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Author: Butch Bridges

  • An Attemp To Trap A Lawyer

    One day when my law office was on the 3rd floor of an Ardmore building on W. Main, I had a client named Harvey walk in without an appointment. In my office he displayed to me an IRS income refund check in amount of $1,800 payable to John Doe and Susie Doe, husband and wife. […]

  • Vol 26 Issue 1,327 June 30, 2022

    A GLIMPSE INTO THE PAST The Daily Ardmoreite Ardmore, OklahomaTuesday, September 17, 1907 DENISON, TEXAS OFFICER DEAD EX-POLICEMAN DIES OF WOUNDSRECEIVED SEVERAL YEARS AGO IN FIGHT Denison, Tex., Sept. 16. – The sudden death of John Crane, an ex-police officer, last week at his home, No. 331 Chestnut street, recalls to the mind of Denison […]

  • Vol 26 Issue 1,326 June 23, 2022

    A GLIMPSE INTO THE PAST In 1930 there was an all out war being waged in Ardmore, Oklahoma on slot machines. Parents were mad that their children were using lunch money on the slot machines in local eating establishments. Ouster proceedings had been brought earlier against former sheriff Ewing London of Carter County, mainly because […]

  • Storm Shelter Installation

    By Butch Bridges August 9, 2011 Lone Grove, Oklahoma updated: 9/02/13 On October 15, 2009 we applied at the Lone Grove City Hall for a storm shelter through a FEMA program which would reimburse 75% of the cost of the shelter, up to a max of $2,000.  Of course when you’re waiting it seems like […]

  • Vol 26 Issue 1,325 June 16, 2022

    GLIMPSE INTO THE PAST Jan 9, 1913 – The Daily Ardmoreite; GERONIMO”S BAND DWINDLES TO SIX Last Remnants of Famous Fighting Indian Force Are Few In Number Washington- Of the Apache Indians held as prisoners of war at Fort Sill, Oklahoma 176 have elected to remove to the Mescalero Indian reservation in southern New Mexico, while the remaining 88 […]

  • James Clark and the Raiders

    A TRUE STORY ABOUT OUR IDIOTIC ALCOHOL LAWS WHEN I WAS DISTRICT ATTORNEY:The state legislature had enacted a goofy law before I became District Attorney that I inherited and that my predecessor had refused to enforce. That idiotic law prohibited nightclubs from stocking liquor. To have a drink of alcohol legally, one had to take […]

  • UFO Scare 1965

    The following story appearedon the front page of The Daily Ardmoreite Invasion of Southern Oklahoma THE DAILY ARDMOREITEMonday, August 2, 1965Ardmore, Oklahoma Ardmoreites Spot Flying Objects in Sky Flashing multi-colored objects invaded the skies Sunday night to hover over Ardmore  and other Southern Oklahoma cities. The weird-shaped hovering objects, most of which threw off a […]

  • Water Well Experience 2008

    By Butch BridgesLone Grove, OklahomaOnline August 2008Updated July 9, 2017 Ever since Jill and I moved south of Lone Grove February 2, 2008 I have wanted a water well on our property.  I wanted another source of water besides our SOWC meter.  Harold Newman lives about 4 miles on southwest of us and is in […]

  • An Unusual Experience

    AN UNUSUAL EXPERIENCE WHEN I WAS DISTRICT ATTORNEY:When I was District Attorney of a 5-county district in Southern Oklahoma, including Carter County, I wanted to learn as much as I could about homicide investigations and in particular, how a pathologist determined the cause of death and the circumstances surrounding same. If we had a murder […]

  • Horrific Crime of Murder

    A HORRIFIC CRIME OF MURDER THAT STILL HAUNTS ME BECAUSE I NEVER SOLVED IT: The call came from the Davis, Oklahoma Police Department: “DA, we need you here ASAP. We got a situation we can’t handle. Please hurry, you’ll see two police cars just south of town. ”I drove 90 miles an hour to get […]