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Vol 12  Issue 582   March 20, 2008

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I am running a little later then usually tonight getting out my T&T. After work  (no I’m not retired, wish I was) I stopped by Great Plains Rent-All and rented a stump grinder.  There were about 15 stumps, mostly smaller ones around 4 inches across, that we wanted removed from the property so the riding lawn mower wouldn’t hit them and make the front yard more beautiful. Let me tell you, this stump grinder is heavy duty, but it was a lot of work getting all those stumps out.  And I’m plumb tuckered out this evening, but I know many of you are waiting on this T&T.  Here is a pic I snapped of the stump grinder. It was $55 for 4 hours, and I completed the job in 2, so it was well worth the money.



Mark your calendars for Saturday April 19th.  That’s the day the Oklahoma Outlaws Lawmen History Association will be hosting a conference in Ardmore.  The conference is free to all, starts at about 8am that Saturday and goes to about noon.  It will be held at the OSU conference room next door to the courthouse in Ardmore (south end of the Annex Building). That afternoon the group will proceed to some historical sites in downtown Ardmore and then on to other places in the area. If you love history and want to learn more, this conference is the place to be.  There will be several great speakers and authors on hand to share the history of this area.  We will be talking more about the conference in upcoming T&Ts.

Email the president of the Oklahoma Outlaws Lawmen Association, Herman Kirkwood, in OKC at  srkirkwood@usa.com  for more info.

I have some aerial shots to share with everyone this week. This is an aerial view of Tishomingo. You can easily spot the old captial for the Chickasaw Nation.

The next two aerials are of the Devils Den area north of Tishomingo. Shame its closed down and no longer accessible by the public. I enjoyed going there as a kid back in the 60s.


This next aerial is also on private property, a photo of Goddard Lake northeast of Gene Autry on Goddard Ranch. I believe that is Oil Springs Creek (Oil Springs Falls) feeding the lake.

A Reader ask for any info on a Carter county town of long ago called Umbria.  I did several searches on the net and found nothing, so maybe this town (before statehood) has eluded the history researchers and archivers. I did find one mention, a map showing Umbria about 3 miles south of present day Gene Autry. If anyone knows more about Umbria, let us know.


This is a picture I ran across in the 1923 Carter County Schools book with a good look at the front of the Carter county courthouse (west side) and how it used to be in 1923 with 3 doorway entrances. The group picture is the Carter county teachers association of 1923.


I’ve thought about it several times of the past few years, create a Oklahoma History Board Forum, but for one reason or another, just never followed through. Well, this week I did, and set up the boards using proboards.com as the server. I want to encourage everyone to check out the forums, log in and register, and create a post of whatever your interest is, or whatever you want to share with everyone.



Jan 9, 1913 – The Daily Ardmoreite; GERONIMO”S BAND DWINDLES TO SIX Last Remnants of Famous Fighting Indian Force Are Few In Number

Washington- Of the Apache Indians held as prisoners of war at Fort Sill, Oklahoma 176 have elected to remove to the Mescalero Indian reservation in southern New Mexico, while the remaining 88 will take up their residence among the Kiowa and Comanche in Oklahoma, says an official report submitted to Acting Indian Commissioner Abbott by the committee appointed to take up the matter, composed of Col H. L. Scott, representing the War Department; H. S. Phillips, the board of Indian Commissioners; and C. L. Ellis, the interior department. The Apaches have been prisoners of war since Geronimo’s surrender in 1886.

Chief Geronimo’s widow has decided to go to the Mescalero reservation where a daughter of the famous Indian lives.

Only six members of the original band which followed Geronimo in his warpath days remain, and they wiill go to Mescalero. They are Christian Naiche, age 56; Beche, 75; Leon Ferico, 60; Calvin Zehonne, 47; Yar-N-Seha, 47; and Tiss-Nolth-Tos, 47.

As the $200,000 appropriated at the last session will not be sufficient to provide for the moving and getting lands for all the Apaches, congress will be asked to make an additional appropriation of about $100,000. It is planned to move as many next spring as the money already available for the purpose will permit.


Last week we mentioned going to the new Whataburger in Ardmore (just south of the new Braum’s Ice Cream at I-35 and 12th Street NW).  Like I said last week, we found a burger that does not need to take a backseat to any hamburger in this county.  Really one of the best we’ve ate.  Anyway, Jim Rozzell stopped in this week with a coffee cup in his hand. But not just any coffee cup, but one he found north of Ardmore in Caddo Creek while searching for Indian arrowheads.  A coffee cup used for advertising purposes by Whataburger.  Jim said he found this cup about 15 or 20 years ago, so its kinda old, and very unique.  Under the name NICKEL is a picture of an Indian head as on the Indian Head nickel.


We received 3 and 9/10 inches of rain in 36 hours last Tuesday and early Wednesday morning. This was much needed rain too.  I was talking to an old timer from Milo this week, and he said they planted 800 acres of winter wheat last Fall and lost every bit of it because drought, the worse Fall drought he had seen in his lifetime.  Seems the most rain in this immediate area was up around Turner Falls Tuesday and Tuesday night at around 6 inches.  Below is a pic of our rain gauge, its mounted on a 4 ft pipe in an pretty much open area behind our house, so it should be accurate.


With the rain this week, Jill’s tulips and Lavender flowers have really started to grow, just in time for the deer.   lol


At least I think this in Lavender….. someone correct me if I’m wrong.


Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our book “Bud Ballew: Legendary Oklahoma Lawman”.  Many of you, to whom we are sending this e-mail or the offices in which you work, were instrumental in the compilation of this 250 page biography that chronicles the life of Carter County Deputy Sheriff Bud Ballew. We ask that you kindly circulate this e-mail to others whom you think may have an interest in this book. Signed copies are available for $22.00 (postage included) by contacting us at the included address. As well, many of you may also be interested in our 2007 publication “Gamblers and Gunmen Along the Northern Pacific”, a 180 page book that brings to life a host of colorful characters that lived dangerously and died violently. The cost is $24.00, (postage included).

Best Regards,
Lauretta and Elmer McInnes    laurmer@sasktel.net
216 Roslyn Ave.
Yorkton, Saskatchewan Canada
S3N 1P4

“Dear Butch, It is Spring Time in Montana and I wanted to send some photos from Big Sky, Montana. The photo showing it snowing is from today, the first day of spring. We have had about a foot of snow in the last two days. The second photo show the chapel where the NBC newscaster, Chet Huntley, is buried with Lone Mountain in the background. The third picture is of Lone Mountain from the cul-de-sac in front of our home. Lone Mountain has an elevation of 11,166 feet. The last two photos were taken two days ago while the sun was shining.” -Monroe Cameron   m_o_cameron@yahoo.com




“Butch, according to an article I saw on an article at the website below, Nofire Hollow is between Tahlequah & Stilwell, Oklahoma.”  www.cowboydirectory.com

Nofire Hollow is not a town, but a place named after his Mother’s family.

“Dear Butch, I got such an overwhelming response to my last letter to your Readers pertaining to the World War 1 Cavalry Uniform, that I wanted to thank them, and also make another request. We at the Arbuckle Historical Society of Sulphur, OK are still looking for a campaign hat to go with the uniform. I believe the Boy Scouts used to use these hats, at least many of Norman Rockwell’s illustrations show them. Is there any one among your readers who might have one of these old hats that we could buy to help us complete this display? The wearer of this winter cavalry uniform was only 64 inches tall, so most any of the old winter issue scout hats would probably fit. Any suggestions may be sent to  C. Roland Earsom at  ursm_17848@yahoo.com

In the latest edition of Butch Bridges’ This and That Newsletter he mentioned that you were working on a listing on Carter County deputies since statehood. My name is Steve Dillard and my great grandfather was Josiah Hamilton Dillard, for whom the town of Dillard, Oklahoma was named. Josiah Hamilton Dillard was the Constable of Hewitt Township, Carter County, from about 1907 to 1911. In the Spring of 1911 Josiah was named Deputy Sheriff of the western part of Carter County by the legendary US Marshall Buck Garrett.  It was during this time that Josiah would become known mostly by the name by which Buck always like to call him, ?Foot Dillard?. Josiah would go on to hold this deputy sheriff position for three-and-a-half years. A photo of his badge, which is now in my possession, is attached.On December 8, 1914 Josiah resigned as Deputy Sheriff of Carter County in order to run for office in the town of New Wilson. By the start of 1915 Josiah was elected as Justice of the Peace for New Wilson, a position he would hold for the next two years. In this capacity he was referred to by the title Judge Dillard.Buck and Josiah remained close friends for all their remaining years. In 1927, Buck even served as a pall bearer at Josiah’s funeral.In my genealogy work I have written a chapter on the life of Josiah Hamilton Dillard which includes information about his time as a lawman and a judge in and around Carter County. Should you decide to include any such write-ups in your files on the life of these deputies please let me know. I will be proud to share something of Josiah’s life with you.Josiah’s daughter, Vella Emily Dillard, was married to another Carter County deputy, William Con Keirsey, who was killed in the line of duty in Wirt, Oklahoma on 11 December 1930. His partner, Vern Cason was wounded in this gun battle. I noticed you have these two officers already listed in your records.William Con Keirsey had a son, Dillard Con Keirsey, who went on to become a police officer. He joined the Austin, Texas police department, where he served for 23 years before retiring as a Captain. He wrote an article that appeared in the 1983 publication, Indian Territory and Carter County Pioneers, Volume 1, 1840-1982, where he talked about his family and the murder of his father, William Con Keirsey.I have also included a photo of Josiah Hamilton Dillard and his sons taken around 1920. My grandfather was Josiah’s son, Douglas High Dillard.

Best regards,Steve Dillard   smdilla@swbell.net

“Does anyone know the history of Rock Tower on the east side of Lake Murray? We haven’t been out there in years!”

‘Drive In Review’ by Devin Winter on the movie ’30 Days of Night’


“Butch, here is a picture for your this and that.  It is the old tribal
courthouse from the air over Tishomingo.”


“I read your post about Whataburger this morning and wanted to tell you about a sign I saw posted prominently at the front of a Whataburger in Roanoke, Texas a while back. With all the constant buzz about separation of church and state and including GOD in things and it not being politically correct and the other crapola that is going on – the sign was a bold statement by Whataburger management. In the front window in big letters was a sign that said:

One Nation

This was a professionally done sign, very nice looking, One Nation in script, UNDER GOD in bigger red block letters, and Indivisible in smaller white block letters. I wondered if it was something done by the one restaurant manager and went inside to ask. The manager wasn’t there but I asked the guy behind the counter to tell him how much I appreciated seeing the sign in the window. It was a teenage kid and he looked kinda dumbfounded, probably hadn’t even noticed the sign. I later saw the same sign in several other Whataburger locations in various places around Texas. Ever since, the burgers have tasted even better. Try the double meat with jalapenos…that’s a meal.”  -Willis Choate, Marietta

Below is the sign at Ardmore’s Whataburger.


“After I went up to our farm at Springer this morning to check out things from the rains I went on up to the Falls at Turner Falls and shot the attached picture. I slowed down the exposure to 1 second to give the water a smooth and flowing effect, touched up the sharpening and saturation a bit and mother nature did the rest. Taken at 9:30 this morning while still raining and very cloudy. The white and muddy water mixed together quite well. It looks like a fake photo but it really isn’t except for the small touch ups. The long exposure is what really made the picture different.” -Dwane Stevens


“Some of you know I collect postcards with images of Ardmore.  I now have some of my favorites in an online album through my Facebook page.  You can access my albums at the link below.”  -Mark Coe


“Hi Butch, I found this in my home town news paper this morning. David was born in Ada, Oklahoma. Thought you might put this in your T&T for your readers that might have known him.”

David Spencer Floyd – March 19, 2008 – Age 69, of Roseburg, Oregon, passed away on Sunday, March 16, 2008, with his loving family at his side. He was born November 26, 1938, in Ada, Oklahoma, the son of David Thurman and Lois (Derryberry) Floyd. David was united in marriage to the love of his life, Barbara Arthur on July 19, 1957 in Fresno, California. In 1981, “David just had to move to Oregon, for the fishing and hunting”. Mr. Floyd was a devoted member of the Garden Valley Church of Christ and he loved his church family very much. David loved his family and was the kind of guy that would do anything for anybody. He is survived by his wife, Barbara of 50 years, his father, David; children, Mike T. Floyd and his wife, Lorie of Clovis, California and Deanna Lagrutta of Fresno; brother, Sam Floyd of Texas; sisters, Nancy May and her husband, Alan of Eugene, Oregon and Lizz Littler of Pensacola, Florida; grandchildren, Marie Pollack; Morgan Floyd and Zachary and Zephan Lagrutta; great-grandchildren, Sean and Lia Pollack and close friend, Dallas Sullivan. He was preceded in death by his mother, Lois; brother, Marvin and daughter, Melinda. Graveside services will be held on Monday, March 24, 2008, at 10 a.m. at the Clovis Cemetery in Clovis, California. Arrangements are under the direction of Taylor’s Family Chapel in Winston, Oregon and Clovis Funeral Home in Clovis, California.

Bill Melton of Davis, OK is the best shuffleboard player in the world.


Alan Primrose of Davis, OK inducted into the Shuffleboard Hall of Fame


Dr. David Harris, Civil War Reenactor and historian, will give a talk on weapons of the American Civil War. He will be in uniform and will have muskets, rifles, 6-shooters, bayonets, sabers, ect. I hope you can come and here him speak.
Place: Ardmore Public Library in the meeting room.
Date: Thursday, April 3rd, 2008
Time: 6:30 PM

“I was at the Kingston Nursing home yesterday and when I was leaving I found these two lazy cats asleep on the front porch. The one on the right actually opened her eyes and looked at me before I took the picture. This was too funny.” -Doug

The Wilson News 1-20-1916 submitted by Mindy Taylor

Big Carnival Coming to Wilson
Shows will arrive in Wilson Thursday morning Jan. 20th from Ringling where they showed last week at an agricultural show given by the farmers of that place and are receiving a liberal patronage from Wilson people and the farmers of this community, who are well pleased with the exhibits. The management and concessionist appear to be a company of ordinary ladies and gentlemen, putting on a style of clean and orderly and up to date shows and amusements. Some of the features that are particularly good are the educated horse that does almost everything except talk -goes to bed like a human, rescues a baby from a burning building.
Introducing Col. West, the world’s premier horse educator and his equine wonders, featuring Sahara, the horse that goes to bed just like a human being, and Maxie the talking mule and her thrilling fire rescue and fighting the flames spectacle.
The Candle Family Musical show presents some musical novelties that are worth witnessing. The two junior members of the family pleasing their audience with their singing and dancing.
The Human Roulette Wheel is also an especial source of mirth, you can, you can’t, all fun.
Git with it. The Days of ’49 Show, early life in California. See Cowboys and cowgirls dance, one of the Big show features is the Wild West Show, good roping riding, bucking horses and everything to make it a good show.

Wilson Museum hours: Tues. Thurs. Fri. Sat. 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.” -Robert Louis Stevenson

See everyone next week!

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