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From: bridges@brightok.net (Butch Bridges)

Saturday, September 26, 1998 Vol 2 Issue 75

Friday evening I saw a sad happening. Just north of here about two minutes before me….. a beautiful horse got out of its pasture, ran across the street and a car hit him. As I drove by the horse was laying there, jerking and all. Sad.

The other day I was going through some stuff, and found a card from the old Hardy Sanitarium here in Ardmore….. giving the stats on me… hahaha…… so now you know!

A friend took a pic for me of a bell in front of the First Prebyterian Church in Caddo, Oklahoma. Caddo is where a terrible shoot occurred a few years ago between two desperadoes and several Oklahoma Highway Patrolmen. I think three Troopers died from the guns of those maniacs.

Also a friend took a real closeup photo of the tower clock in the dome of the Washita County Courthouse in Cordell, Oklahoma

There are only three courthouses in Oklahoma with clocks in their domes. The Love County Courthouse in Marietta, Oklahoma

And ours here at the courthouse in Ardmore, and as you saw above, the courthouse in Cordell, Oklahoma.

Here’s something unique I own…. a Red devil Fence Charger that was manufactured in 1945. Can you imagine touching this little devil?
What surprised me was when I scanned it…. and blew up the actual picture of the devil, he had a smile on his face… hahahahaha
Think I’ll sell it on eBay, what the devil do I want it for. hahaha

I’ve been busy the past few days placing things on the Ebay auction website. Here’s a listing of auctions I now have in progress:

http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewListedItems&userid=bridges@ brightok.net&sort=3&since=-1&page=1&rows=0

Here’s an old Ardmore, Oklahoma postcard that was won by one of our T&T readers. I wanted to bid on it, but since he was poor, it wouldn’t be fair to use my money against him. hahahaha

Someone sent me one of the URLs that after you do it… you wonder how in the world does it work! This one asks you to think of a number, then after a series of additions and subtractions, you end up with the original number you thought of. Interesting.

I received email from my sister in Oklahoma City the other day. She has a new web page…… going to make a Million Dollars… hahahaha

Is your PC running as fast as possible? SysEnhance II helps you configure and optimize your CPU, your motherboard, and your Windows settings, including your Internet TCP/IP connection. It first detects your hardware, and then proposes the best possible optimization for your system. SysEnhance II 4.0.1, Windows 95/98/NT Freeware:


“Does anyone know what an “Orthodox Baptist” is? I have been a Baptist for 54 years and never heard the term used before.” BFDAD@aol.com


“You are invited to visit the all new OKLAHOMBRES web site: OKLAHOMBRES is an organization dedicated to the preservation of lawman and outlaw history in Oklahoma. Our members have an interest in researching the law and order history of Oklahoma and Indian Territories, and the results of their research are published quarterly in the OKLAHOMBRES Journal……” http://www.oklahombres.org/


“Sure have some interesting things in this issue ! I checked out the license plate URL…….very interesting ! *S* I also played the Cherry Picker Game. For a first try I got thru the first phase and lost it in the second.” Note: my license plate went for $9.25 !


“….The Chickasaw Nation have been remodeling it for the last year. the last two months they have really been doing double time. Unknown about the bell but the top is still there……”


“The bell that was originally in the bell tower at the Corinth Baptist Church – 1018 N Street N.E. is at the church.”


“Thankyou so very much for publishing this site of desktop themes… these fall colours are magnificent. Now they are on my desktop as well as being at the back of my yard. Here in Ontario Canada, the maples are aflame these days in their new fall colours of crimson and gold.”


“I got this article on my Excite page and since you use Ebay I thought you would be interested. I wish I had bought some of their stock now. Read on.” eBay Roars Ahead As First IPO In A Month


Guess I better get out of here….. try to get some sleep. This computer stuff can sure keep us up late, can’t it? But we love it, don’t we?

Let someone know you care, it might make the difference between life and death. Believe me, I know. In the 70s and 80s I went to so many suicides. As I think back… I remember one young 19 year old man, married just a week, living two blocks from my house, for reasons never known, ended his life. What would it have took to keep him here… a few smiles… a few hugs… a few dollars? Sometimes it’s the little things that can mean so much.

See everyone next Saturday.

Butch Bridges
Ardmore, Oklahoma
ICQ Number 7140238


From: bridges@brightok.net (Butch Bridges)

Saturday, September 19, 1998 Vol 2 Issue 74

Last Saturday when I put the Starr Report on my Home Page, I had over 70 hits in 48 hours! Pretty good for my little Home Page.

Last week I had another typo… hahaha. What you were suppose to see was the bell tower at the old Chickasaw courthouse in Tishomingo, Oklahoma. I wonder if there is a bell in the top, does it ring. and if the tower clock still works. Maybe someone in Tishomingo can fill us in…… inquiring minds want to know!

A friend here in Ardmore told me Friday, there are bells in the “attic” of the First Orthodox Baptist Church at North Washington & 4th NE. I have lived here all my life and didnt know that. Does anyone know for sure about this? I sure would love to get some pics of those bells, if they do indeed exist!

And I did receive my brass dinner bell from the eBay auction I won the other day. It is mounted to a horseshoe…… to attach to a wall. Sure has a nice ring to it!

When I let everyone see that rare photo of U.S. Marshal Dow Braziel last Saturday, one friend here in Oklahoma wrote and asked if she could put it on the Oklahoma Genealogy Website. To get a look at her artistic capabilities and see some of the the Oklahoma lawmen of the past……

It’s been over a year since I tried to auction something on the eBay Website. But I found this old 1976 Oklahoma BiCentennial license plate in my garage. So I thought, “What the heck!” Let’s see if anyone wants to bid on it…..

Or you can go to eBay’s home page and do a search for “license plate” in the little search box, and list them all. Of course, I do a search for “Oklahoma” or whatever tickles my fancy!

Talking about license plates, here is a URL that shows you state by state, what each one’s license plate looks like……

Here’s a neat little game my sister sent me!

Here’s something interesting that belonged to my Great-Grandmother Mrs R.V Dixon. She bought 1 share in the Ardmore-Akron Tire and Rubber Company back in 1919. The certificate was signed by John E. Harmony, President and Roy G. Wood, Secretary. I wonder if the company still exists? Maybe someone can find out for me?

Display the glorious colors of the season on your desktop with the Autumn Woods Theme. It includes wallpaper, icons, cursors, animated cursors, and authentic sounds of nature. Autumn Woods Theme, Windows 95/98 Freeware:


On Tuesday night December 21, 1915, Ardmore City Commissioners voted to allow H.E. Foster of the Ardmore Ice, Light and Power Company to install electric street lights along the south side of Main Street between Washington and Mill Street. Mr Foster agreed to install the street lights as an experiment to see if Main Street needed such lighting. Mr. Foster said he would pay for the lights and electricty for 60 days. Mayor Mullen had been proposing changing to electric lights for some time.

=================================================================== Well, I must be slipping, or maybe its Old Timers Disease creeping in, but I had the date wrong on the “Rendezvous” that’s close to Tulsa in October. The dates should be October 2, 3, and 4th, with Saturday the 3nd being the biggest day. On Friday the 2nd they spend most of the day putting up the teepees and stuff, and on Sunday the 4th, they spend taking it all down. But on Saturday, it’s filled with just a lot of activities. I still hope I can go up there and visit on Saturday!

Remember, we are shaped and fashioned by what we love.
See everyone next Saturday!

Butch Bridges
Ardmore, Oklahoma
ICQ Number 7140238


From: bridges@brightok.net (Butch Bridges)

Saturday, September 12, 1998 Vol 2 Issue 73

Finally. The weather in Ardmore, Oklahoma is cooling down… much better outside…. and rain in the forecast!! And of course, we in Ardmore knows it always rains when the Free Fair starts! I been busy this week getting to know our new maintenance chief at the courthouse. He is Donnie Collins, and I must say, it has been a pleasure working with him all this week.

Last Saturday I had a typo on my “opinion poll pic”. Can’t believe I’d do that…..hahaha So here, here’s your laugh!

I have placed the complete Starr Report on my Home Page… at the very top. Just go to…….

The winners for the tickets to Lake Country Speedway south of Ardmore are….toiecco@yahoo.com and glitter@brightok.net These free tickets are compliments of KVSO, KKAJ and KYNZ radio.

I’m still looking for a big bell for my front yard. I did find about 50 bells of various types in the eBay Auction website. I bid on two or three…. and got one! Its more of a brass Dinner Bell. Can’t wait til I get it! I just did a search on their website for “brass bell” and “iron bell”… and low and behold, there they were! I’m going to check back there every day or two… just maybe… 🙂

Here’s a pic of a big school bell in Vandervoort, Arkansas a friend sent me. Vandervoort is a wee town outside of Mena, Arkansas. Now that’s the kind of bell I want for my front yard!!

And here’s another pic sent to me… of the bellfry in a tower in Tishomingo, Oklahoma. Does anyone know if they still have a bell(s) up there? I see there is a tower clock? Does the clock work?

Found a great site if your looking for military stuff. You can find out anyone who was or is in the military…… search for military surplus property…… find out what award you were given by the military, etc. Plus much more. Check it all out at…

Here’s a site a friend sent, tells all about the history of computers.

Here’s something a friend sent me… a URL to a “Brief History of North Texas and Oklahoma Territory”…… interesting reading.

I received a message from an ex-Ardmoreite this week… she has a lot of pics from the Ardmore High School Class of ’68 Reunion! There are over 50 pics! Great Web page! Brings back memories….

A friend in FL sent me a URL that lets you convert Netscape bookmarks to Internet Explorer bookmarks and visa versa… or is that versa visa? Irregardless (I know there is no such word), it is a great utility!

One reader wrote in and mentioned the old Ardmore Zoo that was just south of the Hardy Murphy Coliseum here in Ardmore. I remember going there as child, and personally, I’m glad it’s gone. The animals looked so sad. Here’s pic of the monkey cage…

I found this great pic of U.S. Marshal Dow Braziel the other day. He was not a U.S. Marshal at the time of his death when he was killed by the police chief here, Les Sigler and Carter County Deputy Bud Ballew January 31, 1919. It all happen around 4am in the California Cafe at Mill and Main Streets here in Ardmore. There is a plaque in the sidewalk as a memorial to that event in front of what is now Stolfa Brothers Hardware store. Deputy Bud Ballew was killed by the police chief of Wichita Falls, Texas in 1922, after he and his son went down there to see the rodeo. And police chief Sigler was shot and killed in Ft Worth, Texas not many months after Dow Braziel was killed, by Dow’s brother Bob Braziel.



“Don’t talk to me about hot. Why, back in the “dust bowl” days of Oklahoma, it got so hot that the ears of corn on the stalks started to pop. The horses thought it was snow and some of them froze to death.”


“Back in the mid 40’s we lived just outside of Seminole, Ok. We had a push mower of which my dad decided to make a power mower out of it. He electrified it. Somehow he mounted an electric motor on the mower with a belt that drove the rotating blades. He bought the longest extension cord in Okla. And it worked. There were a few problems. One you always had to watch out for the cord so you wouldn’t cut it up and electrocute yourself. Another the mower was so heavy a grown man could hardly push it and cut a straight row. As I said it worked, but not the very best.”


“I get a kick out of reading your “This and That”. It reminded me of the times many, many moons ago when as a child I was displayed in the ol “Kress” department store window. We sat at a little child’s table in the window–but for the life of me I can’t remember what we were advertising. HA. I also lived just down the road from the old Tom Cooper Farms. My brother and I would ride our bikes down in the farms all the time. It was lovely there. Boy that brings back old memories.”


“I noticed the picture of Lukes Music Store on your Web Site and I wondered if you could help me find out if there was a foundry in Ardmore at some time in the past. My son bought an upright piano at an antique auction in Sanger, Tx The piano was made by Lukes Music Company but there was no date. We wondered if there was a foundry in Ardmore at one time that could have cast the metal for this piano. Since you are interested in things of this sort, I thought I would ask.”


“I really enjoy reading your T&T every week. I really remember the Cooper Farms fire for you see I was an Ardmore fire fighter and it was my first major fire, it was sad to me because right to the west where McDonalds is now is where I met and married my wonderful bride of 28 years. Do you remember the large two story house that set there where McDonalds is now. And also it is where we had held Gene Autry Schools JR & SR Banquets in 1967 & 1968”


“I was interested in a letter that someone wrote you and asked about the downtown stores of ages past. I can remember going to the Woolworth Store and sitting in the booth with friends and watch the people go by. A wonderful ice cream treat called Tulip Sundae was served there. We would sit in the booth for hours being entertained by the unsuspecting folks walking by. I will never forget the Kresses store. I would go in there on Saturday to the candy counter, (after first going to the back and looking at the alligators in the fish tanks) and buy 10 cents worth of chocolate covered peanuts. The sales person would carefully weigh out the candy, and put it in a small white sack. But for 10 cents, there was enough candy to just about make you sick!”


“Why not write something about the Ardmore Zoo? Remember that? And if you do, do you remember that poor coyote that paced back and forth in a very, very small cage? I think that sort of traumatized me seeing that pitiful sight!”


“After reading this weeks newsletter I noticed that someone referred to your striped roadkill as an opossum. At first I thought that it was an armadillo, but after closer scrutiny found that it was in fact just a “possum”.”

This week I received email from a friend and former Ardmoreite, telling me about this “Oklahoma Rendezvous” that is held up by Tulsa. They have a website now, so I went and checked it out. Looked so nice…. made me wish I was there… and forget about all this computer stuff…. live in the wild…. and let the world go by. They are having the next “Rendezvous” October 2nd, 3rd and 4th… and I may go! You know, someday, when all the bombs have fell that can fall, and the smoke and radiation clears…. this is how it may all start over again….. if anyone survives.

Life seems so short… live each day as if it were your last.

See you all next Saturday!

Butch Bridges
Ardmore, Oklahoma
ICQ Number 7140238


From: bridges@brightok.net (Butch Bridges)

Saturday, September 5, 1998 Vol 2 Issue 72

Ok, it’s been a long week… with Monday the best day of all. Still way over a 100 degress…… need some rain and cool air. So, how about a good laugh? Last week the Daily Ardmoreite ran their Opinion Poll and I was one of those they asked. Here’s the pic my friend Carla Strand took during the polling…… what a mug shot!!! Hahahahaha
At least for some of us, this is a three day weekend 🙂

Getting back to hot….. in 1927 there was one Ice Cream Plant here in Ardmore. It’s the old Colvert’s Dairy building downtown. One thing interesting about this photo, is they whitewashed the little trees around the building, AND the telephone pole! Hahahahaha

A friend in Oklahoma City sent me this pic of the Old North Tower and bell at the University of Central Oklahoma at Edmond, OK this week. I’m still looking for a bell for my front yard. Anybody seen one?

I had an interesting visitor from Oklahoma City this week. His name is Herman Kirkwood and a historian extraordinaire. He is a member of OklahombreS which works to save the colorful Oklahoma history of the past. He had lots of pics of grave makers of famous desperados, bandits, lawmen and U.S. Marshals. He had a couple pics that caught my attention…. one of the cemetery in Purcell, Oklahoma where two dogs and a horse buried. I never heard of that in a public cemetery. The other was a pic of a grave marker near Konawa, Oklahoma. The lady died in 1901 and inscribed on her tomb stone was “She was killed by human wolves”. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what they are talking about…. werewolves.

Found another great site to listen to live radio broadcasts all over the world. You must have RealAudio installed on your computer to hear it. But they do have archived files too. It list many stations abroad.

Talking about radio, I went by and seen my friend and DJ, Al Hamilton at KVSO radio here in Ardmore. We talked about a lot of stuff, Al’s turning into a computer guru. hahaha Al gave me several tickets to give away. If you live in south central Oklahoma or north Texas, I’ll invite you to take a chance. South of Ardmore is Lake Country Speedway. Next Saturday morning I’ll announce three winners (a pair of tickets to each winner)! So get your email in to me by next Friday (the 11th) at 6pm if you want in this special drawing, compliments of KVSO, KKAJ, and KYNZ radio here in Ardmore! Ladies and gentlemen……… start your engines!!!

Oh……. Al’s really been busy the past few weeks making some great changes to their website! Check it out at….

This week I been playing around with IPhone and another little goody called VoiceNet. The two let you use your regular phone to make calls on the Internet. Pretty clear too….. I was surprised. A friend in South Carolina bought the VoiceNet control box. It was one of those “closeouts, got to have it deals” hahaha. I’ve been having fun with it ever since!

At “C” Street NW and West Broadway here in Ardmore is the Civic Auditorium. I remember going there in the late fifties to get my Salk polio vaccine. They put the drop on a sugar cube and gave it to you in a little paper cup. Before the Civic Auditorium as we know it today….. was the Convention Hall. It stood in the same spot as the Civic Auditorium. Here’s a pic of the Convention Hall as it was in 1927.

With iVisit and a digital camera, you can meet face-to-face across the Internet with all your friends. You can share video, audio, and text in real time. And because iVisit is a multi-party tool, you can communicate at the same time with as many visitors as your PC and Internet connection can handle. iVisit Windows 95/98 Freeware http://www.softseek.com/files/review?INAU19290sw


“There is a bell mounted along side Hiway 76 approx 4 miles south of Wilson. It was from the Post Oak school that was located at this site. Someone from Wilson could tell you more about this than I can.”


“In response to your request for inexpensive bell for your front garden. well how about some blue bells???ha ha ha even a county salary can afford those….”


“Do you (or maybe some of the readers) have things to say about the downtown stores? We were looking a the Kress windows with curved glass, and remembering where the soda fountain was , the taste of their hot dogs and pop corn…”


“Downloaded the picture of the “antique” lawnmower. But I think you’re friend got “taken” on the price that she paid….a whole $7.50 for the antique. Before I left Golden, Colorado, and moved back to Ardmore, I went to a garage sale and bought one just like in the picture for $3.00. I guess I really did get a bargain, huh?”


“Thanks again for this wonderful news letter ..I know that lawn mower is old but my Grandfather had one that was older ..his was purchased in the late 20s early thirties ..I think that one is a wee bit newer..his was all wood too but the shape was more primitive..”


“….thanks for the opossum giggle ..gee ..I just wonder if that poor opossum was alive when he was painted with that speed stripe LOL LOL Not one stripe ..LOL LOL but Two!!!!!!!!!”


“Last sunday I ran out of gas at the first gas station west bound going into Lonegrove, across the street at the little red BBQ shack, there was some kind of large junk sale going on and a guy was set up with all kinds of bells for sale….”


“It wasn’t as a child that my wife and I discovered Cooper Farms, and we’d stop there often for lunch as well as ice cream on our way from Oklahoma City to Dallas or other places beyond Ardmore. It burned several years ago in a fire that was spectacular on Oklahoma City TV stations.”


“Don’t forget the bells here in Ardmore at the First Presbyterian Church.”


“I’m trying to find the words to the song “Grandma’s Lye Soap”, and I saw a reference to it in one of your recent newsletters. I thought the song had several verses, and I don’t know if it was ever set to music or not.”


“I enjoyed the picture of the armadillo under the yellow stripes. I was wondering if you might know of any URLs that I could find maps.”


“One Less Bell In the Ardmore Area. In 1984, the bell atop Olivet Mission in the Industrial Addition of Ardmore was stolen. It was a nice old bell, as bells go, that welcomed the residents of the area to services on Sunday mornings. The mission has since closed and the building has been removed. Somewhere, known only to its previous owner, the LORD, the bell may still ring but its message has changed. Maybe the sound of that bell will be a reminder to the thief that one day he will stand and receive his delayed sentence from the all-knowing owner and ultimate JUDGE.”


“My poem the Fairies Ring is in this months Pulp Eternity. *grin*
http://www.pulpeternity.com/issue11/pg95.htm The Poem


I’m on a new kick…… went to the store to buy some chocolate syrup for my milk and found something different. Chocolate malt syrup! Sure taste great…. think I’ll fix some right now, hit the SEND button, and see if all this electronic stuff works like its suppose to.. hahaha Remember that smiles are contagious, go to someone special, smile at them real big, and prove it!

Until next Saturday, take care…… see ya then!

Butch Bridges
Ardmore, Oklahoma
ICQ Number 7140238


From: bridges@brightok.net (Butch Bridges)

Saturday, August 29, 1998 Vol 2 Issue 71

Response to my mention of bells was really great. I must be a lot lot of people like me, who like bells!

Here’s a pic of the Thackerville, Oklahoma 1st Baptist Church bell…

Here’s a pic of the bell at Reck, Oklahoma in western Carter county. Reck was an oil boom town 80 yrs ago, 5 miles south of Highways 70 and 76. One reader told me her mother went to school at Reck about 90 yrs ago, and the bell was there then. The only thing left of Reck, Oklahoma now is the cemetery, and this bell…

A friend sent me this pic of a residence in Seabrook, Texas where they have this “wall” of bells. A lot of bells in this frontyard.

Bell in front of the 1st Methodist Church in Lone Grove, Oklahoma.

Bell on the west side of City Hall in Wilson, Oklahoma

If you have any bells in your area, and can get me a pic of it, please do, and I’ll put it in an issue of T&T. Also I’d like to have a bell to go in my front yard…. know of any? Being on a county salary, I can’t afford to pay too much hahahaha

A few weeks back I took a pic of the first oil well site in Healdton, Oklahoma. It’s located on Main Street for everyone to see.

In western Love county, west of Marietta, Oklahoma is the community of Burneyville, Oklahoma. Here I found what has to be the skinnest water tower in the world……

In eastern Carter county is the town of Dickson, Oklahoma. They have had a Volunteer Fire Department for many years. But a few months ago they completed their second fire station building, located on the western city limits of Dickson. Here’s a pic of the new station…

And here’s the main fire station north of the Dickson school complex

In eastern Carter county is another small community Durwood, Oklahoma. A little over 2 miles south of Highway 199 (just follow the signs) is Tiny Chapel. It’s actually located just a few hundred feet over into Marshall county. Tiny Chapel was built in 1974 by W.B. Trible. I talked with Mr. Trible the other day and he said 5 or 6 years ago, Tiny Chapel had seen over 44,000 visitors. There have been many marriages take place in Tiny Chapel. Organizations have held meetings there, as have tours for convalesant homes residents, kindergarden and school outings. He said there have been notable people visit Tiny Chapel. He said two years ago county western singer Randy Travis made a stop there. Mr. Trible can be reached at 580-795-3931. Here is a photo I took of the outside of Tiny Chapel…
And here’s a view of the inside…

Here’s a peek at the inside of that little place of worship…

A friend was visiting in Nebraska this month, went to a garage sale and found this extraordinary old relic. Even has wooden handles!
Does anyone know what year it might have been made? She only paid $7.50 for this antique. Wow! I’ll give her her money back any day!

Not too far from my house in the 800 block of Stanley S.W. in Ardmore is an old parking meter from Main Street, right next to the curb in front of that house there. I don’t know what year they removed the parking meters, but everyone sure was glad. If you look closely behind the parking meter you will see two “poles” sticking up from the ground. These have horse’s heads on top, to tie your horse to from the bygone days.

And this has got to be one of the most comical jpg files I’ve received lately. They said it was from a town in Oklahoma. The person painting the stripe must have had one too many for the road…. hahaha


“I remember the bells ringing at the catholic church on Sunday mornings. At least I think that’s where they were coming from. It’d be early to mid 80’s when I was in elementary school at Jefferson. The “old” Jefferson. Before a once classmate from there decided to burn it down. What a shame. I also remember every Friday at noon hearing the Tornado Alarm test. Do they still do that? It’s funny the little things like that we miss when we are away from home.”


“I can relate to your scare with the water sprinklers. Had the same thing happen to me several years ago. A friend and I were sitting in the middle of a city park late at night (we really weren’t supposed to be there this late at night). We heard a strange noise coming across the park towards up. It really was scary because it was getting louder and closer and we could see nothing in the darkness. Suddenly a nearby sprinkler started up spraying us with water. What we had heard were the sprinklers across the park venting air and starting up as the water in the line reached them. Whew!!”


“Did you know there are several different musical “sequences” of chiming for clocks (or bell towers ringing the time). Check out www.klockit.com/shwhobby.cfm The melodies are Westminster (the most common), Whittington, and St. Michael. There are even *words* to the chiming of the Westminster melody!”


“I don’t have a picture of it, but the bell is left at Reck, which is now just a cemetery, but at one time it was a school where my mother went. It must be over a hundred years old. I remember when the school house was still there; they had turned it into a church, I think. Anyway, the next time I go out there I will get you a picture of it.”


Last week a friend I’ve known since 1982 told me that she and several people in Wilson, Oklahoma have seen some kind of UFOs in the late evenings SW of town. She said it look like two egg shaped objects… one, below the other, attached by some kind of cable??? hahahaha

It’s still very hot here in south central Oklahoma and DRY. When it’s like that, tempers can sometimes be short and moods not so good. But relief is a few days away the weatherman says. Not matter how bad it gets… keep looking forward, and dont look in the rear view mirror. With each new day, there is new hope.

See you all next Saturday!

Butch Bridges
Ardmore, Oklahoma
ICQ Number 7140238


From: bridges@brightok.net (Butch Bridges)

Saturday, August 22, 1998 Vol 2 Issue 70

I had ten years scared off me last week. I was walking down Main Street, as I do a lot, and in front of the new Chamber of Commerce building, all of a sudden their sprinkler system came on….. and I liked to have had a runaway. hahahaha

It’s still hot here in Southern Oklahoma, near 100 degrees. Sure makes a person want ice cream. I remember when a child we’d go to Tom Cooper Farms at West Broadway and K Street for the best ice cream in town. Also their building a another Braum’s Ice Cream at I-35 and 12th by Love’s.

After many months of anticipation, the courthouse and city hall and the sheriffs office are connected by fiber optics cable. These three separate buildings can now share data and info with one another. It is a giant step forward, with the imagination being the only limit of the capabilities.

The Carter County Free Fair is coming up next month here in Ardmore. The dates are Tuesday September 8th to Saturday the 12th.

I’m trying to get photos of all the bells in Carter County. I have several pic already. Course my fav is our 2,000 pound bell in the courthouse dome. It was installed around 1910 when the courthouse was being built. Here’s a pic of that big beauty…..

Here’s a pic of the hammer that makes the bell cling…….

Here’s the new Oak Hall School and its bell on Highway 142……

Here’s pic of the Gene Autry, OK 1st Methodist Church bell….

Here’s one of the Mt Zion Baptist Church bell here in Ardmore….

Here’s one of the Marietta, OK courthouse bell in the dome….

And here’s a little bell on top of the Westgate Christian Center located between Ardmore and Lone Grove, Oklahoma…….
They ring that little bell every Sunday for services they told me.

They used to ring the bell at the Catholic church down the street but they stopped several years ago. Don’t know why. But it sure was pretty sounding early Sunday morning.

Anyway, I would appreciate any help in getting more pics of bells. If you can help, send me the pic as a file or even the photo, and I’ll scan it and mail it back. I want to start a page just for bells …. so let me hear from you.

Another friend told me this week his hard drive crashed, and he lost everything. We all need to plan for that day. It will come. Make absolutely sure you can re-install your CD-ROM if it should be lost and also backup your important documents and data. I received a little note this week that hits home. It is sung to the tune of “Yesterday” by the Beatles. It goes like this:

All those backups seemed a waste of pay,
Now my database has gone away,
Oh I believe in yesterday.

There’s not half the files there used to be,
And there’s a deadline hanging over me,
The system crashed so suddenly.

I did something wrong,
What it was, I couldn’t say,
Now my data’s gone away,
And I long for yesterday-ay-ay-ay

The need for backups seemed so far away,
Thought my data was here to stay,
Now I believe in yesterday.



“you take some of the most interesting pictures. this clock repair pic is …. interesting.”


“While searching for information on an old song entitled, “Grandma’s Lye Soap,” I ran across your interesting “This and That Newsletter.” I noticed you had penned some of the words from this old song. I was wondering if you would have the words to the entire song, or if you would know of a site from where the song could be purchased?”


“just got back from two weeks at Yellowstone. While there awaiting Old Faithful to erupt, a couple came up to us…. The guy’s wife had on a T-shirt that showed the outline of Oklahoma and the Gene Autry celebration….”


“Here is something you might like to share with your readers. It’s FREE and really neat! http://www.classmates.com Anyone from any town, city or state can register. It would be really neat for this to catch on and see how many classmates would sign up. Also a good way to keep in touch with former class mates.”


Be kind to yourself and others…. See you all next Saturday!

Butch Bridges
Ardmore, Oklahoma
ICQ Number 7140238


From: bridges@brightok.net (Butch Bridges)

Saturday, August 15, 1998 Vol 2 Issue 69

I love to test different search engines. Thought of the saying “topping high cotton”. Only one search engine, Metacrawler, found those three words. And they were from the June 20th Issue of my This & That. For those wondering what is “topping high cotton”, it’s being able to pick those cotton balls from the top of the stalks, instead of having to stoop over all day, pulling them.

Found a great website if you own or trying to fix a Packard Bell computer. All kinds of tech support and info!
But here’s another site maybe even better to help Packard Bell users. Tons of technical help, even message forums.

The other day a friend in England sent me email…. said she had mushrooms and tea for dinner. I thought she meant that fad some people are drinking, mushroom tea. I found out later she was not referring to that mixture. But it brought back to mind, several years ago, I did try that mushroom tea fad. A “friend” gave me the mushroom. I put it in the gallon jug with the tea, and let it sit the required days. Finally it was ready to drink. I poured some out in a glass, and attempted several times to raise it to my mouth and take a sip. NO! Each time I started to take a sip, I got this nauseaing feeling, and thought several times I was going to vomit. I couldnt do it. Maybe those fourteen years on the ambulance were coming back to haunt me. I know when I started to work there, I had a cast iron stomach. But at the end, some times when the patient vomited, or some sickening smell, I thought I was going to vomit. I ain’t drinking no mushroom tea. hahaha More about that nasty stuff

The Gene Autry, Oklahoma Museum now has their own website. They will be hosting their annual sing fest in September.

Last week I mentioned the “S” curve in the Arbuckle Mts north of Ardmore near the Turner Falls entrance. This pic shows a little of it’s beginning. Not too many years ago, you could still see the gravel road that went on up the side of the mountain where it turns back to the left in the pic. I dont know how many years ago that used to be the “old road”. I know one friend told me around 1932 they opened up Highway 77 through the Arbuckles. There was a gigantic parade through downtown Ardmore to celebrate. Before then the highway came south from Sulphur, through Dougherty, Oklahoma and on down through Gene Autry before coming into Ardmore. http://www.brightok.net/chickasaw/ardmore/county/photos/scurve.jpg

A couple weeks ago I found one of the hands of the Tower Clock in the dome of the courthouse had fallen off. Dalton Cain volunteered to go out and put it back on. Dalton works in Maintenance.

And on July the 17th there was a little Birthday Party for myself and Commissioner Joe McReynolds’ wife, Helen McReynolds. The party was held in the Commissioners Office. Lots of people showed up. Bunches of food and sweets, and pop, and plenty of fun over the lunch hour. Here’s one partier, Michelle, who is one of the secretaries for the commissioners, feeding her face.

Speaking of parties, we had a couple retirement parties at the courthouse last month. One for Sue Eubank of the Court Clerks Office. Here’s a pic of Sue opening some gifts she received.
There was a real nice Money Tree for Sue, that she loved!

Also a retirement party was held for Dee McKinnon of the Sheriffs Office. Dee had several gag gifts, one really sticks out in my mind. A tin cup and some dark sunglasses, so she can stand on the street corner and beg. hahahaha

And still more enlightenment and concern about January 1, 2000



“hey butch, thanks for mentioning that virtual reference desk in the T&T Ive been consumed by that thing all day thats an amazing site”


“The best remedy for poison ivy that I’ve found is old-fashioned Right Guard aerosol deodorant in the copper-colored can. I don’t know why, but it dries up the spots and keeps them from spreading.”


“you would be interested in this site: http://www.surplusdirect.com


“Dear Butch, Well the 1963 Class of AHS has successfully completed their 35th Reunion! And what a reunion it was. So many classmates came up to me and mentioned “This and That” and you, Butch. Wish you had joined us. Thanks again for helping keep Ardmoreites in touch. Fran Conroy Patterson, Chairman 1998 Reunion for the Class of 1963.”


“It is kind of odd that you bring up the ambulance service in Healdton. I can remember when it was operated by Reser Funeral Home in Healdton. My grandfather used to drive for Royce Reser on his days off for Tinker Air Force Base. In fact when I was born in Wilson at Doctor Rector’s office my grandfather brought my mother and I home in the ambulance. And the stories that my grandfather can tell about the calls that they where sent on are unbelievable…..”


A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.

Turn a frown into a smile, give someone some chocolate 🙂

See you all next Saturday!

Butch Bridges
Ardmore, Oklahoma
ICQ Number 7140238


From: bridges@brightok.net (Butch Bridges)

Saturday, August 8, 1998 Vol 2 Issue 68

Our prayers have been answered this week. Monday night and then again Friday here in south central Oklahoma, we received some much needed rain, as did lots of other parts in Oklahoma. That 30 plus day dry spell has ended. But farmers still need hay. Lots of hay. The Oklahoma National Guard is helping with transporation of hay from the providers to those who need it. Anyone who has extra hay to sell to Oklahoma farmers, call 1-800-580-6543 or email Leland McDaniel at our local OSU Extension Service at osuard@ardmorepublic.lib.ok.us and he can give you more info.

This week those blasted grasshoppers invaded downtown Ardmore. They been in the countryside for several weeks… bad. And two months ago when I was in north Texas, they were bad in the fields there. But they just hit Main Street here this week. When I walk down Main Street, you have to knock them off.

Halfway between Lawton and Altus, Oklahoma is the little town of Snyder, Oklahoma. My grandfather, Stanley Carmon, built 29 schools for the State of Oklahoma in the 30’s. One place he built a school was at Snyder. A friend of mine took this pic of a caboose on display in Snyder. Sure wish he could have taken a pic of the old school, if it’s still standing. http://www.brightok.net/~bridges/snyder1.jpg

Retired Washita county commissioner Alfred Miller sent me a photo of the tower clock in the Cordell, Oklahoma courthouse. It’s an E. Howard & Sons clock. They removed it from the courthouse about 1950 and replaced it with an electric one. They just took the old tower clock from the barn and put it on display at the courthouse. http://www.brightok.net/chickasaw/ardmore/county/photos/cordclk1.jpg

Last Saturday there was a picnic at the Oklahoma City fairgrounds, sponsored by the Association of County Commissioners. All county employees in the state were invited. They had a great turnout, around 4,500 people. There was all kinds of games, and lots of food, and safety awards presentations. Everyone I talked to really enjoyed the event, and hope it happens again next year.

I purchased a Windows 98 book this week. Thought I might want to learn something about computers hahahaha. I havent read that much yet, but one let down was learning Mr. Gates didnt give people a fax program like in Win95. What’s the world coming to… no fax.

Here’s a great site to get Printer Drivers

Last week the Tri-County Ambulance Service at Healdton, Oklahoma closed it doors… again… which makes several times that I remember since the early 70s. When I started to work at the ambulance service here in July 1970, we charged $17.50 for a basic run here in town. But a trip to Oklahoma City was a lot higher…. around $150. And that was using old Highway 77, because I-35 was not opened up yet. Boy, that “S” curve at Turner Falls was scary when running emergency. I’ll see if I can dig out a pic of that “S” curve in the Arbuckle Mountains north of Ardmore. One mistake and it was over the side. Went to a few wrecks up there where that very thing happened. But one of the worst wrecks I went to was in 1972. Four local teens died. I’ll never forget it as long as I live. I may tell about that unbelieveable tragedy next Saturday.

If you want to get your hands on lots of wallpaper for your Windows then here’s the place to go!!! http://www.jokewallpaper.com

Guess the FBI can throw out their computers. I saw on tv the other day where this guy said he could find these two desperadoes using a dowsing rod. hahahaha. Of course lots of people, for thousands of years, have used dowsing rods to find water.

Last week someone wrote in and said they used lye soap to help ease the poison ivy itch. I know this one lady at the courthouse, she had poison ivy bad about a month ago. She found that Emu Oil helped it. So, I guess there are a number of things a person can use. http://www.jkinder.com/uses.htm



“Your T & T gets more interesting as the weeks go by…keep up the good work. Its something to look forward to on a Saturday morning. The infospace site was indeed a fantastic one. I was able to get come across some info that I have been searching for sometime now…you are indeed one in a million.”


“Hi Butch, If you are looking for classmates, try
under My Virtual Encyclopedia
under Education
under Education & Teaching
under American School Directory
long way to go but worth it, my problem is that I start to look at other things and never get there.. Refdesk is one of the best sites I have found..”


“Catch-UP is a Web-based software updating service that automatically searches for newer versions of the applications installed on your PC. Catch-UP will find updates to hundreds of Internet-distributed applications, such as games, utilities, plug-ins and even hardware drivers. The Catch-UP site is located at http://www.manageable.com The best part is… it’s free.”


“Found a new site that allows real-time quotes for FREE. Try http://www.thomsonrtq.com if you don’t have that service through a broker.”


“I have aquired a painting that was painted by a Creek Indian named Fred Beaver…. from Ardmore. On the back of the picture is a newspaper article with a picture of Fred Beaver in his native atire showing one of his paintings. The painting that we have is called “Praying to the Great Spirit”…. The article said that Fred Beaver is also a singer and an expert on Indian heritage. What I am asking is if you can help me find out something about the painting and Fred Beaver?”


Got my bill to renew my pickup tag this week. Guess I’m pretty lucky…… only $20 for another year on that creampuff.

Life can be only understood backwards,
but it must be lived forwards.

Remember, smiles are contagious. See everyone next Saturday!

Butch Bridges
Ardmore, Oklahoma
ICQ Number 7140238


From: bridges@brightok.net (Butch Bridges)

Saturday, August 1, 1998 Vol 2 Issue 67

This week has been hot, but productive. At least I think I’ve made some progress. I’ve got the courthouse network and the sheriffs network talking to each other. Was quite an undertaking, but it now works fine. I have to put some security measures in now, and then they will be able to share data and stuff over the fiber optics cable that was installed by CableOne. I would imagine we have made another milestone. The first in the state to connect City Hall, the courthouse, and the Sheriffs Office via fiber optics, where all three networks “talk” to each other.

The University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond is offerring via the Net a course in Criminal Justice. For more info…..

If your looking for some free stuff try this

This link has it all, classifieds, find people, investing, news, a great site………

And if you have a class reunion to tell about, or trying to find an old classmate, here’s a great place to look

Need a driver for modem, sound card, video card— http://www.rhcomputers.com/drivers.htm and another good site for drivers and such is….

Found another search engine…… http://www.goto.com

Last week I mentioned the website dedicated to Vietnam era stuff. I made a typo which should have read “50,000 did not come back”. My friend Donald Brightman was one of those 50,000+ that never returned to their family alive. http://www.war-stories.com/

I was listening to some songs by Nanci Griffith this week. I remember her years ago on Austin City Limits, she is a wonderful singer. Did you know she always wears a Lyndon B. Johnson badge on her dress when she performs?

The other day I was working on this old IBM PS/2 Model 30 and needed the Reference Disk for it. You cant make any changes or detect problems on one without the reference Disk, which I didnt have. So I downloaded it from http://gtweb.net/faq.html

Last week I had a pic of the Cooke County Courthouse in Gainesville, Texas. One thing that stands out on the inside of that courthouse is the beautiful stained glass you see as you stand there in the center of the courthouse and look up. Here’s a pic.



“Can I get a couple of statements in order that were made last week. It was stated there were over 50 thousand men that returned from Viet Nam. Well over 2.7 million heroes served, over 58 thousand were killed. I am a totally disabled vet and relive that experience daily. Thanks Butch, you are doin a great job and I look forward to you column each week.”


“……”This and That” was how he knew of the 1963 reunion and my whereabouts. Thanks again for helping keep Ardmoreites in touch!”


“Your note about the sale of the Treasurer’s safe reminded me of a nostagic discovery on a recent trip to visit Mom in Ardmore: at Wall’s, the junk store on East Main, they still have upstairs the old walk-in safe labeled “Westheimer & Daube.” When I was a child of five or six, my father was a geologist for the Daubes’ oil operation, and my little brother and I would go down to his office sometimes on the mezzanine between the first and second floors of the department store, and I was always fascinated by that (then, to me) _huge_ old safe. It was great to see that it still exists, even in much-altered surroundings. (And do you remember the pneumatic tubes for making change at Anthony’s downtown? I think Daube’s may have had a pneumatic tube system at the time, too.)”


“The lye soap came in handy the othr day. I have the remains of poison ivy and someone told me if I put lye soap on it that would help the itch. I tried it and it seems to work. Thanks for letting me have the lye soap on hand.”


“That was a ugly tooth 🙂 if you think everyone is gonna send you money cause the tooth fairy didn’t stop by you have got to be crazy” —————————————————————– =================================================================

Some cooler weather is drifting into Oklahoma and some rain, which we need so badly. Those of you who have been praying for our state, thanks. I’m ready for some cool air, so my nightly walks wont be rough. I’ve even thought of doing it early in the morn, but I am not a morning person. Clumsy is the word. hahahaha

The Dead Sea is below sea level. Waters flow into it, but never out. It has no living creatures such as fish and the like. It only receives and never gives. Think about it.

Guess I better get out of here. Take care until next Saturday!

Butch Bridges
Ardmore, Oklahoma
ICQ Number 7140238


From: bridges@brightok.net (Butch Bridges)

Saturday, July 25, 1998 Vol 2 Issue 66

When I mentioned in my last T&T that Saturday was my birthday. I never imagined the emails, and b-day e-cards, and well-wishes that would come to me in less then 24 hours! I lost count at 50. Thanks to everyone, I appreciate you all so much. Below is just a small sampling of the well-wishes I received.


Happy Birthday to a GREAT GUY. I’m sure the joy you send out is returning to you 100 fold…you deserve it. Though we don’t get together very often, I consider you a cherished friend.
Al Hamilton


I’m thinking about moving….. across the street. The house is for sale, it’s a little big for my needs, but would make a nice “second” home. They only want $450,000. Think I’ll buy it when I get paid. hahahaha http://www.brightok.net/~bridges/forsale.jpg

I had to have a tooth pulled this week 🙁 http://www.brightok.net/~bridges/photos/toothie.jpg That tooth fairy still ain’t put no money under my pillow. hahaha


A couple weeks ago our courthouse sold the old Mosler Safe that had been in the Treasurer’s office, for so long no one really remembers when it was obtained, probably 1910 when the courthouse was built. The safe was so hard to lock and unlock, using this crank, it was impossible to use. Oh, there was a manufacture date on the safe of 1892. Here’s a photo I took of the safe.

Speaking of the treasurer’s office, here’s a pic showing the new computers they recently obtained. You can just see the old safe behind Lori’s head (she’s camera shy and has her dead down). Needless to say, the girls are all proud of their new computer system.

The Treasurer’s office is not the only ones to get new computers of late. The Assessor’s Office just recently received several new computers also. Here’s a couple of pics of the girls and computers.

Our courthouse has grown so much in the area of computer technology advances, sure keeps me busy. But I’m proud to be a part of those advances……. and there’s a lot more to come!


I found this site that takes you back in time to the Vietnam era. It has music from that era, photos, and war stores and Posts from the men and women who fought there. I had a good friend who lost his life in that God forsaken place. In school he was absolutely the best. Donald Brightman had everything going for him….. but when his country called, he went. But like 50,000 others, he did not come back. There has been a great price paid so you and I can have our freedom.


On the second floor of the Annex building next door to the courthouse, the Commissioners recently installed a filing system to be used by the county officials. It’s about 15 sections, on rollers, moved by a crank on the end of each row. This type of system allows for a tremendous about of document storage, within a very small amount of space.


I went to Gainesville, TX a couple weeks ago and looked a the E. Howard & Sons Tower Clock in the Dome of the courthouse there. Here is pic of that remarkable, still working, old tower clock
More pics of the clock and a look down Main Street in Gainesville
The interesting thing I learn was the spire on topof the courthouse had bullet holes in it where people had stood outside in the courtyard many years ago and shot up at it. In 1990 a local radiator shop repaired it.


The last few weeks I’ve received dozens of emails about a virus contained in the Budweiser Frog Screensaver. Just another hoax circulating until someone actually proves different. The link below will give you some insight into this Budweiser screensaver hoax.


“Just a note to mention the passing of one of my all time heroes. Roy Rogers. When the family sent out his obituary to the national press, I thought it was a real diservice and probably a true reflection of the national news media bias, that they chose to omit probably the most prominent part of the obituary, the fact that Roy was a sold out and full time Christian.”


“Happy birthday. We had a birthday lunch at a Japanese restaurant today for you. Tasted good and authentic!”


“Since you are such a wealth of facts and resources on the Ardmore area; do you any photos of the elementary schools in the mid 1950s and/or the front of the junior high in the 1960s era, or downtown Main Street?”


“I get the Ringling Online Mag..” http://www.ringling.com


“….seems everythng in Oklahoma is seaking shelter. got to tell you a story. My son’s wife went to the bathroom last night just before going to bed, only to find it was already occupied, by a 5 ft bull snake. it was coiled up IN the toilet!!!! OH MY what a shock that was!!!! guess he got in the sewer to escape the heat and found his way inside.”


“Butch, Thank You so much for the 1975 Memorial Hosp. picture. I remember all of those dear people so well. My dad started working at the hospital when the hospital was only 6 months old. I grew up in the stairwells and halls, these people were our family. My dad worked there until he died in 1972…….”


“Heres a free download that allows a user to follow their favorite stocks, bonds, options, etc. the program is free to use with delayed quotes, stock charting, market news, chat, etc. An upgrade to follow real time quotes is available for a monthly fee.” http://www.mytrack.com/download.htm


Still hot here in Oklahoma, but getting a little better. Maybe soon we will see some cooler temperatures. I hope we’re not going to experience Dust Bowl years in Oklahoma again like in the 30s.

On my front room wall is a copy of a painting. It is an Indian brave and his lady riding bare back on their horse in the forest. The wording above them reads, “The beauty in our hearts transforms the world around us”. We can make changes in our world, our country, our state, our city, but first the change must start within each of us.

See you all next Saturday!

Butch Bridges
Ardmore, Oklahoma
ICQ Number 7140238


From: bridges@brightok.net (Butch Bridges)

Saturday, July 18, 1998 Vol 2 Issue 65

Here in south central Oklahoma, the heat is unbelieveable. They are predicting even higher temperatures over the next week or so. This means temps way over 100 degrees F. We’ve had several deaths here in Oklahoma from the high temperatures. The ground is so dry, the grass is dead and brown. Many cities have either ban watering or have imposed watering restrictions of some kind. If you are a praying person, we need your prayers here in southern Oklahoma. We need rain so much.

The other evening, as I’ve done some many evenings the past ten years, I was taking my walk. I’ve walked down the 400 block of Stanley SW many of times. But this time I noticed something I never noticed before. In front of 409 Stanley, right next to the curb, was a three foot tall brass pole with a unique cap on top. I stopped, looked, and my first thoughts made me think it was a pole, used years ago to tie a horse to??? Or is it a survey marker? Or just a pole put up by a property owner to mark his line? I’ll get a pic and give everyone a look-see. Maybe someone will know just what it is.

Last week a good friend died here in Ardmore. He was Cliff McIntosh. Cliff was an xray tech for many years at the hospital. I remember him so well, that laugh and that smile, was his trademark. Back in 1975 the hospital here produced an oven fired ceramic coaster. On the coaster was photos of 6 hospital employees, including Cliff McIntosh. I still have my coaster, and remember the six employees so well, and the dedication they had to giving good health care. Of the six, only one is still alive. Here is a pic of that 1975 coaster.
And here’s a close-up of Cliff McIntosh from that coaster….

For all you country music fans, Gene Autry, Oklahoma will have their annual Film & Music Festival. Gene Autry is 18 miles northwest of Ardmore, and is named after the film legend, Gene Autry. There is a Gene Autry Museum with a multitude of all kinds of memorabilia for the viewing. This years Festival is September 25th, 26th, and 27th. For more info contact The Gene Autry Oklahoma Museum, PO Box 67, Gene Autry, OK 73436. A phone number contact is 580-389-5335.


I hadnt checked my computer for viruses in awhile, so I decided to search the Net for an anti-virus program. Found one site that had some good info on the subject. http://www.hitchhiker.net/av.shtml The software I chose, is one I’d used a year ago called Thunderbyte. I downloaded the DOS verson and it worked great. Lucky, I didnt have any viruses! To properly do a virus check, you need to create a virus free Boot Disk, and put the Thunderbyte executible files and its needed files on the disk. Then take that disk to the suspect computer, boot up on the diskette, and type TBAV to run the program. Of course you can easily just place Thunderbyte on the hard drive, there is a Windows 95 version, and run it. http://www.thunderbyte.com The past few years I’ve been asked to remove a number of virus, let’s see, the Stone Virus, the AntiExe virus, and a couple others. If you do get a computer virus, dont sweat it, its no big deal. Just get a good anti virus program, like Thunderbyte, and get rid of it, before it can do any damage. DO CHECK FOR VIRUSES REGULARLY.


The Ardmore High School class of 1963 will be holding their 35th reunion at Lake Murray on August 7th, 8th, 9th. They are still looking for the following classmates: Doris Homer Davis and Bill Davis, Sandra Goodson Elmore, Charlotte Day Rutledge, Dovie Neasbit Bowman, Beverly Bevius Watson, Connie Inselman and David Cochran. If you have any info in locating them, contact Fran Conroy Patterson at fdmcrb@juno.com or call her at 941-541-0411.


“I read in The Daily Oklahoman this week that Roy Rogers was in Ardmore and Ada in October, 1946 for the premiere in each of these towns of his film “The Hills of Oklahoma. If anyone out there has any information or pictures of this event it would sure be fun for the rest of us to see. I was a young boy in the fifties and sixties, growing up watching Roy Rogers on Saturdays…..”


“Wow what a great site, I didn’t even finish reading this and that, I went directly to the site and I’m listening to a Lisa Loeb concert right now!!! Thanks!” http://www.broadcast.com


“Roy Rogers may actually have saved my life… We were backstage at the Oklahoma State Fair Rodeo in the early 70’s. Roy and Dale had just performed and I had managed to get my Mom and brother and I backstage to try and get autographs. All of a sudden, one of the barrel racers lost control of her horse coming off the barrels and out of the arena. The horse was running right at me.. Roy saw what was happening and moved me out of the way.. and yes, I DID get his and Dale’s autographs.. He’ll always be one of my heroes..”


“Just wanted to tell you that I have been online for the past two hours getting downloads and truckloads of lesson plan topics for my computer repair class. If you don’t mind I intend to use your web page for inspiration for my students. Your “techs corner” feature is always a favorite for me.”


“I’ve heard lots about your “This And That” column. I recieved this from a good friend who said it would be interesting reading. Well that was truly an UNDERSTATEMENT!!! I have very much enjoyed reading your column. It is very informative. I would consider it a priviledge to be on your mailing list.”



Copyright The Daily Ardmoreite
Thursday, July 15, 1915


Commissioner London stated this morning that it was about decided to purchase an auto for the police department, as a glance at the accumulated bills for the necessary auto hire for the past two months has convinced the commissioners that it was far cheaper to own a car than to pay livery bills.

Mr. London stated that he had not decided what car the department would buy, but that the Ford seemed to be the best suited for their purpose. It has been adopted by Oklahoma City and several other places in the state, and was giving good satisfaction with a minimum cost of upkeep.

The police department has been handicapped for the want of some means of transportation of prisoners when arrests are made, especially if they are in some remote part of the city and inclined to be rough. The best they can do at present is to call for livery cars, and the bills paid monthly by the city would soon pay for a car.

It is the purpose of the commissioner to keep his department to the highest point of efficiency, but this is hard to do unless they have the necessary equipment, and the most necessary thing at present is a means of transportation. The car will probably not be purchased before the first of the coming month.


Last week when I mentioned the death of Roy Rogers, one of my friends sent me a URL that really was so nice. It has a pic of Roy and beneath it a poem entitled MY HERO. The author takes you back in time…. to Roy, and Trigger, Dale and Gabby Hays. Riding a stick horse in faded blue jeans, and putting bad guys in jail, and watching the “King of the Cowboys” matenee on Saturday afternoons. Time continues on….. and we wish sometimes we could go back….. but we cant. But one thing is still precious, “shared memories with you, my friend, are the best kind”.

And oh how time does fly…… today is my birthday…… I’m a young 49, I think, it was so long ago, I cant remember hahahaha I appreciate all of you, your emails, the electronic cards, your Instant Messages, your URLs, and even your jokes, though some of them do cause a wee bit of embarrasment. Nonetheless, I hope we have lots of smiles in the days ahead. Take care, and I’ll see your smiling faces next Saturday! 🙂

Butch Bridges
Ardmore, Oklahoma
ICQ Number 7140238


From: bridges@brightok.net (Butch Bridges)

Saturday, July 11, 1998 Vol 2 Issue 64

Found a neat site to listen to radio station (and more). If you have RealPlayer installed, you can go to a number of radio stations across the country, and listen to their broadcasts live.

Winner of 2 Whitewater tickets is Lore Steury, rlsteury@ionet.net Over 20 of you wrote, asking to be included in the ticket drawing. The tickets were compliments of my friend and DJ here in Ardmore, Al Hamilton. He’s on the “Oldies” channel, KVSO radio here, so send him email and say how much you appreciate everything he does. You can even ask him to play an “oldie” for you!!!
Email Al Hamilton at mailto:showtime@brightok.net

Talking about winning. Here is where you can win some pretty neat prizes, and all you have to do is enter your name and email address. Then click on the “Click to WIN” button!!!! That’s it…. good luck!

I had a friend give me some fresh picked corn…… I been eating it raw…… sweet as sugar. If you’ve never eaten it raw right off the cob, it’s really sweet. But make sure the corn is freshly picked and tender.

Does anyone know where I could buy a Hopper to use in our drawings? Or maybe the plans to building one? Or maybe even an ingenious way to make my own?

Here’s an informative link with a wealth of info about the Chisholm Trail here in Oklahoma. Red River Station, I’d heard of it but never knew where it was til I read about this Chisholm Trail website.


If you’re looking for that particular word to insert in your oh so carefully worded letter, then here is a starting place to look. It’s a link to “Glossaries and Dictionaries” of everything imaginable!


If you love star gazing on those clear, dark nights, but don’t know much about the heavens and Earth, try Coeli – Adastra. This freeware program lets you display a realistic view of the night sky from any place on Earth or point in time. A single mouse click on any visible object displays a report with information about that object. You can also search for stars, planets, or constellations, and print finder charts.
Coeli – Adastra 1.0, Windows 95/NT Freeware:


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“It’s a good story, but the standard work, “Oklahoma Place Names,” by George Shirk, says Hobart was named for Garrett A. Hobart of New Jersey, vice president of the United States. It was originally named Hardin, and then Speed, before it was changed to Hobart on July 9, 1909.”


“I have been trying to win the lye soap for a long time, so if I win the tickets will be very happy.”


“Today is my birthday, and we are planning on taking Rachel to Branson the last week of this month to go to Whitewater and Silver Dollar City. So maybe its my lucky day…”


“I have been enjoying your newsletter… And, SIGN ME UP FOR THE WHITE WATER DRAWING!!!”


“Hey Butch… try steaming those fresh okra with a little seasoned salt and pepper. (from 3 to 5 min.) you may never boil them again!”


“I just found a neat e-mail list that you might be interested in.
It is called http://www.listbot.com”


“Really enjoyed the T & T this time…you know my oldest son and my daughter both worked at Whitewater while they were in high school. She even won a limosine trip with her friends there when she was in the 8th grade.”




I’ll close this week’s issue now. I guess everyone heard about the King of the Cowboys, Roy Rogers, dying last Monday. What people didn’t know was he and Dale Evans were married on December 31, 1947 about 25 miles north of here near Dougherty, Oklahoma on the Flying Healey Ranch. It’s a beautiful spred hid away in the heart of the Arbuckle Mountains. I think it befitting to honor such a wonderful man, and boy could he yodel, with the following….. “happy trails to you….” until next Saturday!

Note: If you have this burning desire to yodel, this link has it all

Butch Bridges
Ardmore, Oklahoma ICQ Number 7140238


From: bridges@brightok.net (Butch Bridges)

Saturday, July 4, 1998 Independence Day Vol 2 Issue 63

Wow….. its hot as hades here in Oklahoma. Even my COLD water is warm when it comes out of the facet. Hope we get some relief soon, or everything is going to die. Farmers have it bad already around here. Other parts of Oklahoma has got rain recently, but not the south central area.

One couple here in town, the A/C on their 1992 buick went out. They took it to the buick dealer. The first estimate was $550. But when they went back to pick it up….. the bill was $979. Can you believe that? Something is really wrong in this country. Unless you have lots of stocks hahahaha

Speaking of stocks, I found this neat website…. keeps you up on all the latest stock info and all. http://www.Fool.com My Oklahoma Gas and Electric stock is doing well. Had a two for one split a few days ago. With a 31% total return per year, for the last three years, thats hard to beat. http://www.oge.com I buy a little each time I pay my electric bill, works great. It is a special program they offer to their customers. No “buy” fees.

There will be a lot of people in this area, going to the most beautiful lake in all Oklahoma and North Texas…. Lake Murray. Maybe around 40,000 there….. only 7 miles from my house. But I won’t be going. TOO HOT.

And talking about nice cool water, my friend and KVSO DJ here in Ardmore, Al Hamilton, gave me two tickets to Whitewater. The closest to us is in Oklahoma City. Next Friday, July 10th at 6pm, I’m going to have a drawing for those two tickets. To get your name in the hopper, just send me email before then. Just the word WHITEWATER in the body of the message is okay… I’ll know what you mean. Okay…… get those names to me….. by Friday! Two free tickets to the winner!!

A friend gave me some fresh picked Okra….. I boiled it. Boy was it good with salt and pepper. Gonna have to get some more! But I dont think I want a mess of Poke Salad…. its poison…. got to pare boil it several times. But it still sounds good with eggs.

On June 30th we had a very special reception for a very special lady at the OSU Extension Office here in Ardmore. Ann Randolph retired with 19 years of service to OSU. She has given me several old pics to scan….. mostly from the Cordell and Hobart, Oklahoma area, which I’ve shared with you from time to time. Guess my favorite is the 1930 pic of the old toll bridge across the Red River south of here. I’m sure she will run across some more goodies to scan. Anyway, Ann Randolph will be missed…. she has the most wonderful laugh…. and smile… and loves life. Now she’s retired, she can enjoy it that much more!!

Next door to our courthouse is the Annex Building, the OSU Extension office, Bogus Check, Election Board, Family Shelter, and Carter County Commissioners Office, and last but not least, my office! The County Commissioners had new windows (both floors) put in a couple weeks ago. The workmen had most of them installed except for this one on the west side. So, I decided to give it the “touch test” Man, those double paned, tinted windows make a lot of difference. I would touch the old window, and then the new one. The new one is A LOT cooler! Sure makes our building cooler, and saves on electricity.

I appreciate all the emails and messages about my T&T last week. So many of you wrote, saying you liked the “tour” I gave, the pics of Gainesville, Texas and all. I found out train depots are hot items. Wish I had more to show everyone. I rode the train from Ardmore to Oklahoma City and back as a teen. Loved every minute of it! Yes, there is romance and magic when it comes to trains. More later.


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“My grandfather, George Washington Bunch (known by most folks as G.W.Bunch; now deceased as is all his children) went to Guthrie for the land drawing with some neighbors from Kansas. He went home disappointed because his name wasn’t posted on the board. A mistake was made, and a letter beat him home informing him of his quarter section at Lone Wolf. He moved to his new land from Cedar Vale, Kansas in a covered wagon with his new bride in 1901. Later he bought the quarter section next to him from his neighbor. This is located from the West end of Lone Wolf (where the water tower is), going North two miles then West one mile. My aunt told me this story about the naming of Hobart: A man arrived in the area in a buckboard and said to his horse, “Ho, Bart!” :>) Don’t know if its true or not!”


“My mother worked long and hard that day, and also found out that she was VERY, VERY allergic to poison ivy. She was covered with it from head to foot, where even her eyes were swollen shut. She spent some very miserable days and couldn’t seem to get rid of it. She heard about Dr. Boyd and his “sugar pills” for poison ivy. Dr. Boyd “prescribed” the sugar pills for her, she gave him $1 for them, and Wahlah! Her poison ivy was cleared up. We took 8 mm film of my poor mother in that condition, I guess so that we would never forget that little episode in her life.”


“Yeah Butch you were a little windy here this morning BUT I LOVED IT Ya know I am a transplanted Yank but really love reading about all the different spots here in Oklahoma..the pics are GREAT.. Now you got me wanting to go on a few road trips”


“Yea, those things really work great. I was at Camp Simpson and got stung by a Hornet and they use one on me and the pain was gone instantly. The wonders of modern tech. I will be down over the 4th and then a few days later so I will try to look you up.”


“I saw (thur Railspot) your picture of the Gainesville, Texas depot. If you don’t mind, can I use your depot picture for my “soon to be” depot photo page. To check out the site for yourself its at: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Prairie/5726/TestO.html soon I will be moving it to: http://TXDepot.Railfan.net


“I would very much like to get a copy of this photo. Do you have a negative that you could share. My husband’s family is from this area. No one has a copy of this photo and several would like to have one.”


Hope everyone enjoys the Holidays….. and watch that heat. During my 14 years with the ambulance service here, I saw a lot of it. And Heat Stroke is very serious….. as is Heat Exhaustion, so take care of yourself in this heat. Drink plenty of WATER…. not soda pops. Someone you love needs you. And you need them.

See everyone next Saturday.

Butch Bridges
Ardmore, Oklahoma
ICQ Number 7140238


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