Broken Grave Markers

Marker in Rose Hill Cemetery at the Confederate Veterans Section
Project to Restore
Confederate Veterans Section
Rose Hill Cemetery
Ardmore, Oklahoma
Last updated FEBRUARY 13 2024

On December 1, 2005 a group of my T&T Newsletter Readers set out on a project to restore the broken Confederate Veteran markers located in the northwest corner of Rose Hill Cemetery at Ardmore, Oklahoma. I have pictures of 77 markers needing replaced (see picture below). There may be some markers in the Veterans section that are missing and hopefully we can continue the project to install new markers after the broken ones are replaced. We know this will be a lengthy project but hope it is completed by Veterans Day, November 11, 2006.

I am estimating it will take about $20 to make a marker from scratch…. 24 inches tall, by 10 inches wide, by 2 inches thick. The markers will be reinforced with cattle panel wire and set on a 3 inch wide concrete base to a depth of about 3 or 4 inches deep in the ground.

I have created thumbnails of about 75 markers needing replaced. You can see the markers in each row that needs replaced by clicking on the links below. We will start by replacing the markers in the worst condition first. Just click on a thumbnail to view the larger photo.
Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row 5 Row 6 empty Row 8 Row 9 Row 10 Row 11 Row 12 Row 13 Row 14 Row 15 Row 16 Row 17 Row 18 Row 19 Row 20 Row 21 Row 22 *

Also Doug Williams is helping with the setting of the new markers on a concrete base and taking those markers to the cemetery for placement.

Next is the slow process of finding the missing info using burial and funeral records or online genealogy databases. You may need to click your Refresh Button to see the most current information:

Rows 1 – 3 – updated 11/05/06
Rows 4 – 6 – updated 11/05/06
Rows 7 – 12 – updated 11/05/06
Rows 13 – 18 – updated 11/05/06
Rows 19 – 25 – updated 11/05/06

List of markers replaced Click Here

This is an overview photo of the Confederate Veterans Section. Click Here

There are around 425 people buried in Rows 1 through 25 of the Confederate Veterans Section of Rose Hill Cemetery.

As an added note, many of the Civil War veterans buried in this section of Rose Hill cemetery spent their last days at what was called the Oklahoma Confederate Veterans Home or the “Old Soldiers Home” back in those days. Today we know it as the Oklahoma Veterans Center located on South Commerce (phone 580-223-2266). The Oklahoma Confederate Veterans Home was opened in 1911. In 1949 the name “Confederate” was dropped. Here are some pictures of the veterans home in Ardmore.

Grand opening of the Confederate Home circa 1911. Click Here

This photo was taken on Veterans Day Nov 11, 2003 Click Here

A bird’s eye view of the Oklahoma Veterans Center. Click Here

In my November 30, 2005 newsletter I announced the start of the project and asked for pledges. Doug Williams and myself will volunteer our time to the making of these markers. All donations will be used to the actually purchase of the materials needed for making the markers. Below is a list of those who have pledged $20 or more to help build new markers.


Butch Bridges
236 Timber Rd
Ardmore, OK 73401
Phone: 580-490-6823

Pledges (in order received):

 Lee CoffeyJunction City, Kansas100.00 (5 markers)
 Jim & Bunny RaglandArdmore, Oklahoma20.00
 Jim DyerSpringer, Oklahoma60.00 (3 markers)
 Doug & Scheryl WilliamsArdmore, Oklahoma20.00
 Butch BridgesArdmore, Oklahoma20.00
 Grover WellsArdmore, Oklahoma20.00
 Julie RiggsOklahoma City20.00
 James SingleterryOklahoma City20.00
 Edna MontgomeryTecumseh, Oklahoma20.00
 Linda WagnerBayfield, Colorado200.00 (10 markers)
 Ernest MartinArdmore, Oklahoma40.00 (2 markers)
 Juanita TateArdmore, Oklahoma200.00 (10 markers)
 Terry and Debbie MooreSpringer, Oklahoma40.00 (2 markers)
 Bill and Nita HeaphyCamano Island, Washington20.00
 Glenda WillmonDuncan, Oklahoma20.00
 Carrol EvansDallas, Texas40.00 (2 markers)
 Tommy HarrisArdmore, Oklahoma50.00 (2 markers)
 Jerry and Deborah HarrisArdmore, Oklahoma100.00 (5 markers)
 Ardmore DARArdmore, Oklahoma525.00 (26 markers)
 Anne Tate BolandHouston, Texas20.00
 In Memory of – – – Victoria Rosser PaulSan Angelo, Texas500.00
 Jack FreemanSpringer, Oklahoma10.00
 anonymousNew Mexico100.00
 William and Ruby RobertsArdmore, Oklahoma100.00
 Patricia IveyRobert Lee, Texas100.00
 Stephen HazeltonGarland, Texas40.00
 Gail McDanielVictorville, California60.00
 In Memory of Jim HarperArdmore, Oklahoma100.00

Total pledges to date: $2,585.00

This webpage created December 1, 2005