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Vol 14  Issue 696  May 27, 2010

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This week a T&T Reader talked to me about the list of Grocery stores on my website. When I look at the old Ardmore City Directories at the Ardmore Public Library, one thing that catches my eye is how many small ma and pa type grocers there were in the early days.  It really seemed like a grocery store every 3 or 4 blocks from one end of Ardmore to the other.  Times sure have changed.  Anyway, what was brought to my attention this week was a listing for a Butler Grocery at the intersection of 9th and A NW in Ardmore.  In 1942 there was a grocery store in the NW corner of that intersection by the name of Nanny’s Grocery.  So was Butler’s before 1942??

Anyone have more info on this Butler Grocery?  I don’t remember where I got the info.

Wednesday morning this week on the way to work I noticed about five Day Concrete trucks lined up on 1st Street SW and pouring the new First Baptist Church parking lot (SW of the church).  It was quite a show of equipment and manpower. I stopped counting at 34 workers, so I know there were more then that pouring and finishing, etc.








Here are some pics I took before the bulldozing of the block for the parking lot.







My T&T Readers never cease to amaze me the past 14 years (and over 1,150 Facebook friends the past year).  When I mentioned Steve Hamm’s Ardmore Criterion Website in the last issue, Steve emailed me a couple days later to say his site received 10,000 Hits during those 2 days following. Awesome.  Thanks, I appreciate every one of you.

A list was circulating around the internet last week about uses for a rubber band.  I glanced at the list of several dozen things and didn’t see mentioned the one I have used a rubber band for many years. If you put a rubber band around your wallet it will be impossible for the wallet to slip out of the back pocket.  Many of you may know this can especially be the case when wearing dress pants, its all to easy for the wallet to slip out when sitting in a chair.  Works with blue jeans too.


By the way, anyone near Ardmore have a wood chipper I can rent for a day or two?

Q.   What governor ask the Arkansas governor to pardon Emmett Dalton?
A.    William Miller Jenkins (Oklahoma Territory)

Q.   How many flags have flown over Oklahoma?
A.   (answer in next week’s issue)

Gas prices today in the Ardmore area……


Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..

“Our annual Confederate Memorial Day Service will be Monday the 31st, at 9:30 AM, at the Confederate Cemetery in Ardmore. The service lasts approximately 1 1/2 hours. Participants are urged to bring lawn chairs. For those coming from I-35 Exit 29 is closed so you will need to take Exit 31-A and go through town to the cemetery (see map below). The memorial service is sponsored by the Oklahoma camps of the organization Sons of Confederate Veterans.”  -Terry Pierce  terrypierce41@yahoo.com


“Getting ready for CPR Week. Important video that EVERYONE should know.”  -Michael Johnson


To Bonnie Holcombe:   I saw your letter in the newsletter, This and That, and have tried to contact you by email. I am married to Elbi Webb’s niece, and was with your mom the night he passed. We would love to share info, tales and pics with you. Aunt Lillian was a dearly loved member of the family, she was such a wonderful person.  -George Pearson
Please email us at  lindaliz@brightok.net

“Hi Butch, T&T – memory lane again. Couple of entries Architect J.B. White and Mary Niblack.  J.B. White lived at 902 B St NW, couple blocks from me. Nice house still today. In back is a double garage with room upstairs where his draftsmen worked. On B St & Broadway where the Ardmoreite is now, is White’s latest and greatest in Ardmore, The Gilbert Building. We were fairly close to the family, my Mother and a White daughter graduated high school together in 1921.

Attached is photo of my aunt’s 1910 teacher’s certificate signed by Mary Niblack – County Superintendent. As a kid, 1930s, I remember the Mary Niblack school house on that road about a mile South of now Springdale Road. I recall it as a vacant building, simple square two stories sitting back from the road on the West side.” -Bob McCrory


“Hi Butch, I have a copy of Bromide, OklahomaCentennial From Boastown to Ghostown Our Hometown by Marshal Don Mitchell and would like to buy another copy for my brother, however the website is no longer up and I can’t find it for sale anywhere. Does anyone know where I can find it, or have Mr. Mitchell’s address?”

Q.  “Butch,  I can’t find the ant killer, Ultra Dust by Bengal, here in Abilene but we are coming through Ardmore Saturday.  Where in Ardmore can I find it?”

A:  Ardmore Lumber on South Washington $7.80 each

“I went to Ardmore schools from 1931 to ’41 when I graduated. I remember J. Hamilton Green very well. The Green family lived in the 100 block of 8th Ave NW in Ardmore. He was also my Sunday school teacher at one time. All the kids liked him. I have no specific info in recall. Hope this helps.”  -Robert McCrory

“Does anyone know where in Ardmore a person could order an “educated” hamburger? By educated, it meant it had everything on it.”

“My dad and step-mom.”  -Sheila Robinson


“The Ardmoreite has finally completed their searchable archive files back to 1997 (comes in handy when searching for obituary write-ups).”


“Connoisseur now? Let this ole man practice up a little and I will fix you some ribs, make you get down on your knees and beg for more. I haven’t been cooking due to my health, but am getting anxious. I learned this recipe when I was living in South Louisiana. Will attach the recipe for you as I have shared it with thousands of people.” -Ken


I learned this recipe from Jack Corbello in Eunice, Louisiana back in 1972. He would never write it down or let me write it down. It took several cases of JAX beer to get it all out of him. I have revised it some over the years but feel I have it down about as good as I can get it. If you will follow it without any substitutions, you can cook some pretty good ribs.


1 stick Parkay margarine

1 bunch green onions, chopped

1 green bell pepper, chopped

1 tsp black pepper to taste

1/4 tsp. Cayenne red pepper or more to taste

1 cup Cain’s Barbecue Spice

Melt butter in large skillet.

Saut? onions and bell pepper to light brown

add black pepper, cayenne, Cain’s barbecue spice.

Turn fire to low simmer. Now add the following:

1 16 or 24oz. bottle Wishbone Italian dressing (Original) 16oz works for 3
racks, 24oz better for 4 racks.

1 16 or 24oz bottle warm water. (Sometimes less than full bottle water)

2, 3 or 4 oz. Tabasco Sauce

3 or 4 pickled jalapeno peppers chopped.

1 Tbs. crushed red pepper flakes.

3 racks of pork ribs around 3 1/2 or 4 lbs. each If you get any bigger
than this they are hard to cook thru.

Trim excess fat from ribs.

Lay out on saran paper and sprinkle lightly with UNSALTED Meat tenderizer.

If you use a tenderizer with salt, it makes the ribs too salty. (You can
also use MSG.) (AND I PREFER MSG)

Sprinkle liberally with GRANULATED GARLIC. (Garlic powder is too strong!)

Sprinkle on both sides and cover with saran paper, and let marinate for 4
to 5 hrs. in cool place or in refrigerator. I just roll them up and stick em
in a bowl or pan in the refrigerator.

Ready to cook!

Soak about 10# Kingsford charcoal in bucket with liter fluid. throw in a
few pieces of pecan wood. (if wood is dry soak it a little in water and it
produces more smoke)

Get fire started low. I usually build fire in one end of pit. This allows
me to rotate ribs over fire without burning.

Cut each rack of ribs into 3 pieces for easier handling.

Dip ribs in DIPPING SAUCE and cook on each side. Turning and dipping
frequently about every 3 or 4 minutes, depending on heat of charcoal.


When ribs are almost done, (About 2 to 3 hrs. depending on your heat)

take what is left of dipping sauce and add

1 16oz bottle Kraft BBQ sauce. (Original recipe is the best)

Sometimes I add a little water if it is too thick.

Cook this (slow simmer) on stove for approx. 5 minutes.

I like to dip the ribs on one side in this sauce and stand them up in pit
for final cook time. If you prefer ribs without sauce, omit this part.

Remove from grill, let them cool and cut in single ribs. Serve what is
left of dipping sauce in bowl. You can add cayenne pepper if sauce is not hot
enough for your taste.

The old saying goes “I wish I had a nickel for every pound of ribs I have
cooked using this recipe. I’d be a rich man.”

-Ken Updike

“This website should give each of my oldie friends a lot of memories!! When the site opens, just scroll down to the show that you want to see and click on it. Below the video is a little history to go along with it!” -Larry Smith

“I recently found an old autograph book like the kids used to carry long ago.  This book belonged to Ruby Neal Billingsley who was a sophomore of Zaneis in 1930 and 1931.  An aunt from Orr wrote in the book.  Her name was Mittie Byrne.  There is also an Aunt Monette who signed the book.  This is a wonderful little autograph book and I would like to be able to send it to Ruby or a member of her family. If any of Ruby’s family reads this and would like the book please contact me,”  -Mindy Taylor  mindyltaylor@att.net

Down in the meadow
Carved on a rock
Are these words
“Forget me not.”

See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges
Nashobish Ikana
PO Box 2
Lone Grove, Oklahoma 73443

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