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Vol 12  Issue 576   February 7, 2008

PO Box 2, Ardmore, Oklahoma 73402

Email: butchbridges@oklahomahistory.net, Phone: 580-490-6823

Hello from Lone Grove, Oklahoma! Jill and I finally moved in to our new home south of Lone Grove last Saturday. The move nearly killed me, moving is hard work as I would guess many of you know, since you’ve been through the same thing. I sure don’t want to do it again anytime soon. But the place is perfect for us. I woke up Sunday morning about 5am and went outside to look around and I heard several roosters crowing from different locations, what a sweet sound that was to my ears. Finally in the peace and quiet of the country, no train whistles all during the night, and no sirens running up and down one of their main drags, Stanley and E Street SW. (I should know, I blasted through that intersection 1,000s of times, siren blaring 24/7 during my 14 years with the ambulance service, but I did turn it off when church services were being conducted along E Street SW) . Anyway, we love it in the country.

I need to remind everyone to change my email address to butchbridges@oklahomahistory.net in your address book.

I was told Monday by the cableone office here in Ardmore I could use my email address until Feb 14th because I was paid up until then.  But then Tuesday after I took my cablemodem in for credit, they deleted my account. So I apologize to those of you who have tried to email me, the local office is working to get my cableone email account re-established.  Anyway, with this T&T I am testing out my new wireless internet connection between our home and my OklahomaHistory Mail Server in Boston. I hope the 1,500 emails tonight go without a hitch. I won’t know until I hit the SEND button in a few minutes, and see if they all go out.  I guess if you’re reading this now, they went out!

Millie Scribner Adams ran across an interesting piece of Ardmore history the other day, and is now its new owner. The item is a beautifully framed newspaper page of The Daily Ardmoreite from January 27, 1918. Its page features the Ardmore Akron Tire and Rubber Company. The article promotes the company’s stock for sale and the big gains rubber has made the past few years. The Ardmore Akron Tire Plant was located about 3 miles north of Ardmore at the edge of town. The business’s downtown office was at 209-212 West Main in the Von Weise building. From what I found, the company ceased to be about 1925. The interesting thing about this is my uncle, Donald Bridges, in California owns a stock certificate from Ardmore Akron Tire Company. I wonder if this stock is of any value? Maybe I finally have a rich uncle. lol

This week we placed the order with Wilson Monuments of Lone Grove to make the memorial marker for those who died in the 1915 explosion at the railroad tracks. There is more history to read about the “Big Explosion” in the Mailbag below.  The following is the inscription that will be sandblasted to the granite marker:




SEPTEMBER 27, 1915

This is a view from the rock outcrop from around where Tuckers Tower stands today, before Lake Murray was built.

I have installed Comodo Antivirus on several computers since last week, and it is working fine.  I am really impressed with the product.  I read it even stops worms from being put on your computer through emails.  I did get one email of a T&T reader who tried Comodo, and he said it locked up his computer.  I dont know what went wrong, but I guess something did.  If you find any faults with the license free Comodo, I’d like to hear about it.    http://antivirus.comodo.com/

I stopped by Casey Catfish Corral just off Grand Avenue in Ardmore the other day and got an old fashion burger. I hadn’t had a burger from there since last March, and sure enough, its still a great burger even if the price has went up 25 cents since March.

Here’s a pic of the great burger……


Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..“Butch there was an accident at a power plant on San francisco Bay today and several workmen were injured. The plant is being dismantled. Also, it appears that a camel was killed by falling debris. Hard to believe. Which got me to thinking about a faded memory of a power plant in Ardmore on the east side of the railroad at about third ave south east. The cooling water pond was on the east side of “C” street until at least the 1950’s. I believe the power equipment was in a red brick building with “Maybe” a coal yard near the building. Or, perhaps I have it all wrong. Does anyone know anything about an Ardmore power plant? Thanks” -Jerry Brown

“Grovie = a person who resides in Lone Grove America”

“Butch, I’d say you are both now Lone Grovers.”

“Hi Butch, Looking at your latest last nite I am reminded something. Does anyone remember the Broom Factory in Springer? That Springer was once called the “Broomcorn Capital of the World?”  -Bob McCrory

“There is a town called Bokoshe, Oklahoma that has great hamburgers at a place called Jean’s Cafe.  The only cafe in town!!!  The town is on Highway 31, east of McAlester.  Great place to get a burger!”

“Hi, Butch – Hope you are getting settled in Lone Grove. Have been reading your former newsletters about the old ferry system across the Red River. Does anyone know of a Colvin’s Ferry? Was there a custom of people going from Texas to one of these ferry crossings to get married ? Our research takes us many places, so am trying to locate this place. Thanks for the wonderful information about our great 100 year old state !”

“Bromide, Oklahoma- These granite quarry cuts are 7 ft. in height so you can add up the cuts to get your total depth. That is the sun peering through the little spot at the top of the pic. This is a corner of the “room” that was formed by the cuts taken there back in the “old” days. It is a beautiful place to walk around in Spring or Fall, but you don’t want to go when the snakes and ticks are out!”


The Wilson News submitted by Mindy Taylor

Joe Moore, local manager for the Chickasaw Lumber Co., was injured in the Ardmore explosion Monday. He was standing by one of the big plate glass windows which shattered and the falling glass cut him just above the (foot). Dr. says that Joe will have to stay off his foot for a few days and he will be okay. Of course Joe doesn’t mind a little cut so long as he can set around the hotel. “We wonder why”.

All the Wilson doctors were called to Ardmore to help care for the injured.

L. F. Son who was called to Ardmore to help embalm the unfortunates that were caught in the explosion returned last Wednesday.

The trains are loaded by sightseers going to and from Ardmore to see what the explosion did, and they all say that they never saw anything like it.

Captured Booze and Gamblers
Deputy Sheriffs, W. A. Ward, Bill Brooks and Bud Ballew made a raid on the red lights of the oil fields last night . 100 quart of good squirrel oil was captured and a good bunch of the velvet boys, better known as gamblers was brought in.

Main Street Lighted Up
Say, did you ever see the great white way in the larger cities, well, we have a white way here that has them all beat.
The Yale theatre has put up two large electric lights on Main Street which lights up a whole block and helps the appearance of the city a great deal.

The Moonlight school meets every Tuesday and Thursday nights. All those men and women who desire to learn to read and write are especially invited to attend free of cost, also any who would like to take a review in English or Arithmetic.

Wilson Museum Hours:
Tues., Thurs., Fri., Sat., 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man.  -Mark Twain,  Pudd’nhead Wilson’s Calendar

See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges
Nashobish Ikana
PO Box 2
Lone Grove, Oklahoma 73443

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