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Vol 14  Issue 703  July 15, 2010

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Henry and Letta (Colbert) Tussy

Henry B. “H.B” Tussy was born in Kentucky, July 8, 1856, the son of Jacob and Mary Tussy.  He arrived in Indian Territory with his parents in 1869. His father died one year later in the Cherokee Nation, and his mother died July 18, 1893.  H.B. was the founder and early pioneer of the community of Tussy, Oklahoma in northwestern Carter county.  He worked in the cattle business, and for many years worked for Bill Addington on his 12 mile square ranch, which included the future town of Tussy. Later H.B. cultivated of his own, 700 acres for produce and 700 acres for pasture.

In July 1886 he married Letta Colbert. She was the daughter of James Colbert, and the grand daughter of Winchester Colbert, governor of the Chickasaw Nation.  Henry and Letta first settled in Cold Springs, two miles south of the present Tussy store. They had seven children, Mary, Martha J., Lucy Lee, Henrietta, Lola May, Alex, and Lilla Francis.  One of the other early settlers, who came to Indian Territory with the Tussys, was the George Gray family.  The Grays and Tussys watched the army wagons build the first road in the future Carter and Stephens counties, which ran from Fort Arbuckle to Ft. Sill.  -Indian Territory and Carter County Pioneers Book – 1983

Winchester Colbert burial site

Last Sunday afternoon we got a rare glimpse of a bird right in our backyard.  About 12 years ago when we had some bad ice storms come through the state, it almost brought their population down to zero.  But now the Oklahoma Roadrunner is back. I wasn’t able to get a real good picture of him, but good enough to show everyone.



And also this week Jill saw a big turkey in our backyard.  We have not seen one in 4 weeks, ever since all that shooting across the road from us 4 weeks ago today. So we are putting out chicken scratch for him everyday now, nope he gets to hang around for a long time to come, and invites others to our yard.  I’ll take a pic of him when I see the turkey myself.

If  you haven’t been to Turner Falls lately, they have a new Exit road.  You still enter at the entrance that’s been there since time one, but now there is a new road that exits to the south from the Turner Falls ticket booth.



Here are the admission prices to Turner Falls posted at the entrance.


Here’s a pic I snapped of Turner Falls last Friday.


When we go through Davis we try to stop and browse at Junk City USA.


About 6 miles north of Davis on Highway 77 (west side of highway) is Thompson Gardens.  We stopped and bought 2 tree shrubs at half price, $5 each to plant in our front yard.  She had several hot houses and so many plants to choose from, I couldn’t keep them all straight. 


What caught my eye at Thompson Gardens was a garden bench that read: House Divided


Of course, we can’t go to the Davis and Sulphur area without stopping at our favorite Chinese restaurant in Sulphur to eat at the New China (the old Bricks restaurant. At noon its all you can eat for $5.65 and that’s hard to beat. The food is always fresh and great tasting.




Today Jill looked out our kitchen window and saw 5 turkeys eating the chicken scratch we put out everyday.  She was amazed at so many, especially after not seeing any for nearly 4 weeks.  But a few hours later she saw a coyote come through the backyard, heading toward the tree line, bet he smelled those turkeys.


Q.   Where was Oklahoma’s 1938 prison riot?
A.    Hominy Prison at Hominy, Oklahoma

Q.   When did the Indian removals begin?
A.   (answer in next week’s issue)

Gas prices today in the Ardmore area……


Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..“Greetings Butch! I was looking for some information on a colorful character by the name of Fred Hudson. He passed away years ago. I worked with him in the Summer of 1969. Fred told me once he had fought the Number 1 Contender for the Heavyweight Crown. Fred told me the Number 1 Contender knocked Fred out during the fight and ended Fred’s Boxing Career. Fred said that a Drug Store on Main (I think it was Reavis Drug on Main St) had one of the original fight posters in their window. After work that day, I went and looked and sure enough there it was in the Drug Store window just like Fred had said. I have been trying to Google Fred to see who the Number 1 Contender was he fought but have not had any luck. Thought maybe some of your Readers might know or have the research capability to find out. I did find a reference to another colorful man who might be Fred Hudson’s Grandfather. The article about him, if legit, is an interesting read.” -Glen

The Sulphur Times Democrat
Sulphur, Murray County, Oklahoma

Thursday, February 4, 1937112 Year Old Man Passes at Davis
JOHN J. ALLEN, 112 years old, died at his home in Davis yesterday morning at 10 a.m. Mr. Allen, believed to be the oldest man in Oklahoma, attracted world wide attention by cutting his fourth set of teeth shortly after his 100th birthday. He was a Confederate veteran of the Civil War, having joined in the early part of the struggle and served until the close. Besides his widow, he is survived by a daughter, MRS. LILLIE HUDSON, a grandson FRED HUDSON both of Ardmore. He was the father of 15 children but had adopted and raised 30 other children. His first wife died when he was 80 and he remarried and became the father of twins. The body was taken to the Hutchins Funeral Home at Davis and is held pending funeral arrangements.

“Where are all the hummingbirds? A lone hummingbird takes a drink. Last year I had around 30 birds this year 2. Anybody know the answer to this question?” -Doug Williams, Ardmore

Local Wilson born man, Lee Baggs, is an accomplished artist.


“I was told that the reason we don’t have any Horned Toads (Horny Toads) left here in Texas is because the fire ants killed all the red ants and that the toads fed on the ants. We are the proud owners and protectors of 2 large red ant dens here on the San Gabriel River in Central Texas, but alas, so far no one has spotted even one Horned Toad. Anyone seen one lately?? I’ve declared war on fire ants and have almost eliminated all seeable dens on our 12 acres.” -Mary Goertz AHS ’55, Georgetown, TX

“I was looking for information on Randolph bottom near Madill. I read a little from a past article but was wondering if there was more I’m interested to know what happened to it and where the remains of the rest of the town is.” -Gene Purser

“I was talking about this one just a few weeks ago! Mentioned to my son Kevin that I’d watched this serial at Putnam City Elementary school when I was in the 5th grade. They played a chapter each week, in addition to a classic feature such as: “Young Tom Edison”, “Alexander Graham Bell”, etc. and charged each child 5 cents to see the films. The reason I was telling Kev about this one is the fact that (so far as I know) it’s the only serial that Gene Autry ever made, and he went by his own name in it. I had forgotten that Smiley Burnett was in it too. Did you know that both of Smiley’s parents were Christian Church preachers? I have a book of songs that he published and it shows him and his wife on his motor scooter at their small ranch in California. He’d already written and performed over a hundred songs at that time. Later I heard him telling the story (on a live show that we did at Channel Nine, KWTV) about how he was strumming his guitar (he played dozens of instruments) while riding in the back of Gene Autry’s convertible and he asked Gene if he’d like to buy a song for just a dollar? Of course Gene said yes and the song was “Riding Along In A Canyon”, another of Gene’s hits. I’d love to have a copy of this serial to add to my collection. I have several serials (on VHS tape and DVDs) of the ’20s, ’30s, and ’40s in my collection. Many of them are copies of the ones we played at the Britton Theatre.” -Roy K. in Perry, OK

“Many years ago, I heard that someone was killed by diving off Turner Falls. Does anyone know if this is true? I haven’t been there in years, but it was one of our favorite places to picnic and swim.”

“Butch, on July 3rd our community (Lake Kiowa, Texas) recognized the World War ll veterans that are living in our community. Miriam Hogan was recognized as having joined the Women’s Army Corp (WAC) in May, 1943. After six weeks training she was commissioned a second lieutenant. Her first assignment was near Lubbock, Texas training and commissioning glider pilots. Due to her booming voice, Miriam issued all commands to WAC ‘s marching in numerous parades. She was discharged from active duty in 1945. Your readers may recall that she and her husband had a roofing shingle plant near the refinery.” -Dan

Midwest Country Show
On July 17 and 18, I will be appearing at the Midwest Country Show in Sandstone, Minnesota. On Saturday July 17, I will be the opening act and the show times are 3pm and 7pm. On Sunday July 18, I will be the featured act and the show time is 2pm. I hope some of you can attend. Please call 320-245-2429 for reservations and tell them you are coming to see me.

Western Swing Cruise
I also want to remind you of our Western Swing Cruise which will be January 30 to February 5, 2011. You have the option of a bus ride from Kansas/Oklahoma to Galveston, or meet us at the ship in Galveston. The modern comfortable coach will depart Wichita, Ponca City or Oklahoma City on January 30 with an overnight stay at a hotel in the Houston area. We will board the ship on Monday January 31. The cruise includes stops in Progresso and Cozumel, Mexico. We will have a dance/concert each day. Also, bring your guitar or fiddle to join in the daily jam session. Please call 888-834-8660 or 580-765-4600 as soon as you can to make your reservation. Hope you can join us for lots of music, dancing, food, fun and sight seeing.

Les Gilliam

“Ardmore, OK June 2010 Street Scene.”  -Cecil Elliott, OKC






“A big old bull buffalo at the park in Sulphur, Oklahoma. No, I was not that close thank goodness for a telephoto lens and a big fence.” -Doug Williams


“Every nite at ten pm one or two, never more, of these bugs fly around in my tv room, then die. It is about 1/4 inch in diameter and looks a little like a jelly bean. If I do not kill it, it dies on its own in a few minutes. What is it, where does it come from? Anyone know?” -Jerry in CA


“A little birdie told me you are having another birthday this coming Sunday. Many happy returns!” -Ken@ Wilson

Green Leaves by The Four Brothers 1960

A time to be reaping
A time to be sowing
The green leaves of summer
Are calling me home “
Twas so good to be young then
In the season of plenty
When the catfish were jumping
As high as the sky

A time just for planting
A time just for ploughing
A time to be courting
A girl of your own “
Twas so good to be young then
To be close to the earth
And to stand by your wife
At the moment of birth, wo…


See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges
Nashobish Ikana
PO Box 2
Lone Grove, Oklahoma 73443

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