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Below is July 5, 1997 to September 27, 1997 Issues.


Date: 5 Jul 97 14:05:19 CST
From: butchbridges@oklahomahistory.net (Butch Bridges)

Saturday, July 5, 1997 Vol 1 Issue 10

Firecracker Day is now behind us. Hope everyone had a safe holiday, enjoyed the fun and got some relaxation. I’m sure glad this week was only a 4-day work week. It seemed like each day was running at full throttle. Anyway, last Saturday my Brightnet Server seemed to have some kind of mail problem, and it took several hours before I could get the messages to go out. Today is no different, something is wrong and no email will go out, but I will keep trying until everyone’s email is transmitted. My first try was 12:30am today. Now on with the news.


Found the neatest *FREE* program to do voicemail. Works with Eudora and Explorer. If you use Netscape, like me, just save the file in a temporary directory, example C:\VOICE, then ATTACH the file to your outgoing email message(s). The other person must also have PureVoice to hear your voicemail. A one minute recording can be as small as 63k. These super small file sizes, means transmission time is minimal. If you try it, send me some voicemail. I would love to “hear” your voice, and not just read it on my screen. To create voicemail recordings, you have to have a microphone. To learn all about PureVoice and download your free PureVoice windows program, just go to:



In 1930 a new Masonic building was just completed in downtown Ardmore. It was six stories, and costing close to $300,000. It was a showcase for the entire country to see. On it’s grand opening over 5,000 people attended just to get a glimpse of this marvel. The complete story on the opening of the new Masonic Temple can be read at:



Ardmore’s OSU Extension Service received a new computer and they are now surfing the world through an ISDN line attached to OneNet. I downloaded a 350k file in about 5 seconds! It was awesome. Remember, they’re not hooked to the Internet like most of us, using a modem, but a direct line. I wonder if it’s too soon to put my order in to Santa for one?


Can’t remember how to spell that word? The website below has over 350 dictionaries to help you look it up, in over 100 languages. There are many, many specialty dictionaries too. Find your misspelled words at:


WORDPERFECT 8 IS A DICTIONARY (among other features)

Course if you’re using WordPerfect Version 8, you won’t need a dictionary. A friend told me he went to Hastings, had them order WP 8 at the student rate, and paid only $38 for the CD. All the docs are on the CD. This is a tremendous savings over the normal retail price.


After some experimentation using a camera over the Internet, I’ve concluded video transmissions leave much to be desired. Picture quality is poor, and voice reception is iffy to say the least. But the camera attached to your computer is GREAT for taking photos, saving them as jpg or gif files, and attaching them to email, or whatever.

Until next Saturday, be good to yourself and to others.


Date: 12 Jul 97 07:26:51 CST
From: butchbridges@oklahomahistory.net (Butch Bridges)

Saturday, July 12, 1997 Vol 1 Issue 11

Another week just flies by. Several things to tell. I probably will break this up into to parts, one today and the other in a few days. I returned by Video Camera since the sound and pictures on the Internet was such poor quality. So much for spilt milk…. on with the news.


On Friday, July 18th, the Carter County government is going to auction off a lot of surplus stuff. There will probably be a little bit of everything. I’m not sure the exact starting time, I think 10am. The auction will be held nine miles north of Ardmore at Springer, OK at the District 1 Barn. For more info call the Barn at 405-653-2267


Found a neat little program called WebWilly. It is an event secheduler for Windows95. You can set it to RUN a program unattended in the middle of the night or whatever. Really is a small, fantastic, easy to use, piece of Shareware. Get a copy at http://www.windows95.com


On November 1st basically the western half of Oklahoma will receive a new area code. The 405’s will change to 580 except for Oklahoma City metroplex which will retain the 405. The northeastern part of Oklahoma that has 918 will remain 918. It’s going to be a mess for a while, but the change is necessary for future growth.


Know how you click MY COMPUTER, then CONTROL PANEL, then ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS, then click “Create Startup Disk”? A couple of times the past six months or so, I’ve really needed the Windows 95 Startup Disk to save my computer. Well, guess what? Both times it wasn’t worth a crap, and I lost everything. I didn’t even have a CD-ROM, so I couldn’t put anything back. In a couple of days, I’m going send out email to everyone and go into detail “How to create a Windows 95 Startup Disk”. We’re going to tell you about some files that needs to be on that Startup Disk to insure that you can access the CD-ROM and start putting everything on from scratch, after that hard drive crashes. And crash it will, you just have to plan for it. So, you Windows 95 users be watching.

A GLIMPSE INTO THE PAST On April 19, 1909, in Ada, Oklahoma, four men were taken from the jail by a mob of 200 men and lynched in a stable out back. There has been considerable media coverage as of late, even seen a picture postcard at a local restuarant depicting the carnage. There was an actual photo taken of the scene at the time. You can read the incident in its entirety at http://www.brightok.net/~bridges/adalynch.html

So much for this week, I’ll send out email on making that startup disk in a couple of days, until next Saturday, remember, if we don’t learn from our mistakes, we will only repeat them.


Date: 15 Jul 97 23:33:40 CST
From: butchbridges@oklahomahistory.net (Butch Bridges)

Tuesday, July 15, 1997 SPECIAL ISSUE Vol 1 Issue 12


This a followup for those of you who run Windows 95. Because of several bad experiences I’ve had with my Windows 95 Startup Diskette for working properly, I’ve typed up several things which hopefully keep you from going throught the same ordeal.

I have put on my Personal Home Page below a “Tech Corner” which will take you to the Startup Disk information. Even if after reading it, you feel like it is too complicated to follow, one thing for sure you need to do, if you haven’t already. CREATE A STARTUP DISK.

In Windows 95 just click MY COMPUTER, then click CONTROL PANEL, then click ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS, then click CREATE STARTUP DISK. Have a good blank diskette ready. After the Startup Disk is made, if you want to try the things listed in my Tech Corner, do so. If not, at least put the Startup Disk in a safe place, and just maybe, if something bad goes wrong with your Windows 95, it may save the day, and get it all back running.

To read about “Creating a Startup Disk” just click the link below, or go to my Home Page and then to The Tech Corner.



Date: 19 Jul 97 07:19:57 CST
From: butchbridges@oklahomahistory.net (Butch Bridges)

Saturday, July 19, 1997 Vol 1 Issue 13

Hope things are going well with everyone, and this heat is bad, so I hope everyone is staying inside if possible. It’s been a long week to me, and I’m ready for a break. Just a few things to pass along.


I have place on my personal home page some info about the first computer I bought way back in 1982. But my first experience that I talk about starts in 1980. But in 1982 I bought this neat little computer called a Sinclair microcomputer. You can read all about this little jewell and even see photo a of this odd computer at:



I found a great program to do automatic and continuous searches on the internet for the latest news and information. The program is for Windows 95 Has many features. Freeware. Download at:



For many months the Carter County Courthouse clock would gain about a minute a month. It was no big program, but about three months ago I decided to make some adjustments. Ever since it seems to be keep perfect time, maybe off 10 seconds a month. The 1928 Seth Thomas clock is truely a masterpiece.



Friday, I had a Birthday. And to my complete surprise, a lot of the employees at the Courthouse threw a Birthday Party for me on the third floor. They lured me there at noon on the pretense of looking at a computer. Now can you believe that? Had presents, and food by the tons, and chocolate cake too. Everyone had a great time and gained ten pounds I think. Friends, they make life worth living. In a few days I’ll have a photo of the B-Day bash and some things of interest on the Home Page. Be watching….. I’ll even tell you how old I am.

Well, got to chop chop. Got to get to the courthouse and pull 5 computer cables for hooking more computers on the Novell network. Plus I need to do some scaping and painting on my house before it gets to hot today. Until next Saturday………


Date: 20 Jul 97 12:35:45 CST
From: butchbridges@oklahomahistory.net (Butch Bridges)

Sunday, July 20, 1997

Just wanted to tell everyone our Court Clerks Office had a nice article in today’s Daily Ardmoreite about their new court records database. I have been mentioning it in past This & That’s, and the Ardmoreite did a splendid article on the new computer system.

Also you can read in today’s Ardmoreite about the surprise birthday party that was held at the courthouse for me, including a photo. They had been planning it all week, and kept it a secret from me. Can you believe that?

Just go to the Daily Ardmoreite’s Home Page to read all about.



Date: 26 Jul 97 00:34:50 CST
From: butchbridges@oklahomahistory.net (Butch Bridges)

Saturday, July 26, 1997 Vol 1 Issue 14

It’s Saturday, and this week has been a hot one here in Oklahoma. Hope everyone is staying inside as much as possible, I know I have been. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday seemed fast and furious. The last couple of days things slowed a little. I hope your week has gone well. And to repeat the words of a famous newscaster, “stand by for news!”.


It’s still not to late to get in on all the action around Ardmore in celebration of Ardmore’s birthday. Friday night I went down on Main Street to see what’s happening. Lots of people listening to several bands at different locations. KYNZ had a good live band playing some easy listening music at Central Park. There were two or three country bands playing along Main Street if you’re into that. The teen scene was in the Exchange Nat’l Bank parking lot. Looked like thousands of jumping beans all over the place, so thick you couldn’t stir them with a stick. And let’s not forget all the food vendors along Main. Every thing from BBQ to funnel cakes. But without a doubt, the most popular item was the fans that were being handed out by these three people who were walking around. I think they were with a radio station, but not sure. Everybody wanted one. Does that tell you how hot it was? Any way, you if you live near Ardmore, you can still make it out today (Saturday) and tonight, lots of celebration still going on.


I just finished attaching the computer in the CASA office in the courthouse (4th floor) to the Novell network. Plus the two Bailiff ladies on the third floor are now online. That brings to 38 the number of computers on the courthouse Novell network. We sure have grown since February 15th when the network was established. If anyone wants too see it all first-hand, just look me up at the courthouse and I’ll give you a tour. Outside of Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Lawton, there is probably not another courthouse in the state with a network covering 4 floors and an annex building linked together by a network. It’s quite an accomplishment for our little courthouse, and I don’t mind showing it off, bragging a little, and tooting a horn.


There are several places on the Internet that lets one bid on computer items, both new and used. I just learned about another one that on first observation, had some pretty good deals. It was at http://www.haggle.com and you can list items you want to sell for free. Another one is http://www.ebay.com which worked well for me. I sold several old computer parts from my garage through ebay online about a year ago. The only thing to be careful of, is remember you’re dealing with all kinds of people. So always keep in mind, B U Y E R B E W A R E. Thankfully my two occassions on ebay turned out okay.


Will Rogers was one of the most famous celebraties to come from Oklahoma soil. In the late ’20s and early ’30s Will Rogers entertained presidents, kings and queens, and countless millions of others all over the world. He had an obsession with the lariet, had a sense of wit and humor that was unmatched, and never forgot the common people in this country, who were enduring an area called the Great Depression. Millions looked forward to his newspaper column each morning, listen to his voice on the radio, tapped their toe to the songs he sang, laughed at his jokes, and somehow managed to let out a smile. It was the era right after the fall of the stock market, our economy was in financial ruins, and Will Rogers was a man for all people- rich, poor, free, bond- during a time when there really wasn’t much to smile about. Learn all about the most famous Oklahoman of this century and get a Glimpse Into the Past at-


So much for this week in review, everyone take care, and remember our freedom to do what we want, to go where we want, to be what we want, and to say what we want, has been paid for at a great price.

Until next Saturday,


Date: 2 Aug 97 06:50:29 CST
From: butchbridges@oklahomahistory.net (Butch Bridges)

Saturday, August 2, 1997 Vol 1 Issue 15

I’m running late this issue, so will try to make it brief. Lots of little things to pass along to everyone, so here goes.


Ever dream of finding out a rich uncle has died and left you a load of money? Well, this may be even better then that. Just try your luck at http://www.foundmoney.com and see if you have any unclaimed money sitting around. I did some checking and found a Carter County Court Clerk his some unclaimed dough. Also the Carter County Courts. A City of Ardmore had unclaimed assests too. And the most unusual? The Carter County War Finance. Could this be a secret account setup decades ago in case we were attacked by a neighboring county? Not likely. And there are Carter Countys in other states besides Oklahoma. I’m checking into the details now. So be watching in a future issue about the dough re me.


Last week the Carter County Court Clerk added 2 more workstations to her network. The workstations were placed on the counter and will make it much easier to wait on the public needing help at the counter. Also there is a workstation setup on the counter for the public to use. The Daily Ardmorite’s report on the public access workstation is at– http://www.brightok.net/chickasaw/ardmore/county/photos/pubarti.jpg

Visit Court Clerk Karen Volino’s Website at– http://www.brightok.net/chickasaw/ardmore/county/crtclerk.html


Last February the tv show COPS gave me a call, said they visited the Carter County Sheriffs Home Page, liked it, and would do an expose’ on one of their Saturday night shows. They’re still planning that, and have also listed the sheriffs home page on their website along with others they visited and liked. You can visit the COPS TV home page at http://www.tvcops.com “Bad boys, Bad Boys, What you gonna do when they come for you……”


How about those rock and roll songs of the 50s and 60s? You can step back in time to the most awesome “oldies” website you can imagine at http://www.wanderers.com/wanderer/ If you happen to own a 45 record by the “5 Sharps” titled “Stormy Weather”, it is worth over 50,000 smackers. Guess I better get to looking through the dozens I have. Let’s see…. Linda Rhonstadt…. Dave Clark Five…. Supremes…. Barry McGuire…. Gary Lewis….. Herman’s Hermits….. Zager & Evans…. Debby Boone… Billie Joe Spears… Petula Clark… Peter and Gordon… Cher… BJ Thomas… Bob Dylan… and it looks like I have nearly all the great hits by the Beatles- 45s and 33s. I nearly forgot I have so many from my teens. Guess I just might sit back and listen to a few right now. Where’s my DO NOT DISTURB sign?

That’s enough Dejavu for now, more to come soon. Everyone take care and I’ll see you all next Saturday.


Date: 9 Aug 97 07:16:15 CST
From: butchbridges@oklahomahistory.net (Butch Bridges)

Saturday, August 9, 1997 Vol 1 Issue 16

I hope everyone’s week has gone well. Here in Oklahoma the temp has dropped about 20 degrees, so we’ve had some nice days the past few days. I got in an interesting debate a couple of days ago over where to buy the best BBQ in this area. I’ve tried every BBQ place in south central Oklahoma and I said the best place to eat BBQ is at Smokehouse I or Smokehouse II in Gainesville, Texas. So see, Texas is good for something besides lottery tickets to Oklahomans. Anyway, I’ve got a lot to pass along to everyone, so let’s get moving……


I’ve been hearing for a long time about RealAudio on the net. But until last Saturday I’ve not experienced it. Wow! After installing it, I’ve listen to famous speeches by Nixon, Woodrow Wilson, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., Reagan, Bush, JFK, and many more, all from sites on the internet. Then I found http://www.ontheair.com which lists 363 radio stations world-wide to listen to, all using RealAudio. They are grouped by types, or locations, etc. I found a radio station that plays all my favorite oldies, like the Beatles, Dave Clark Five, The Supremes, etc., in stereo in London, England. It is 1548 Capital Gold, and the sound was perfect. If you haven’t tried RealAudio, I highly recommended it. Just go to http://www.realaudio.com I installed RealAudio verson 3 for Win3.1 even though I have Win95. Reason? I use the 16 bit (not 32bit) version of Netscape 3.0 and the 32 bit version of RealAudio will not work with my 16 bit version of Netscape.


This week we ran Novell Network cables into the Carter County courtrooms. This network cable will allow the Court Clerk to attach to the Novell Server and run the KellPro Court System Program using her new Laptop computer. During hearings, the laptop will allow instant access to the court records and minutes. It will also allow the Court Clerk to type minutes into the records, as it happens during the court proceedings. I would venture to say Carter County is the first courthouse in Oklahoma that has a courtroom laptop and instant access to the records, right from the Bench.


Just for the record, I did not steal a watermelon last Saturday. Yes, me and my friend did stop at a fruitstand. During the conversation, I was loading cantalopes, Isreali melons, and TWO watermelons into the pickup. I thought my friend paid for BOTH watermelons. I found out after we left the stand he only paid for ONE. Did I say friend? I could have went to jail for his blundering mistake!!!


Not far from Ardmore, near Wapanucka, Oklahoma are several Amish communities. They live their lives as people did over a 100 years ago. Simple, plain, and God fearing. But what do you really know about the ways, customs, beliefs and lifestyles of the Amish? To find out more about the Amish people visit – http://www.ag.ohio-state.edu/~ruralsoc/amish.htm


On September 8, 1987, Debra Jean McClendon was found shot to death in a parking lot behind Mountain View Mall, still in her pickup. Several people were questioned about the murder but no one has been charged in the death of this beautiful Ardmore woman. Police are still seeking her killer. If you have any information that may help bring this case to a close, contact your nearest law enforcement agency. This is a color photo of Debbie just before her death at age 27.


During the early 1940s the U.S. was caught up in a world war. Many items we take for granted today, were almost none existent during those years. I had one friend who was captured and spent 2 years in a German POW camp. When the war ended and he finally got to return home, he went to the post office building here in Ardmore to sign-up for “war stamps”. They told him he would only get 30 gallons of gasoline a month because of rationing. He told the man he had just returned from 2 years as a POW, and “he could keep the damn stamps”. My friend had to buy his gasoline on the black market at a high price, but he did get gasoline for his car. Gasoline was just one of many things that were rationed because of short supply during WWII. People used “war stamps” to obtain those rationed items. I have placed on my Home Page the “war stamp book” that belonged to my mother and father back in 1943. The little stamps in the booklet were perforated for easy tearing, to trade for commodities. You can get a glimpse of these rare stamps by looking under “Glimpse into the Past” on my Home Page at http://www.brightok.net/~bridges


In south central Oklahoma is Brown’s Springs. I was there back in the early 70s and again this month. During these years several bodies have turned up in Brown’s Springs. When you visit this place, you get this feeling that something evil is there. That someone or something is watching you. To learn more about this God forsaken place, visit my Home Page and look under “The Unexplainable, Mysteries…….”. I have placed a picture of Brown’s Springs there and after you look at it, you too may get a feeling that something evil is there.

So much for this week. Oh, I did have a little bad luck last Wednesday. My Hewlett-Packard Deskjet printer quit. I called them, they said it had a 3 year warranty, and sent FedEx to pick it up, postage paid. HP said they would repair it like new and return it to me in 7 days. There would be no cost to me. Guess there are still companies who stand behind their products and warrantees. Anyway, see you all next weekend.


Date: 16 Aug 97 06:56:35 CST
From: butchbridges@oklahomahistory.net (Butch Bridges)

Saturday, August 16, 1997 Vol 1 Issue 17

Whewwww. This week has been long and fast-paced. I hope yours has been better. I’ve been hard at work setting up a computer as a Carter County Information Server. A computer people can call in to via modem and access the Court Clerk’s database. It has not been easy, but then what is, when it comes to computers? But I’ve got it up and running, and hopefully soon, I can tell you all about it. Just a few details to work out. Now for this week’s This & That……..


Last week, I spoke about a murder which took place in Ardmore that took the life of Debra McClendon. Her life was snuffed out behind a shopping mall here on September 8, 1987. I had a URL that should have provided a link to her photo. But there was a typo and below is the correct URL. The complete story can be found on “Unsolved Mysteries” from the Carter County Sheriffs Home Page. In the months to come, we will be highlighting unsolved mysteries from Carter county in hopes that someone, somewhere will know something about the murders, and lead to the killer’s apprehension. Below is a photo of Debbie McClendon just before her death at 27 years old.



In 1989 Craig Shergold of England wanted to receive get well cards from around the world and be in the record books. He accomplished that. But the cards kept coming. The Children’s Make A Wish Foundation has tried without much success to stop the cards. Last week even our own local newspaper wrote an article about Craig and to send him cards. To try and stop the cards, a toll free Hotline has been set up by The Children’s Make A Wish Foundation to inform the public. For a recorded message call 1-800-215-1333 extenson 184.


The Computer Users Group in Sulphur has setup a website to tell about their meetings each week. They have been having plenty of fun, and sharing of information at the get togethers on Wednesday night. They said you can attend their meetings and get lots of free technical help. But you may even be able to send them email and ask for tech help. It’s sure worth a try in a pinch. For more info visit their website at –



America Online has a search engine to help you find the email addresses of AOL Users. So, if you’re looking to find the email address of an AOL subscriber, just go to http://www.idot.aol.com/search


Before Oklahoma became a state, Ben Collins was an Indian policeman for the Chickasaw Nation. He lived 5 miles south of Milburn, Oklahoma. One evening around 10pm in August 1906, Ben Collins was standing on the porch with his wife, when he was gunned down by several men from out in the darkness. The Chickasaw Nation offered a reward of $1,000 for info leading to the arrest of his killers. In November that same year deputy marshals and detectives arrested Henry Pruitt, A. Washmood and Ben Tie for Collin’s murder. Three years later, at a mob lynching in Ada, Oklahoma on April 19, 1909 four men were taken from the jail and lynched. It would become known that these four men and the three arrested for the murder of Ben Collins were all accomplices that dark night in 1906 south of Milburn, Oklahoma. This band of outlaws had killed several people during those years, earning up to $2,000 per killing as hired guns.

Oh yes, last week I mentioned my HP Deskjet gave up the ghost. It was under a three year warranty, I got it back yesterday, and they fixed it free of charge, just like they promised. I’ll get out of here now and finish listening to my favorite singer Celine Dion. Her “Falling Into You” CD is just awesome. Here’s a pic of my favorite singer http://www.brightok.net/~bridges/celine1.jpg. Be kind to yourself and others. See you all next Saturday.


Date: 23 Aug 97 08:14:52 CST
From: butchbridges@oklahomahistory.net (Butch Bridges)

Saturday, August 23, 1997 Vol 1 Issue 18

This week ended with a bang. Friday morning, here in Ardmore we had a terrible thunderstorm, lots of rain, and very dark skies. But things are fine now. Hope you’re doing okay, and ready to get a needed rest this weekend. I’m pleased to report we’ve added several new people for “This & That” this past week. I haven’t done an exact count, but I’m sure we’re topping 140 mailings with this issue. AutoSponder has been doing it’s job very well. Takes about 25 minutes for it to “carbon copy” this message to about 140 people. So much for spamming (I hate that word) but I do have a couple things to pass along to everyone this weekend. So, let’s get moving…..


Law enforcement is taking advantage of computers and the high tech arsenel of machines now available. High tech is taking on new meaning in the forensic science arena, including fingerprints, ballistics, DNA and much more. To keep up with the latest advancements in high tech forensic science, plus many other links to high tech law enforcement, just go to http://users.aol.com/murrk/index.htm


If you or someone you know is expecting, or is already changing those darn diapers, they can find lots of helpful hints and information at http://www.babycenter.com


In 1915 the Carter County Commissioners took action to insure a Carter County Free fair was established. There were just a few other counties in the state of Oklahoma who had a Free Fair, and Carter countians wanted one too. The Free Fair Bill of 1915 was reported as one of the most people-pleasing decisions that county commissioners had done in a long time. You can read all about the Free Fair Bill, it’s committee appointments, and finalization at http://www.brightok.net/chickasaw/ardmore/county/freefair.html on the Carter County Website under “The Looking Glass”. Speaking of Free Fair, our’s starts this year on Tuesday September 2nd and runs through Saturday, September 6th. If history repeats itself, we should get lots of rain that week! Bring your umbrellas!

Everyone be careful, watchout for snakes, and I’ll see you all next weekend.


Date: 30 Aug 97 06:51:34 CST
From: butchbridges@oklahomahistory.net (Butch Bridges)

Saturday, August 30, 1997 Vol 1 Issue 19

Another week gone. Seems like a thousand things was going on at once. I hope your week was not so crazy. I’m looking forward to this three day Labor Day weekend, rest up a little, relax, and do a little surfing. Not a lot to pass along, maybe two or three things, so here goes…….


The Net is now attempting to police itself, at least as far as pedophiles and the games they play. Below is a link with one intent, the tracking down of pedophiles. They even tell you exactly how to do it. Interesting reading. http://pedowatch.org/pedo_txt.html


Ever wonder just what exactly all that web jargon means, like “push” and ISDN and bandwidth? Know what a cookie is? There is now a place you can go and find out the scoop on all those high tech words the experts use and just maybe, just maybe sound like you know what you’re talking about when talking the Net to someone. Just visit http://www.cnet.com/Content/Features/Techno/Networks/?dd


In the past 15 years I’ve handled, in one way or another, thousands of computer diskettes. Of course, when I started we didn’t even have 3 diskettes. (Wondering how I put the in there?) Through the years I’ve had diskettes go bad. And I’ve been called many times to try and recover data on a diskette that only gives that nasty “abort, retry or fail” error when you try to read it. We’ve all had that happen to us. More times than not, the pretty blue, red, yellow, green, etc., diskettes failed more often than the gray or black diskettes. Moral to the story: Save yourself a headache or two, don’t use the pretty colored diskettes, ESPECIALLY for storing valuable data.


On January 21, 1907, the Japanese government was pushing France to sell to them the islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon, both off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. The Japanese were wanting to use these two islands to build military bases. If the United States was to object to the purchase of these islands, Japan would immediately declare war against the U.S. Could December 7, 1941 have been in the planning over 35 years?

Hope everyone gets a break from the every day grind and I’ll see you all next Saturday. Until then, take care.


Date: 6 Sep 97 04:06:18 CST
From: butchbridges@oklahomahistory.net (Butch Bridges)

Saturday, September 6, 1997 Vol 1 Issue 12

Just want to start this issue saying I appreciate the emails eveyone sends me, commenting on my “This & That”. I need that so I know where I can improve it, mistakes I make, and just know it is getting through to everyone. I’ve added several more names this week, probably getting close to 150 on my mailing list. I got one email this past week from a lady in France looking for a friend in Ardmore. She asked if I knew her, which I did, so I passed her email address on to the lady in France. Now ehe lady is coming to visit her friend this fall in Ardmore. Email, so powerful, yet so simple.

Another email I received this past week commenting on my article about the World War I ration stamps and Brown’s Spring in south central Oklahoma. Here is the message, in part, that was sent to me –

“The ration stamps: Read & heard about them all my life but had never actually seen them. Downloaded and printed copies for my files and show them to any who dare to drop by…

Browns Springs: Though not great with names, this did sound familiar but could not recall why until I started reading your narrative. As I read, goosebumps rose all over me as you took me back there. Lived in OKC for 9 years & was enroute to Six Flags with co-workers. One of our group asked if we could try to find a little ‘hole in the wall’ called Browns Springs, where his grandmother lived when he was small. Creepy is not the word!!! There is a stillness so silent there that just seems to be waiting. Not peace and quiet, SILENCE to the point we found ourselves whispering and couldn’t have given an answer if someone asked why. Seems the whole stationwagon felt really strange about the place. We were there longer than we wanted to be but only long enough to discover there was no way out except the way we came. Talk about your letter…. perfect ambush…”

You can find the above articles on my Home Page under “Mysteries….” and “Glimpse into the Past”.

I had several things to pass along, but will only write about a couple. I guess I’m just not in the mood to write. The death of Lady Di seems to have taken something out of me. I plan on getting up at 3am and watching the funeral procession. I think she was the most remarkable Lady I’ve known in my lifetime. Anyway, here’s a couple things……


The Ardmore OSU Extension Office just got a HP 5 color scanner. I set it all up Monday, and have been scanning pictures with it. I’ve even scanned some 1880 photos with remarkable results! It’s almost uncanny what a person can do with old photos, once they are on the hard drive.


Last Wednesday evening I went to the Computer Users Meeting in Sulphur, Oklahoma. What a meeting it was too. We had lots of computer talk going around the room. I even got to see a computer with Windows 98 on it too. Everyone had a wonderful time, and we even got in a few dozen laughs. They meet every Wednesday night in Sulphur. Visit their website at http://www.brightok.net/~fox/help.html


I just setup a link off the Carter County Government Home Page where the employees can show-off their children and grandchildren. There is a lot of response so far with the adding of 6 photos in one day. As the months go by we will be adding more pictures, and everyone who works for Carter county can show their pride and joy. You can see this addition at http://www.brightok.net/chickasaw/ardmore/county/


I’ve added some really old pictures on my Home Page this week. There is one of some over 30 year old “W.E. Garretts Snuff” that belonged to my great grandmother, thats never been opened. Then there’s one of an old Ford “condenser” I own. Then there’s box of almost full powdered glue from 50 years ago. I’ve even showed a photo of an amino acid called l-tryptophane which was recalled by the government several years ago. I happen to still have a bottle of it. And a lady even gave me a photo of a horny toad she took a picture of a couple weeks ago here in Ardmore. I thought they were extinct, guess a few, very few are still alive. You can see all of this and more on my “Glimpse Into the Past” Page. http://www.brightok.net/~bridges/glimpse.html

I’ll close now, see you all next Saturday. Until then, take care, and remember to be good to yourself and to others.


Date: 13 Sep 97 07:42:01 CST
From: butchbridges@oklahomahistory.net (Butch Bridges)

Saturday, September 13, 1997 Vol 1 Issue 21

The past week seemed to be on a sad note mostly. First with the death of Lady Di, and now Mother Teresa’s passing. I did call the local bookstore and reserve me a Elton John CD which comes out next week with the proceeds going to the Diana Memorial Fund. They expect to raise over 1 Billion dollars worldwide. Here’s a few things to pass along this week, hope you enjoy them……


I found a Page that gives detailed instructions on connecting two PCs if both have Windows 95 on them. That’s needed is an ethernet cards in each computer. You don’t need a HUB. This only applies to connecting TWO computers. For the instructions I have a link from the “Tech Corner” on my Home Page.


My friends Leroy and Jimmie McDaniels is starting a Home Page dedicated to preserving the history of Mannsville, OK. Mannsville is 15 miles east of Ardmore on Highway 199. Over the coming weeks and months, you will see lots of Mannsville area history on Jimmie’s Home Page. You can visit the McDaniels Home Page at http://www.brightok.net/~lwmac


This week I saw an almost magical demonstration of Micrograpix software and how it can take a faded, stained, photo and recondition it on the screen. Then they took the redone photo and printed it out on “photo” quality paper. Like I said, it was almost like magic how they took the old photo and made a new, almost perfect condition picture with Micrograpix PicPub. One thing that is a must, is the “photo paper”. I’ve took just plain copier paper and tried printing a photo on it. The difference between it and the specially coated photo paper is like day and night. Until you see it, you won’t believe it.


Tired of searching the Net one engine at a time? Well no more! Check out this cool search engine called Dogpile that searches the Web with Yahoo!, Lycos’ A2Z, Excite Guide, WWW Worm, WWW Yellow Pages, What U Seek, Lycos, WebCrawler, InfoSeek, OpenText, AltaVista, Excite & HotBot. Searches Usenet with Hotbot News, Reference.com, Dejanews, Excite News, Infoseek News, Altavista and Dejanews. Plus searches FTP with Filez, FTP Search and Snoopie! The definitive one-stop search engine! Have a peek at Dogpile – http://www.dogpile.com/


Just a word, check for viruses regularly. There are a lot of great virus scanners out there for downloading. I use the F-PROT because it is so easy to install and use. I get the DOS version. F-PROT comes out about every two months with updates. You can find it at http://www.shareware.com Just do a search for F-PROT


I’ve been saying for a long time, that someday the Internet will just fall over. I got a taste of it Friday night around 9pm. Two weeks ago I subscribed to a newsletter on the Hewlett Packard Home Page. I got the first one Friday night, and then around 500, yes 500 more emails saying “returned, unable to deliver…” etc. with all these different names on them. After about one hour, they stared dying down. I got sometimes over 30 in one minute! So, we need to enjoy all this while we can.

So much for this week. It went by fast, but the temperatures have cooled down here in Oklahoma. That means I can fix a cup of hot tea with French Vanilla creamer more often. Take care of yourself and I’ll see you all next weekend.


Date: 20 Sep 97 12:52:21 CST
From: butchbridges@oklahomahistory.net (Butch Bridges)

Saturday, September 20, 1997 Vol 1 Issue 22

This week seems to be madder then all the rest. I’m sure glad it’s come to an end. I’m still confused as to when and how to get that Elton John “Candle In the Wind” CD. I’ve heard it’s not gone on sale yet in the States. Our local bookstore said they “think” it will be available around September 23. But who knows. All I know is I want one. Has anyone got the scooped on when the CD will be available? Oh well, maybe soon. On with This & That……


Two friends either called or emailed me, saying they had computer problems. The two friends experienced Win95 troubles, and after many hours of trying to solve the Win95 problem, decided to re-install Windows 95. The problem is neither one could bootup on a Rescue Disk and access their CDROM drive. I talked about this no CDROM problem several weeks ago. I would strongly recommend everyone who has Windows 95 to give it the following test:

Take the Rescue Disk and boot up on it. See if you can access the CDROM, probably drive F:. If you can not type a F: and hit Enter, and go to the CDROM drive, then you will probably not be able to reinstall Windows 95 if necessary. You can read more about making a Rescue Diskette with the CDROM drivers on it on my Home Page under “Tech Corner”. Don’t wait until it too late.


I do not know how to say that in Latin, but I did have a learning experience with Latin this week. We have a wall in the courthouse with Latin words inscribed on the marble. Many people have wondered just what the words said. I turned to the Internet for help. Around 8pm one evening I sent email to Janet Burns near Houston who is the webmaster for a Latin Help Page. In less than two hours she had replied to me and translated the words into English. The composer of the words was Virgil and here is the translation:

Hae tibi erunt artes (These virtues will be for you)

Pacisque inponere morem (To impose the custom of law)

Parcere Subjectis (To spare those who have been subjected)

Et debellare superbos (And to subdue the haughty)

You can visit Ms Burns Home Page at http://www.compassnet.com/~mrex which has many links to other Latin pages.


The other evening I was surfing the Net, and logged off as I always do. The next day when I got back on, Netscape said my “bookmarks” were gone. I have no earthly idea where they went. And I had to use a backup in order to restore them. I have dozens of bookmarks and would really hate to lose them completely. So, here’s plan B. I suggest to regularly backup your Netscape’s BOOKMARK.HTM file to a temporary directory or diskette. I’m not sure the exact file name for the “favorites” for users of MS Internet Explorer, but it should have a similar file you can backup. You will find BOOKMARK.HTM in the C:\NETSCAPE directory.


Let’s say you have an IBM PS/2 computer like many of my friends. You also have in the CMOS a password to access the computer up on bootup. You forget the password. What do you do? A startup disk won’t help you here. That brings up something else. The IBM PS/2 machines can not be configured without a STARTUP disk. If you own an IBM PS/2 and don’t have a Startup Disk, you’re going to wish you did some day. I found a Page that has lots of technical information on the IBM PS/2 machines including downloading the Startup Disk files, and removing a password from the CMOS settings. Just go to http://gtweb.net/faq.html You can also find the link on my Home Page under “Tech Corner”.


Remember those little jokes we used to play on people when we were teens? How about the one where you called the nearby grocery store and asked the clerk, “Do you have Prince Albert in the can?” The store clerk would answer “yes”, at which you said “well, you better let him out!!” and promply hung up. You say you don’t remember Prince Albert? Please meet Prince Albert in the can.

So much for this week. The temperatures are much cooler here in Oklahoma. With the temp around 100 degrees for days, the cooler weather is much welcomed by everyone. Remember to be kind to yourself and to others, dont take life for granted, and live each day as it were your last.


Date: 27 Sep 97 07:56:07 CST
From: butchbridges@oklahomahistory.net (Butch Bridges)

Saturday, September 27, 1997 Vol 1 Issue 23

I’m always amazed at how email is so powerful. In last week’s “This & That” I requested info on the “Candle in the Wind” CD. Several of you wrote back with help. Wednesday, as they promised, the local music store called me, saying my Elton John CD was in. I picked it up that evening. The tribute to England’s Rose was beautiful. This week ended for me with a bang. Not only did a couple of computers eat my lunch, but my Dr Pepper too! I have several things to pass along, but will probably only take time for 2 or 3 this time. Let’s get started.


I don’t know exactly just what a .dll file is, but they’re essential. Many programs require one or several .dll files in order to work properly. If you get an error about some .dll file missing there is hope. There is a Page on the Net with all the .dll files available for downloading. Just travel to http://www.users.wineasy.se/martin/dll.htm


There are many calender and appointment programs available. But when one comes along that is freeware and really works well, it’s worth taking a look at. The program I’m referring to is called ODDJOB. It was not the easiest program to install and understand. But it does work great. I d/l it from the Net and placed it in a directory by itself. I then used PKUNZIP.EXE to unarchive it. Then I had to run FIND PROGRAMS and find ODDJOB and put it on the Desktop. After some difficulty, I had it up and running. It is a beautiful program, and best of all, it’s completely free. You can download the program from http://www.shareware.com just do a search for ODDJOB.


This week a friend of 30 years offered me a deal I couldn’t refuse. He sold me his ’74 Chevy Pickup for a dance and a song. It is in super nice condition and low miles. I been working evenings getting it ready for use. I took it to the service station and had the oil and filter changed. I asked the mechanic to check the air in the rear bumper. He looked at me like I was crazy. What he didn’t know was the ’74 models have a “hollow bumper” to hold air. There is a hose under the seat you can pull out and run to any tire that needs air and Presto! 80 pounds of air!


About 9 miles east of Ardmore on Highway 199 is Dickson, Oklahoma. In 1973 the Town of Dickson voted to hire their first City Marshal to enforce the law. The primary factor leading to the hiring was the many speeders along the highway in front of the Dickson School. The first City Marshal was Roger Barraza from Texas. You can read all about Barraza’s hiring on the Carter County Sheriffs Website under “Glimpse into the Past”.

I’ll get out of here now. Must go outside and do some tinkering on my “new” pickup. Here in Ardmore the past few days, each morning the air seems so cool and clean. Winter must be close. Share an evening sunset with some close, and count only the good things that happened this week. I’ll see you all next weekend.

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