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Starting in the Spring of 2002 when I’d stop at an Oklahoma eatery in this area and buy a hamburger, I’d take a pic their hamburger and show it in my weekly This and That newsletter.  I’d get so many comments to the hamburger photos I decided in August 2005 to make a webpage and show these Hamburgers for the world to see.  (In many places in the U.S. you can’t find hamburgers like these in Oklahoma.) A hamburger is one of my favorite foods. Below are some excerpts taken from past issues of my T&T, and some submitted by people who found a great hamburger to share with everyone! If you know of a great hamburger in your hometown in Oklahoma, take a pic and send it in!

First, let’s say a few things about the hamburger. Some will tell you the proper way to make a hamburger is to put the meat on top of the tomato, lettuce and pickle. I remember one lady telling me this, and I just turned my hamburger upside down, and asked, “how’s this?”.  LOL

Then we have the debate of where the term “educated’ hamburger came from. Some say it started right here in Ardmore at Ernest Brown’s Hamburger Inn on North Washington back in the 1940s. If some of you have heard the words educated hamburger used way back when, let me know. It would be interesting to learn more about this term “educated” hamburger and what parts of the country used it, or didn’t use it.

By the way, if you know a great little hamburger hideaway somewhere in Oklahoma that’s not listed below, let me know. Maybe myself or a Reader can get a pic of that juicy little Oklahoma secret. Enough talk, let’s get to the hamburgers!

 Hamburgers all around Oklahoma!

11/01/05 First a little history….
Burgers and Fries has been at this same location for many years. I decided to stop by and try one of their ‘regular’ hamburgers. I looked on the menu and didnt really see a “regular” hamburger, so I order the Double Hamburger. Boy, you talk about a heavenly delight. This is really a great burger right down to the last bite! And it was almost more than I could eat… all for $2.99! Randy Boatright and his father, Wayne, started the eatery in November 1975 at 13th and North Washington and its been at this location ever since. After his father’s death in 1987 Randy would eventually become the sole owner. In the late 1970s the Boatrights did have a second hamburger place for a few years at Grand and K Street NW where the Chickasaw Smoke Shop is located today. If you’re ever on North Washington, stop by the Burgers and Fries for some great food, By the way, their double burger in 2005 was $2.99

1/17/23 Ardmore – An old fashion burger from the new owners of Burgers and Fries at North Washington and 13th NE. $3.99

08/13/2021 Atoka – After watching the steam locomotive 4014 stop for 30 minutes in Atoka on its way to Dallas and Houston, I went to Bledsoe’s Diner in Atoka. As usual one of the beset burgers one can buy is served there. This picture does not do it justice, that’s a big piece of meat on that burger.  Bledsoe Diner Burger

01/12/2021 I stopped by Sam’s Southern Eatery on North Washington for a burger basket today. What a delicious burger, toasted bun, and a thick piece of ground meat, cooked to perfection. And the side dish of fries was great, not greasy at all. If you want a good old fashion burger, Sam’s is a great place to try. Oh, and before I forget, the catfish I got was absolutely delicious too!  Sam’s Burger

06/01/2015 Someone mentioned to me about a delicious hamburger being served up at Buddy’s located at North Washington and 12th (NE corner of that intersection) in Ardmore. I stopped by this week and let me tell you, it could be one of the best burgers I have ever eaten in a long time. If you are in the area, drop by. Just remember they open at 11am and stay open until they run out of food.
Outside View     Uncle Buddy’s Hamburger

06/21/2014  The old Monty’s Diner/Long Horn Diner in Lone Grove opened under a new name this weekend. It’s now Fatbelly’s Diner.
Outside View     Fatbelly’s Hamburger
Note: Around June 27, 2022 the old Monty’s Diner was raze by bulldozer. Nothing left of the building.

01/16/2012  While in Ada, Oklahoma today Jill and I found what we think is probably the best hamburger in southern Oklahoma. Where? Hamburger King in Ada, Oklahoma right on Main Street. And don’t let the picture fool you, the burger is big and the meat is really thick.  Burger was $3.50 and for a buck more you can get, not frozen, but fresh cut fries.  Oh, and let’s not forget the ice in the drink, that real crunchy ice like its suppose to be.

Outside View     Inside View 1      Inside View 2      That Hamburger and Fries!

12/12/2011  The old Monte’s Diner at Lone Grove reopened last week under new management.  New name, Longhorn Diner, and new owners are John and Jeannie Finley and do they put out a mean burger. I stopped there just before closing time last Saturday (2pm) and picked up a couple burgers and their burger is one of the best in this county.  If your in the area stop by and try a really good hamburger. They even put the lettuce UNDER the meat patty, like a burger is suppose to be made! And here’s that mouth watering burger!  Longhorn Burger
Note: Around June 27, 2022 the old Monty’s Diner was raze by bulldozer. Nothing left of the building.

01/20/2011  While in Duncan, Oklahoma I asked about a good place to buy an old fashion burger.  We were told about a place called Eastland’s in the far SE corner of Duncan.  When we drove up it was almost 1pm and hardly no parking available in front, so I knew it must be a popular place to eat. Outside view of Eastland Grill

Upon entering the inside of the establishment, I notice something different, no tables to sit at while eating.  They only have stools, a row in front the grill area, and another row of stools along the opposite wall next to the front window.  The next 2 photos were taken inside Eastland Grill.  Photo 1    Photo 2

View of   The Menu Board

And at last, that delicious Eastland burger.  BTW, their fries are cut fresh every morning, and the 1/2 order is more than a person can eat, and they keep bringing you more if you do run out, plus refills are free. And with 5 or 6 employees right there in front of you, the service is great, every few minutes checking to see if you need anything.    Eastland Burger

01/13/2011  This evening Jill and I stopped in at the Happy Days Diner in Pauls Valley to try their hamburger.  As you can guess, the theme of the decor is from the times and days of the movie Happy Days. Happy Days Diner is located just a couple blocks east of I-35 and the Pauls Valley exit.   Photo 1    Photo 2    Photo   3    Photo 4   That delicious Happy Days Diner Burger

01/06/2011  Today I stopped in at a new hamburger place that just opened up 2 weeks ago in Healdton, Oklahoma by the name of Jo B’s Ice Cream Parlor and Gill. The inside is all decorated to the theme of the 50s and 60s rock and roll.  Even Elvis was there! Of course Elvis kinda snubbed me, didn’t even speak, but that’s ok, he and I are in two different worlds, literally.  lol       Photo 1    Photo 2    Photo 3

This is an outside view of the Jo B’s Grill, located on Healdton’s Main Street, at the only traffic light in town.   Photo 4

And here is a pic of that delicious Bulldog Burger.  If you notice, the meat is at the top, the correct way to make a hamburger.

11/24/2009 “Butch I stopped today in Waurika, I had been driving by this restaurant for 7 years and had never stopped there.  Well I could not stomach another Sonic burger so I went to Nicki’s Place and man for $3.25 you can get a really good cheeseburger (seemed like a pound of meat).  It is just west of the railroad tracks on the north side of US 70.” -Doug       Nicki’s Place        Nicki’s Hamburger

 11/21/2009 Jill and I stopped at Johnnie’s Grill in El Reno, Oklahoma today and ate a burnt onion burger.  It was a real old fashion burger for sure.  The atmosphere is set in the 1950s and 60s, and really takes you back to the period.

Outside View     Inside View 1    Inside View 2    Inside View 3    Food Line      Hamburger

07/24/2009 We stopped by the Corner Cafe at 12th and E Street NW (580-224-9324)and picked up one of their old fashion burgers.   All I can say is its got room for improvement.  But Jill loved their breakfast burrito!  I’ll get one of those next time we stop in there (bacon, chunks of baked potato, onions, real cheddar cheese).  Corner Cafe Burger

03/09/2009 Ardmore, Oklahoma   I have eaten several times the past few years at Baldwin’s  at 5th SE and South Washington, but today was the first time I snapped a pic of their old fashion burger.  They really put out a great hamburger too, one like you’d fix at home.  And their noon plate lunches are really good.   Baldwin Burger

06/14/2008 Ardmore, Oklahoma   I stopped in at the new Buddy’s Drive-In for a burger last week and picked up a couple of burgers for Jill and I. It is located just east of North Washington on Sam Noble Parkway. Even though the meat could have been cooked just a tad more, it was a delicious burger. There was small pieces of onion mixed in with the meat, making it like a fried onion burger, but better. The owner Crystal is at the counter in the photo below.

Inside Buddy’s       Outside View of Buddy’s      The Buddy Burger

05/02/2008 Mannsville, Oklahoma   Mannsville just takes up a little spot on Highway 199 just east of Ardmore over into Johnston county.  But there is a new eating place there and their hamburger has got to be one of the best for miles around.    Jill and I stopped in there today and were we in for a surprise.  Ain’t much to look at from the outside, and when you first walk into the building where the Friday evening’s TnT auctions take place and smell the food cooking, you know you’re almost there.  And in one more minute, you walk through that door to Sweet Mama’s….. and smell that grill cooking up all kids of good things to eat!  Jill and I both agree, Sweet Mama aka Leatrice Perry cooks up one of the best burgers we’ve ate in these parts.  Jill is pretty discriminating when it comes to a burger and she rated Sweet Mama’s a 5 Star!

Outside Sign        Outside View      Inside View 1     Inside View 2

     Sweet Mama at the grill       Sweet Mama’s Delux Burger!

03/26/2008 Wilson, Oklahoma   Jill and I were at the Wilson Junction Cafe at Highway 70 and Highway 76 (just west of Wilson, Oklahoma) on March 26th. Jill ordered a hamburger, and she said it was delicious! I wish I had ordered one too after her’s arrived at the table, but instead I ordered their baked ham plate, but it was great too.

    Wilson Junction Burger      View of the outside last December

03/09/2008 Ardmore, Oklahoma   Normally Jill and I do not stop by the hamburger chains tending to stay with the local mom and pop burger joints (although we do like a Whooper once in a while from Burger King).  But since we had already tried a Whataburger in Texas and like it, when the new Whataburger opened in Ardmore last week, we couldn’t wait to go there.   We weren’t disappointed.  People often ask me where the best burger in town can be found and I usually refrain from commenting.  But I’m going to make a statement now:  The best place for a burger in Carter county is really 2 places, the Bowling Alley in Lone Grove, and now at $2.39 the Whataburger in Ardmore. Here are some pictures I snapped.

1. Inside Whataburger   2. Outside Whataburger    3. Whataburger!

01/30/2008 Ardmore, Oklahoma   Stopped by Casey’s Catfish Corral today at noon and bought an old fashion burger.  I haven’t stopped in for a burger at Casey’s since last March, but I found their hamburger as good as it ever was.  Even though their burger has gone up 25 cents since last March, its still worth the money! Click here for a peek –  Casey’s Burger

10/08/2007 Wilson, Oklahoma   Today Jill and I were in Wilson, Oklahoma and just on the west side of Wilson is the Wagon Wheel Cafe.  I remember it being so many different kinds of eats served here over the years…. a fish place, a BBQ place, a steak place, but now it’s just an old fashion cafe serving a great hamburger.  It was cooked just right, fresh vegetables, and a thick piece of meat.  Good to the last bite!  A pic of that great Wagon Wheel Burger!

One thing that is almost a thing of the past with most eating places, in southern Oklahoma at least, is fresh cut french fries. We ordered a plate while at the Wagon Wheel and they were delicious with ketchup, peeling and all.

Just before leaving, I snapped a pic of the outside of the cafe.

09/16/2007 Lake Murray   Jill and I stopped in at Mom and Pops Grocery last weekend to try one of their hamburgers.  Boy, it was a great burger, one of the best I’ve ate lately.  Mom and Pops is a little off the beaten path (SE of Lake Murray) but will worth the drive for a tasty burger!

        Inside Mom and Pops          Mom and Pop’s Hamburger

08/24/2007 south of Madill, Oklahoma   Crossroads Grill and General Store is located at Highway 32 and Highway 377 across from Crossroads Baptist Church (about 8 miles south of Madill).  Jill and I stopped in there last week to get a hamburger.  An Ardmore postman told me he and his wife do the same thing as we do when it comes to hamburgers, always searching for that perfect hamburger.  He told me about the burger at Crossroads Grill a few months ago. Well the burger at Crossroads Gill comes close to perfect, but it was not perfect.  It’s a delicious hamburger though.  Outside View    Inside View    Crossroads Burger

08/04/2007 Seminole, Oklahoma  In Seminole on Main Street is Ali’s Restaurant and Cafe. The establishment’s owners sure serve up a great hamburger.  When we were told about this little out of the way place, I couldn’t resist…. and I wasn’t disappointed.  This $3.25 hamburger was just like homemade… toasted buns, fresh tomatoes, a thick piece of meat, and moist through and through. And now for that delicious burger…..  That Ali’s burger.

07/16/2007 Ada, Oklahoma   Jill and I were in Ada, Oklahoma and stopped by Folger’s Drive-In at 406 E. Main Street.  As you can see in the inside view, it’s not a big place, only accommodates about a dozen people.  And after eating their old fashion burger, seeing how thin the meat patty was, and the price, I was a little disappointed in this famous Ada hamburger joint.  But all in all, it was a good burger.

 Inside View           Menu            Outside View
July 2007 Hamburger        6/01/18 Burger

06/04/2007 Sanger, Texas   Just when I think I’m about to run out of places to find a great hamburger, I found one of the best in Sanger, Texas at a place called Wimpie’s Hamburgers. It’s located on the service lane of I-35, on the west side of the Interstate. Boy, they do put out a great $2.50 cent burger!

05/15/2007 Ardmore, Oklahoma    Tuesday evening I was in the mood for a hamburger so Jill and I went to Ponders Restaurant at I-35 and Veterans Blvd. She decided on a BLT and I for their old fashion burger. Both were excellent, I really enjoyed that hamburger from Ponders.

05/04/2007 Ardmore, Oklahoma    We were up Sulphur way on Saturday May 4th and stopped by  Michael’s Bulldog Corner for a hamburger that evening.  They really know how to make a great hamburger!  This is a pic of the burger…. Click Here and this is a pic of the restaurant…. Click Here.

04/06/2007 Duncan, Oklahoma    Today was Good Friday and Jill and I took off traveling again, west, to Duncan to see what we can see.  I’d been told one of the best places to buy an old fashion burger in Duncan was at Jonny’s Hamburgers.  Its located at 1215 N Highway 81 in the Oak Tree Mall (right by Hastings). Jill and I stopped in a little after high noon, and I ordered the “No 1” old fashion.  It came with a thick piece of grilled hamburger meat,  toasted buns, tomato and fresh lettuce. When Jill bit into her burger she immediately made the remark, its one of the best hamburgers we’ve tried, and I agree. So when you in Duncan, Jonny’s is a must try place!

   Inside view of Jonny’s          Jonny’s Menu         Pic of burger

03/31/2007 Comanche, Oklahoma    Jill and I were running around in the adjoining county of Stephens county, and stopped in at noon in the town of Comanche, Oklahoma.  Comanche is located 6 miles south of Duncan at the crossroads of State Highways 81 and 53.    Being a town of only 1,500 souls there is not a lot of places to choose from to eat, but we did find one excellent eatery on the north edge of town called the Comanche Restaurant.  Their old fashion burger at $3.09 is right up there among the top when it comes to burgers made the right way.

View of Comanche Restaurant outside        The old Fashion Burger

03/17/2007 Ardmore, Oklahoma   There’s a little off the beaten path catfish place just south of Grand Avenue at 301 “I” Street NW here in Ardmore. I’ve ate their catfish, but it’s been a couple of years, and its really good catfish. But this time Jill and I decided to try their old fashion burger. Its a good hamburger but ours came with no tomatoes. But maybe that’s the way they fix their old fashion. But for the $2.75 we paid for the burger, it’s still a good burger. If your ever near downtown Ardmore, go down Grand and turn south on “I” street, you can’t miss it, and stop in. It’s ran by Melvin and Carolyn Casey.

       Casey’s Old Fashion Burger           Casey’s Business Card

03/10/2007 Dickson, Oklahoma     Just when I think I am about out of great places to explore in the Ardmore area in search of that great burger, low and below, I find one just 9 miles east of Ardmore where Highway 199 and Highway 177 intersect.  The ProMart (was Stoker’s Convenience Store for years)  is located in the NW corner of the intersection next to the Citizens Bank branch bank.  I’m telling you, for $2.29 which included an ample amount of potato chips, this hamburger is right up there at the top. If you in the area of Dickson, Oklahoma, stop by and try one, you won’t be disappointed. Click here for a photo of the outside of the ProMart.  And here’s a pic of that delicious $2.29 burger!

02/27/2007 Lawton, Oklahoma At the southeast edge of Lawton by I-44 is a hamburger place called Leo and Ken’s Truck Stop and Restaurant that’s been serving hamburgers since 1950.  When I was in Lawton to pick up Jill from the plane, I tried one of their old fashion burgers. It was a good hamburger, but kinda over priced at $4.10 for just the burger. Ouch.  For $5.10 one could get the burger and fries or onion rings. So I added the onion rings.

02/24/2007 Kingston, Oklahoma   Today (Saturday) the winds around Oklahoma were gusting up to 60 miles an hour. In Ardmore the winds gusted to 65. Even then you can’t keep a hamburger lover at home. Today Jill and I were over at Kingston (Marshall county) and stopped in around noon (the parking lot was FULL) at the Burger Shoppe to get a hamburger. It was not a mistake. At $2.29 its one of the best tasting hamburgers around! First, this is a picture I took of the outside.  Outside View  And the inside was a nice atmosphere, we loved the dark gray natural stone walls.  Inside View  Of course best of all was the delicious home made style hamburger.  Burger Shoppe Burger  So when your in Kingston, Oklahoma and see their only traffic signal in front of you, you know your just a few feet away from a great tasting burger!

02/19/2007 Marietta, Oklahoma   After the sudden death of Dale Thogmartin in April 2006, Dale’s Superette and hamburger closed, and I been wondering when another hamburger joint would open in Marietta.  Well, last week it happened. Its Donna’s Cafe (580-276-3880) and its right on Highway 77 just a block north of Main Street in Marietta.   I stopped in this week and bought their large burger and let me tell you, owners Donna and Roy Howell make a mean burger. And no ordinary run of the mill burger, but one made from ground chuck! With the first bite you can taste the meat. And you sure won’t be asking “Where’s the beef” because these are thick meat patties. First, here’s the outside view of Donna’s Cafe.  Outside View

Here’s an inside view with the owner Donna Howell on the right and employee Willma on the left. Inside View

And now what you all been waiting to see, that great tasting home style burger Donna’s Burger

Next time we’re down that way I’ll try Donna’s small burger at $1.75 and post it on here! But I did over hear some Marietta old timers bragging about Donna’s great breakfast too, so if its still early, we’ll try that. Whichever the case, we’ll be a winner!

12/09/2006 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  Jill and I were in the SW part Oklahoma City today visiting my cousin Joyce Brakebill and her husband James. It was getting close to noon and they said let’s go eat and ask what I was hungry for. So I said an old fashion hamburger from a local ma and pa type place. They recommended Dan’s Ol’ Time Diner just north of 89th and South Western. Now let me tell you, they couldnt have picked a better place. It was exactly what I was looking for, a hamburger just like you’d make at home. But this was no ordinary eating establishment, it had one theme throughout….. Coke. If you want to see Cocoa Cola boxes and advertisments from the past, this is a must see place. Its everywhere. I took a lot of pictures including one of Joyce and James and my wife Jill sitting at a booth waiting on their hamburger. Waiting at our booth

Here’s a couple of pics of the employees and the fry cook working the order desk. Order Desk Pic 1 – Order Desk Pic 2

These some pics I took of the all the Coke items scattered all around the room. Coke Pictures 1 – Coke Pictures 2 – Coke Pictures 3 – Coke Pictures 4 – Coke Pictures 5 – Coke Pictures 6 – Coke Pictures 7

This is a pic I took of the front entrance to the Diner. Diner Entrance

And I’ve save the best to last…. a picture of that great burnt onion burger. And what sets this place apart from all the other hamburger joints we’ve eaten at, is they only give you the meat on a toasted bun. You take that to the bar and put the condiments on as you please! So you fix it the way you want it!!! Dan’s Hamburger

11/10/2006 Meers, Oklahoma   I have heard about the famous Meers Longhorn hamburger most of my adult life. But it was only today that I tasted one. Jill and I were on our honeymoon in Medicine Park, Oklahoma and decided to drive the 8 miles or so to Meers and stop in at this famous burger place. The visit to this place was well worth the drive. Inside is a lot of local Americana decoration and rustic wood walls and floors. The outside is really two parts…. with the older part on the left and the newer part and entrance on the right. Meers outside view 1 – Meers outside view 2

Three views of inside the restaurant. Meers inside view 1 – Meers inside view 2 – Meers inside view 3

The hambuger was a little pricey at $6.45 each, but was a great tasting burger. And its really so big, one burger will feed two people. Had we known that in the beginning, we would have only ordered one burger and split it. It does come from the kitchen ‘quartered’ as in the picture below. Oh, and by the way, they don’t take credit cards…. so dont leave your cash at home, or you may end up washing dishes the rest of the day. lol The Tab

And finally that great tasting burger made from their own locally raised longhorn cattle. Meers Longhorn Burger

09/30/2006 Newport, Oklahoma   In the early 1900s Newport was a thriving little community, but like so many towns back then in Carter county, after the oil boom, it fell by the wayside. About the only thing left now is a cemetery, a few homes, and the Newport Grocery. We stopped in the Newport Grocery today after hearing from several people that its owner, Shirley, made a great hambuger. Well, turns out those people were correct, its one of the best hamburgers I’ve eaten in this county. Here is a pix I took of that $2.19 burger. Newport Burger So dont judge a book by its cover, here’s a pix of the Newport Grocery, but inside is a hamburger just like Mom would make! Newport Grocery

09/23/2006 Dickson, Oklahoma   It had been about 3 or 4 years since I stopped in at D&S Pit Stop at Dickson for a hamburger. Today I was out that way and decided to try one of their old fashion burgers. It was a great burger. Juicy and moist, and the condiments were crisp, plus a piece of meat that was cook well-done. For $3.29 this burger was a good’un. D&S Pit Stop Burger

09/04/2006 Lone Grove, Oklahoma   I was in Lone Grove, Oklahoma today and found another great hamburger in that fair town (like the one at the bowling alley). This time we stopped at Monty’s Diner there on the south side of Highway 70 near downtown Lone Grove and what a burger we found! It cames with a big piece of well done meat, crisp onions, pickles, and lettuce. And when I say it was delicious, I really mean it with this Monty’s Diner burger. And the table service was the best. The waitress came 3 times to check to see if we needed more ice tea. Plus they supply you with those an ample supply of big 10×10 dinner napkins, besides the ones on the table in the dispenser. So to sum it up, this was a great burger, and for $2.10 this was one of the best bargains I’ve ran across when it comes to hamburgers! That delicious Monty burger! – Outside View of Monty’s Diner 1
Note: Around June 27, 2022 the old Monty’s Diner was raze by bulldozer. Nothing left of the building.

08/11/2006 Wynnewood, Oklahoma   I was in Wynnewood, Oklahoma today and a friend told me I could find a great hamburger at Patty Jo’s at 907 East Kerr Boulevard. Immediately upon entering this eatery I could tell I was in the right place. Its hard to go wrong when the theme of the dining area is of the King himself, non other than Elvis! There was Elvis Presley memorabilia all over the place. And when they showed us the dancing flamingo, that just topped it all off. But like the owner, I could not recall the name of the music the flamingo was dancing too. If you ever in there, see if you recognize the song. Dancing Flamingo

Here’s some pics I snapped from the inside of Patty Jo’s including the cook making my hambuger and the menu. Patty Jo’s View 1 – Patty Jo’s View 2 – Patty Jo’s View 3 – Patty Jo’s View 4 – Patty Jo’s View 5 – Patty Jo’s View 6 – Patty Jo’s View 7 – Patty Jo’s Menu 

And this is a view of the outside of Patty Jo’s Patty Jo’s Outside

And now for a glimpse of that delicious hamburger. This was no whimpy burger either…. made using a large bun and large piece of ground meat…. so hot you had to wait a minute for the burger too cool down! Patty Jo Burger

07/18/2006 Ardmore, Oklahoma   I was out on Highway 199 (old Highway 70 to many of us) last week on the east side of Ardmore and stopped in at the Comet Drive In and got an old fashion hamburger. It was cooked to perfection, meat on top, juicy through and through, and even had toasted buns! Comet Burger

07/12/2006 Lone Grove, Oklahoma   Long time Ardmoreite Jim Rozzell stops by my office every now and then and we talk about Ardmore history and things of long ago. Sometimes he even has an old photograph to share for the T&T. This week he really didnt have any photos to share, and all we really did was shoot the bull. I dont even remember now what we did talked about, but I distinctly remember one sentence Jim said. “….want to go eat a hamburger?” I guess Jim was in a buying mood, and I was in a eating mood, so he didn’t have to ask me twice. lol

The hardest part was figuring out where to go eat that hamburger with so many choices in the immediate area. I remember receiving a number of emails the past few weeks saying I was missing out on a great burger at the Bowling Alley in Lone Grove. So when I mentioned that to Jim, he said let’s go. I had eaten a burger there before, but it was like 7 or 8 years ago, so I was ready and Jim was willing, so off we went.

It was 10 minutes after high noon, the place was packed, and there was only one empty booth over against the east wall. Boy, we grabbed that sitting place real quick and placed our orders. I ordered my usual, an old fashion hamburger with mustard. It seemed like a long wait, when in reality it wasnt, but let me tell you, it was worth every minute. This $2.09 cent burger was one of the best I’ve eaten in these parts. There was a great big thick piece of meat, some very crisp fresh lettuce, and the most delicious crisp red tomato, along with some pickles underneath that piece of meat. Needless to say I was a happy camper. Now I want all of you to look at this pic I took that day at noon, and tell me this ain’t the best looking burger you’ve seen in a while!
The Lone Grove Bowling Alley Hamburger

06/03/2006 Gene Autry, Oklahoma   A couple of T&T Readers told me The Depot in Gene Autry had a new owner and she really cooked a good hamburger, so I stopped by and got me one. Yep, its a hamburger just like you’d make a home, delicious for sure. The place may not look like much from the outside, but Katherine McQuistion aka Bugger makes a great $2.79 hamburger inside!
The Gene Autry Depot Hamburger
The Gene Autry Depot

05/20/2006 Durant, Oklahoma   A couple weeks ago I received an email saying if I wanted to try a really good hamburger, I need to go to Central Station on Grand Avenue in Durant. So last Saturday I did just that and I found one of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten in my travels. Sometimes we are so misled by the outside of a place. Central Station is a Texaco gas station. But that grill inside puts out a $2.39 hamburger that is hard to beat. This burger has got to be rated as 1 of the top 3 I’ve had the pleasure of eating around southern Oklahoma!
Cooking at the grill
4 booths is all
That great hamburger!
View from outside

05/13/2006 Pauls Valley, Oklahoma   I was in Pauls, Oklahoma on Saturday around noon on the 13th and bought a hamburger from Ballard’s Drive In. Ballard’s has been in business since 1951 so they know the hamburger business. Mr. Ballard waited on me and even brought my hamburger out that day….. so he’s also a car hop. lol. Back in the 50s and 60s Mr Ballard had an enclosed conveyor belt that extended from the round part of the business to each one of the Menu-Matics. So when your order was ready, it was placed on the conveyor belt inside the restaurant and traveled by electric motor driven belt to your stall. It was a fully enclosed ‘tunnel’ extending from the restaurant to each bay. Ballard’s makes a great tasting hamburger, toasted bun and all!
Ballard’s Drive In Hamburger
Ballard’s Drive Menu-Matic
Ballard’s Drive

05/06/2006 Ardmore, Oklahoma – CLOSED Sept 2006   I stopped by the Broadway Cafe and ate another one of their delicious hamburgers. One thing for sure, owner Jim Baker sure makes a great tasting burger! And for $3.25 its a big burger with an all beef patty too! Broadway Cafe Hamburger

04/21/2006 Davis, Oklahoma   I was at Davis, Oklahoma on the Friday evening of the 21st eating at Coree’s Dougherty Diner. The diner is named after Tammie and Jack Edward’s daughter, Coree, and actually started at Dougherty, Oklahoma in 1989. The Edwards moved the diner to Davis in 1995 and its been going strong ever since. For those of you not familiar with Dougherty, its about 10 miles SE of Davis in the Arbuckle Mountains. Tammie and Jack just kept the name Dougherty Diner because everyone was familiar with it. Here’s a pic of their hamburger and it was delicious! Dougherty Diner Hamburger

The Dougherty Diner (580-369-5119) is located just a block north of the traffic light in downtown Davis, Oklahoma. Here’s a view of all the people eating inside the Dougherty Diner about 6pm friday night…. standing room only!
Dougherty Diner inside
Dougherty Diner outside

And I have to mention the diner’s busboy that evening, Jerrad. He has to be the fastest busboy in the U.S. He’d have a table cleaned and ready in one minute and 10 seconds…. now thats fast. Busboy Jerrad at the Dougherty Diner

This is a scan I made of Coree’s Dougherty Diner business card. Business Card

04/15/2006 Ardmore Airpark   About 15 miles northeast of Ardmore is the Ardmore Industrial Airpark. Directly across the street from Dollar General distribution plant is Big T’s Express. Don’t let its appearance on the outside mislead you, because owner Terry Carr cooks a terrific old fashioned hamburger. There’s lots of meat and pickles, delicious onions and lettuce. And the buns are toasted on the grill and everything else that makes a hamburger taste like the ones your mother would make when we were all kids. Highly Recommended at $2.75 plus tax. The address of Big T’s is 351 General Drive and the phone number is 580-389-5099
A Big T’s Hamburger – Big T’s Express place of business

02/04/2006 Durant, Oklahoma   50 miles east of Ardmore is the college town of Durant, Oklahoma and Geo’s Drive-In. When it comes to hamburgers, I have to put this eatery near the top of the best I’ve ate. It’s still ran the old fashioned way by owner Paul Lovan, and has been since George Bryant first opened the business in 1947. There are lots of car hops keeping a watchful eye on everyone parked out front and on the side. They are continually running back and forth waiting on the customers hand and foot. They even bring a salt shaker to you on the tray. Here’s a pic of that great tasting $2.39 cent hamburger! Geo’s Hamburger. And this is another view of the place. Geo’s place. And even a scan of the receipt they gave me. Geo’s receipt. So if your near Durant this is one hamburger I highly recommend! You’ll find this hamburger just 3 or 4 blocks north of downtown Durant (Highway 70) on the main drive to Southeastern Oklahoma State University.

02/04/2006 Hugo, Oklahoma   100 miles east of Ardmore is Hugo, Oklahoma and the Busy Bee Cafe. I stopped in there today and bought a regular hamburger. After eating one of their hamburgers, I can see why this place is busy all day long. Its just a couple blocks south of Highway 70 on Broadway and owned by Sam and Charlotte Young. Its been a favorite place to eat in Hugo since 1973
Busy Bee Hamburger – – Busy Bee business card

01/14/2006 Madill, Oklahoma   25 miles east of Ardmore is Madill, Oklahoma and Rick’s Red Onion Grill. I stopped in there today and bought a regular hamburger. They do not offer a hamburger by itself, but comes with the french fries or onion rings for the $4.95 plus tax. I liked the red onion on it
A Red Onion Hamburger

11/25/2005 Gainesville, Texas   Just 40 miles south of Ardmore is Gainesville, Texas where the Fried Pie Company was started many years ago by Jo Clark. Many people just see the name “fried pie” and dont realize one of the best hamburgers in Cooke county can be found inside those walls. I can’t travel to Gainesville without stopping by for one of these delicious hamburgers, not to mention their famous fried pies.
Fried Pie Company Hamburger

11/11/2005 Sulphur, Oklahoma I was in Sulphur, Oklahoma and stopped by Poor Girls Cafe for one of their great hamburgers. The cafe is located just one block north of the traffic light in downtown Sulphur. Their hamburger at $2.55 is a real deal and delicious!
Poor Girls Hamburger
Poor Girls Cafe

11/01/2005 Ardmore, Oklahoma   At 1220 North Washington is Burgers and Fries. Its been at this same location for many years. I decided to stop by and try one of their ‘regular’ hamburgers. I looked on the menu and didnt really see a “regular” hamburger, so I order the Double Hamburger. Boy, you talk about a heavenly delight. This is really a great burger right down to the last bite! And it was almost more than I could eat… all for $2.99! Randy Boatright and his father, Wayne, started the eatery in November 1975 at 13th and North Washington and its been at this location ever since. After his father’s death in 1987 Randy would eventually become the sole owner. In the late 1970s the Boatrights did have a second hamburger place for a few years at Grand and K Street NW where the Chickasaw Smoke Shop is located today. If you’re ever on North Washington, stop by the Burgers and Fries for some great food, I promise you, you won’t be disappointed!
Burgers And Fries Double Hamburger
Burgers And Fries of Ardmore

10/29/2005 Marietta, Oklahoma   At 705 West Main street in Marietta, Oklahoma (Love county) is The 50s Place cafe owned by Dale Thogmartin. I had been told they make a great hamburger, so when I was in Marietta I stopped by and bought a medium burger. And yes sir’ee Dale’s crew makes a great hamburger for a couple bucks on the 50s Place Menu! I’ll be stopping in there again soon!
The 50s Place Hamburger

10/15/2005 Overbrook, Oklahoma   After several emails I decided on Saturday October 15, 2005 to try a regular hamburger from Wilderness Way at Overbrook, Oklahoma. Overbrook is on the county line between Ardmore and Marietta at the Highway 77 intersection. Wildnessway is located on the north side making it in Carter county. It was a delicious hamburger with a big piece of meat and plenty of the other stuff that makes a burger good.
Wilderness Way Hamburger

10/01/2005 Pauls Valley   On Saturday October 1st I travelled to Pauls Valley, Oklahoma to attend the annual Oklahoma Outlaws Lawmen History Association meeting being held at the Pauls Valley depot. As I was driving around the downtown area in Pauls Valley around 8am I noticed this one eatery called the Dairy Twist was packed. Every parking space was taken on all sides and even on the curbs in every direction. There is a large parking lot to the south of the Dairy Twist and it was full of cars, so I knew it must be a good place to eat. I didn’t have time to stop that morning, but came back at noon and bought their regular hamburger. It was a delicious burger with plenty of meat, and well worth the $2.65 I paid for it. One thing that caught my attention inside were the 7 stools for customers beside the regular booths. The Dairy Twist is owned by Paul Ross. Here are 3 pics of that burger and the Diary Twist.
Diary Twist Hamburger – Inside Dairy Twist – Outside Dairy Twist

09/15/2005 Ardmore   The past few weeks there has been several mentions in my T&T of the educated hamburger and where the term may have originated. Seems most believe the term started right here in Ardmore at the Hamburger Inn back in the 1940s. I went to the Hamburger Inn today and tried the educated burger. “Educated” means it has tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise. I was kinda disappointed in it, but it was ok. But I think I’ll stick with the Old Fashioned burger with mustard, onions, and pickles. lol. (BTW, price includes tax)
Educated Hamburger View #1 – Educated Hamburger View #2

07/15/2005 Wilson   Some of you will remember a year and a half ago I stopped in at Della’s at Wilson and bought a hamburger. When I was in Wilson last week, I stopped by again and found out Della had sold her hamburger place across the street from the Wilson Elementary. The new owners are Joe and Angie Dethloff, they took over the 1st of January this year. But I still had to buy a hamburger while there, and boy, I was not disappointed! It was delicious….. moist, on a toasted bun, with plenty of meat. Here’s a pic of that hamburger, and also of Joe and Angie’s convenience store. Click Here – – Click Here

03/08/05 Ardmore   While I was at Farmer’s Market on South Mill street Thursday they had hamburger with fries as their special of the day. So you know me, I had to get one. For only a $1.99 it was pretty good hamburger and that included fries. But the fries were too cold for me, so I dumped them. But I will say that piece of hamburger meat was one of the thickest I’ve bit into the past few months on a burger. Farmers Market has a special in the deli everyday around noon. Click Here

02/26/05 Ardmore   I was on my way back from Ft Worth last Monday and got to thinkin about a good hamburger. So as I was driving into Ardmore on West Broadway I thought about the BBQ Express located at Tiffany Plaza. They have been in that same little building for years and several friends told me about their great little BBQ sandwich, but I wanted a hamburger. So, I placed my order and what a disappointment. The burger had one thin slice of tomato, a few small pieces of onion and a few pieces lettuce. Oh well, next time I stop in, I will try their BBQ sandwich that everyone says is so good. Click Here

02/16/05 Healdton   I stopped by Grasshopper Junction Cafe in downtown Healdton this week and bought one of their $2.75 hamburgers (includes tax). Boy, this is a another good one! Click Here – – Click Here

02/09/05 Healdton   Back to hamburgers, I was at Healdton around noon this week and picked up one at S&J Deli just south around the curve out of Healdton. Click Here

02/09/05 Ardmore   I bought a hamburger this week at the Colston Cafe on Main Street. The cafe is located on the first floor of the Colston Building at West Main and B Street. Click Here

02/04/05 Healdton   I was over in Healdton this week around lunch time, so I had to stop and get a burger from S&J Deli. They are located on the highway as your coming in to Healdton from the south. I hadnt ate one of their burgers in a long time, boy, they still make a mean hamburger. Click Here

02/01/05 Ardmore – CLOSED Sept 2006   I stopped by the Broadway Cafe at 813 West Broadway (next door to Cableone) last Saturday and saw the proprietor, Jim Baker. Jim is the grandson of Freeman Baker who started Cashway Lumber Company (3rd & A NE) many moons ago. Whatta you bet Jim knows what a 10 penny nail looks like too? Anyway, he fixes a hambuger the old fashion way, it reminds me of the burgers my mother used to make. Boy, talk about a good hamburger, the Broadway Cafe has one. I bought their regular hambuger for $2.75 and it was a filling meal all by itself. And Jim’s hambuger is not dry like some of those you buy at the ‘big box’. Now I want you to take a look at this close-up pic I took of Jim’s hambuger and tell me it don’t make your mouth water? Click Here

01/17/04 Healdton   I was out at Healdton this week and stopped in at Scotta’s Deli for one of her hamburgers. It was good, lots of meat and all. My next time out that way I must try a hamburger at Della’s in Wilson. I hear she cooks one mean burger too. Here a pic of Scotta’s regular hamburger. Click Here – – Click Here

01/24/04 Ardmore   I stopped in at the diner this week and ordered Danna’s Old Fashion Number 1 hamburger. After I bit into the burger I realized how much I’d missed them while she was gone when the diner was under different ownership. Here is an overall view of Danna’s Diner (phone 580-490-9387) on the first floor of the Colston Building adjoining Citizens Bank at #10 West Main here in Ardmore and a pic of the hamburger too! Click Here – – Click Here

01/31/04 Wilson   A Reader in Wilson, Oklahoma has been telling me for a couple of years to stop by Della’s place for a great hamburger, so I did just that this week. I will admit, it was a hamburger just like you’d make at home. For those of you who do not know where Della’s is located, its just a block south of Highway 70 across from the Wilson Schools complex. Click Here

03/16/02 Ardmore   Jim and Brenda Baker at Broadway Cafe (813 W Broadway in Ardmore) fixed me a great hamburger this week. My camera was not in focus so its a little blurry, but you’ll get the picture, and get hungry! Click Here

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