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Vol 14  Issue 712   September 16, 2010

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Mr. C. E. Troutman, the architect, had done much to make our city pleasing to the eye, for, after designs drawn by him, nearly, if not all of the finest residences and business blocks where built.

Mr. Troutman was a native of Logansport, Louisiana.  He moved to Ardmore in 1892 and engaged in contracting and building until 1897, when he almost at one bound became the leading architect of the Indian Territory. Among the modern residences recently built, he designed and superintended the construction of those owned by the following gentlemen: C. L. Anderson, A. C. Cruce, W. W. Duston, J. N. Barall, Max Westheimer, Joe F. Robinson, besides some still in course of construction, as well as scores of others.  He is also the architect of, among others, the building belonging to Sig Simon, Johnson, Cruce and Cruce, Campbell and Foster, M. Gorman, (the Gorman Block), and the United States courthouse (SW corner of B and West Main), owned by Doak and Robinson. Mr. Troutman does considerable of the best work in neighboring towns.  He designed the Fraternity building at Wynnewood and the two-story brick bank building at Durant, both built at the same time.  -from Good Times edition of The Daily Ardmoreite, 1899 (re-published in the Indian Territory and Carter County Pioneers book, 1983

This is a photo of Mr. Troutman.


If anyone in the Ardmore area has an old TV they dont need, I could use one as a “monitor station” for the security cameras at work. Doesn’t matter what size, just as long as its in good working condition. A 20 or 24 inch would do fine. The one I’m using now lost most color and about to go out
(the TV is on 24/7).

This weekend, Sept 17th, 18th and 19th is the 17th annual Murray County Antique Tractor and Implement Show. Its held at Sulphur and if you haven’t attended one of these shows, you have missed out on a great experience.


A Reader sent me an email a couple weeks ago with a suggestion to request feature stories from Readers for placement in the newsletter.  I would like to encourage anyone who has a story to share, to send it in!  If you have a story to share with everyone, type it up in an email an send it in, I’ll put it in the next newsletter!

We have a couple of female deer, 2 small fawns, and a couple of very young bucks come up in our backyard to eat corn every evening.  They don’t seem very afraid of me or Jill like they used to be. One of the mothers is trying to wean her baby from milk, so cute.

Q.   What famous expedition came through Oklahoma between 1804 and 1806?
A.   Lewis and Clark Expedition

Q.   What system was adopted for state employees in 1956?
A.   (answer in next week’s issue)

Gas prices today in the Ardmore area……


Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..“Joe Hock inquired about a school teacher who flew an ultralight aircraft. That would have been P. T. “Pete” Nall and he was the principal and taught science at Plainview.”

“Actually that was P T (Pete) Nall and he was Supt at Plainview when I taught there in 1964-5. He built his own gyro-glider and flew it off the old Lake Murray strip by having his wife pull it with their Ford. Like the video below except Pete would pull the pin on the tow rope, catch a thermal or two and stay up for 15-30 minutes at a time.”


T. E. (Thal) McGinness
Conroe, TX

“Hi Butch, I enjoyed the reference to the beginning of publication of the Daily Ardmoreite in last week’s T&T. During my teen years in the mid 1940’s, I delivered the Ardmoreite in Sulphur. At one time I had over 100 customers and the paper was delivered on my bicycle so I was pretty busy. At that time, the paper was on the porch and not scattered all over the yard as it is today. If I missed the porch, I got off my bike and put it on the porch. My manager was a fellow named Fred Hicks and he later served as mayor of Ardmore. Old timers may remember him. I doubt if many will remember that the weekly “Sulphur Times Democrat” used to be a daily newspaper. I have a copy of the “Sulphur Daily News” framed and on the wall of my sun room. It is dated December 7, 1941 and the headline is the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Sulphur also had several other newspapers, including “The Sulphur Record” and the “Sulphur Sun”. I also worked for the Sulphur Record, delivering papers and sweeping up the place after the newspaper was printed and everyone else had gone home. Part of the sweeping up included gathering up the spilled lead scattered all over the floor from the Linotype machine’s operation. I had to mold it into bars which were reused in the next day’s operation . Maybe some other T&T readers have some memories to share about early day newspapers. By the way, I also have the “Oklahoma City Times” with headline of Germany’s surrender and the “Daily Oklahoman” with headline of Japan’s surrender, ending WW2 both framed and hanging in my sun room. Thanks for the T&T each week.”  -Roy Miller, Oklahoma City

“Butch, if you are listing old grocery stores in Marietta, I remember a few. Lispscomb?s Grocery was on the NW corner of Hwy 77 and the exit from I-35 into Marietta. Steven?s Grocery was on Main St. as was Humpty Dumpty and Pratt’s. Also Armstrong?s Grocery on Main. Colston?s was across from the old Marietta school on the East side of town. Walden?s was also on Main Street. B&G was on the NW corner of the main intersection on Main. Laney?s was on Hwy 77 and it is still in operation by another name. There was one across the street that was owned by a Mr. Riggs for awhile and later by Elizabeth Eggbert. My uncle had one next to the Masonic Lodge, Thompson?s. I believe that Mr. Martin and then McMeans had the grocery store in Loves Valley. Mr. Banks had a store in Belleville in western Love Co.. Langston?s had one in Thackerville. Testerman?s had one in Greenville, later owned by Goldsmith. There was one in Shady Dale and I can?t remember who owned that one. I am sure that I will think of others as soon as I send this.” -Frances Dunlap

“Hello Butch, Still enjoying your newsletter each week. “Read it from Cover to Cover”.  Just wanted to share a new Web Site that is being launched on Sept. 11th. By my son-in-law and daughter.  It’s called ToHonorThem.com. It allows people to honor others who have made a difference in their lives.  It is very well done and it’s all FREE. They have spent thousands of dollars just so anyone can honor anyone for free.”  -Jerry Summy



“Butch, I don’t know much early history of Carter County but here is a human interest story. In 1930-32, dentists and dental lab people were somewhat itinerate. My dad, J. M. Vick, couldn’t find any work except WPA occasionally. There was a man processing dentures for several local dentists. My dad, having nothing else to do, watched and helped this man. Some of the dentists met my dad. Suddenly the man just left town. One of the early dentists, Dr. S.S. Haines, Brought some equipment to where our family lived and told my dad that he would help him with anything he didn’t know how to do to process dentures. My dad began working for Dr. Haines and then for most of the other dentists. At that time people expected to loose their teeth by age 40. My dad processed the dentures for almost all the denture wearers in the county from 1932 until his death in 1972. The lab was at our home and I grew up working there. I always had a job. My dad worked from 7:00 A.M. until sometimes 8 or 9 P.M. usually seven days a week. I think I am part of the American Dream, I went to college, dental school, and specialty school and have practiced orthodontics for 34 years. I graduated from AHS in 1954.” -James E. Vick. DDS

The success of Molly Murphy’s House of Fine Repute between 1976 and 1996 was predicated on theft. Owners Bob and Jeffiee Tayar pilfered the idea for their wildly successful novelty restaurant from The Magic Time Machine in Austin, Texas.



“Butch, My sons wife is teaching 20 autistic children in Dell City with few helpers and no money to buy needed equipment. Hope some of your Readers can help. Contest expires in 16 days.”  -Hoot Gilbert

Hi all, I am in need of your help for my classroom. Sonic is doing their yearly donation program with Donorschoose.org. They do this every year and teachers are able to get free materials for their classroom. In order to get the materials, the teacher makes a request list and this project must receive the most votes in each local Sonic area. We were able to get help towards equipment for our independent room last year, and this year we are trying to get materials to create an indoor recess area. Surprisingly, our kids do not understand why they can not go outside to play when it is raining or to cold. They still need somewhere to move off their excess energy. You can vote for us on the Sonic program using a free vote each day, or using codes obtained from Sonic drinks. I will lay out how to go vote below.

Ok, it takes a few steps to vote but we really appreciate it:

1. go to http://www.LimeadesForLearning.com
2. click the small blue box in the middle of the screen that says “start voting”
3. click the tab that says “keyword” on the far end of the ‘add a filter’ section
4. type the words –>  gilbert outside
5. the picture of storm clouds will appear with a title that reads “what do you mean “no outside today”!!!
6. click where it says to vote for this project. (after you vote you will see a box pop up, you can just click out of it without marking to accept anything)

and you have voted for us…. Thank you so very much, we appreciate your time.
* and remember, you can also vote more then the one time if you have tabs from your Sonic drinks.

Tricia and class 😉
Del City, OK

“Butch: have been having upwards of 20 hummers at a time on our three feeders am sure they are stocking up for their trip south. Can any reader tell me where the killdeers have gone in past years we have had them lay eggs and raise little ones in our acreage this year we have not seen one bird–what happened to them?” -Rick Feiler

“Butch, Ben was born and raised in Ardmore. I’m from Madill and we’ve been married for 53 years. I enjoy your newsletter so much. I’m sending the site of Ben’s obituary thinking you might want to put it in the next newsletter. We went back to Ardmore and Madill every chance we had. Because of advancing Parkinson’s Disease and the problems it causes Ben had not been able to travel for the last several years but I’ve been back a few times. I’m an artist and Oklahoma is one of my favorite places to paint. We always loved visiting Oklahoma.” -Nellie Gill, San Antonio, TX

Ben Tom Gill, Jr. Obituary

“This is a picture of a row of round bales of hay just south of Sulphur, Oklahoma at the Mahard Egg Farm, there are probably over 10,000 bales as this row is over a quarter of a mile long and they are 3 deep.” -Doug Williams


“Butch – A friend of mine has found some film canisters when they moved her grandmother into a nursing home.  Does any of your Readers have any idea where she can get those developed?  She’s dying to know what’s on them!”  -Sherry

Farming looks mighty easy when your plow is a pencil and you’re a thousand miles from the corn field. -Dwight D. Eisenhower

See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges
Ardmore Oklahoma
PO Box 2
Lone Grove, Oklahoma 73443

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