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Vol 15  Issue 770 October 27, 2011

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There has been a slow gentle rain nearly all day today across Oklahoma, including Carter county where its so badly needed.  Supposed to be more tonight, then clearing on Friday.  We will take all the rain we can get right now. The rain gauge at the Lone Grove weather station located at the county barn shows over 1/2 inch today!

I took this photo back in the early 70s about 8 miles south of Sulphur, Oklahoma. It was called Breezy Inn on the Leo Richards’ farm, Breezy Hill. It was once a stagecoach stop on the road from Tishomingo to Ft Arbuckle. In later years it was a grocery store and an apartment. The Breezy Inn is long gone now, including the Richards home just barely visible to the left in the photo.


From This and That newsletter archives of October 31, 1998:
Woodford is one of the oldest towns in the county and used to be a thriving settlement along the Whiskey Trail. It is also home to one of the last existing towns of little animals. A short distance east of the school building may be found one of the last prairie dog towns in this part of the state. The colony used to occupy most of the area the town occupies today, but it now has been reduced to a few acres. It is densely populated because no one makes an attempt to kill the little dogs off. It is a tradition that wherever prairie dog villages are located its a long way to water. -The Daily Ardmoreite October 1927

Anthrax has been found in the Velma area, and that part of Stephens county is under quarantine. The disease has killed 26 animals. -The Daily Ardmoreite October 1927

Note: The only prairie dog town I know of today is around the Museum of the Great Plains in Lawton, Oklahoma. I snapped these pics in October 2008.




Q.  Those who snuck over the boundaries the night before the Land Run to claim the area around Oklahoma City are known as what?
A:   Sooners

Q.   What is Oklahoma’s state flower?
A.    (answer in next week’s newsletter)

Gas prices today in the Ardmore area……


Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..

Dr. Leonard Hock 1917 – 2007
Margaret Glenn Brown Hock 1920 – 2009

On Aug. 22, 1945, after returning from World War II, where he served as an officer in the U S Army, Leonard married his high school sweetheart, Margaret Glenn Brown who had served as an Army surgical nurse. Their partnership took them to Norman, Okla., where they both attended Central High School in Oklahoma City and the University of Oklahoma. Leonard and Margaret then purchased and operated a small hospital in Walters, Okla. Thereafter, they moved to Kansas City, Mo. where Margaret was Director of Nursing at Children’s’ Mercy Hospital and Leonard completed medical school.

In 1961, they moved to Kingston, Oklahoma where Dr. Hock established a private family practice, and Margaret again was his career partner working as a nurse and office manager. Dr. Hock bought a submarine (See photo) and painted it yellow and used it as a landmark so patients could find his Medical Office. Leonard was the Doctor and Margaret was the RN. Dr. Hock used the Hospitals in Ardmore, Madill, Durant, Sherman Texas and McKinney Texas. He was on the Kingston School Board for about 15 years and brought hundreds into the world at their birth. At times he saw as many as 80 patients a day and many from the State Lodge at the Lake Texoma. The Methodist Camp on the lake called Cross Point would use Dr. Hock’s services when someone was injured. throughout their lives, Margaret and Leonard traveled extensively and were always deeply involved in their community.

Dr. Leonard R. Hock and his Wonderful Wife Margaret Glenn Brown Hock, R.N. Leonard and Margaret Practiced Medicine in Kingston, Oklahoma for years. The Years rolled by too swiftly.

Dr. Hock was wounded in World War II and was awarded The Purple Heart.

Margaret Glenn Brown Hock was awarded the Bronze Star as an Officer in World War II General Douglas MacArthur met and thank her for Bravery in saving 14 wounded American Soldiers in the Battle of Manila.

Dr. Hock was a Deacon in the First Baptist Church of Kingston and served on the Kingston School Board for over 15 Years.

The Yellow Submarine in Kingston, Oklahoma as become a famous Landmark. This Submarine was purchased by Dr. Leonard Ray Hock, Sr. to be placed in the front of his Medical Clinic. Dr. Hock painted it a bright yellow which could be easily be seen and his Clinic’s location easier found by those needing Medical Care.

The Yellow Submarine in front oh Dr. Leonard Hock’s Medical Clinic in Kingston, OK.


Below is a picture of their Home. The Joe Hock Family loved to visit our Family in Kingston, Oklahoma. The Lake touched their backyard. Dr. Leonard & Margaret Hock’s home South of Kingston, OK in Soldier Creek on Lake Texoma


Dr. Leonard R. Hock and his wonderful wife Margaret Glenn Brown Hock, R.N. Leonard and Margaret practiced medicine in Kingston, Oklahoma for years. The years rolled by too swiftly. Dr. Hock was wounded in World War II and was awarded The Purple Heart.

Margaret Glenn Brown Hock was awarded the Bronze Star as an Officer in World War II General Douglas MacArthur met and thank her for Bravery in saving 14 wounded American soldiers in the Battle of Manilla.


Dr. Hock was a Deacon in the First Baptist Church of Kingston and served on the Kingston School Board for over 15 Years. 

Dr. Hock taking a catnap after retirement


“To some Oklahomans who know more history about Seth clocks and bells. The Durango Courthouse (Colorado) clock is the clear sentimental favorite of this SW Colorado mining town. It was made by the storied Seth Thomas Clock Company of Thomaston, Conn., the Courthouse clock was brought to Durango in 1891, and ran for 73 years before falling into disrepair.” -Linda
The Durango Herald 10/24/2011

“Butch, Last Tuesday, 10-18-2011, The American Association of Private Railroad Car Owners, AAPRCO, ran a special train through our area. I was able to get some shots and video of the special train. The cars were absolutely amazing and were pulled by Amtrak Power Units. Extremely rare to witness something like this in our area. Here’s a photo I shot of the train descending into the Washita River basin toward Big Canyon (between Gene Autry and Dougherty, northbound)

(Be sure to click on the magnifying glass icon to enlarge the photo.)

Here’s the video I shot:

Quote from their website:
“We are planning an Amtrak special train, which will be named the “Kansas City Chief”, one way from New Orleans, Louisiana to Kansas City, Missouri, operating primarily on BNSF. The special train will depart New Orleans on Sunday morning, October 16th. Our route that day will be New Orleans – Lafayette – Beaumont – Alvin – Galveston. On Monday, our route will be Galveston – Temple – Fort Worth. On Tuesday our route will be Fort Worth – Oklahoma City – Arkansas City – Newton. On Wednesday our route will be Newton – Emporia – Olathe – Holliday – Kansas City. We will arrive at Kansas City Union Station on Wednesday afternoon, October 19th.”

Here is the consist, minus locomotives. The cars were gathered in New Orleans before setting off on the trip.

What a sight!

01 – 800149 Evelyn Henry
02 – 800148 Warren Henry
03 – 800045 Caritas
04 – 800114 Yosemite Falls
05 – 800710 Northern Dreams
06 – 800588 Northern Sky
07 – 800275 Sierra Hotel
08 – 800732 Puget Sound
09 – 800482 Oliver Hazard Perry
10 – 800736 Birch Grove
11 – 800043 Chapel Hill
12 – 800355 Pacific Sands
13 – 800636 Scottish Thistle
14 – 800156 Santa Fe 56
15 – 800464 Wisconsin
16 – 800313 Virginia City
17 – 800591 Burrard
18 – 800713 Federal
19 – 800504 Vista Canyon
20 – 800724 Promontory Point


-Dwane Stevens

“Butch, I found this Lonegrove Cemetery over in Pontotoc County. It is two miles east of Fittstown and 1/4 on a county road.”



“Seen this rock sitting on the side of a County Road up in McClain County west of Purcell. The shade pretty well hides the base of the rock, but the base is only about 30″x 30″. Nature has a way of balancing things.”


“I was driving North on Arco Road northwest of Healdton the other day after the rain and seen this backhoe sitting in the pond with water up around it, bet who owned it forgot about it.”

https://oklahomahistory.net/ttphotos11a/BackhoeArcoRoad101511.jpg-Russ Martin

Chicago, Rock Island, and Pacific Railroad through Ardmore – 1901


Smokin’ Joes of Ardmore is now open at 202 A Street NE next to Cafe Alley. That’s A and 2nd Street NE. Open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 11am-8pm Friday and Saturday 11am-9pm. Closed Wednesday and Sunday

Karey Evans – “It was awesome!!

Tifani Flores – “YUMMY!!! Its GOOD!!!

Denise Menke – “We went to Ardmore’s Smokin’ Joe’s. Brought home left-overs. Even if we had split a sandwich, we’d still have left-overs. Same bbq & portions as Davis. DELICIOUS!!!

Phillip and Carmelita Shirley – “Just had a huge sandwich at Smokin’ Joes. We ordered only one and we STILL couldn’t finish it!! And such nice people!!“Ron Brown – “Good stuff. I had a BBQ sandwich there today at lunch. Wait was not too long.


Q. Good morning, Butch. Am I dreaming this? Did one of your viewers write in to tell you how to successfully peel a farm fresh egg? If so, can you send me his suggestion.  Look forward to your “e” every week.” -Nancy in TX

A. This is from 09/22/11 newsletter……

Since we started raising chickens about 3 years ago and receiving fresh eggs nearly everyday, I have tried every “old timers’ recipe on how to boil those eggs so they peel easily. All the recipes worked some, but not completely. Sometimes pretty good, the next time it wasn’t worth the time it took to peel the eggs. Not to mention my back hurting from standing there for nearly an hour trying to get every little piece of shell off the stubborn egg. But this week I discovered the perfect, and I do mean perfect, way to boil the eggs and the shell just falls off. This works every time. Just steam the eggs for about 12 minutes and that’s it! I put about an inch or less of water in the pan and then put the steamer in, brought the eggs to a boil with the lid on, and then let them just sit there a few more minutes.


Here’s a stainless steel steamer from Walmart.


Follow-up email: “OMG simply amazing. I can hardly believe my eyes. Notice one of the eggs has a double yolk!! 5 minutes to sit is probably too long as the yolks are almost too done. But this is incredible. Thanks ever for the tip.” -Nancy


According to Deed Records here in Nacogdoches County, TX, Ben W. Carter, of Durant, OK, acquired some mineral interest into a tract of land here in Nacogdoches County, TX in 1931. My research revealed a Ben Carter on the 1930 US Census record of Durant, Bryan County, OK, as a boarder and a lawyer by profession. Prior 1900, 1910, 1920 US Census records show him residing in Carter County, OK in the household of Charles David Carter, his father, as well as 1910 Maryland Census, which was likely during the time his father was a US Congressman. Benjamin W. Carter, born about 1899, died 1969 and is buried in Rose Hill Cemetery in Ardmore, OK along with his father, grandfather (who was also named Benjamin Wisnor, Wisner Carter), all of Indian descent-Choctaw and Chickasaw.
Also based on someone’s input on a Chickasaw (Dawes???) it appears he married a woman named Isobel Isabel Canterbury in 1931 in McIntosh County, OK. See the link below. There are other Benjamin Carters listed; however I’ve not been able to confirm if there is a family connection.
On the “Dawes” the individual indicated 2 sons, Charles David Carter II and Guy Carter. Both could be likely due to family names. Charles David Carter was Ben’s father and Guy was the maiden name of his grandmother according to information found. But running the name of Guy Carter, likely born after 1931 in OK, has been unsuccessful. You’d be surprised to see how many there are! I’ve called well over 100+ and none know any family members by the name Ben, Benjamin, Charles David, etc…
I have tried to follow up on his sisters in hopes of finding someone, a niece or nephew, based on the details given in the notes indicating the surviving children of Charles David Carter. I have learned through Ancestry, his sister Julia Josephine Carter married Gus Welch. They had no children of their own, but adopted a “family niece” (don’t know what side) named Serena Welch, born 1910 and was the model for the Pocahontas Food Label ! I have not been able to locate a marriage or any other further information. On a side note, Gus Welch, included on a family tree in Ancestry, has photos of his All American status, playing on the same Carlisle Team with Jim Thorpe!

Ben Carter’s other sister, Italy married Frank A. Ernst of Petersburg, VA. They are buried in Blandford Cem, Petersburg, VA; however she died in McLennan Co, TX !! I have left messages at all the Ernst households with working #s in hopes someone is familiar with the family. His other sister, Stella Carter, evidently didn’t marry and lived in Ardmore, OK.
In summary, I have compiled lots of trivia, but no confirmed details on his life from 1930’s-1969. I still don’t know who are his heirs.
Any help or suggestions would be most appreciated!!!

Sabrina Whitehead
Nacogdoches, TX

Gravity Hill in Arkansas, like the one north of Ardmore near Springer.


It’s Howdy Doody Time, it isn’t worth a dime, so turn on channel 9 and let’s watch Frankenstein”  1950s

See everyone next week!

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