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Vol 13  Issue 657   August 27, 2009

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The Daily Ardmoreite, March 10, 1918


Representatives of Many Trades, Contributing Time,

Worked Far Into the Night to Complete Structure,

Building Material Donated

With the dedication this afternoon at 4:30pm of the first War Savings Bank in the United States, Ardmore again goes over the top.  A large force of workmen was engaged until a late hour last night putting the finishing touches on the building, located at the corner of Main and Washington streets.  Tulsa has a similar bank, but it was opened in a store room.  Oklahoma City made elaborate preparations for the dedication of her war bank tomorrow afternoon.  It was a typical illustration of the Ardmore spirit that led the men behind the movement to strain every energy to complete the building in time for the dedication today, twenty four house ahead of any other bank in the United States that is housed within its own walls.

At 4:30pm this afternoon Col. Sidney Suggs will call the citizens of the city and county to order and introduce the Chamber of Commerce Band, under the direction of George Bernard. The band will give a brief program of national and patriotic airs and the Rev. R.E.L. Morgan, pastor of Broadway M.E. Church, will pronounce the invocation.  The Boy Scouts, Home Guard, civic and fraternal organizations will be represented by large delegations and actively participate in the dedication. The city, county, and district chairmen in charge of various war activities, several of whom have been called to Oklahoma City to be present at the conference of war workers which opens today, will be represented by proxy if unable to attend.

John Golobie of Guthrie, state senator, will deliver the dedicatory address, and James H. Mathers also will deliver an address.

I did a search on the internet, and it seems no one knows where John Golobie is buried.  Maybe some super sleuth T&T Reader out there can find his final resting place and let us know.

I had a request this week for exact directions to Pettijohn Springs in Marshall county.  I know where Pettijohn Road is located north of Madill and south of Russett.  Maybe someone can give exact directions to the springs?

A Reader sent in the class roster of both the Ardmore High Class of 1943 and 1944.



Last week Lone Grove Feeds re-opened for business.  Their business was so badly damage by the tornado last February, it had to be rebuilt from the ground up.


Ten cheapest places to buy gas in the Ardmore area……


Q.   Who was the last Indian leader to agree to settle in Indian Territory?
A.    Quanah Parker

Q.   Where was Oklahoma’s first post office established?
A.    (answer in next week’s T&T)

Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..

“My mother, Jennie Selfridge, worked for the University of Oklahoma doing interviews of pioneers and Indians. You can Google Jennie Selfridge and bring up some of her interviews. They are somewhat scattered. It has taken me several years to gather a few. Here is a sample of what is online. Her transcriber/typist made some mistakes, but you can get the idea.”   -Roberta Byrom Abbe, daughter








“3 miles north of Berwyn (Gene Autry), across Coal creek.”  1937

“Hey, Butch, they had an earthquake near Ada today.” -Kathi in AR

“”If you have anymore history or pictures on Bunker Hill School, I would love to see them.”



“Does anyone know where Sweet Home cemetery is? It is supposedly north and west of Tatums, but I would like to have driving directions.”

“When I was active duty Navy and on a port visit to Sasebo Japan, I saw square watermelons. The Japanese growers put the melons inside a see-thru container, Maybe Plexiglas and the melons develop square and all the same size. Think of how much easier it would be to handle and haul these things. Someone who grows them may want to try it for conversation purposes. I didn’t believe it until I saw it with my own eyes. This is no Sea Story!” -Don G.

“Here is our trip on the train to Ft. Worth.” -Doug Williams


“Ken Robb has a Sulphur High School Alumni site with yearbooks from 1952 to 1965 and he is looking for more. He also has scanned the 2009 SHS yearbook. There are other interesting things on the site. Check out the link. If you have your speakers on, the Bulldog will bark at you!”


“In This ‘n’ That several months ago, a man wondered about a lone grave near Buckhorn Creek in Murray County on Highway 177 south of Sulphur. The story of that grave was briefly mentioned in Dennis Muncrief’s weekly column, “Arbuckle Footnotes”, in the Aug. 6 edition of the Sulphur Times Democrat. Mr. Muncrief states “Some time ago we covered the life of William Taylor who was killed by Texas Rangers on Buckhorn Creek south of Sulphur. Young William was a horse thief and the Rangers killed him on the morning of January 17, 1877 where upon they drug his body to a nearby hilltop and buried him. His grave can still be seen.”

This ‘n’ That readers might also be interested in Dennis Muncrief’s recently published book A History of Platt National Park. The book can be purchased at the Travertine Nature Center located in the Historic Platt District of the Chickasaw National Recreation Area in Sulphur. Mr. Muncrief has done a lot of research on cemeteries in Murray County and on the pioneer papers of early settlers in the area. He is one of the most knowledgeable people on the subject of Murray County history.”


Can a bag of water keep flies away?


“I have acquired a photo from one of the those people which might be of some interest to your readers tying one of their relatives possibly to someone in this photo. My mother, Irma Akers, her sister, Thelma Akers, and her brother J.D. Akers are all in the photo. I will send the photo, the handwritten explanation of some of the others in the photo, which was on the back of the photo.” -Ken Patrick, Email kenneth_patrick@yahoo.com



“Hey Butch, a short story about Marutzky’s bar on the edge of Wilson. When I moved back to Oklahoma in ’76 Oliver’s was all but shut down. I am not sure if he was still living at the time. But rumor in Wilson was he still bootlegged a little Whisky. I had a friend visit me form OKC. on a Sunday, who was a total boozer. I used to drink a little but nothing compared to him. He insisted I find a bootlegger where he could get a 5th of something. I called a friend in Wilson and he assured me Oliver’s widow was still in business. So we drove from Lone Grove over to Wilson and down to the old house. He went up to the door and knocked, told her what he wanted and in a few minutes, he was back in car with a jug. The funny part to this story is, as I was backing out of their yard I glanced up and saw a sign in the window of her home. “God Loves You”. I thought that quite funny after just buying a 5th of booze on a Sunday morning.” -Ken @ Wilson


“Those were such good pictures of the Melons, even with the chickens, they have now become a part of my screen saver list of Pictures….thanks again.”

“I have a question regarding the raccoon you caught and released in someone’s coon hunting area. Am I correct that coon hunters kill the raccoons after chasing them into the trees with their coon dogs???? The ones I know of around here do just that. They hunt at night with bright lights on their trucks and ‘track’ them down with their dogs until the raccoons are treed and then they shoot them. I certainly hope this isn’t the case with your friend and the cute little one you caught.” -Jo

“Butch, do you know when the Carter County Fair starts?”  -Kathi in AR



See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges
Nashobish Ikana
PO Box 2
Lone Grove, Oklahoma 73443

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