its next door to the Assembly of God camp ground). N 34° 26.275 by W 097° 03.182′

I found a huge beautiful bell at Falls Creek in the Arbuckle Mountains. It was sitting on a trailer, waiting to be mounted somewhere.

“Butch, Here’s the old Falls Creek bell that has been on the grounds for many years. Currently, it sits out in front of the new Tabernacle. I doubt this will be its permanent location as there is still much construction to do on the new Plaza and other buildings. One side says “Steel Alloy Church Bell” and the other says “The C.S. Bell Co. Hillsboro O.” I’ve not heard it ring in many years, but it can be heard all over the camp. I got to ring it several times myself as a teenager (but had to run from camp security after I did it!!.”


Just a few feet east of Falls Creek entrance, you travel across the creek, and you’ll find a little bell mounted next to a pavilion.

Here’s a pic of the bell in front of the Dougherty Baptist Church in Dougherty, Oklahoma. It was sent to me by a lady in Davis, Oklahoma.

In December 1999 I visited a Choctaw Indian lady west of Davis, Oklahoma who has the original bell from the old Presbyterian church of Davis in her front yard. How she came upon the bell, was the church and property belongs to her and when the church closed down many years ago, she moved the bell to her house near Camp Classen.

This nice bell is sitting right in front of City Hall in Sulphur, Oklahoma. You know, right across the street from where the stinky water gushes up out of the ground!

This bell is located in front of an antique shop on Main Street in Davis, Oklahoma.

Muskogee County, Oklahoma Bells

This bell located adjacent to the First Presbyterian Church was orginally used in the church at Fort Gibson when it was acquired in 1832. The church is at North Lee and Blackjack Streets in Fort Gibson.

Noble County, Oklahoma Bells

This is an old bronze Church bell which was used in early day of Perry, Oklahoma. It was in the Bill Munger family in Perry for many, many years as was stored in their barn, about 65 years ago. One of the early day Munger’s was a preacher and the bell was used at his Church. The bell now stands in front of the First Baptist Church in Perry . This is another view of the bell

This is a big bell located in front of the Sumner, Oklahoma Rural Fire Department. It’s the old bell originally at the Sumner school. Sumner is about 12 miles NE of Perry, Oklahoma.

Christian Church bell in Billings, Oklahoma.  Click Here

Nowata County, Oklahoma Bells

10/20/17 Bell in front of an old church building in Lenapah.  Photo 1    Photo 2

This is a big bell located inside the Nowata, Oklahoma Historical Museum. The old bell was originally at the Sanders School .

Okfuskee County, Oklahoma Bells

This is the bell beside the Antioch Christian Church in Paden, OK

This bell is outside the Community Center at Clearview, Oklahoma.

Oklahoma County, Oklahoma Bells

1/28/19 Hey good morning Butch, We recently finished a big renovation of the 42 bell carillon at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church in Oklahoma City. We installed that carillon originally in 1956, my Grandfather actually installed it. In 2017 we took everything out of the tower and replaced everything except the bells themselves. The largest bell is a D#1 and weighs about 3,600 Lbs. When we reinstalled the bells we made 3 of the swinging bells and the rest are stationary that are played by a manual keyboard.
Tim Verdin, Vice President of Manufacturing
office: 800-543-0488 x1268

Photo 1    Photo 2    Photo 3    Photo 4    Photo 5    Photo 6

7/29/13 “Butch, Attached are the before and after pictures of our church bell at Wickline United Methodist Church in Midwest City, OK. The bell was recently taken down and cleaned up. Enjoy.”  -Dennis LippeBefore View     After View

7/22/05 “These bells are in front of Bellevue Health Center, 6500 N Portland Oklahoma City. My father aquired the bell in about 1975. It came from a farm in Oklahoma County. The black and white was taken in 1977. We built the brick tower in about 2000. Great idea for a website.”
View Number 1    View Number 2

Here’s the bell above the entrance of the Oklahoma State School Boards Association building at 23rd and N Lincoln in Oklahoma City. There is also another bell in a belfry type structure on the north side of the building, facing Lincoln street.

This huge and very beautiful bronze bell is located in front of the Oklahoma Historical Society building next the State Capitol in Oklahoma City. It’s a replica of a bell in France.

Here’s the Council Grove Bell. It is located at Council Road and Melrose Lane in Oklahoma City. The text on the plaque below the bell is as follows….. “This bell, long a symbol of gatherings is dedicated to preserve the memories and the history of the Council Grove community. It’s presented in loving memory of William A. “Scooter” Wilson by his classmates, friends and family. This historical old school bell dates back to the late 1890s. When it was first used in the Council Grove District School, located on the southeast corner of Melrose Lane and Council road. This schoolhouse also served as the Union church. When a new school was built in this location in 1938, the bell was moved to the new school and again used. The bell remained at that school until May, 1970 when it was brought to the present Council Grove school by the “Scooter” Wilson memorial fund. This bell is also dedicated to its own precious memories of Council Grove School children for over 70 years.
View Number 1    View Number 2

This is a bell atop the Britton Feed and Seed Store in 700 block of West Brittan Road in north Oklahoma City.

Okmulgee County, Oklahoma Bells

There is a bell at the St. Anthony’s Catholic Church. The address is 515 South Morton here in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. That is the only one that I can think of at this time.”

Osage County, Oklahoma Bells

These bell photos were taken in front of the Museum at Pawhuska, Oklahoma.
View 1    View 2

Curfew bell at Fairfax, Oklahoma.
View 1

Ottawa County, Oklahoma Bells

“Here are 3 pics of a bell at Sycamore Chapel United Methodist Church just outside Wyandotte, Oklahoma. It was a bell on the old school house before the church got it. It is used every Sunday. About 10:00 AM you can hear it ringing all up & down Sycamore valley.” -Tom




03/17/12 “These were taken at Eastside, Oklahoma located about 10 miles east of Miami, Oklahoma Hwy 10.” -Betty Yust
View Number 1    View Number 2

Pawnee County, Oklahoma Bells

Bell on church in Jennings, Oklahoma View 1    View

27/21/19 “Butch: While surfing the web looking for Images of the oldest and tallest Water Towers in Oklahoma I ran across this image of the Water Tower in Ralston, Pawnee County, Oklahoma. it is purported to be the oldest still in use water Tower in Oklahoma. Built in 1911 by the Chicago Bridge and Iron Works Company. It has a Fire bell attached to it. I thought you may want to add it to you list of bells.
As you may know Water Towers are fast disappearing Dinosaurs from our landscape. I think it would be really nice if you could start a list of images of Water Towers in Oklahoma.” -Larry Paul  View 1   View 2

Payne County, Oklahoma Bells

01/29/06 This bell was submitted by James Brown and is located at Yale, Oklahoma beside an old church building. Yale, Oklahoma Bell

This bell is in Stillwater, Oklahoma across the street from First Baptist Church. It looks like it could have been the old church. Now used as Sheerar Cultural Center and Museum the bell has # 24 yoke and was made by– The C S Bell Co. Hillsboro, O.– Corner of Duncan St. & 7th Ave.

“I saw a bell today between Perkins and Cushing. But I had no film in my camera. I remember the bell was on the east side of highway 177 north of Perkins and south of Cushing by a house on a steel fence.”

This is a photo of a bell at the Campfire’s Camp near Coyle, Oklahoma. Coyle is 10 miles northeast of Guthrie, Oklahoma.

Pittsburg County, Oklahoma Bells

“There is an old bell in front of the Indianola school that used to be on top of the old two story school.”

This bell is in Pittsburg County at McAlester, Oklahoma. The bell is on display at the Church of God Seventh Day at #5 East Taylor Ave in McAlester. The McAlester News Capital ran a full feature article on the bell and church on November 4, 2002. The bell was originally at a small church in Ashland, Oklahoma during the Depression Years. Ashland is a little town southwest of McAlester.
Photo 1   Photo 2   Photo 3   Photo 4   Photo 5

This bell is at the United Methodist Church in Quinton, Oklahoma.

There is a little town of under 2,000 people just on the east side of McAlester, Oklahoma (Pittsburg County). Even though the town is small, its well-known, known for its Italian Food! Everyone there knows the place to eat is Isle of Capri and Pete’s Place for authentic Italian food. But there is something else in Krebs, a bell, in St Joseph’s Catholic Church. The church is located at 290 NW Church Street, and is the oldest Catholic church in Oklahoma. It was re-built by Italian immigrants in 1903 after the first church was destroyed by fire! Here’s a close-up pic of the bell!

And there is a remarkable story behind this bell. On Wednesday, August 14, 2002 I received a phone call from Ames, Iowa. It was from a lady name Sybil Stone. This story really started in 1966 when Sybil Stone sent a letter to a Tulsa newspaper seeking information and help in finding a bell her great grandfather, John Rex of St Louis, gave to a church mission in Oklahoma in honor of his daughter, Sybil Rex. He presented the bell to a mission somewhere in Oklahoma but exactly where they did not know. All they remembered was being told it was at the end of a railroad line at a church mission. The family in Ames, Iowa never did find where the bell was located after searching all these years. But in August 2002 that changed!

A priest from McAlester, Oklahoma was doing some research in Tulsa and happened across that 1966 letter from Sybil Stone of Iowa. He contacted a friend who had internet access to do a search, and sure enough, Sybil Stone still lived in Ames, Iowa. The priest contacted Sybil Stone and gave her some much sought for information concerning the bell. Here is the first of two emails I received this week from Sybil Stone of Ames, Iowa:

“My great grandfather John E. Rex was born in Philadelphia 1820 died in St. Louis Jan 10, 1888 (my cousin says he died of pneumonia after attending the funeral of a friend). My grandmother Sybil Mary Rex was born in St Louis Mar 21, 1859. Married in St Louis Apr 3, 1895. Died in St Louis Nov 9, 1946. So…. I am assuming that John Rex gave the bell to Father Robot before 1887, as Fr. Robot died in 1887. All I knew was that the bell had the name Sybil on it. I had no idea of any other inscription until Fr. King called me from McAlester. I have a small note, possibly in my Aunt’s handwriting (she is another Sybil) that says:

Vinita – Indian Territory. First bell rung on a Catholic Church was rung in Vinita and had the name Sybil Rex inscribed on it. It was given by John Rex of St. Louis to Fr. Robot. ——End of Railroad line.

That is exactly what the note says. So, the bell had to have been given to Fr. Robot before 1887 when he died.” – Sybil Stone

And here is the letter Sybil Stone received from Fr King of Grove, Oklahoma on Saturday, August 17, 2002:

“The original bell still hangs in the church tower, salvaged from the fire which razed the first building, the bell is dated 1886, the year the original church was constructed. In the tradition of the times, the bell was given a name and an inscription. It reads:

“”I am Sybil. I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness. Rt. Rev. Abbot D. Isidore Robot, Prefect apostolic of the Indian Territory.””Father Robot died in 1887 and my great grandfather died in Jan of 1888.”

Pontotoc County, Oklahoma Bells

07/28/05 “I am sending you a new bell photo. I am proud of this one. I bought it at a garage sale and restored it. It is mounted in my back yard in Byng, Oklahoma. It was originally the Denny School bell and was located about eight miles northeast of Ada, Oklahoma. The school closed in 1939. The bell was made by the American Bell Foundry in Northville, Michigan between 1899 and 1920.” -Ben Roan
View Number 1   View Number 2

Bell at the Angel Wing Baptist Church at Stonewall, Oklahoma.

This bell is in Allen, Oklahoma at the First Baptist Church.

This bell is also in Allen, Oklahoma at the Church of Christ.

This a view of the Allen, Oklahoma First Methodist Church bell.

In southern Ponotoc county is Fittstown, Oklahoma and a bell at the Fittstown Baptist Church.

When you leave Fittstown and travel about a mile or so north, one will see a sign that reads: Hickory Hill Baptist Church, turned west at the sign and go west down a long winding mile or so, and there you will find the new church (the old one burned down not long ago). They have two bells in front of the church.
View Number 1   View Number 2   View Number 3   View Number 4
Photos added 4/04/24 New Number 5 View Number 6

The St Francis Catholic Church in Ada, Oklahoma has a beautiful bell mounted on a concrete slab. It is from the original church’s location. Also there are three bells in a uniquely designed bell town at the church.
View Number 1   View Number 2   View Number 3

Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma Bells

Since 1895 the St. Benedict Catholic Church has been a landmark in the town of Shawnee, Oklahoma.  Inside its tall steeple is a beautiful 45 inch bell which toll forth its sound from 1911 to 1986.  In 1986 the bell was silenced in lieu of an electronic sound speaker system.  But in 2008 the original bell was re-activated, and thanks to the work of Bill Johnson and others, its sound once again now radiates out over the town of Shawnee. It tolls the musical note “F4”

 ———Bell Casting Inscription————

View Number 1                 View Number 2

Another bell in Shawnee is in front of the police station.

In the little town of Tribbey , Oklahoma is a beautiful bell. Tribbey is about 20 miles SW of Shawnee, Oklahoma in SW Pottawatomie county.

Pushmataha County, Oklahoma Bells

This is a bell in Sobol, Oklahoma. Sobol is 24 miles east of Antlers, Oklahoma on Highway 3 and then a little south. The bell was donated to the Sobol Baptist Church by a lady named Cora Smith. The plaque in the photo is in honor of Ruby Lawless who was Clerk at the church from its beginning until 1986.

Teresa Young is the Pushmataha County Assistant Coordinator for GenWeb at Antlers, Oklahoma. She took some bell pics for me in Antlers.

Bell at the Antlers Library

Bell at St. James Episcopal Church in Antlers
Photo 1    Photo 2

Bell at First United Methodist Church in Antlers

Bell at Saint Agnes Catholic Church in Antlers

Bell at First Presbyterian Church in Antlers

Rogers County, Oklahoma Bells

01/16/11  The attached “Bell History” was written in 2004 when we were preparing to build a belfry at First United Methodist Church in Claremore, OK. Sara Carpenter passed away a couple weeks ago and I added a yellow fill to one sentence which contained her name. When writing the attached, I got information from several sources, one being Recollections from early Rogers County Residents. Sara was involved in collecting them when she headed up the Rogers County Historical Society.  The Directory cover page has an aerial photo showing people surrounding the church, holding hands. (Just illustrates a part of the story.) I don’t recall where I got the photo for the Kinta, OK 1st School. . Do you have any information or know where I might find any concerning the source of the bell? I recall talking to someone in the area (I think Stillwell) but never found anyone who could give me much enlightenment. Thanks much. -Jack Weyler      Information 1      Information 2

10/06/05 Here is very nice bell located way up in NE Oklahoma. The inscription reads 1855 McNeely, West Troy, NY. Reportedly came from a church in Montreal, Canada. The bell is located between Owasso and Claremore just off of Highway 20 and hangs in the foyer of a large residence. The bell is 32 inch diameter and 80% copper, 20% tin. Photo of Bell

This is a bell pic in Claremore, Oklahoma. This was an old church building that is now used as a Fitness Center For Women. Its on the corner of Wewoka Avenue and Pattipage Blvd. It still looks like a church.

Roger Mills County, Oklahoma Bells

This bell stands in a park in Hammond, Oklahoma in memory of veterans.

“There is an old bell mounted in front of the First Baptist Church, 608 E Broadway, in Cheyenne, OK. Not sure of the exact history of the bell but it was one that possibly hung in a belfry in the old church building – it was found in the church basement and mounted as a permanent display in conjunction with the Centennial Celebration in 1996.”

There is a bell at the Durham School that was closed in 1957. The bell is still hanging on the Longhorn Field House (GYM). The individual who demolished the actual school donated the bell back to the community rather than trash it. This is the actual bell that was used to start school every morning. The gym was built by the WPA in the late 1930’s. The gym is now more of a community building, it is host to Chuckwagon Supper & Longhorn Opry in May, in the fall it hosts the Oklahoma Farmers Union County dinner, in December we have the Christmas Program, this Christmas will be the 84th Christmas Tree & Traditional Christmas Program. It is also host to a number of senior citizens dinners, quilting clubs, and square dances. It also hosts the annual school alumni for Durham the Saturday of Memorial Weekend. Here is a close up of the Durham School Bell

And this is the Durham School bell at a distance with a full view of the school.

This bell is located at a residence in Durham, Oklahoma. The owners of this bell are Donnie & Jo Nell York. It has been displayed in their yard since 1972.

This bell at the Roll One Room School in Cheyenne, Oklahoma which is the last of the one room schools here in Roger Mills county – completely restored and we teach 1910 hands on history lesson to area fourth graders as they come for a one day field day trip. The bell is actually one that rang at the Cheyenne School from 1934 on.
Photo 1    Photo 2    Photo 3

There is a bell located at the Metcalfe Museum & Break O’Day Farms near Durham Oklahoma, in Roger Mills County. None of the board members know where the bell came from. They assume the bell was from a school house but do not know which one. Howard Metcalfe owned the property and after his passing it was turned into a museum. The President of the Board, Elaine Adams, does not wish for the bell’s picture to be broadcast over the internet.

Seminole County, Oklahoma Bells

“We have a farm bell on 8.5 acres of land right on the edge of the city limits of Seminole, Oklahoma (Seminole County). The pond is approximately an acre big, stocked with TONS of catfish and perch and a few bass. We have this bell sitting down in the water right off our dock. When you ring the bell the fish come snapping at the water. I might have a pic of that too. They have gotten so spoiled that all we have to do is walk for the pond and they start flipping the water for food. It’s quite a site.”

Sequoyah County, Oklahoma Bells

Here are several photos of an old school bell in Sequoyah County. The bell is owned by my wife’s family and is located near the town of Vian. It has been mounted on the front porch of their cabin for several decades.” -Bill
View 1    View 2    View 3

Stephens County, Oklahoma Bells

11/12/18 Bray/Doyle school bell at Marlow, Oklahoma. CLICK HERE

1/10/18 Denton Baptist Church southeast of Sterling, Oklahoma in Stephens County. Photo

10/20/17 First Christian Church in Marlow, Oklahoma.  Photo

This is a bell located on Duncan’s East Main Street at a welding shop and antique store. View 1   View 2

Near Empire, Oklahoma at the Beaver Creek Cowboy Church. View 1   View 2

10/15/08  I am the pastor of the First Baptist Church, Loco, Oklahoma. We just recently had some remodeling done on our church building and we moved the bell into a more permanent location and I thought you might like some pics of the church and bell.  -Don Hankins    View 1    View 2    View 3

This is the bell at Heritage Park in Duncan, Oklahoma

Texas County, Oklahoma Bells

In the panhandle of Oklahoma at Turpin, Oklahoma at the Methodist Church stands this bell.

This bell is in Texas County at the United Methodist Church in Baker, Oklahoma.

This is a bell on a working ranch in Texas County northeast of Guymon, Oklahoma on the Beasley Ranch. It is used today to call in the family at meal time, saves lots of steps! This is a second bell on the Beasley Ranch. Mr. Beasley said it has been in his family as long as he could remember and was used by his dad to call the kids from play and the adults in from work to meals.

“There is a bell at the Gibson Baptist Campground by Hardesty, OK. I think it is the bell from the old First Baptist Church in Guymon, Texas County.”

Tillman County, Oklahoma Bells

9/29/20 This bell is at the Pioneer Museum at Frederick, Oklahoma

This is the bell beside the First Baptist Church, Grandfield, Oklahoma

Tulsa County, Oklahoma Bells

2/23/20 New bell tower at St Antony’s Orthodox Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma (Click Here)

A beautiful brass bell on display at Ollie’s Restaurant in far SW Tulsa.

This tower of several bells is located at Floral Haven Cemetery
View 1    View 2

This bell is located at the Glenhaven Free Methodist Church
View 1    View 2

This nice bronze bell is at Holland Hall School in Tulsa
View 1    View 2

This small bell is hanging at the Phildelphin Assembly in Tulsa
View 1    View 2

Sheridan Avenue Christian Church in Tulsa has a nice copper looking bell
View 1    View 2

This bell is in the belfry of the Kirk of the Hills Presbyterian Church in Tulsa
View 1    View 2

This bell is at St Luke’s Episcopal Church in Tulsa
View 1    View 2

Wagoner County, Oklahoma Bells

This is a bell at the First United Methodist Church in Wagoner, Oklahoma. It may be the only bell in Wagoner.

Washington County, Oklahoma Bells

This bell belongs to Jim Clingenpeel at 116 Ramblewood, Bartlesville Oklahoma. He acquired the bell from “Chicken Creek” Marina. He said he didn’t know which school it came from, but it was now under lake Tenkiller. He has had the bell for about 12 years. It had a piece broken off and he repaired it. He has it in his back yard.
View 1    View 2

“I was up in NE part of the state this week and saw three bells in front of an antique store on Highway 75 in Dewey. I did not have a camera with me to take any pictures. They were mounted on posts and I think two different sizes. Sorry could not get pictures.” 8/31/02

Washita County, Oklahoma Bells

In western Oklahoma is the town of Burns Flat. There is a nice bell at the Burns Flat High School. I wonder if the students ever ring that bell in the middle of the night?

Woods County, Oklahoma Bells

This Bell is atop the Morning Star Church located 6 or 7 miles north of Waynoka, Oklahoma, off of hwy 14 and west a few miles on a country road. This photo was taken Sunday, 8 April 2001 Photo number 1 and Photo number 1

This is the bell at the Friends Church in Alva, Oklahoma.

This is the bell in front of the Cherokee Strip Museum at Alva, Oklahoma

In Alva, Oklahoma there is a big beautiful bell in front of the Administration Building on the campus of Northwestern State University.

Woodward County, Oklahoma Bells

This bell is a Ft Supply, Oklahoma in Woodward County at the United Methodist Church.

This bell is at the Baptist Church in Ft Supply, Oklahoma.

This bell is located on the SW corner of Oklahoma Avenue and 8th Street in Woodard.
View Number 1    View Number 2

Here is general information on the most common bells for which I get questions, the Hillsboro Bell Company in Ohio

Butch Bridges

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