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Oklahoma History Website Continuance Plan

Go Fund Me Program
Administered by Butch Bridges
Ardmore, Oklahoma

This webpage updated 10/16/23

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Purpose of Go Fund Me account:

Money received will be used to pay for the yearly expenses of my website to include among others, the $156 a year to the Hosting Service where the 26 years of newsletters, photos, and webpages are kept. And the $20 a year to pay for the Domain name oklahomahistory.net Any money received above my goal of $1,000 will be used to pay in advance up to 10 years (max allowed) for the hosting service, upgrade and continual improvements to the website to a modern format (WordPress) and more compatible with today’s cell phones. And make my website a seure website by adding a SSL Certifcate through godaddy.com. For the past 27 years I have been paying these fees from my own personal account. Yes, about $4,056 total I’ve spent to keep the Oklahoma history website going from year to year. I have to pay these expenses yearly by March 27th of each year.

There are over 1,300 weekly newsletters (webpages) on my website accessible free to anyone worldwide. Plus another 500+ webpages of historical information and also over 23,000 photos accumulated through the years. My website is searchable meaning if you want to find info on say, Bromide Oklahoma, you can do that by “bromide oklahoma” in the search engeine box on my website, or any other topic.

I’m asking any of you who have enjoyed my Oklahoma history website through the years and newsletters each week, please click the link below to go to my GoFundMe account I’ve set up just for the purpose of continuing the website. Any amount is appreciated.

Donations can be made anonymously.

I want to thank the 63 people below who helped make my GoFundMe campaign a success.

Emil H Levine, Broken Bolt, Larry Johnson, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, Larry Gandy, Laura Atchley, Bevin Parker-Evans, Edmond Pope, Jennifer Harvey, Emil H Levine, Cheri Clark, Roger Hughes, Pete Ihde, Shirley Barrick, L Vada Aitken, Anonymous, Carrol Evans, William Ford, Eva Taylor, Jerry Summy, Anonymous, Debra Griffin, David Willingham, Charles Walker, Monroe Cameron, Matthew Hoage, Anonymous, Edwina Wooten, Linda Lathum, Lydia Dulaney, Anonymous, Carol Hunter, Anonymous, David Bridges, Anonymous, Lee A Bullard, Robin Gray, Kristi Johnson Wedge, Ann Whitchurch, Stephanie Jordan, Elizabeth Aldridge, Marthanna Donald, Darla Herndon, Carole Geurin, Candace Gregory, Robin Ezell, Brandy Black, Patricia Downing, Bob Hargis, Amanda Lawson, Sarah Stephenson, Christopher Cox, Lenora Cunningtubby, Les Gilliam, Beth Tucker, Earlene Chandler, Richard Cravens, Max Brown, Bob Gates, Lonnie & Brenda Stewart, Ann Whitechurch, Nick Savelli, Wayne Mitchell, Shelley Way, Mickey Shackelford, Wendell Atkinson, Anonymous, Jennifer Oursler and the McAlister Cemetery Association.

I will be updating this webpage (see below) with the total donations received PLUS a listing of expenses paid out. So stay tuned.

Mailing address:

236 Timber Road
Ardmore OK 73401


2/25/22 The conversion has begun. Below is a link to new website for viewing. Still lots of work to be done.


To go to my Go Fund Me account—-> CLICK HERE

Note: Donations through GoFundMe can be made annonymously.

 $2,770.92 donations to my GoFundMe account

     -$99.95 GoFundMe Fees

   2,670.97 Total funds received by me from GoFundMe

  +$870.00 in personal checks

    +$48.06 via Paypal

+$100.00 cash

 $3,689.03 Grand Total received

  -1,140.33  2/08/22 paid to Godaddy.com for 10 year Hosting fee and 10 year Domain fee

     -$55.20  2/10/22 paid to 1dollarscan.com in San Jose to professional scan 2 cemetery books

     -$15.40  2/11/22 paid to mail 2 books to California for professional scanning

     -$14.40  2/17/22 paid to 1dollarscan.com in San Jose to professional scan 1 1956 phone book

     -$52.25  2/18/22 paid to Flatworld Solutions for first section of HRML ro WordPress conversions

     -$22.99  3/28/22 paid to JustHost.com for 1 month of hosting

   -$543.02  4/11/22 paid to FlatWorldSolutions.com for 888 webpages conversions from HTML to WordPress

    -$22.99  4/22/22  paid to JustHost.com for 1 month of hosting

    -$15.00  2/22/22  paid for utility App VCF to CVS to Vovsoft for license

  $1,881.58 total expenses


 $1,810.45 balance as of 10/16/23