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Vol 12  Issue 575    January 31, 2008

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Its been over a month or two since I updated everyone on a marker memorial for those killed in the Great Explosion of 1915. Last week I stopped by Wilson Monuments at Lone Grove and Billy showed me a granite marker he would donate to the cause at no charge. Its only smooth on the front which will work fine for the purpose we need it for. There is only two places in Oklahoma where granite can be quarried. The Arbuckle Mountains mainly Johnston county, and the Wichita Mountains in western Oklahoma, Greer, Kiowa and Jackson counties. Granite, Oklahoma is named Granite because of the granite quarried there in Greer county. The town also has the Oklahoma State Reformatory, the first all-male prison in the nation to have a female warden, Mrs Clara Waters in 1928. The penitentiary was built using prison labor in 1909 and granite from nearby Granite Mountain. The gray granite offered by Wilson Monuments comes from the granite quarries near Granite, Oklahoma. Below are a couple photos I took of the granite stone on the lot at Wilson Monuments.



Last Friday I was trying to figure a way to get my 40 ft radio and tv tower up at our newly acquired 3 acres south of Lone Grove. I knew the old fashion poor boy way was to use a contraption called a jin pole. I found this picture of two guys using a gin pole to erect a ham radio tower. The gin pole has a pulley at the top so each section can be raised up to where its connects to the section underneath.


Since I didn’t have a gin pole I called James Shrader of Shrader Electric at Lone Grove to see if he would use his bucket truck to put up the 3 sections. No problem he said and by 9am the next day James was at the property and ready to work. Even with some delay in getting the bolts to match up in 2 sections, James had the 40 ft tower up in less than 2 hours. Its sure nice when you have the right equipment, and sure a lot safer than a gin pole.



About the time James was ready set the bucket down ln the truck bed and to leave, I remembered Jill wanted to see if he would remove a big clump of mistletoe in the tree just a few feet to the north from the tower. James said no problem, and in five minutes he had the mistletoe cut out. Its sure nice having friends with the right equipment to do the job, and safely too. Thanks James.


I have had a tremendous response from a lot of you about the mystery seed in last week’s T&T. And many of you were right on the money about where this unusual object came from.  The email below pretty much tells it:

“Your mystery seed is actually an oak gall. A gall like this appears on various trees and is caused by a small wasp. I have them regularly on my Shumard Oak trees. If you cut it open, it will have an interior filled with what looks like sponge or spider web. The gall is like a cocoon for an immature  wasp. I don’t know if they fall off when the wasp exits or are just shaken off by the wind. I don’t know which wasp makes these but the picture of your “seed” looks exactly like the ones that I find in my front yard under my oaks. In medieval times, these oak galls were boiled and concentrated to make ink for use on parchments. I found most of this info on the web. Hope this clears up the mystery!”  -William Stanton


My webshot photos hit an all time high this last week…. 3,262 Hits over the past 7 days!


I am always looking at the freeware virus scanners. There is several out there like AVG but they are only for home use. This week I stumbled across Comodo Anti-Virus in the UK and its free to use by anywhere anywhere anytime. No fees or cost, or even a registration required ever. I’ve installed it to check out and it works great. It looks like a great antivirus, check it out at the Comodo website below.


It looks like this will be the last T&T you will receive from our Ardmore home.  Next week we will be sending out from our Lone Grove address.  Sure seems strange to me, always being an Ardmoreite, and now, and now, and, now what am I?  I guess a Lone Groveite? I hope all goes ok with our new internet provider.  I will still be sending the T&T from my oklahomahistory.net email server (I hope) if things go as planned.  More next week!  If I do get stranded out there in cyberspace between now and next Thursday, you can always go to my website for updates and info.


Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..

“Butch and anyone interested I have started to catalog the abandoned Henderson cemetery north of Gene Autry. When the cemetery is fully cleaned by the Chickasaw nation Scheryl and I will clean all of the tombstones to a readable state. http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gsr&GScid=98616Click on any link to see what tombstones I have located and what the tombstones look like. remember this cemetery has been abandoned for all of my life and probably more like a 100 years.”  Doug Williams  dougwilliams@cableone.net  580-220-9052

“Butch, Boy did the cotton jin fire in last weeks T&T bring back some vivid memories. I was about five years old when the cotton gin burned down, and we lived at the corner of “B” and 5 Street SW at the time. So we were only four or five blocks from the gin. I remember the black, black smoke billowing high into the air, and the stench of burning cotton. My dad would take me walking on Sundays, and we usually walked right past the gin, but for a long time we were unable to get near it because of the heat. The fire lasted several weeks as best I remember, mostly just smoldering with occasional flare-ups, but always very hot. I remember another big fire a few years later. It was the B.L. Owens Furniture Co. warehouse just east of the tracks on main street. I’m not sure what year that was, but I remember it was a spectacular event. Thanks for the memories, and keep up the good work.” -Bowden Miller, La Vernia, TX

“Would be interested if any of the Davis family related to my family might be readers or know some of the Davis’.  My great Uncle was George T Davis, son of James S (born in Missouri) (son of William and Gillie Smith Williams) and Annie Goins Davis (born in IT Okla) (daughter of Amos Goins and Sophia Brashears).  There were 10 Davis kids:  Gillie, William, John Riley, Robert, Juanita (my grandmother). George T, Albert, Lillie, and Joseph, all born in and around Savanna, IT OK.  George was married to Martha Doyle and had Gillie, John, Clyde and Joe R.  There are a lot of Davis in and around Durant, but have no clue if any of them are related. The only children I know of George’s was John had John Everett and Clyde had a boy and girl, names unknown.  He was subsequently married to Irene Briggs and lived in an around Caddo, Ok until his death.  I know it sounds like I know nothing, but I have been working on the genealogy of the Davis and related families for a number of years and if anyone knows any descendants of any of these or would like more information,  please contact me at   tomi_jo@sbcglobal.net

Savanna, IT (Oklahoma)-  In Pittsburg county, 10 miles southwest of McAlester.  Post office established May 5, 1876. Took its name from the private railroad car of the general manager of the Katy Railroad, Robert Stevens.  -from Oklahoma Place Names

“Dear Butch and Jill, So happy to see Mr. Cameron’s note about the refinery and the Santa Fe Lake. I had looked for it on the maps but did not recognize it. Thanks! We spent many weekends at the Santa Fe Lake, with Mama and Papa Lloyd (Ella and Henry). In the summers sat on the front porch and watched the cars and smelled the buses go by on old highway 70 and the spearmint planted beside the porch and dreamed of the onion towers in Moscow, Russia. They kept cane poles for us to fish with and worms could be found easily. There was a very kind older man who kept the pump house for the steam engines on the railroad. I do not remember his name. The concrete wall near the pump house was a wonderful spot to fish. He helped my little brother Newman and I as we would catch hundreds of the little gold fish there and at the end of the session would throw them back in.  When Ardmore, had the tornado, Mama and Papa Lloyd’s garage was picked up and disappeared no where to be found. The next summer when the lake level dropped it was in the middle of the lake. Their house was destroyed they and the Edmondson family living with them at the time were all safe in the cellar. The neighbors and friends came out and rebuilt the house for them. I remember going there for the house warming when it was all ready to move back in. Seems like we had kerosene lamps for light. Many people came for that time. As Mrs. Lloyd was quite well known by many people of all walks of life. Papa Lloyd, had worked on the railroad but was disabled as long as I can remember he had something like Parkinson’s. He loved to sing to we kids. I still remember a line from an old folk song: I went a courting down to the old man’s house just below………something about churning butter milk and gray hairs…… Our family owned property that joined the refinery, eventually owned the Lloyd place but lost the lake lease when our Dad passed away and our Mother did not know to renew the lease. The people who obtained the lease broke the dam to make the lake bed a grazing lot for cattle. I was gone from Ardmore, by that time my news then was just what we heard on our visits back. Our daughter Callie and her husband Marty Thompson were married there at the Lloyd property as we called it under a big tree with the refreshments and cake under the large wrap around veranda with the white fence and Martin houses in the background. It was a beautiful occasion. A few years ago our Brother sold the property, it had a lot of good childhood memories for all of us. Lots of history and stories from that time. Best wishes for your move to your new home in Lone Grove.” -F and J in Baton Rouge

“Here is a link to a website that will give you info on how to talk to a
LIVE person when calling customer service. There is a huge listing of companies and how to break through all of the menus and get to a live representative. I heard about it on TV from a Consumer Advocate. Thought it might be helpful…  http://gethuman.com/

For Sale: Compaq Presario Computer with Windows XP Home SP 2  2.0 GHz processor, 704 MB Memory, CD-RW, 40 GB hard drive, cordless mouse. Adobe Reader, Office 2003, Office 2007 Compatibility Pack, Wired & Wireless internet capable, is completely updated and loaded with other software. All this for $250.00 Call Tracey Smithwick at 580-276-4558 or come see at 308 NW 6th, Marietta, OK. traceysmithwick@sbcglobal.net

“For your list of Carter county stores in Woodford, Oklahoma: Akers store and post office, Greer’s, Dickson, Quaid, Frank Hitt. In Newport, Oklahoma: Oliver Ashley, Jim Cross, Joe Balthrop and Mrs Christian still runs her store”.

“For a good hamburger, try LaRoca Mexican Resturant (the old Hub Resturant) in Marietta.”

“I found several of those in the Mannsville schoolyard when we took my mom for her burial in Oakland Cemetery back in Aug last year. I asked the lady in the store on the “main drag” she and/or her husband are part Kiowa. She said they use them for making dye and may have told me their name; but I have forgotten it. If you are going through Mannsville stop and ask the store is on the left going towards Tish and Madill. They are on the property where Homer John Dewbry had his store about 64 years ago when I was a baby. Used to walk there barefooted in the hot sand in summer to pick up groceries for mom. Now that I look back that was heaven. Too bad we have to grow up and I’m not sure where we are today is called progress.” -Loretta Koons

“Butch – my husband and I live on 150 acres at Tater Hill and Dickson Rd.  We have been told that there is an old wagon trail located somewhere close to our property and an artesian well that the wagon trains would overnight at.  Does anyone have any info on this?”

“Dear Mr. Bridges:  We corresponded a while ago about a family named Mitchell who lived in Ardmore in the early 1950s. Thanks to your assistance I have been able to glean some information beyond what I had found at my end through Michigan connections.  I have summarized what I have been able to collect so far:

Father: William D. Mitchell
Mother Dorothy Mitchelll
Eldest son: Steve Mitchel, dob c. 1941
Second son: Roger Mitchell, dob c. 1943
Daughter: Jo-Ellen or Ellen Mitchell, dob unknown

Locations:   Fox, OK before 1951
                 Ardmore, OK, 1951-4,  521 2nd Ave. NW
                 District production engineer, Gulf Oil Co.
                 Mt. Pleasant, MI, 1954, 1512 South Mission St.
                 Assistant district superintendent, Gulf Oil Co.
                 Possibly CO after 1954

What I am hoping now is that you could assist me again by perhaps running this information in an upcoming edition as a jog to people’s memory.  This then may in turn allow others to come forth with what they recall and perhaps what they know about the movement of the family after they left Michigan in about 1954. I have also attached a photo of my seventh grade class in Mt. Pleasant, MI.  Steve Mitchell is the fellow fifth form the left in the back row in the white shirt. Thank you again.”  -Bill Hooker, Vancouver, BC   mayneid@yahoo.com

The Wilson News 8-4-1915 submitted by Mindy Taylor

The Indians Will Exhibit at Fair
The Indian Agricultural Exhibit will be held again at the ninth annual Oklahoma State Fair and Exposition, September 25 to October 2.
This interesting feature attracts thousands. It shows that the noble red men follow pursuits opposite to popular belief. That he is today a devotee of agriculture in preference to hunting and successfully too, as is proven in these exhibits. Trophies and diplomas are offered for the best tribal and school displays. E. A. Porter, professor of agriculture in the United Sates Indian school at Chilocco, is in charge of this department.
First Christian Church
On Sunday, Sept. 19th, 1915, there was organized a Sunday school by the First Christian Church at the Theater building. A nice crowd was present nd officers were elected to take care of the school. We wish to extend an invitation to any and every body to attend our Sunday school. O. N. Pardue, Superintendent.
Ward Bros. Break Record
Ward Bros. broke the state record for threshing this season. They used their 24 inch J. I. Case threshing machine. The state manager said that they were the only people in the state that were able to meet their notes. They threshed 4,000 bushels of grain this season and say that they expect to thresh out 75,000 next season.
We have a listing of orphans who lived at the Cornish Orphanage in the early half of the 1900s ~~ Wilson Historical Museum. Tues., Thurs., Fri., & Sat., 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

We do not see faith, hope, and charity as unattainable ideals, but we use them as stout supports of a nation fighting the fight for freedom in a modern civilization.

Faith: in the soundness of democracy in the midst of dictatorships.

Hope: renewed because we know so well the progress we have made.

Charity: in the true spirit of that grand old word. For charity literally translated from the original means love, the love that understands, that does not merely share the wealth of the giver, but in true sympathy and wisdom helps men to help themselves.  -Franklin D. Roosevelt

See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges
Nashobish Ikana
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