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Vol 16  Issue 807   July 12, 2012

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I never know from week to week what a Reader may send in, and this week I received info on a book about Ardmore men who served in WWI .  Has any one ever heard of this book?

The Daily Ardmoreite June 30, 1946
History of Men in World War I Offered
Mrs. Effie G. Wilkes, 110 First avenue southwest, said Saturday she has a history of the Carter county men who were in World War I and would be glad to give it to anyone interested in having a copy.

I know there are a couple of WWII history books about Ardmore and Carter county, but I don’t recall one for WWI. Since the article was written in 1946, I wonder if it is a typo? You can find the history books about WWII on http://www.ArdmoreCriterion.com at the bottom of the page, click on History.

Also received a good picture of Dr. J. Jay Boyd‘s pill bottles.  I sure remember taking his homeopathic medicine as a kid.


Here is another view, he changed the label a little.


Last May 5th we bought at the Walmart store in Gainesville, TX the Big Boss halogen oven (Ardmore store does not stock it).  We have not regretted it, wish we had bought one sooner.  We have not even used our regular oven since buying the Big Boss, sure beats heating up the house and all.  Cooks food straight from the freezer perfectly!  Here are some delicious sweet potatoes Jill cooked this week, boy were they good with the cinnamon, sugar and butter!


In this area of South Central Oklahoma we have oak trees everywhere, mostly Post Oak and Blackjack Oak trees. There used to be a community 5 miles south of Wilson called Post Oak School.  The old Post Oak School bell located next to the memorial marker.  For those of you who do not live in this area, we have what is called Gall Wasps.   drop off the oak trees, and I think we have 1,000s of them. I’m tired of picking them up.


Galls are produced on the tree by a wasp and inside is the wasp’s larva for reproduction.


Our single Canna plant growing by our storm shelter finally produced a flower this week.  Beautiful red.


From This and That newsletter archives of July 5, 1998:

I had a friend give me some fresh picked corn…… I been eating it raw…… sweet as sugar. If you’ve never eaten it raw right off the cob, it’s really sweet. But make sure the corn is freshly picked and tender.
“Oklahoma Place Names,” by George Shirk, says Hobart, Oklahoma was named for Garrett A. Hobart of New Jersey, vice president of the United States. It was originally named Hardin, and then Speed, before it was changed to Hobart on July 9, 1909.”

Q. How to keep brewed tea from getting cloudy?
A.  “Use Ozarka bottled water. Other bottled water may work also. I suspect it’s the chlorine in tap water that make tea cloudy and taste bad. Makes much better coffee too.” -Larry

Q. In 1936 Murray County circulated a petition to change the name of the county to what?
A. (answer in next week’s T&T)

Gas prices today in the Ardmore area……


Check gas prices by town or zip code anywhere in U.S.


Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..“This is a video of Chickasaw National Recreation Area (Platt National Park when I was growing up ) located at Sulphur, Oklahoma. Although I have been gone from Sulphur longer than I lived there, it is still home to me and I dearly love the park and the town. I hope everyone enjoys the video.” -Roy Miller

“Hi, Butch — It’s with sadness that Karen and I report that at our most recent stop at Ballard’s Drive in at Pauls Valley, the manager told us that the property has been sold to Tractor Supply and that the longtime Oklahoma institution operated for 61 years by the Ballard family will be closed after July 15. We hope to get just one more round of Pineapple Malts before the end. Our thanks and best wishes to Mr. Ballard and all who’ve been involved with the operation of the Drive In over the years.”

Tom & Karen Elmore
Moore, Oklahoma


“I wanted to pass this photo on to someone who might be able to recognize the organization. They are wearing jackets with S.A., probably school club jackets. South Ardmore? was there a South Ardmore high school? No identity on any of the folks but I have included the scan of the back side with stamp from Fonville Studios Ardmore Oklahoma 1948.”

Wayne Whitted- fellow history and old photograph buff
Hickory Creek, TX



“Butch, Thank You for your help in the past regarding the incident in 1960 involving my grandfather. I have learned a great deal since then but still have unanswered questions. As a result of your posting, Charlene Howe contacted me with some helpful information. In this issue of your newsletter: Saturday July 31, 2004 T&T Weekly – Circulation over 4,000 Vol 8 Issue 380, there was an email:

“Hello Butch, I look forward to reading T&T every week. The article in this weeks edition referring to the 1960 robbery of Sooner Foods in Ardmore brought back some “cloudy” old memories. I was 16 years old at the time and being a teen I had to “hang out” somewhere and around Mannsville the Truck Stop was the place. The night of this event those robbers came in and gassed up their car and hung out for probably a couple of hours, one did most of the talking, two stayed in the car and slept. We of course asked him what they were doing and he made some comment about being in the “tool” business and commenting about having some “drilling equipment” in the trunk of the car on their way to a “job”, he was a real talker kept us entertained the whole time. I recall his taking a lot about guns and saying his favorite type was a .45. As I recall we didn’t really feel any specific alarm at their presence there, I was totally shocked the next day when I learned of the fatal events just a few hours after I had been in very close quarters with them. I don’t remember which ones actually spent the time talking with us but I don’t believe the one who was killed ever got out of the car, I do recall recognizing the photos in the Ardmoreite of a couple of them. Thanks for the memories.”

I don’t know by chance if you recall who sent this to you. If you do, and they are a regular contact, I was hoping you might be able to alert them to my interest. I was also wondering if you might have any areal maps of the territory from the 1960 time frame. I only have a travel map that is not very specific to the region. I am compiling information regarding the event and have collected some interesting facts. Feel free to contact me with any questions or details.” -David Thornton davidkthornton@hotmail.com

Possum Holler School near El Reno, Oklahoma 1994 photo -Cecil Elliott


First public school in Oklahoma at Edmond. -Cecil Elliott




This building, believe it or not, is the same structure of the one room school before renovation for the Oklahoma?s 100 year Centennial !! I think that it talks about the renovation on the plague that tells about the school. If you put them side by side, then you have something to compare with. Please see info on the sign.



“I have CD of Home in Oklahoma 1946 starring Dale Evans and Roy Rogers. They had their wedding clothes cleaned at our cleaners in Davis where I had the opportunity to be able to have Roy sign all my Roy Rogers comics. Back then he signed the Roy Rogers and Trigger – later he changed his signings to Happy Trails where he and Dale both signed. I also have a photo here in the house somewhere that Roy and Dale sent Jennifer for show and tell when she was attending elementary school in Seoul, Korea. Pictures shows Dale, Roy, and their favorite cat in the den of their home in California. My all time favorite Cowboy.”  -Poss

The Daily Ardmoreite June 23, 1946
E. A. Donaldson, 1109 McLish Avenue, has bought the Hardy Oaks just south of Overbrook on U. S. Highway 77, and will get possession August 1. The property was owned by Dr. Walter Hardy and the sale was made by Hardy Murphy.
Sandwiches, soft drinks, and Oklahoma souvenirs will be carried when Donaldson get possession of the property. Twenty acres of land were acquired in the purchase and the Donaldson family may build a number of tourist cabins around Hardy Oaks.
The Daily Ardmoreite August 8, 1946
Hardy Oaks, roadhouse built about 10 years ago south of Ardmore, on U. S. highway 77 just across in Love county burned at 6 a.m. Thursday. The fire leveled the building, consuming all fixtures and furnishings.
Dr. Walter Hardy, who built the establishment, had just sold the property tow months ago to E. A. Donaldson. Donaldson was officially to have taken possession of his property August 1. Jim Bivens Jr., business manager of the Hardy sanitarium, said that the sale was completed and that only the expiration of a lease held by R. R. Stevenson, who has been operating the place, had kept Donaldson from taking actual possession.
Stevenson said that he left home about daylight. When he returned some time later the building had been burned. Nothing was saved.

Museum Memories
Compiled by Melinda Taylor
December 8, 1916
Luther Turner, prominent business man, and F. D. Henderson, secretary of the Chamber of Commerce at Gainesville, were in the city today in the interest of the proposed highway that is to be built between Gainesville and Ardmore along the route of the interstate postal highway which has been surveyed. Plans are already made for the erection of a bridge across the Red River about one mile east of the present railroad bridge, and when complete will give direct connection between Ardmore and all Texas points. This road is badly needed at this time, in fact the agitation for it has been going on for several years and it begins to look at the present time as though the dream is to be realized.
Gainesville and Ardmore have many things in common, some of Ardmore’s pioneer citizens came from that place and there is a bond of good fellowship existing between the two cities. This road, when built, will be a boon to both, and it begins to look as if some definite action iss about to take place.
Visit us online at http://www.WilsonHistoricalMuseum.org or at the museum. Hours: Tues., Thurs., Fri., Sat., 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

You can always tell who is carrying the ball, everyone is trying to tackle him.

See everyone next week!
Butch and Jill Bridges
Nashobish Ikana
PO Box 2
Lone Grove, Oklahoma 73443

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