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Vol 14  Issue 709  August 26, 2010

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The Rev, John Anthony Quitman (1851-1908) and Sally Ann Letitia (Glider) (1851-1928) McCullough came from Texas to Ardmore, Indian Territory, in 1890 and bought a large five-room log house located on what later would be, when streets were created, McCullough Street SW at the end of South Washington. This is one of first two or three houses in the Ardmore area, and was rather substantial at the time and place.

On the expanse of land that came with the house, the Rev. McCullough established a large nursery from which he supplied many of the orchards, shade trees, and shrubs that grew in what is now Southern Oklahoma.

The Rev. McCullough established the South Ardmore Baptist Church at 5th and Carter Streets S.E.  The large white wooden building no longer exists, but the Baptist Church that the Rev. McCullough established lives on today as the Emmanuel Baptist Church.

The Rev. McCullough established a school in Ardmore sometime in the 1890s and Latin was one of the subjects.  It is strange that Latin was considered essential in 1890, Indian Territory, and it is shunned today.  -from the Indian Territory and Carter County Pioneers Book 1983

Photo of John and Sally (Glider) McCullough


Here is a map where I marked about where the old McCollough home place was located in Ardmore.


Joel Satterwhite sent in a great piece of Carter county history this week, a picture of Ray Satterwhite and his side kick, Holly, inside the store at Woodford when it existed. In the photo you will see lots of ball caps hanging all over the room.  These were not for sale at any price Joel said.  The hats were given to Ray through the years by his customers and he put them on display inside the Satterwhite store.


While were on old Carter county grocery stores, North of Springer at Highway 77 and Highway 53 West in the SW corner of that intersection was a grocery store I remember 20 and 30 years ago.  One of the owners was Jearl Meeks.  Maybe someone remembers the original name and owners?


Some of you will remember we talked about Loyd Hudson, deputy sheriff of Carter county back in the 80s and 90s, and his brother, Fred Hudson, a reported prize fighter from Ardmore.  Someone wrote in just a couple weeks ago telling about a poster he remembered seeing many years ago on Ardmore’s Main street announcing an upcoming boxing fight of Fred Hudson.  This week I was browsing through the Remembrance Book on Steve Hamm’s website and there was a photo of the Hudson family including Fred and Loyd.


I never knew Fred Hudson but I remember his brother Loyd and saw him countless times at the sheriffs office when it was located on Hinkle Street next door to the courthouse. Loyd was a collector of pocket knives, and had about 300 on a piece of plywood mounted to the wall in his office area.  One day I was there and Joe Ramer, investigator at the time for the Oklahoma Cattlemens Association entered the office.  Joe decided he play a little joke on Loyd Hudson when he wasn’t looking, took one of those pocket knives from Loyd’s collection, and placed it in his pocket.  When Loyd walked in a little later, Joe asked him if he wanted to buy this knife, showing it to Loyd.  Loyd said he already had one knife like that, but how much did he want for it.  Joe replied $2 and Loyd said he’d take it anyway.  There was a lot of ribbing for a while, Loyd buying his own knife.  lol

Last weekend I had a burst of energy and built a corn crib for feeding the 2 deer and 2 baby fawns that come up in our backyard everyday.



A few weeks back I read in the Lone Grove Ledger newspaper where water well driller Harold Newman of Lone Grove hit water at a residence in south Lone Grove. Since my friend Harold is good at water witching for water (also called dowsing), he hit water alright, but it was a city water line. To me that just confirms that dowsing works, he found water, even if it wasn’t the water he was drilling for. People may be skeptical at using dowsing rods to find water, but my great grandmother Ida Miller used them during her lifetime to find water. I don’t know if her being Choctaw Indian helped, I believe it did. Being in tune with mother earth, nature and the energy forces emitted might make the difference between finding water and not finding water. Just like my great grandmother, I can find water with dowsing rods. In fact, when Harold Newman came to drill our water well in July 2008 I didn’t tell Harold beforehand, but I had already did some dowsing and marked the spot with a rock where I found water on our property. Harold found the exact same spot and that’s were he drilled, finding plenty of water 185 feet down. So all I can say to the skeptics is, go ahead and laugh. lol


Don’t forget Saturday, September 11th is the 21st annual Auction and Crafts at Clarita, Oklahoma put on by the Amish community in that area. It is expected to draw 10,000 people this year.

Q.   What was the name of the first commercial oil well in Oklahoma?
A.   No. 1 Nellie Johnston near Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

Q.   Who was the “Cherokee Bandit”?
A.   (answer in next week’s issue)

Gas prices today in the Ardmore area……


Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..“Butch, Wondering if any of your readers have any photos of Hwy 70 businesses in Lone Grove in the 50?s. There was Hammitts, Risner?s, Dr Hathaway?s office, the old post office, Lewis? and at least one caf? on the south side about midtown.” -Jim

“Butch, We live in Lone Grove in the addition between Meridian and Brock.  Our neighbors lost their little dog a week or so ago to owls.  The animal control officer said this was not uncommon in our area.  If your neighbors see the buzzards swarming that is how they found Harley.  The owl had dropped him in the field behind the apartment bldg. on Meridian.  Hope this is not what has happened to your friend’s dog.”

“Butch, Ed and I have counted as many as 15 hummingbirds at our place on Hedges Road. I have to fill my feeders at least two and sometimes three times daily. Keeps me busy, but we do enjoy watching them! I have even seen them sitting on the chain link fence just waiting for a vacant spot to come open and they zoom up to to take over. I haven’t seen any many of the red throated hummers this year and I did last year. I read somewhere that they come from Mexico so your reader may be right about the weather in Mexico causing them problems. One of my feeders is a quart and a half and the other just a quart. We also have a squirrel that comes up and eats off of our bird feeder. One of our dogs goes crazy barking when he is up there. Of course I don’t let him out and it almost looks like the squirrel is baiting him. He’ll turn around to the door and put his paws up and just nibble away. Just makes the dog bark a little louder!!” -Ann Randolph


“Butch, should a mama deer have a baby or two in your yard….Do Not Touch, Feed, Water or anything. We used to have them born in our backyard every year. The mothers always leave them…We called TX Parks and Wildlife and they told us that….the mother will come back to get them in two or three days. One year the mother left for two weeks and we never did a thing for the fawn…We called him “Junior”. A couple of years later, we found a larger fawn trying to climb up on our steps of the deck. We called him “Junior” and told him not to do that, he just looked at us and went over to lay down next to the deck where he stayed those two weeks!!!”

“The very best way to fix corn on the cob: If you buy it fresh don’t shuck it, cut a little of the bottom end off, place it in a plastic shopping bag (WalMart, etc.) twist it tight close to the ear and wrap the top part of the bag around the ear and place it in the microwave for 3 minutes. Let it cool until you can safely handle taking the shucks off. Surprisingly enough the silks will come off with the shucks. Cut the ends, butter it and enjoy!!!! It is so good and so easy to fix. Now, don’t fix several at a time, we have tried that and it doesn’t work, do one ear at a time but by the time you get the second one fixed, the first one is ready to shuck, etc. Herb will go to the store and buy one ear and bring it home and cook it, if it is sweet and good, he will go back and buy several ears (usually a dozen), bring them home, place them in a heavy freezer bag and freeze, shucks and all. Then when he wants to cook them, he does what I described at the top of this e-mail. The only difference is if the ears are frozen, then you cook it for 4 minutes instead of 3. If the ears are really large it may take a half a minute longer but most of them cook in 4 minutes. The produce man at Save a lot told him how to do this and we have enjoyed many ears this summer by fixing them this way.” -Pat

“I was in Bennington, Oklahoma (Birthplace of former US Rep Wes Watkins) and saw this old service station. These old buildings are rapidly falling down. Old US highway 66 still has a few of these old driveway stations standing.” -Doug Williams

“Butch on the burning of the old Ardmore gym unless the roofers left there heater on for the asphalt and/or it was somehow inside it could not cause the fire. I haul asphalt from the refineries to various road paving plants and roofing plants and at the hottest it is 500F and that’s extreme generally it is shipped in the 300F range.”

“Butch, Last Sunday, August 15, was the 75th anniversary of the deaths of Wiley Post and Will Rogers in Point Barrow Alaska. They did simultaneous memorials in Edmond, Ok (where the Posts are buried), Claremore, Ok, California and Point Barrow, AK. I was at Memorial Park Cemetery and took a few pictures of the service and the laying of the wreath. There was a gentleman named Will Moore that was a friend of the Post family that told of the events of that day in 1935. Mr. Moore is now 95 years old. Lt. General Thomas Stafford was at the memorial service here in the city. General Stafford is an amazing gentleman. I enjoyed talking to him very much. They are in the process of building a museum dedicated to Wiley Post. It is to be built at Wiley Post Airport in Bethany, OK. They are planning on re-assembling the hangar that was located at Britton Road and North May Ave. I had been in that building when it was still standing at that location. The site is now a vacant car lot. There is a book about Wiley Post that I scanned in case anyone is interested in reading it. It looks like Post had connections to Ardmore. He was born in Maysville, OK.” -Cecil Elliott










Wiley Post Hanger Project:  Wiley Post Hangar

“Site of Charles Urshel Home and kidnapping in 1933.  327 NW 18th Oklahoma City.” -Cecil Elliott




Some American History – Vietnam Wall

First click on a state. When it opens, scroll down to the city and the names will appear. Then click on their names. It should show you a picture of the person, or at least their bio and medals.

I hope that everyone who receives this appreciates what those who served in Vietnam sacrificed for our country.

The link below is a virtual wall of all those lost during the Vietnam war with the names, bio’s and other information on our lost heroes. Those who remember that timeframe, or perhaps lost friends or family can look them up on this site. Pass the link on to others if you like.


The Daily Ardmoreite
December 12, 1944
Gideons Organize Camp In Ardmore, Elect Officers
Ardmore camp of Gideons was organized Sunday with the following officers:
J. L. Pickens, president; Earl A. Brown, Bible secretary; Wm. M. Smith, secretary-treasurer; H. N. Thomason, chaplain.
Announcement was made for the first meeting of the new camp to take place at the home of the president at 715 E. street northwest, at 2:30 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 7, this to be an open meeting to all interested in the Gideon work; wives of Gideons especially invited.
The organization meeting was held at Hotel Ardmore Sunday afternoon with Lee J. Hoyt, St. Louis, international secretary, presiding. Preceding this meeting Gideons had occupied pulpits in six Ardmore churches

Museum Memories
Compiled by Melinda Taylor
The Wilson News
October 27, 1916
While driving on Eighth and A streets in Ardmore a few days ago, Dr. Son of that city and his son, Lindsay F. Son of Wilson, experienced the misfortune of having a street car strike their automobile, which was completely demolished by the sudden impact. Both father and son were thrown twelve or fifteen feet, the former receiving only slight bruises but the younger man was found to be unconscious, in which state he remained for hours. It is believed that he has suffered internal injuries. We sincerely trust that this may not prove the case however, and that the seriousness of his condition may be found mitigated upon further investigation. (Dr. Son practiced in Wilson for a short time in its early days.)
After November 1st, I will be ready and willing to wire each and every church in the city of New Wilson for the electric lights, and contribute my labor services to each institution, which is a saving of a few dollars.
Thereby the only expense is the cost of electrical material. Clyde R. Williams, City Electrician.
R. B. Grace, a progressive young citizen of Claypool, was married to Miss Clara Lindsay, daughter of Deputy U. S. Marshal Lindsay, also of Claypool, and one of its fairest and most popular young ladies.
The happy event was consummated Sunday afternoon, Oct. 22, at the home of the bride’s parents, amongst the sincerest wishes for their success from the gathered friends present, the Rev. W. L. Gilliam of Wilson, officiating.
The groom is a son of a prominent farmer of that section.
Museum Hours: Tues., Thurs., Fri., Sat., 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. http://www.wilsonhistoricalmuseum.org

The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain. -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

See everyone next week!

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