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Vol 13  Issue 672    December 10, 2009

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From time to time Cecil Elliott of Oklahoma City has sent in photographs he’s taken as a professional photographer through the years.  This week Cecil has graciously sent in more for everyone to see. This first photo is the old Hobart, Oklahoma depot he took in 1997.


The old Allen’s Grill in Bethany, Oklahoma


Ann’s Chicken Fry near Yukon, Oklahoma. I sure like the old police car in the picture.


Bridge from old Wedgewood Park in NW Oklahoma City.  1996 photo


Ft Reno guard house, built in the 1880s


I remember our electric ringer washer on the back porch on 3rd NE, but this one is gas


Kaiser’s Ice Cream parlor at NW 10th and Walker in OKC. est. 1910. 1998 photo


This next pic sent in by Cecil is the old homestead of Oklahoma City’s first postmaster


This is the old OG&E power plant by Penn Square Mall. It was demolished in 1999


This is the old Norman train depot


This is the round barn in Arcadia, Oklahoma before it collapsed.


Here is a pic of the old Presbyterian church in Sayre, Oklahoma


Thanks Cecil for sending in the above pictures.  I know everyone appreciates your glimpse into the past.

The Wilson Post – December 19, 1968

Pieces of iron are to be found scattered around the Carter county courthouse at Ardmore these days. The County Commissioners say when and if it is ever assembled, it will be an elevator. The elevator was purchased from the old Stephens county courthouse sometime ago for $500.  Workman moved it piece by piece to Ardmore, but then there was another ‘hitch’ in plans.

It seems that the county commissioners have been unsuccessful in finding a contractor that wants to take the job of assembling the elevator. Some come around and looked it over and leave. They don’t even have an estimate.

Meanwhile, you have to be careful when walking around the corridors at the courthouse. You just might run over a piece of an elevator.  The old elevator has ‘been shot’ – and besides they need a new one that will go all the way to the fourth floor which is in the process of being a reality.

A picture of an old house on Newport Road not far from U.S. 70 was sent in this week. They were wondering if anyone recognized the house and knew any history on it.  I’m sure there is a story there.


Norris Chapel School inquiry.  I have drew a map where the Norris Chapel school was located years ago. It is right against the west fence of SORDS landfill east of Ardmore…. on the west side of the SORDS property line. The school is on private property. The easiest way to get to it is go to the west end of SORDS Road and look on the west side of their fence.


Many of you know each year the Carter county commissioners put on a Christmas dinner for employees at each commissioner’s respective barn. Commissioner Dale Ott (with the help of some dedicated friends) held his 19th Christmas dinner this week for his employees and other guests. Dale invited Jill and I and when we arrived we found a feast fit for a king. Let’s see, there was brisket, ham, chicken and turkey with all the trimmings not to mention all the pies and sweets. The event was truly representative of the Christmas spirit. Since we only live about 3 miles from Dale’s barn, it didn’t take long for Jill to get home, but she talked about the food and fun while there all the way home. Everyone in attendance had a great time. Christmas is a time of giving, and I know everyone there would agree this dinner demonstrated just that.  Thanks Dale and those who helped make it happen.


Gas prices today in the Ardmore area……


Q.   What national program brought help to Oklahoma during the Depression?
A.    The New Deal by Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Q.   What governor ran against the Socialist Party in WWI?
A.   (answer in next week’s issue)

Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..“Butch,  this is Will Rogers birthplace in 1979.”  -Cecil Elliott


“I believe that one of the girls in the picture of the Graham school could be Mrs Pierce (not sure); her son married my Aunt Anita Prater and they lived in Graham up until they divorced.  Linda, Beverly, Holly, and/or Jimmie Fae (Anita’s girls) may have some of old pictures of the Grandma and Grandpa Pierce but I’m not sure how to contact them.” -Poss in Korea


“Butch, During a Thanksgiving get together with my children, they remembered their Grandfather Jimmie Lewis (an Ardmore grocer 1925-1960) using the term “calaboose” as meaning jail. My son’s online investigation took him to this interesting site. Maybe others might find it of interest.” -Jerry Lewis


Here is an article in the 1930 newspaper.  I like the way they put in it who came to town for a visit.

Healdton, Jan. 2: Mr. and Mrs. W. L. DEAN are enjoying a visit with their son, MALLIE DEAN, who returned from two years in South American. Mallie has been drilling for the Carter Oil Company. His work took him to Bolivia where he worked for 16 months with only native workmen as tool dressers and general helpers. He made the trip by way of Buenos Aires then returned by Rio de Janeiro and the islands of Trinidad. His parents, his sisters, Mrs. MAUD COLE and Mrs. BRYANT THURSTON with husband, THERESIA and TRAVIS HUFFMAN, welcomed him in Ardmore.

-Billy McBride

“Just thought you might find it interesting that you can still buy a cup of coffee for a nickel. I bought a cup today at the Old Time Soda Shop on the corner of B and Main.”

“Hi Butch, I had lunch today at Twisted Burger in Roanoke, TX. Had a buffalo burger, forgot to get a pix of it, but very good.” -Jerry Landrum



Blue Belle Salon in Guthrie, Oklahoma


“Butch, I don?t know if you remember that my late husband used to build small buildings (18 to 24 inches tall). He has been dead 35 years so you may have been too young to notice such things then. The Ardmoreite did a very nice article about him and his buildings. I donated several of them to the Ardmore Museum and one of them was the Chickasaw Lumber Co. He obtained a picture of the building (I think from Mac McGalliard) and built it from that. He had a whole frontier town. I sold some of the buildings to a friend of his as I did not have room to store them. I saved some of them and my daughter has them in her home. He used to make farm houses and barns to take to the Arts and Crafts Show every year. One year a lady came in to buy one and they had all been sold. She started crying so Hurmon went home and built her one. The late Ida Williams had one that she used in her Christmas decorating.” -Frances Dunlap

“Butch, The mention of the Chickasaw Lumber Company brought to mind this photo from an old family photo album. Since we are unsure of the identity of the man and woman, although they are almost certainly family, I refer to it as the picture of the Chickasaw Lumber carpenter’s apron. I believe that the photo was taken prior to 1920 in Carter County, North Texas or Arkansas. The album it was in belonged to my great-aunt Tommie Payne who was the postmaster in Lone Grove for about thirty years.” -Chuck Stallcup


“Butch, this photo was sent to me a few years back. She said it was taken around the Ardmore area but not sure exactly where, maybe on the Santa Fe line or maybe on the Ringling line. She and I both would like to know more info about it. If memory serves me correctly she said one of her relatives was involved in the cleanup work. Maybe one of your readers will recall something about it. I haven’t been able to come up with anything on it. Thanks.”  -Dwane Stevens


“Butch, While looking at the pictures of the Chisholm Trail Museum today, several of them reminded me of visiting my Asbury Grandparents in Amber during my formative years. Until I was 12 or so, I got to spend every summer with Nanny and Grand Dad. I have sat in a woven leather strip seated chair many an hour playing checkers and dominoes with Grand Dad. (He never let me win.) Jesse Chisholm was Grand Dad’s grand dad. The land Grand Dad farmed for 50 years was given to him by the Government and was part of the Chickasaw Territory. Grand Dad could have registered on the Dawes Commission Roll as a Cherokee or Chickasaw but liked the land better in Amber so we are officially Chickasaws. Instead of 160 acres, Grand Dad got 200 because there was a gully running down one side of the land and they just “threw that in” since no one else wanted it. The flat land was full of buffalo wallows so deep I used to drive the old ’49 Studebaker pickup down in them and come out fast enough to leave the ground on the other side. The land is still in the family and my brother owns now owns it. The pictures of the saddle and wagons reminded me that Grand Dad farmed with a team for many years. I remember sitting in his lap while his team pulled the mower and other implements when he cut the wheat and hay. He got his first tractor, a Ford Ferguson, in 1954 or 55. Thanks for all the great memories. It is good that Milo is a good rooster. I remember one of Nanny’s old mean roosters that used to attack us on the way to the outhouse when we were there. We finally learned to handle him though. One of us would run along inside the yard fence and get that old rooster to chase us around the corner and the other one of us kids would high tail it for the outhouse. It was always a race and we had to stay in the outhouse for a long time cause that old rooster would wait for us to come out. He was a mean old bugger. We finally had him for Sunday dinner, too, after he flogged my younger brother and brought the blood one Saturday afternoon. Thanks, again, for the memories.”  -Bruce Bennett  brucebe@swbell.net

The Provence School was located east of Ardmore in what is now the northern part of the Provence Cemetery. It would have sat just on the north side of the original cemetery but the cemetery as expanded and taken in where the school once sat.”

“For those of you in Kansas and Oklahoma, I?d like to remind you of our annual Cowboy Christmas Ball this coming Saturday night, December 12 at the Quail Valley Fun Barn in Winfield, Kansas, 7pm ? 10pm. Please call 620-221-0052 for reservations. Weather forecast is cold but dry. Also, keep in mind our annual New Years Eve Dance at the Prairie Rose Chuckwagon on December 31 in Benton, Kansas, 9pm ? Midnight. Please call 316-778-2121 for reservations and directions. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.” –Les Gilliam

“Butch, I found a movie, Oklahoma Tragedy, that was filmed here in Ardmore in 2001 about Cecil Crosby shooting the President of Mexico’s nephew in Ardmore in 1931. Has anyone ever heard of it?” -Doug Williams


by Joh Gainey

Ephemeral flowers are fading
And a chill is in the air.
The hills are brushed with copper
As the trees are growing bare.

The driving rains are stripping trees
Of summer?s glad adorning.
No more the clarion call of birds
Who wake to greet the morning.

I seem to feel primeval urge,
With winter drawing near,
To creep within my cozy den
As chilling days appear.

Despite the moaning winter wind,
The snowstorm?s silent shout;
I love the coziness within
While winter howls without.

See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges
Ardmore Oklahoma
PO Box 2
Lone Grove, Oklahoma 73443

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