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Vol 14  Issue 716   October 14, 2010

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I remember as a young boy back in the 50s and 60s going to Devil’s Den north of Tishomingo to swim and spend the day.  Going that far in the family car with our parents was a real outing for us northeast Ardmore kids since we seldom left our part of town.  I received an email this week with a link to some great photos of Devils Den (Bruno’s Pennington Creek Ranch.  This is the best and most pictures I’ve seen in years, 24 of them!


The past couple of weeks there has been mention of White Mound in Murray county.  Larry Guthrie sent in some info and picture on White Mound back in December 2004.

“Butch, Here is the location of While Mound. White Mound, near Nebo, sec.20, T.2S, R.3E; sec.5, T.2S, R.1W; sec.34, T.1S, R.2E, in Sylvan Shale: barite (“dollars” consisting of fine radiating needles) (Ham and Merritt 1944).” -Larry Guthrie


From This and That October 1997:

Coleman “Cole” Younger and his brothers were members of Quantrill’s Raiders during the Civil War. After the war, he and his brothers moved to Texas, trying to start over, and live a life of peace. It is said a fight took place over in Louisiana, a shooting, a death, and Cole Younger from then on would live a life of an outlaw. Cole had a friend who lived in Madill, Oklahoma named George Washington Riggs. Mr. Riggs was the Great-Grandfather of fellow Ardmoreite Kenneth Keith. In 1906 Cole Younger would visit his friend Riggs in Madill (25 miles east of Ardmore) and a photo would be taken of the two men together. Ken Keith let me borrow the 1906 photo for scanning. To find out more Cole Younger and his brothers, much more info can be found on the internet, just do a search for Cole Younger.



From The Ardmore Statesman
Ardmore, Oklahoma
Thursday, September 9, 1920

Ardmore Chief of Police Chancellor has finally procured a motorcycle cop whose chief duty will be to catch and bring before the city court the “speeders” on the city streets. The new man is Mr. Jack Miller. As soon as the motorcycle for his use arrives, he will use his best effort to put a stop to the all too common practice of stepping on the gas on either downtown or the suburban streets. Such an officer has been badly needed in Ardmore for a long time.

Ardmore had a good rain last Sunday night, lasting most of the night, which we need badly.  But 4 hours before the rain started our electricity went off, again.  The outage lasted nearly 3 hours.  I was hoping when we moved from E Street SW in Ardmore to out here south of Lone Grove, the electrical outages would subside, but seems it followed us here too.  I remember a few years ago my adjoining neighbor, who was retired from OG&E, told me he’d lived in many places through the years, but never had he lived in a place where the electricity went off so much, as it did on E Street SW.  But myself, having gone through the frequent outages during a 30 year span, just thought it came with the neighborhood.   lol

Talking about unusual happenings, Oklahoma’s 4.7 earthquake Wednesday morning at 9:06am was out of the ordinary.  A lot of people from Kansas, all the way through central part of Oklahoma, and on down to Dallas were caught off guard.

Earthquake caught on camera

Q.  What governor was elected in 1963 and again in 1986?
A.  Henry Bellmon

Q.   What Oklahoman was “America’s Favorite Cowgirl?”
A.   (answer in next week’s issue)

Gas prices today in the Ardmore area……

https://oklahomahistory.net/gasprices.htmlSome mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..

RE: 1915 Explosion – “Hi Butch, Just a note to comment on the article about the explosion. What a horrible disaster for Ardmore! I have heard this story over and over by my Mother-in-law, Fannie Willingham Davoult. She is now deceased. She was stricken, as many were, by the loss of her Father, Henry Lafayette Willingham. They never found a trace of him afterward and what a sad day for so many! God rest their souls!” -Kathy of Las Vegas Kdav631@embarqmail.com

“Butch, feel free to share with other chicken farmers. Enjoy the eggs.” -Jerry Brown, in CA

Click here:  Keeping Henhouses Free of Disease

“Butch….that was my Uncle Clyde Minter’s store on Hwy 70 and Plainview Road and I knew the Davis’s from the time I was 5 years old.  All the Davis men, father and sons, were good friends of my parents.  We lived about a block from the store & traded there.”  -Danna

“Butch a person named Kelly asked about the Coliseum at the Oklahoma City Stock Yards and the wrestling that he saw years ago. I too went there to see LeRoy McGuirk and Sailor Dick Trout wrestle. I also went there to see rodeos and the Oklahoma Boy Scouts Jamboree when I was very young. Caught the streetcars in Oklahoma City out in the east part of Oklahoma City and rode it all the way to the Stock Yards about a block from the Coliseum. This back in the late 30s.” -Joe Hock in OKC


“Butch, A couple of things caught my eye in your latest edition. The first was the mention of the Davis Grocery Store on C Street. I don’t remember the second store, but I sure remember the last one. My mother, Viola Cameron, loved that store. When they closed I almost thought my mother had gone into mourning. They carried things in that store that nobody else carried in town. Can you ask Mr. Davis when the last store closed? I remember the closing, but can’t put a date with it.

The Pak-A-Sak Store on Washington was located at 1114. On Christmas Day, that was the only store open in the north part of town.

When I was in high school, 1962-1965, I used to buy all my car magazines at the store on Broadway. John Lee Tyer who was a year ahead of us in high school worked nights there.

When I was in college beginning in 1965 we would occasionally go to the Cattlemen’s Steakhouse Cafe in OKC late at night for coffee. Maybe a burger. But what kept me coming back to the area were the Washington D.C. brand blue chambray shirts that Langston’s, located across the street, carried for about $2.90. At that time, an all cotton shirt was more expensive in any other store. The fact that the shirts were sized made them a real bargain. Eventually, the shirt company went out of business.” -Monroe Cameron  www.monroe@bigskymt.us

“Dear Butch, Just wanted to tell you about an event that is planned here in Ardmore, and anyone who has family members buried in the Pruitt Cemetery may attend this dedication.

Ardmore Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution Historic Preservation committee, Nell Truitt, chairman, will have a Pruitt Cemetery dedication on Saturday, October 23, 2010, at the cemetery, located on Gene Autry Road in Ardmore, Oklahoma. The event begins at 11:00 a.m. and the program will begin with the flag honor guard, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America. Chairman Nell Truitt will give the welcome. Mary Bailey, state chairman of DAR, will bring greetings to those present. The Pruitt family have been directors of the cemetery for four generations, through Moses Byrd Pruitt, Louise Byrd “Byrdie” Pruitt, Daniel Pruitt, and Dana Pruitt Boyd. Dana is now the First Vice Regent of the Ardmore Chapter DAR, and is co-chairman of this historic dedication of the cemetery.

A new flag pole, memorial marker and flag will be dedicated at the cemetery, and the Pruitt family members will relate memories of years past at the Pruitt School and the cemetery. An old panorama photo will be shown, which is an original, of the school, and copies of that will be available for ordering. This will be a walk into the past century, in Carter County, and in the Ardmore area.

Lorna Holloway, Regent of the local DAR chapter, said, “As we dedicate this historical cemetery which was established about 1914, realizing that over one hundred and sixty-one burials have been held there, may we honor each of these as we remember them on this dedication day.”

Daughters of the American Revolution is a lineage based, non-political women’s service organization, whose motto is God, Home and Country. We promote Historic Preservation, Patriotism, and Education.”

“We sold two red and one white corn cobs, with instructions how to use, at the Bar C Ranch Souvenir Store, near Horseshoe Curve, Turner Falls, in the early 1940’s. They may have been fake, but looked like miniature corn cobs. Inside a small package labeled “Tourist’s First Aid Kit.” Sold for something like less than a buck.  Thanks for the memory,”

“I just received word that after 61 years in business, Ponders restaurant officially closed after lunch Sunday! This is a sad day for our class especially, since we were there when it was started, and have seen it through all these years!” -Larry

“I found a treasure today at a garage sale. This painting was done by my very good friend Jean Edwards who is now deceased. I always wanted one of her paintings and could not believe it when I saw it. Now for those of you that don’t know Jean here is a little something about her. I met Jean while attending Maxwell Ave Church of Christ, she was a health food eating person that loved my tomatoes, in fact I planted extra plants just for her. Jean was kind of timid but see had a talent for painting. Oh another thing Jean had been a quadriplegic for 50 years and painted with her mouth. Now that is talent.” -Doug Williams



“My sister in law was talking about the Chuck Wagon in Ardmore and wondering if there is anyone out there who may have their Apple Dumpling Recipe. They said it was a secret when it was open, but maybe someone may have their recipe. I would appreciate any help for the Apple Dumpling recipe.’ -Susan Davis

“Love is like an earthquake-unpredictable, a little scary, but when the hard part is over you realize how lucky you truly are.?

See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges
Ardmore Oklahoma
PO Box 2
Lone Grove, Oklahoma 73443

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