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Vol 12  Issue 605  August 28, 2008

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T&T Reader Licia Babb lives in southern Florida.  When hurricane Fay came through Florida last week, I wondered how Licia was doing, so I emailed. With over 1,500 subscribers, I feel like we are one big family, and it troubles me if I hear of a Reader caught in a storm area or other natural disaster.  Here is Licia’s reply in her own words:

“It has been horrendous! I have really lucked out, myself, with my own property but so many communities around me are experiencing total loss of cars and homes and belongings and with such a depressed economy most of these people did not have house insurance. The storm’s eye settled over me yesterday and stayed there all day which was a nice break and helped the Electric crews fix all the power loss problems around us. Then it moved west and by the time the eastern side of the storm was to hit us it had weakened a lot and we just got a LOT of rain, especially this morning. Now it’s just rainy…People around here have cabin fever!! Kids have been out of school for days since Wed. The deaths that the news say are “attributed” to the storm is a completely wrong statement. The deaths are attributed to stupidity..not the storm, People drowning in the surf trying to show off, people putting their generators in there homes and getting asphyxiated and people driving during the worst part of the storm when the news on every station CONSTANTLY telling people to stay off the roads, out of the ocean and warning them of the dangers of putting their generators inside their homes without ventilation. It is so sad when you see such wasteful death and people’s lousy decisions affect more than just themselves. The Good Lord protected me as HE has before and, although, I have standing water all over my yard I’m in great shape!! Thank you for asking and for thinking about me. Maybe you could mention to the readers that the Red Cross sure could use some donations to help all these displaced people.”  -Licia Babb, FL 8/22/08

I received a request this week asking if anyone knows where the old Fox townsite was located before the town was moved to where it is today.  If you know, send in an email.

Fox is a small community in Carter County, Oklahoma. The post office was established January 25, 1894. It was named for Frank M. Fox of the Chickasaw Nation. It is best known as a racially integrated school and producer of several H.S. championship football teams, particularly in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s and this may be the driving force behind an upcoming motion picture release. Captains 1979-80: O. Young, J. Payne, S. Black.  –Widipedia

Another request, wanting to know if anyone has info on a train robbery between Paul’s Valley and Ardmore in about 1904. One man [Sanders] was captured but broke jail, another was killed by the messenger during the robbery, and the third man was captured and sent to prison.

Hoot Gilbert at Healdton sent in a Photo Album this week of his wife’s flower garden.  I can see she is like Jill, quite the green thumb.  To see Ruth Gilbert’s flower garden, just click on Photo Album above and then click on the flower photo on the left side of your screen.

Tom Miller wrote in this week asking if anyone remembers the old Estes Store near Turner Falls on Highway 77.  If you remember the details, send me an email.

The Daily Ardmoreite, August 1924 – For some time protest as been going up from local motorist, over the price charged for gasoline in Ardmore, compared with other places. The Chamber of Commerce took the matter up recently to see why the condition existed. The Secretary has findings which lead him to believe prices will be adjusted to a more equitable basis within the next few days.

Jill was over at Wilson the other day and stopped by Susanne and Dan Jolliff’s Coffee Professionals and found a blend of coffee that we have fallen in love with. We liked their Okie Blend but their Coconut Cream flavored coffee beans are great.  What a great smell and taste in the mornings, and we grind our own beans, so its fresh.  If you haven’t tried the Jolliff’s Coconut Cream coffee, you might want to consider it, we think its just the right blend of coffee beans and flavoring.  Its different, and great tasting!


Visit the Oklahoma History Boards, start a topic if you want too!


Q.  What governor wore an “Okie” button?
A.  Dewey Bartlett

Q.  What were houses built of sod called?
A.  (answer in next weeks T&T)

Boy, I never know what my T&T Readers are going to do. Hardly a week goes by that someone doesn’t send me a surprise email. This week Joy Willingham at Medicine Park, Oklahoma decided I should run for President. Most Oklahoman’s never heard of Medicine Park, much less know where it is on the map.  Its a small, quaint little town north of Lawton nestled in the Wichita Mountains. Its a beautiful place with a cold, clear creek running through the middle of town. You know, this newsletter can’t be all serious history all the time, so let’s have a little fun.  Joy Willingham didn’t have the faintest idea what she would start, when she sent the “Vote For Butch Bridges” webpage.  Below is the link, just click on the blue box when you arrive at the webpage.

Butch Bridges for President

Now for the fun.  We haven’t had a poll in over three years, so I’ve created a new one thanks to Joy.  And to be fair to the other candidates I have even listed the names in alphabetical order so one doesn’t have an edge over the other (people tend to vote for the 1st choice on the list).   🙂    And I’m only going to have one plank in my platform, taken from Herbert Hoover’s campaign in 1928.  My only promise if elected is “a chicken in every pot”.  Now click on the link below and vote for the candidate of your choice.  Remember, you can only vote once, so make it count.  lol


Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..“Dear Butch: I found your name and website as I was searching for information regarding the American Flyers Airline crash of April 22, 1966. I was suppose to get on the plane in Monterey, CA (Fort Ord), and fly east to Fort Gordon, GA. I had orders but was not listed on the planes manifest. They tried to get me added to the manifest since I had orders to leave, but was not allowed to board the plane. All the friends that I had made through boot camp and wireman school were killed in that crash. I have had to deal with the fact that I lived and was not on the plane. I am trying to put closure to this memory.

There are days when I wonder why I was not allowed onto the plane.  I was driven back to Fort Ord, and housed in an empty barrack for the night, to fly out the next morning.  My wife came and picked me up and we went to eat before taking me back to the barracks.

We decided to stop by my wife’s sister to let them know that I wasn’t allowed on the plane, only to find them grieving for me. They then informed me that my parents needed to be notified that I hadn’t been allowed to board the plane. When we arrived at my parent’s home, about 20 miles away, we found my family gathered trying to comfort my parents. It was joyous news for them, but I felt a real loss for the friends I’d lost.

I’ve struggled all these years, wondering “what if..”

Thanks again for helping me find some closure to this very traumatic experience. I also appreciate what you’ve done to memorialize the many lives lost in this tragic accident.  -Nickolas Saldivar, Sacramento    Nickolas@FirstVirtualMortgage.com


“Ardmore High School class of 1963 is trying to reach all classmates for our 45 year reunion in Ardmore on October 3rd and 4th. I hope your readers to email me if they have any contact information on: Tom Garner, Robin Lea Kettlecamp, Rebecca Sue Miller, Jennifer Moore, Patricia Ann Morris Simpler, Vera Lynn Morris, Linda O’Bryan, Roger Leighton Peddy, Glena Sue Reeves (husband was Robert Tyrone Pierce), J.B. Pratt, Patricia M. Pratt, and Marilyn St. John. Most all of us turned 63 years old this year. Our reunion website has 1963 pictures of everyone, www.ahs1963.com ” -Dennis Medrick  dmedr4508@aol.com  (214) 727-7408

“Have you tried a Fatboy burger at Rock-a-Billys Grill in Beggs Ok.  you need a dozen napkins to eat this juicy burger.  It located at the intersection of hwy 75 and 16 about 15 miles south of Glenpool, Oklahoma. They are great hand patted burgers.  The 5-9 burger is awesome.”

A dollar is a dollar
and a dime is a dime
we’d sing another chorus
but we haven’t got the time.

On the bedpost overnight.

“Some of the information on the Osbornes (Ray and Dorothy) rang a bell. I too lived on Davis Street (1013) went to Charles Evans and knew Ray and Dorothy, as well as their daughter Mary Elizabeth. They lived a couple of doors east of my house. I often went to the Skelly station to buy a coke and just talk. I do remember they had a dog named Tag, after the tagoline oil. There was a oilfield pumper who stopped there every day and I remember riding out to the leases near Lake Neustadt with him from time to time. I have a feeling that Jackie Ricketts and I knew each other but my old memory has failed me on that.” -Ron Staples, Chickasha, Oklahoma

“Re Pepsi jingle:  A color(!) trailer (advertising film, like today’s commercials) played in movie houses during the previews. It’s my recollection that it went “…twice as much AND for a nickel too.”  -Wes Leatherock

Re: The Pepsi song  Yes I remember it well, and also the version the
kids at the Coca Cola Bottling Co. sang in reply  -“Pepsi Cola Stinky Drink, Tastes like vinegar Looks like Ink, Pour it down your kitchen sink Pepsi Cola stinky drink nickle Nickle etc.

However I liked Pepsi better than Coke or Royal Crown.  The Nehi Big Red was popular as well as the Grapette.  Dr. Pepper was around also. It was a good time, except for the war. .

PS The old Coke formula (back in the 30’s) is still bottled in Mexico, and tastes like Coke did in the ’30’s.  It was on sale in Cosco’s here in Plano Texas.  I was sent weekly by Bicycle to get a case of something, carried the returns and box case to the bottler, and brought back full bottles.  Also was the family barefoot boy on bicycle (24″) banker, making the weekly deposits.  Also the 10 cent Sat. Movies, Swimming at Whittington Park, I lived in NW on 8th & B.  Oh and the Watermelons, Yellow Meated from Thackerville,  Ice Cream and Fishing in Murray and Texhoma,  Hickory Creek, Kingston, several other places.”  -Jim Renfro

“Hi Butch, I thought you and your readers might enjoy reading the following information on Jeff Warthen aka Worthen who was in law enforcement in the Mannsville area in 1908. I am also sending copies of a couple of old tintypes I was told show him on the left with prisoners whose names are unknown to me. I have doubts about the second picture being a prisoner but notice that he has his arm through both men’s arm perhaps to show control. Jeff Warthen was born in 1861 and raised in the Collin County, Texas area before moving as an adult to Durwood, IT. His parents were William S. and Mrs. Letty Mae Wilkins Warthen. It is not know how many years Jeff worked in the field of law enforcement but I found several stories concerning his career. Deputy Sheriff, Jeff Warthen?s many adventures pursuing criminals were recorded in the Mannsville News. The following articles were taken from a four month period in 1908. Jeff was living with his daughter in Cotton Co., OK in 1920 and listed as a retired Sheriff. I was born in Marietta; graduated from Ringling High School; and lived in Ardmore in the 1960s, so I love to read about the area I grew up in. And thus enjoy your T&T. Thank you for all your efforts.” -Barbara Warthen Wallace

Vol. 4 #27 Jan 10, 1908

Deputy Sheriff Jeff Worthen, County commissioner V. A. Fine, I. N. Russel, J. K. Stallings, and City Marshall Flowers were among the county capital visitors the first of the week.

Vol. 4, Jan 17, 1908
Den of Thieves

The Community across the river north-west of here has been badly infested with horse thieves and in the past 10 days several animals have been stolen. The people have become considerably worked up over the condition of affairs and are banding themselves together to assist the officers in putting a stop to these depredations. One man saw a fellow leading a horse from his lot and shot striking the fellow in the leg. This so scared the fellow that he ran off leaving the horse he rode there on as well as the one he was stealing. This proved to be a sixteen-year old boy. The boy went home and told the whole thing. His brother went over after their horse and the officers went after the other parties. One man have been arrested and placed under bond, and the officers feel hopeful that they will be able to land the whole bunch. Deputy Sheriff Worthen, with a deputy from Tishomingo and the constable from Norton spent Tuesday and b?.y all of Tuesday night after the —- but there being so many of them and so many harboring them that it made it a difficult task to locate them, but the people are determined that they shall be routed and they will have to move their quarters or trouble is marked as their doom.

Vol. 4 Friday Jan 31, 1908

It is peculiarly interesting to the admirers of good government to note how our officers are enforcing the laws of this new commonwealth. Our deputy sheriff, Jeff Worthen, succeeded last week in locating G. W. Farris, who had jumped his bond for mistreating his step-daughter and failed to appear for trial. His bondsmen asked our deputy sheriff to assist them in locating him. Mr. Worthen wired to five places and he had been in four of them but was gone. A message reached Fort Smith, Ark., two days before the victim arrived and he was apprehended as soon as he landed in the city. Deputy Worthen left here last Thursday for Fort Smith, returning Saturday night with his man.

Deputy Worthen also succeeded Tuesday of this week in capturing another one of the men accused of horse stealing across the river north of town. This man?s name is Griffin and it was supposed to have been his overcoat the boy had on when he was shot while taking out a stolen horse. Mr. Worthen turned his man over to Sheriff Simmons who lodged him in jail to await bond. Three men were landed in the county bastille in 5 or 10 minutes that day.

Vol. 4 March 30, 1908
Murder Trial

The worse case that has had the attention of our courts since statehood is now in the district court in this County. Two years ago last January a very foul murder was committed in the Kemp pasture in the northern part of the county. A man named Gregory was arrested charged with the murder. He turned stats evidence and was released. He implicated a boy named Chas. Parker and a young man named Eulin Mullins. These parties have been in jail at Ardmore for about 18 months until Wednesday they were carried to Tishomingo for trial.

The boy plead guilty and on account of being only a boy at the time of the crime he was only given 6 years imprisonment at hard labor. The one charged with being the real murder is now on trial.

Failing to secure a full jury Wednesday, Deputy Sheriff Worthen was sent up here Wednesday evening for a special venire and went back yesterday morning with the following twelve citizens from whom to select the remaining 5: Dr. J. H. Voris, W. M. Ward, W. S. Sears, J. R. Green, T. J. White, C. A. Michuson, J. A. Cook, D. P. Rich, C. M. Ritchey, A. G. Stilley, T. K. Stallings and Jno. H. Smith.

Vol. 4, April 1908
Deputy Sheriff Worthen went to Tishomingo today.

Vol. 4 Friday April 3, 1908

Constable Ed Harwell and Deputy Sheriff Worthen went across the river last Sunday and arrested Thomas Middleton on a charge of pistol ?totin? and brought him before Justice Collins where he gave bond for his appearance before the Justice court tomorrow



I called and requested the 2008 Oklahoma City Phone Book on a CD at the following.  There was no charge:  1-800-745-8720

“Hi Butch, It is hard to believe but Lonnie Donnegan, “the king of skiffle” was very instrumental in motivating John Lennon (among many others in the British Invasion) to form his first band called the “Quarrymen” in 1957 and they played a lot of “skiffle tunes”. The Quarrymen soon became a little band called the Beatles. That’s one heck of a legacy for Lonnie Donnegan, eh?”  -John

“Regarding the Fire Engines at the Murray County Tractor Show. Please let everyone know that ANYONE that owns one is welcome and encouraged to bring it and display it. They can even pump at the pond. I am be willing to help, or teach them how if they have not done so before. Any fire department that wants to demonstrate a pumper is also encouraged to attend. No fee to exhibitors! You will have a good time, and have a great BBQ dinner. Anyone interested can contact me at engco13@itlnet.net or call 580-229-2308″ -Bill Forman


“It was Dollar’s Drug Store owned by Ira Dollar. It was located on Main Street in Healdton. It had a soda fountain, pharmacy, and Doctor’s office. I hope this helps.”

“My friend (and former employee at the Perry Theatre, Perry, OK) Sharron Miller got her first ‘big break’ when she went to May Lemke and ‘bought’ the rights to her story and the story of her savant son (adopted), and then persuaded Dick Clark to let her film it for an afternoon special (she’d already done a short piece on it for “That’s Incredible” (another TV series).  Sharron was a ‘movie nut’ while growing up here in Perry and was about to drive my wife crazy with her questions about movies and TV, so my wife, Ann, told me about her and introduced us.  I trained her as a projectionist and had her working in the booth with my son Kevin when I got a call from my former employer at KWTV (channel 9 in OKC) wanting me to come back to work.  I persuaded them to hire Sharron instead, and that evening went in to my projection booth to tell her what she needed to know to get the job and how to do the film editing work.  She worked there a year and decided to go back to college and major in film production so she could ‘go to Hollywood’.  While in college (at OSU) at Stillwater, she came to me to borrow a movie camera to film a project and won a college award for the film.  When she decided she was ready, she went to Hollywood in search of work, and worked as a script girl, sound editor, and any other job she could find while waiting for that ‘big break’ and Leslie Lemke’s mom provided that break.  Dick Clark saw the piece on “That’s Incredible” and tried to buy the rights from Sharron only she told him no!  Not unless she could direct it and be responsible for it.  He agreed.  She won seven awards including a daytime Emmy for that film.  You can find her credits on IMBd (the Internet Database) by clicking on “The Woman Who Willed A Miracle” on that website.  You will also see a large list of Sharron’s accomplishments including a film she shot here in Perry called “Cradle Song”.  My son Kevin worked on that one with her (but was not given and credit.  The credits also listed her mom (Emaline Miller) and her nephew (Patrick McLemore).  It was filmed on Gertrude Gengler’s farm and Mrs. Gengler was given a role in the film.  I was only out there for one days filming to see how it was progressing.  Oh, Sharron also borrowed a hand-rewind set from me for editing the dailies.  This was back in the days when we lived on a farm west of town, and I was operating my Stereo Center (21 years in that location beginning in 1972) just a block north of where my antique mall is now.”  -Roy Kendrick, Perry, OK  roy_kendrick@att.net

“The Fort Sill and Jacksboro Road and the Fort Sill Stage Road are cited in the 1874 U.S. Bureau of Land Management Survey of now Cotton and Jefferson County, Oklahoma.”




-Patricia Adkins-Rochette of Duncan OK, www.bourlandcivilwar.comprochette@Juno.com

“Reading the book Red River Prosecutor by Kenneth Bacon will bring the 1960?s laws and outlaws to life for the Love County area.”  -David Brantley

George Washington is the only president who didn’t blame the previous administration for his troubles.  -Author Unknown

See everyone next week!

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