On February 13, 1946 a tornado came through Ardmore, crossing Main Street near Washington and Main. Several buildings were destroyed. Also destroyed was the cupola on top of the courthouse. This is how the cupola looked back in 1915.

An October 1999 photo of the Dome just after cleaning without the cupola.

Saturday morning, November 6, 1999: The 196 feet crane of Eddie Johnson Crane Service (Ratliff City, OK) backed into the parking lot across the street from the courthouse.

The crane pulling into the alley on the east side of the courthouse.

Brian Haines , Terminal Manager for Eddie Johnston Crane Service, was in charge of the operation that Saturday.

This the crane operator, Terry Riley. During the operation Rick Bowman, Jr. was on top of the dome. Rick was the company “Rigger” for the operation.

The craftsman who built the cupola was Dave Kappel of Healdton, Oklahoma. This is Dave Kappel standing beside the almost finished cupola inside his shop at Healdton, Oklahoma.

Photo of the cupola sitting on the trailer on the south side of the courthouse saturday morning, waiting on the crane to arrive. It looks like Dave Kappel is doing a “crane dance” while waiting on the crane!

Photo of county employees Dalton Cain (left) and James Lindsey (right) helping Dave Kappel (behind mast) place the mast on top of the cupola.

Photo of the cupola rising into the air, almost to the top of the dome.

Last Modified November 11, 1999