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Vol 13  Issue 623   January 8, 2009

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Q.   What governor sometimes depended on astrology?
A.   Henry Johnston

Q.   ?
A.    (answer in next week’s T&T)

Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..

“Hi Butch. I came across your site while looking for info regarding hanging tomatoes. I just received a hanging kit for Christmas from a relative and I figure it probably cost them about $30.00. Well, after I put it up I got to thinkin’ that I could make one a lot cheaper. I went and purchased two reusable grocery sacks (the material is identical to the store bought kit) for a $1.00 apiece. Then I bought a 55 quart bag of Lamberts potting soil for $10.00. Throw in two Home Depot five gallon bucket lids at $1.00 each and two Celebrity tomato plant starters at $1.25 each. Toss in a couple of scoops of Osmocote that I had layin’ around and that’s it. Total cost for the two, $16.50. Below is a link to a video of my garden and the hanging tomatoes. I live in sunny south Florida so I start my garden around November when the threat of hurricanes has passed. I was gonna make a video of me making the homemade kits but I probably would have gotten the camera all dirty, haha. Hope you enjoy.” -Bullseye in Florida


“Hello Butch.  As you know part of the old Sunset school was made into a museum and they really did a nice job of it.  I read in the Healdton paper recently that the rest of the old building including the old auditorium, the west classrooms and the galley are to be torn down.  When driving by afterwards I noticed the doors were open so I went in and took several pictures of the old place.  It is a mess as you can imagine, but I could still see myself there and the friends and teachers from 50 years ago.  It was actually a little spooky to walk through there all these years later.”


“Butch, I am hoping that someone may be able to help me locate a picture. It was a picture that my grandparents had in the room where I always stayed. It is just sentimental. There is a possibility that it was on a calendar. It would have been from the late 50’s or early 60’s. It was of a boy sitting in front of a store with his dog. The sign said dog food was a nickel. It showed his money laid out and he did not have enough. It is not a Rockwell. Any information would sure be appreciated.” -Brenda Pool  mbpool@brightok.net

“Butch, I talked with Ollie Taylor from Oklahoma City, this week and he said that pipes went to the boilers to heat the green house. He said they raised flowers and plants for florist across southern Oklahoma, He was a florist for Scott’s back in the mid 50’s and that boiler was there way before the Scotta’s bought the company.” -Terry https://oklahomahistory.net/ttphotos8a/Tower100_H_NWa.jpg

“The cotton Gin was located in the area where the Dollar General store is now located which is in the building that was once occupied by Humpty Dumpty grocery store. The cotton Gin predated all of the above. The stack you mentioned was a part of the complex that Mr. Woerz of the Woerz Nursery had built but much later became the Scotta’s Nursery.” -Ernest Martin

“Butch, There is a book out,” Historical Atlas of Oklahoma” by John W. Morris, that I have not yet seen but intend to purchase. There is an article on it in the January issue of Family Motor Coach. Quoting them, “Nearly 120 topics explore the geology, natural science, military, politics and culture of Oklahoma, among other subjects.  Each topic is illustrated with maps that include legends, graphs and tables.  The atlas contains 173 color maps; more than 100 color illustrations; and 286 thick, glossy pages.” End of the Trail of Tears, maps and routes of the six land rushes that birthed the term “Sooners”, Oil Boom, etc. Should provide some interesting reading for Oklahoma history buffs.  Can’t wait to get my hands on one (4th edition).” -Jim Bridges


Abe Books search

The Cat and the Crow. Video lasts 7 minutes. . . but it’s a really neat seven minutes!

Life Images Hosted by Google http://blogs.denverpost.com/captured/2008/11/24/life-images-hosted-by-google/

“For all of you who does not know, this is my SISTER, and she has written a book. We’re very proud of her. If you haven’t gotten a book, or if you want to get one. please contact me, I’ll be glad to get you a signed copy. The books are $17.00 and well worth the cost. Give me a call at 580 229 0413 or email me. and I’ll get you a book. Hope you enjoy her book. We’re excited to see where this takes her.” -Lee Thompson, Healdton  thompson73438@att.net


“Hi Butch and Jill: Hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas Day in my favorite state, OK! I was reading your newsletter and saw that you had fixed your squirrel problem. Here in California, around several redwood trees we have several families of squirrels. My husband bought me a beautiful bird feeder and we battled with the squirrels until we heard how to fix the problem. We got an old fashioned children’s toy called a Slinky, the metal one that can walk down stairs if you start it just right.  We took two of the Slinkys and put them up the middle of the pipe that held the bird feeder. It worked like a charm and it sure has been fun watching the squirrels trying to get up the Squirrel proof Slinky. I know you’ve already fixed the problem, but if you ever put up another feeder, try the Slinky touch. It really works. Happy Holidays from San Jose, CA.” -JoAnn Ricks

H A P P Y   N E W   Y E A R !

“Christmas Auld Lang Syne” by Bobby Darin


See everyone next week!

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