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Vol 14  Issue 689 April 8, 2010

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This week’s T&T is shorter than usual.  I have not been able to work on it much since I hurt my shoulder last Saturday working with 6 fairly heavy 10 foot treated wood posts and a couple of tree stumps that Jill is going to make something out of.  I was ok until Sunday morning when I tried to get out of bed and my left shoulder was paining me beyond belief.  I couldn’t even put my clothes on or tie my shoes.  Jill had to do all that for me.  I fought the pain for 4 hours with no relief.  Finally went to a “after hours Doc” and got a shot in the arm which helped for about 4 hours.  I did go to work Monday morning, but the pain never subsided.  So I called in sick Tuesday (a first for me in the past 15 years).  At 10am Tuesday I went to my personal doctor.  He said I basically had a pulled muscle, gave me a shot in that shoulder muscle, some 800 mg tablets of Ibuprofen, and something to help with the pain if I needed it, an x-ray (showed nothing wrong inside), and then back home to rest.  By late Wednesday afternoon I was feeling much better.  I felt good enough Thursday morning to return to work, and boy was I glad.  I am not one to stay home and do nothing, I would rather be working.

I was looking yesterday in the 1972 Ardmore Shrine Club Rodeo Program Book and found an interesting article by Robbie Pitts on the history of Ardmore schools.


Speaking of the Ardmore Shrine Club Rodeo Program Books, Steve Hamm just put online the program books for 1973, 1974, and 1975. Boy, do those pages bring back memories, especially of my ambulance days when I had to stand by during the rodeo at the Hardy Murphy Coliseum in case someone got hurt.  And the companies who advertisements appear in the books, some I have forgotten about over the years.  The Shrine members really did a wonderful job at publishing so much Ardmore history scattered all through those pages!


The Daily Ardmoreite August 31, 1944:  ARMADILLO KILLED AT PRAIRIE VALLEY. Armadillos are common in south Texas but rare in Southern Oklahoma and Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, Prairie Valley, were somewhat astonished to find one of the armor plated creatures causing a disturbance in their hen house on Tuesday night. They mistakenly thought it to be an opossum, which in dim artificial light it did resemble. They killed the animal and discovered their visitor was a rarity in this area. Occasionally the armadillo is found this far north but usually when he is found, he can be traced to some traveling show or other medium as his cause for the visit.

My test portfolio is up nearly 4% in value the past 2 weeks thanks to the automatic robot doing all the trading.  The losses have been very minor (a built-in safety feature) while the gains continued climbing (16 wins and 5 losses). So far I have been very pleased with the program.  The trades and the profit/loss reports can be accessed at the webpage below.


Q.   What was the name of Oklahoma’s only all female town?
A.   Bathsheba, Oklahoma

Q.   What animal bones were found at the Domebo site?
A.   (answer in next week’s issue)

Gas prices today in the Ardmore area……


Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..

Q.  Butch, I have lost my list of Carter County sheriffs. Can you tell me who was sheriff in 1929?


Butch just a note to tell your viewers that the Waurika Rattlesnake Hunt is this weekend.

The Munster, Texas Germanfest is the 23-25th of April

Also the Earth First Expo is Saturday, April 17, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
BancFirst Plaza, 310 W Main, Ardmore, OK.

-Doug Williams.

“Hi Butch,  I finally made it over to Stockyard City here in OKC and took these images.  Feel free to print whatever you want of these pictures.”  -Cecil Elliott, OKC








“Here are 2 short videos of water coming right out of the ground at Sulphur, Oklahoma.”  -Doug Williams



“Dear Butch, it was interesting to see the name of Fred Beavers, famous Creek Indian Artist. Reminded me of a beautiful young lady who baby sit we kids. Her name was Charity Beavers, from Tishomingo. Later when I went to Draughon’s Business school in Oklahoma City, I was in her home there. She had two daughters and a son they were in elementary school, 1957,58. Her name was Stine.” -Joanna Thomason Smathers, fjsmathers@aol.com

James Everett Caviness was the youngest brother of my g-grandfather Robert Wesley Caviness. James Everett was born 24 Nov 1878 in Caviness, Lamar Co., TX, and died 25 Jun 1949 in Portales, Roosevelt Co., NM. He married Fronie Elizabeth White 03 Nov 1910 in Paducah, Cottle Co., TX, daughter of Ed White and Rose Thompson. Fronie was born 16 Oct 1893 in Whitt, Parker Co., Tx, and died 15 Aug 1975 in Portales, Roosevelt Co, NM. Jim and Fronie are both buried in the Causey Cemetery in Roosevelt Co., NM

History Lovers Calendar


“Butch, Lorenzo Boyd’s wife’s name was Leslie. She was a dressmaker. She made many dresses for my mother Elizabeth Small Douglas, and some things for me also. She was quite a dressmaker as I remember. You could just show her a picture, and she could recreate it. A very talented, good lady.” -Judy Douglas Schimmel

Lorenz’s wife is LaVelle Swinney Boyd. Lorenz passed away in 2006. His father was not Dr. Boyd, but Lorenz O. Boyd. His mother was Virginia Fraley Boyd. Lorenz and LaVelle had two daughters, Lisbeth and Lanette. He authored a couple of children’s books, and I have a copy of one titled “Follow the Butterfly Stream.”

“Hi Butch – in regard to Dr. Boyd, he did have a son named Lorenz, son Dexter went to high school with me. If I remember correctly, Dr. Boyd did teach either his daughter or daughter-in-law the holistic method he used although I don’t think she ever became a “doctor.” Don’t know what happened, whether she continued, etc. Do you remember that he never had air conditioning in his home?”  -Jo

“Butch – to the lady who wanted info or pictures of Loy Winton, a well driller in the 1950’s. My father worked for Mr. Winton in the 40’s. He had a son who worked with him but I can’t remember his name. Mr. Winton was very well known here as the BEST well driller anywhere. He was one of the nicest and sweetest men that I can remember from my childhood. His son was very polite and nice too and many times when he would bring my father home from work, as we had no car, his son would bring me a package of the pink ice cream cookies. I wasn’t very old and it was such a treat to have store bought cookies, I still love those cookies today. I wish I had pictures but back then we didn’t have a camera and probably if we had one we couldn’t afford the film! On August 4, 1966 We applied for a permit and had a well drilled in our back yard and Mr. Winton drilled that one for us. I had several conversations with him at that time regarding my dad and what wonderful memories I had of him during the time my father worked for him. I have very fond memories of this gentleman and his son. I hope she can find pictures of him, I can see him in my memories!”

“Does anyone know of the train wreck that happened on May 20, 1902 about 12 miles east of Ardmore on the Oklahoma Choctaw and Gulf railroad that killed at least 11 people and injured many more? I was raised 5 miles east of Ardmore and about 7 more miles would be around Mannsville-Simpson area, I think. The article said that the train plunged through the trestle. Common sense tells you that there are at least 3 things trestles are used for. 1. go over rivers. 2. go over creeks. 3 go over roads/deep ravins. When I was a boy there was such a trestle over the road that went southeast of Dickson to Durwood to Simpson. I think this was even before the “Tiny Chapel”. Near the home of Jud/Judge Hoffman, I can remember a rather high trestle/bridge over the road. It woud be interesting to determine exactly where the wreck happened. I don’t know if you know that the railroad formed a “Y” near Simpson with the northeast line going to Mannsville, Russett, Ravia, Tish, and on to McAlester. The east line went on to Madill, Durant and points east.”

The Western Oklahoma Railway built the line from Ardmore to Pittsburg (east of McAlester) in 1902. That same year the line was sold to the Choctaw, Oklahoma and Gulf, which also the same year was leased by the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific (the Rock Island). In 1938 the line was abandoned from Frisco Jct. (13.9 miles east of Ardmore) and the line from Ardmore to Frisco Jct. was leased to the St. Louis-San Francisco (the Frisco), which bought it in 1940.

The “east line” referred to in the text was a Frisco line, not Rock Island, and extended east from Durant into Arkansas.   -Wes Leatherock

“As mentioned in the last T&T the track through East Ardmore did form a Y around the area of the Tiny Chapel. The NE track was the Rock Island Line from Ardmore to McAlester. The line that went SE was the Frisco which went from Ardmore, Oklahoma to Hope, Arkansas.

Both lines used the same track from the Y to Ardmore. An older cousin of mine said she and her mother rode the Frisco from Bennington, Ok to Ardmore when she was a young girl. The train took them to the Ringling Station on N. Washington St. That building has been the American Legion building for many years now. The Rock Island went to the West side of the current depot on Main St. You can see the Rock Island logo near the top of the building on the West side.

I would like to know about the train wreck that was mentioned since I am a train fan, and I don’t recall hearing about this wreck.”  -James

“We live in a condo and the dishwasher is scary looking!!! Used The Works and it really looks great!!! Thanks to you and Jill.”


“There has been much tragedy in my life; at least half of it actually happened.”  -Mark Twain

See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges
Nashobish Ikana
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