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  • James Clark and the Raiders

    A TRUE STORY ABOUT OUR IDIOTIC ALCOHOL LAWS WHEN I WAS DISTRICT ATTORNEY:The state legislature had enacted a goofy law before I became District Attorney that I inherited and that my predecessor had refused to enforce. That idiotic law prohibited nightclubs from stocking liquor. To have a drink of alcohol legally, one had to take […]

  • An Unusual Experience

    AN UNUSUAL EXPERIENCE WHEN I WAS DISTRICT ATTORNEY:When I was District Attorney of a 5-county district in Southern Oklahoma, including Carter County, I wanted to learn as much as I could about homicide investigations and in particular, how a pathologist determined the cause of death and the circumstances surrounding same. If we had a murder […]

  • Horrific Crime of Murder

    A HORRIFIC CRIME OF MURDER THAT STILL HAUNTS ME BECAUSE I NEVER SOLVED IT: The call came from the Davis, Oklahoma Police Department: “DA, we need you here ASAP. We got a situation we can’t handle. Please hurry, you’ll see two police cars just south of town. ”I drove 90 miles an hour to get […]

  • Trains Headed South

    WWII AND THOSE TRAINS HEADED SOUTH:I was born and raised in an old Frisco Railroad house, which was in reality, a shack. The front door and porch was about 50’ from the railroad tracks. When I was 5-years old, WW11 was in full force, and I spent countless hours near the tracks watching the trains, […]

  • Trooper Terry Dickson

    TERRY DICKSON – OHP:In 1987, OHP Trooper Terry Dickson made a routine traffic stop of a Texas-registered vehicle in front of McCoy’s Lumber Company in Ardmore. A young Black man, later identified as Michael Whitmill, was in the driver’s seat of the stopped car from Texas. Whitmill, the subject of an arrest warrant from Texas, […]

  • No More Employee Benefit

    AN EMPLOYEE BENEFIT THAT ONLY ONE PERSON TOOK ADVANTAGE OF: When I was CEO of IMTEC Corporation in Ardmore we had over 300 employees. We paid top wages and lots of benefits, but I wanted to offer something no other employer did: A fully paid college education. So, I designed the plan and explained it […]

  • My First Time in Court

    Hugo, Choctaw County, Oklahoma:Even as early as 9 years old, I was interested in the law. So, I decided to attend a court session in Choctaw County District Court. I went to the courthouse and searched around until I saw some people in a courtroom. I went to the door, knocked and a big guy […]

  • A Murder Case I Didn’t Want

    A MURDER CASE I DIDN’T WANT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES: A true story. After I left the District Attorney’s office I was sought out by many persons that I had prosecuted. A man came to my office once asking me to defend his son who was in the County jail charged with a homicide. From the […]

  • The $2 Bill Saga

    I first started practicing law decades ago, I started a little program that had some marketing overtones. I had my secretary keep a list of children of my clients, their names, addresses and ages. On December 1 or so, I’d go to the bank and secure a pile of $2 bills and Yuletide envelopes. I’d […]

  • Mr Hughes and the Dixie Theater

    MR HUGHES AND THE DIXIE THEATER:When I was 9 years old, I looked forward to Saturday nights. All the kids had a weekly appointment with Mr. Hughes, the owner of a grocery store in my hometown.Each Saturday, at 5 pm, he’d come out of his store and head for his pickup truck. In the bed, […]