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Vol 16  Issue 806   July 5, 2012

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Jill and I made a quick trip to Sardis Lake in Pushmataha county on July 4th. Found a great piece of property that would be an excellent place to build a retirement cabin someday. Had Water, electricity, and phone already to the 3 acres, tall pine trees, and no neighbors nearby, just private country life along a blacktop county road on the north side of Sardis Lake. At $18,000 it’s a bargain compared to other properties we’ve looked over the past month or so. Now to find a way to come up with the $18,000.  Here a pic, actually 2 pictures I took and used Microsoft’s Image Composite Editor program (ICE for short) to stitch the 2 photos together.  You can not tell where the stitch is, its such a powerful program, and free too!


This is looking west from the property, what a beautiful view of those Kiamichi Mountains.


This is looking west across the road, no homes from some distance in either direction. Its located 6 miles off the main highway on a blacktop county road.


These two old camping trailers are on the property right now, but the owner will remove them if we buy the land.

I noticed this unique memorial marker right across the road from the property, got to be a story behind the marker.  Maybe I will find out someday by asking around.


On the way home we stopped in Atoka to get something to eat. We saw a Chinese restaurant on the highway in Atoka, but not a car was there, so we hesitated to stop. But Jill said “let’s take a chance” and boy were were glad. It was some of the best Chinese food we’ve ever eat and the place was spotless clean. The sign out front just reads, “No 1 Chinese Restaurant”.




From This and That newsletter archives of June 27, 1998:

“My grandfather, George Washington Bunch (known by most folks as G.W.Bunch; now deceased as is all his children) went to Guthrie for the land drawing with some neighbors from Kansas. He went home disappointed because his name wasn’t posted on the board. A mistake was made, and a letter beat him home informing him of his quarter section at Lone Wolf. He moved to his new land from Cedar Vale, Kansas in a covered wagon with his new bride in 1901. Later he bought the quarter section next to him from his neighbor. This is located from the West end of Lone Wolf (where the water tower is), going North two miles then West one mile. My aunt told me this story about the naming of Hobart: A man arrived in the area in a buckboard and said to his horse, “Ho, Bart!” :>) Don’t know if its true or not!”
On June 30th we had a very special reception for a very special lady at the OSU Extension Office here in Ardmore. Ann Randolph retired with 19 years of service to OSU. She has given me several old pics to scan….. mostly from the Cordell and Hobart, Oklahoma area, which I’ve shared with you from time to time. Guess my favorite is the 1930 pic of the old toll bridge across the Red River south of here. I’m sure she will run across some more goodies to scan. Anyway, Ann Randolph will be missed…. she has the most wonderful laugh…. and smile… and loves life. Now she’s retired, she can enjoy it that much more!
“My mother worked long and hard that day, and also found out that she was VERY, VERY allergic to poison ivy. She was covered with it from head to foot, where even her eyes were swollen shut. She spent some very miserable days and couldn’t seem to get rid of it. She heard about Dr. Boyd and his “sugar pills” for poison ivy. Dr. Boyd “prescribed” the sugar pills for her, she gave him $1 for them, and Wahlah! Her poison ivy was cleared up. We took 8 mm film of my poor mother in that condition, I guess so that we would never forget that little episode in her life.”

Q. Where was the first rural school building erected in Oklahoma?
A.  10 miles south of Stillwater, Oklahoma in Payne County

Q. How to keep brewed tea from getting cloudy?
A. (answer in next week’s T&T)

Gas prices today in the Ardmore area……


Check gas prices by town or zip code in where in U.S.


Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..

“Hi Butch, thought you might like this photo. it is a horse drawn ambulance from the Kurri Kurri district hospital. Also a bit of history of the area. Sonnia and I lived there for 21 years, our youngest daughter was born in Kurri Hospital. Any way talk to you soon.” -Steve in Australia


“Chandler Family Reunion will be held in Huntsville, Alabama, September 14 and 15. If interested in attending contact Helen Chandler at HelenChandler@chandlerfamilyassociation.org


Attention Murray College Alumni: This year marks the 50th anniversary for the Class of 1962, and myself and a few others are attempting to locate all of the students who attended during our two years (fall of 60 thru spring 62) at Murray. Murray holds an Alumni reunion each year and anyone who attended is an alumni. This year the reunion is scheduled for November 9th. All we have to work with is the yearbooks for 1961 and 1962, which shows a picture, name and home town. So far we have located about 380 of our fellow classmates with about 200 to go. This covers sophomores 60-61, freshman 60-61 and freshman 61-62. I have listed 12 students below that I am currently looking for. If you have information of these students please contact me.

Freshman 60-61
Ben Johnson—Ardmore
Warren Jones—Ardmore
Robert Short—Ardmore
Carrol Stevens—Ardmore
Deloris Taliaferro—Ardmore
Don Bruce—Ardmore
Donna Dunn—Wilson
Paula Greene—Marietta
Carole Atterbury—Lone Grove
Sophomores 62
Billy Loughridge—Ardmore
Katheryn Brooks—Ardmore
Eddie or Bruce Anderson–Tylertown/Ringling

If you are from this era, or know anything about the students listed above, please contact me (Richard Haney–Gene Autry) at rhhaney@verizon.net or 941-360-1840.
If you are a Murray Alumni of any year and want to be added to the mailing list you may contact me or Karen Cantrell at Murray. Kcantrell@mscok.edu

“You were in my neck of the woods if you went to Har-Ber Village. Everyone in this area knows all about Harvey & Bernice Jones. Their names are almost everywhere: The Jones Center (a family fun center for everyone with swimming, ice skating, & all sorts of free & nearly free activities for the whole family) in Springdale, the Jones wing at the Northwest Arkansas Medical Center in Springdale are just among a few, not to mention street names. OH, and Har-Ber Meadows is a really nice sub-division that is just down Hwy 412 in Springdale from my house. My church (the LDS church) has a large Stake center (church building) there along with an elementary school and Springdale Har-Ber High School–home of the Wildcats!! And, of course, The Jones Trucking company. Harvey & Bernice have done a lot of amazing things for NW Arkansas and NE Oklahoma. And the Har-Ber Village in Jay, Oklahoma is a really fun place to visit. It’s somewhat like stepping back in time.” -Kathi, Springdale, Arkansas

“Hi Butch. The best way to pick a ‘good’ watermelon is to thump it in the bin. It will sound like ‘plink, plank, or plunk.’ Sounds crazy, but works 4 outa 5 times. If it plinks, it’s green, if it plunks, it’s too ripe. If it ‘planks’….it’s a good one.” -Bob Taylor, mid-Missouri

“Butch, I am not sure but I think this may have been the name of Pennington Creek way back when. Does any Reader happen to have anything further?” -Mike Pennington


“I thought you might be interested in this story from the Home & Away Magazine web site:
Oklahoma’s Bodacious Burgers are featured in this month’s AAA magazine. Next month will be part two. Wondered if you had tried any of these places.” -Kerry


The Daily Ardmoreite
October 4, 1946
Premiere Set For Ardmore
Announcement was made this week of plans to hold the world premiere in Ardmore and Ada of the recent film, “Home in Oklahoma,” starring Roy Rogers, Dale Evans and Gabby Hayes which was filmed on the Flying L ranch near Dougherty last summer. The premiere will be held Oct. 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30 in both towns which are acclaimed the leading towns of Hereford Heaven of which the story is written. The picture filmed by Republic Pictures Inc. was made on both the Flying L ranch and the Roy J. Turner ranch near Sulphur and all outdoor scenes were made in this section of Oklahoma with Dougherty taking top billing. Although the towns’ name will be changed for the pictured, the town itself will be in the show. The picture is reported to be one of the finest western shows ever filmed or produced by Republic. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Likens, owners of the Flying L, went to St. Louis, Mo., last weekend where they met Roy Rogers, Dale Evans and others and made arrangements for the world premiere to be held here.

I thought I?d read on one of your T&T?s about someone trying to keep the deer from eating flowers or veggies in their garden. This lady has several good ideas and none of them harm the deer or the plants.

“Hey Butch, I have a strange question for any T&T Reader. I have a rather large pond situated next to a smaller pond on our land. During the fall and winter the two connect, and around this time every year the connection dries up and so does the smaller pond. By mid summer the small pond is completely gone. We usually use a net to get any fish that are always stuck and transfer them. My question is this: this week the boys and I went fishing and noticed the smaller pond is swirling counter-clockwise. It is slow today but the other day it was a little faster (easier to see it happen anyway). As far as I know there is no spring feeding it since it dries up every year. I wonder what might make a pond do this?!!” -Matt

Museum Memories
Compiled by Melinda Taylor
The Wilson News
November 24, 1916
Thursday morning the whistles blew and great excitement prevailed. Trains rolled into Wilson and within a few hours 70 car loads of material had congested in our railroad yards. Every available foot of trackage was utilized. This is the first consignment of 600 due to arrive. Tonnage runs into the thousands, or around 48,000,000 pounds coming. One hundred cars of this material coming to one supply company alone – Consists of all kinds of supplies for oil field, refineries, merchants and homesteaders.
Two-hundred tankers and seventy teamsters coming from Ringling. Wirt and other nearby towns and Wilson never before in such congested condition. Hundreds of houses wanted. Non-resident property owners being wired situation in order that they may build at once. Lumbermen lending every accomodation.
This growth is bound to last as the new wells coming in hourly in ections 13, 24-4-3 in the southeastern extension within three miles of our city are producing 200 to 300 barrels with the heaviest producing sands of any recently encountered, dipping this way. Many new wells being located hourly.
The First State Bank promoters have contracted for a two story brick building on their lot on East Main Street, next to W. B. Gills office. Twenty new residences now geing built and new ones being planned.
Hundreds of prospective homebuyers and business men, oil men, professional men, coming weekly. Do not hesitate – Come to Wilson Now.
Keep your ear to the ground for startling new railroad news which will result to Wilson’s lasting good. May be published at any moment.
We have thousands of obituaries on file and a growing genealogy library.
Visit us online at http://www.wilsonhistoricalmuseum.org

Wilson Historical Museum Hours: Tues., Thurs., Fri., Sat. 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Hope everyone enjoyed the 4th of July yesterday, but along with the fireworks and family and friends and food, remembered the real reason for the holiday.

Independence Day

See everyone next week!
Butch and Jill Bridges
Nashobish Ikana
PO Box 2
Lone Grove, Oklahoma 73443

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