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Vol 14  Issue 688   March 25, 2010

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Albert “Al” Cullum was in Ardmore this week from his stomping grounds at Overbrook south of Ardmore. He brought by a book titled “Creek Seminole Spirit Tales”. The 44 page book was published in 1971 and Al’s book was signed by the authors, Jack Gregory and Rennard Strickland. All the illustrations in the book were by local Artist Fred Beavers (a world-famous Creek artist), who had also autographed Al’s book making the book even more interesting. The book is number 716 of the 1,000 printed that year. The book tells Creek and Seminole stories giving a history of these tribes scattered between Oklahoma and Florida. I did a search at www.abebooks.com and found about 6 for sale in the $60 to $80 range, so Al has a valuable book.


This is two photos of what would become Tuckers Tower at Lake Murray before the lake was built in 1938. The two photos were in the 1974 Ardmore Shrine Club Rodeo Program Book.


1974 aerial of downtown Ardmore from the Ardmore Shrine Club Rodeo Program Book of that year.


Ardmoreite Steve Hamm has added a new feature to his Ardmore Criterion Website.  He now has online in PDF format (you will need Adobe Acrobat) 8 years various years of Ardmore criterions for download to your computer.  Each year (file) averages 40 megs, so these are large files and you will need fast internet to download them.


Q.   Who was the only Democratic governor who favored the New Deal by Franklin D. Roosevelt?
A.   Ernest W. Marland

Q.   What was the name of Oklahoma’s only all female town?
A.   (answer in next week’s issue)

Note:  I remember my uncle, Gary Pruitt (1912-2003) (married my mother’s sister) telling me as a teenager that in his opinion Franklin D Roosevelt was the greatest U.S. president during his lifetime. He said unless you experienced The Great Depression, you wouldn’t understand what Roosevelt did during his time in office (1933-1945) was like a miracle to Americans who were in need of everything, from jobs on down. Of course he will always be remember by his statement made on inauguration day:  “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Gas prices today in the Ardmore area……


Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..

Please help us get the word out on the 23 Oklahoma fallen officers being added to the National Memorial by sending this to any media contacts you may have.

The Forty-Second Annual Oklahoma Law Enforcement Officer?s Memorial Service will be conducted on Friday, May 7, 2010, at 10 A.M. The Service will be conducted at the Oklahoma Law Enforcement Memorial, located on the West grounds of the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (DPS) Headquarters, 3600 North M. L. King Avenue in Oklahoma City.

Directions: From I-35, take the 36th Street exit (Exit 131). Go west approximately ? mile to the entrance to DPS on the south side (left hand side) of the street. This will be directly across the street from the 45th Infantry Division Museum?s out door display of various types of military vehicles.

Go south to the large parking lot on the west side (right hand side) of the driveway. The DPS Building is located on the west side of this parking lot. After parking, you may then enter the DPS Building through the glass doors facing the parking lot near the south end of the building and walk down the stairs to the lower floor or you may walk around the building by way of the north drive way. There will be no parking on the west side of the DPS building.

All exposed law enforcement officer?s badges should be covered with a black ribbon for this service which should last approximately one hour.

Dennis L. Lippe, Chairman
Oklahoma Law Enforcement Memorial, Inc.
PO Box 10776
Oklahoma City, OK 73140-1776

Pager:(405) 530-1969

Q.  Please tell me again the name of the Fire Ant Killer and where to get it in Ardmore?

A.  Bengal Fire Ant Killer at Ardmore Lumber Company on South Washington


“I have a framed photo that measures about 25″x7″ that was taken in downtown OKC in July, 1926. The markings on the photo say, ‘ W. T. Rawleigh Co. Convention, July 9 and 10, 1926’.  In the opposite corner is written, ‘Photo taken by Waterhouse & Kerry, Oklahoma City’. I would bet most of the people in the photo are Oklahomans and anyone who had an ancestor connected with the WT Rawleigh Company would find him/her in that photo. Written on the window behind the group of people is ‘Bristol Coffee Shop.”  -Joyce in El Reno, OK





“Mrs. Thelma Roberts was my brother, Doug’s first grade teacher, too, Butch. I missed 1st grade there as I attended in Little Rock. Was in the 2nd when we moved back to Ardmore after being gone for about 5 years. But I remember Mrs. Roberts very well. I had Mrs. Sherman for 2nd grade, Mrs. Cox for 3rd grade, Mrs. Dupy for 4th grade, Mrs. Briminger (SP?) for 5th grade and the amazing Mr. Homer Tipps for 6th grade.”  -Kathi G., Fayetteville, Arkansas

“Butch, my mother had poison ivy bad, I’ve had it, too, and Dr. Boyd cured it with those little ‘sugar pills’ in glass bottles with a cork (as I remember). He’d pour something that smelled like alcohol into it. He didn’t leave the ‘formula,’ that I know of, with anyone. I’ve found that as soon after you come in contact with poison ivy or oak, you wash that area with soap and water. Pat with soda/water salve and that takes a lot of the itching away. It won’t spread even if you scratch it, if you’ve washed the oil off. Don’t scratch till it gets infected, though. I’ve found that Calamine lotion is useless, but doctors prescribe it, tho’. The soap and water and soda works for me, anyhow.” -Bob T.

“I am expanding my photographic search to Paris, Texas. Does anyone know any local historians there Paris?”  -Jerry Thompson   mugrack@comcast.net

“If the photo is looking to the south and is old enough, the building could be the Bland Hotel that was in Sulphur #2. If, as one friend suggested, the photo has been reversed and is looking north, the building could be the original Artesian Hotel built in Sulphur #3 in the year 1906. If the history of Sulphur and it’s three locations intrigues your readers, they would enjoy visiting the Arbuckle Historical Society Museum in downtown east side Sulphur. The museum is located in the old City Hall and is next to the Artists of the Arbuckles building on Muskogee Street. It is open in the afternoons Friday through Sunday.”https://oklahomahistory.net/ttphotos10a/DeepFordSulphurOK.jpg

Arbuckle Historical Society Museum information: The museum is open Fri-Sun, from 12-5 pm, weather permitting. Since we are a non-profit, mostly volunteer-run organization, it’s wise to call ahead if you are coming from a distance to visit us. Our phone # is 580 622-5593 or email us at: ahsmc@brightok.net

Re: Water Well Drillers of 1950.  “Hi Butch, I am Glenda Brown, sister of Jeanie Brown you went to school with at Washington Elem. I am looking for any info or photos of my Dad, William Brown and his step-dad, Loy Winton who were water well drillers in the 50’s. They drilled for Noble foundation and many other people in the area for years. I would like to put the radar out to all on your T&T, which I still get at igcs@hotmail.com, for more info. My Dad is 80 and will turn 81 in April. I don’t have many pics of Daddy and Loy Winton, my step-grandfather. Please reply.
Thanks.” -Glenda Brown

Rexroat school –
9/10 of a mile E of Dillard Road on Crest Rd.
The school sat about 50 yards from the road on the south side of the road.
There is a house located there now with the address: 2115 Crest Rd.

Lone Oak school –
5/10 of a mile N of the intersection of Crest and Dillard roads on Dillard Road.
The school sat about 100 yards W of the Road, west, across from the new Rexroat Baptist Church.

Ambrose Ward school –
6/10 of a mile W of Dillard road on Memorial Rd.
The school sat about 100 yards off Memorial Rd on the S side of the road.


“I was searching “Ketchum Bluff” on the net and found your site. As a teen my friends and I used to go exploring at Ketchum Bluff. The visible bridge to the East was once used for oilfield workers to get from Texas to work the Oscar area oil field. During the depression people were so poor that workers lived in tents near Oscar to be able to work. As a little girl my mother lived in such a tent while her dad worked. The bridge was always referred to as a pedestrian suspension bridge, I never heard of any other more substantial use. Interestingly, if you go to Nocona, TX, in the Dairy Queen, there is a copy of an old photo of that suspension bridge while still standing.”  -T.L. Wagner




“Does anyone know of the train wreck that happened on May 20, 1902 about 12 miles east of Ardmore on the Oklahoma Choctaw and Gulf railroad that killed at least 11 people and injured many more?  I was raised 5 miles east of Ardmore and about 7 more miles would be around Mannsville-Simpson area, I think. The article said that the train plunged through the trestle. Common sense tells you that there are at least 3 things trestles are used for. 1. go over rivers. 2. go over creeks. 3 go over roads/deep ravins.  When I was a boy there was such a trestle over the road that went southeast of Dickson to Durwood to Simpson. I think this was even before the “Tiny Chapel”. Near the home of Jud/Judge Hoffman, I can remember a rather high trestle/bridge over the road.  It woud be interesting to determine exactly where the wreck happened. I don’t know if you know that the railroad formed a “Y” near Simpson with the northeast line going to Mannsville, Russett, Ravia, Tish, and on to McAlester. The east line went on to Madill, Durant and points east.”

“In the summer of 1969 I had my left leg in a cast from the first week school was out until the week before school started back up. My grandparents live in Ada, out in the country, and on a visit to their house, I got into some poison ivy. My mom took me to Dr. Boyd?s to get “the pills” but we were told Dr. Boyd wouldn’t see you if you were wearing shorts or cut-offs. Because I had the cast on my leg I couldn’t get my regular pants on over the cast but my mom took me anyway. They had to go in and explain to Dr. Boyd why I was wearing shorts and not long pants. He never said a word to us but just got a bottle, poured the liquid over the pills, shook it up and handed it to my mom. We paid as we were leaving and the lady told us I was the only person he had ever seen wearing cut-offs. I was probably the last too.” -Greg DeBerry

“Does anyone know if there is another Doctor in the United States who practices the same method as Dr. Boyd? Surely a relative or another Doctor believed in his medical practice enough to be schooled as Dr. Boyd was, and have their own practice. Dr. Boyd was brilliant, and many of us can attest to his medicines’ cure.”  -Jo

“In the stories and pictures of Dr. Boyd, there is no mention of a son named Lorenz. I cannot recall his wife’s name, but they had a son named Dexter and a daughter Mary, and another younger daughter. My mother worked for them in a children’s dress manufacturing business in their garage, somewhere in northwest Ardmore.” -Nell Hull

“Butch, please tell Jill thank you, thank you for the hint about The Works TB cleaner for the inside of the dishwasher….our dishwasher in this condo is the worst I’ve ever seen. We’ve been using a cup of vinegar every wash but I’m going to try this. I’m just going to clean it in an empty dishwasher and just running it thru the full cycle.”


“The Wichita Mountains. Area Seniors in Medicine Park are now hosting an Evening of Country Music in our new facility every last Friday of the month. They are serving delicious hamburger baskets and iced tea. The music and food are both for donations as a fund raiser. Several groups from SW Oklahoma seniors groups bring their musical instruments and put the show on. If you play well and decide you want to sit in, bring your instrument. There is also a small dance floor if you decide to cut a rug! It’s on State Highway 49 just before you come to the fish hatchery in Medicine Park. There is a sign by the road on your right. Would love to have everyone come. Starting time is 5 pm and it ends at 9. Gives folks plenty of time to get home before the rooster crows!  The second Saturday each month is also a special time for Indian Tacos! The seniors are famous for them for Donations of $5. (include drinks) Folks say they are the best they’ve ever had! Might want to check this out for yourself. You won’t be sorry!” -Joy Willingham, Medicine Park, OK

“I would like for you to put this query out to all of your readers. I wish to find information concerning the death of Robert Wesley Caviness on Jan. 4, 1907 near Soper, I. T.”

“Butch: We were on a septic tank for nearly 40 years before regular sewers were put in. I dropped a packet of yeast in each toilet about every three months & our tank was only cleaned out one time in all those years.”   -Theresa Brawley, Austin, Texas

“This is response to the comment about pumping septic tanks. I’m sure everyone has an opinion but this is what I suggest to my customers. You really do not need to pump your tank on a regular schedule if you have a good bacteria growth. A septic tank holds the solid waste while the lateral system allows the excess water to leave the tank and be absorbed into the ground. A good bacteria growth will eat the solid waste and paper in the tank allowing the water to leave. Commercial bacteria like rid-x and so forth are not necessary, we just use a few packets of yeast and flush them down the toilet. If you really like using bleach or excessive amounts of antibacterial soaps you will need to reapply the yeast. If you do not use excessive amounts of those products, you have nothing to worry about, one application should be fine. Something to remember, only flush paper and waste in a septic system, they are the only things that can be broken down by the bacteria. I have seen customers that have had septic systems not pumped in over 70 years! This was only because they had a good bacteria growth! Not everyone will be this lucky usually its about 10-20 years or so with a good bacteria growth and a properly installed system.”

Jack Jones II
Service Plumbing Co., INC
Ardmore, Ok

This coming Sunday is Easter and beside the Easter eggs, the Easter bunny, the Easter bonnet, the Easter candy, and Easter dinner, let’s not forget the reason Christians around the world celebrate Easter.

Christ, the Lord, is risen today, Alleluia!
Sons of men and angels say, Alleluia!
Raise your joys and triumphs high, Alleluia!
Sing, ye heavens, and earth, reply, Alleluia!

-Charles Wesley, 1739


See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges
Nashobish Ikana
PO Box 2
Lone Grove, Oklahoma 73443

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