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Vol 15  Issue 747 May 19, 2011

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This Friday, May 20th is going to be something for all the railroad enthusiast out there.  Steve Goen is heading up a tour Friday of the railroad depots from Gainesville, Texas to Lindsay, Oklahoma. Friday evening at the Ardmore depot there will be a culmination of the day’s tour of depots. Ardmoreite Dwane Stevens says it best below:

“Butch, on Friday May 20th a Railroad Historian from Texas will be in our area conducting some activities that should be of interest to your newsletter subscribers. Steve Goen has published several books and videos about the railroads of Oklahoma and Texas and how they had a great impact on the settlement and growth of both states. Since in the early days, railroad depots served as the hub of activities for towns and in fact established many of our towns, Steve is conducting a depot tour of some of the depots that still remain in our area. Steve is hosting the depot tour starting at Gainesville, Texas and ending with Lindsay, Oklahoma. Depots along the way also include, Marietta, the Santa Fe/Rock Island depot and the old Oklahoma, New Mexico & Pacific depot, both in Ardmore, depot at Davis and depot at Pauls Valley. Steve also will present a program with slides and video of historical value concerning all the railroads that once served the Ardmore area. This will be presented in the large meeting room at the Ardmore Depot Friday evening. It’s all free to the public and everyone is invited to attend. Complete details are contained in the press release at the link below. I’ve always wanted to see inside the old Oklahoma, New Mexico & Pacific Depot (The Ringling Road Station in Ardmore) that was constructed by John Ringling of Circus fame and now I’m finally getting my chance. If you have never seen inside it now’s your chance also. Once again, this is all free to the public. Thanks for helping to get the word out.” -Dwane Stevens

The tour info at the link below is provided by Steve Goen along with the itinerary. It going to be a lot of fun and we hope to see many of you there!


Steve Douglas has made available to Steve Hamm his Carter County History Book for placement online. Its just recently been uploaded and available for viewing. The book was published in 1957 and extremely hard to find now-a-days. If you can find one on ebay or abebooks, the book runs about $50 or more, so we are fortunate to have this available for viewing online.  A thanks to Steve Douglas for making it available, and thanks Steve Hamm for getting the book scanned and uploaded for everyone to see!


Russ Martin found a great hamburger place called Linda-Mar Drive-In at Tulsa.  This little eatery is red and yellow, a very attractive building to draw attention. If I had a burger joint, I might want it painted the exact same way!


Last Saturday was the 2011 Oklahoma Outlaw Lawmen History Association RENDEZVOUS MEET at Frederick, Oklahoma.  We didn’t have a large turnout, but attendees who made it to the meeting had a good time, and a lot of sharing of Oklahoma history from long ago.

Speaking of hamburgers, I found one of the best hamburgers I’ve ever tasted in Frederick, Oklahoma last Saturday. Its called the Bomber Inn Restaurant and they treated us like we had lived there all our life.  Very friendly people, and the hamburger was right up there near to top of the best I’ve ever ate.



And here is that delicious burger from the Bomber Inn at Frederick, Oklahoma!


After lunch, everyone assembled at the Tillman County Courthouse parking lot.


Immediately behind the Frederick courthouse is the Pioneer Townsite history museum. It covers nearly a city block consisting of several buildings.  The buildings have a lot of neat history about Frederick and Tillman county from the bygone years. Let’s see, there is a general store, Horse Creek school building, church, blacksmith shop, Frisco depot, caboose, windmill, and much more.








I noticed the First Baptist Church in Frederick has a bell in their bell tower!




I guess one of the main attractions at the museum is the Abernathy Brothers who in 1905 rode horseback from Frederick to New York City.  They were not even teenagers when they made the trip.


While at Frederick, Herman Kirkwood took us north of town a few miles to Deep Red Cemetery to show us some where someone was buried in 1907.  Near the front gate was a Bull Nettle.  You sure don’t want to brush up against a Bull Nettle because it will raise a blister on you right pronto.


I knew its been dry around here, but on the drive over to Frederick I saw how dry it really is.  From about Waurika to Frederick (about 60 miles) its awful.  The farm ponds just have a little muddy water in the bottom of them, and the grass is all dead.  The Frederick area is noted for its wheat farms.  But the wheat did not make this year because of no rain.  I think they’ve only had a little over an inch since January. The wheat was about 6 inches high, and all dead.  Here is a pic I took 10 miles north of Frederick of a farm pond near Deep Red Cemetery. You can see the soil is deep red, and this pond is an example of all the ponds for miles around, almost dry. Sad situation.  But there is hope, since there is a good chance of rain this evening and Friday in western Oklahoma. Many places in the U.S. are flooded, and here in Oklahoma we are in a drought.  I hope some of that predicted rain for Friday and Saturday comes to the Ardmore area too.


This is a link to a website I use often to see where the rain is now, and where it’s predicted.  Just move your mouse from left to right at the bottom of the map to see the rain/clouds change from hour to hour.


A Reader who lives a couple miles north of Lone Grove told me this week she and her husband have been feeling ill for weeks now, and even her dogs were sick.  She had her water well tested and sure enough, it came back positive for bacteria.  They have since added 3 gallons of bleach to the water well per instructions by the Oklahoma DEQ, and hope it clears up soon. I think anyone who has a water well should have it test on a regular basis by the DEQ. A person can get the testing container and mailing instructions at the local OSU Extension Office.  I’ve been told the cost is $20.


Someone sent in a link to info about a roundabout.  Don’t know what a roundabout is?  I remember one in Oklahoma City called the Classen Circle out on NW Expressway back in the early 1970s, but its gone now. And don’t confuse this with the Australian Walkabout.  More about roundabouts below.


From This and That newsletter archives May 2, 1998:
Seems like parts of Oklahoma had a pretty bad scare around 9am Tuesday, April 28, 1998 when a earthquake measuring 4.2 on the Richter scale shook an area north of Lawton, Oklahoma. It was felt all the way down to Dallas. We didn’t feel it here in Ardmore, but I read where it was felt just 25 miles north of Ardmore in the Arbuckle Mountains.

Q.   What is the oldest chartered town in Oklahoma?
A.    Choctaw, Oklahoma

Q.    What Oklahoma town owns the record for the largest pecan pie?
A.     (answer in next week’s newsletter)

Gas prices today in the Ardmore area……

https://oklahomahistory.net/gasprices.htmlSome mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..

“Tonight’s newsletter was great as usual! The letter about the fried pies brought back a wonderful memory. When I was growing up my Mama made the very best chocolate fried pies. They were not made with chocolate pudding. Of course, the tender crust was made with lard that Daddy had rendered after killing a hog. The filling was sugar and cocoa mixed together and then dotted with real butter she had churned. When it was fried in lard in an iron skillet, the filling became just like fudge. Yum!!! She would put one in my lunch sack but I never made it to lunch with one. I ate half while waiting on the school bus and the other half at recess. lol Oh, what precious memories!!” -Nona Evitts

“Greetings from Big Sky, MT.  Tricia and I went down to the Cinnamon Lodge Friday night for Mexican and on the drive back we saw almost the entire Montana animal kingdom. First we passed a herd of elk on the highway down 191. Then when we turned at Big Sky, the big horn sheep were on the hillside as we passed. Just beyond them was a young moose next to the road eating.. On the hill by the Lone Mountain Ranch entrance was another herd of elk. There were a few deer mixed in with them. Halfway up the hill was another herd of elk which may be a splinter group from the Lone Mountain herd. We arrived home and got inside the house when a fox appeared on the porch looking for his Ol’ Roy. The marmots are back. This morning there were three on the porch eating what the fox didn’t get last night. The ravens have been on the porch the past few mornings because they also like the Ol’ Roy. It’s funny to watch them and the squirrels go at it on the porch. The ravens tolerate the squirrels who will run at them and jump up in their faces and bark at them to get them to leave. It’s the Big Sky situation comedy show. John has called three times in the past 4 days telling me of their new snow around Boulder. I told him that we’ve still got almost 3 feet on the ground here. It is slowly melting. We haven’t seen any bears yet. I’m sure it’s because of the snow. I suspect we’ll have more than last year and last year we had a bumper crop.”  -Monroe  m_o_cameron@yahoo.com

“Butch, did you know that Youngers’ Bend in Muskogee county has been restored?” -Eddie Garrett



“1944 ’45 Seminole, Okla.-  I remember Daddy and my Unk Roy making “stink bait” for their fishing trips on the Blue River. They had a concoction of limburger cheese, soured grain, sardines, and a few more choice ingredients.  Anyway they made up a batch and Unk Roy sat two Quart fruit jars on the back porch as my Aunt Willa Mae didn’t want that stink in her house.  Later that afternoon Unk Roy went to pick up the bait and it was gone. He called Daddy to see if he had come by and picked it up. Nope he hadn’t got it.  Well the bait was gone. So they had to make up another batch.  This time Unk Roy hid in the wash house and watched the bait sitting on the back porch. In a few minutes, one of the neighbor’s bird dog came by, wrapped his mouth around the lid on the jar, and took off with it.  And no, Unk. Roy couldn’t catch up with him.  My Uncle told the story for years that he had a homemade fish bait that would not only catch catfish, it could catch bird dogs too!”  -Ken @ Wilson, Oklahoma

One Night Only!!!!!!
Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 21st, 7:00pm, Lee’s Summit North High (Missouri) School Performing Arts Center. (Enter on the East Side of the school building) Tickets at the door only. Adults 18 and over $10, Children $5. Arrive early and enjoy historical exhibits and preshow presentations. These stories told are from the early days of Lee’s Summit and surrounding areas taken from letters and articles of those who lived through those days of turmoil. Great attention to detail has been given to the wardrobe of each actor and musician so their dress is historically accurate. The words they speak have been written by ordinary citizens in extraordinary times. Music by Stephen Foster and other composers of the day, including folk songs and spirituals will be performed by actors and musicians from our community. Also included is a new piece, “For All of Time”, written for this presentation by a Lee’s Summit musician and composer inspired by a soldier’s letter to his wife just before a local battle in which he was killed. Don’t Miss This One Time Only Presentation!

Sons Of Confederate Veterans Memorial Service, Rose Hill Cemetery, Ardmore

Our Annual Memorial Day Service at Rose Hill will be at 9:30 AM, Monday May 30th. The event will last approximately 1 1/2 hours. Speakers for the event will be Larry Logan, Oklahoma Division Commander, and Duncan SCV Camp Commander, Frank Gilbert. Also participating, will be the 16th Arkansas re-inactor unit, and the Arbuckle area Boy Scouts. For further information, or directions to the Confederate section of Rose Hill, contact Terry Pierce at  terrypierce41@yahoo.com

“For those of you that wanted my book but don’t have a Kindle, I have figured out a way. For $5 I can burn a CD and mail it to you and you can read it on your computer.  So let me know if your wanting a copy.  Email me at and I will give you my address. I just have had a lot of people ask for it and this is about as good as I can do.”  -Doug Williams   dougwilliams@cableone.net

State Law Enforcement Memorial Service location change

Due to the forecast of rain in Oklahoma City Friday morning, May 20th, The 43rd Annual Oklahoma Law Enforcement Officer’s Memorial Service will be conducted at the Metro Tech Administrative Auditorium. Metro Tech is about 1/3 mile north of NE 36th St and M L King Ave at Springlake Drive. Turn West on Springlake Drive off of M L King Ave. The Metro Tech Administration Bldg and parking lot is on the south side (left side) of Springlake Drive. The Auditorium will be to your right after you enter the Administration Bldg. The Service will start at 10 AM. Lt Governor Todd Lamb will be our key note speaker. Everyone is invited to attend. Please get the word out on the change to everyone you can. I hope to see you all there.  -Dennis

Historic photographs of American cities pre-1950


Have You Ever Seen The Rain – Creedence Clearwater Revival 1971


See everyone next week!

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