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Vol 16  Issue 810  August 2, 2012

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In July 2010 Jill and I attended the Grand Opening of the Chickasaw Cultural Center at Sulphur, Oklahoma. We had the most wonderful time seeing everything, learning about the Chickasaw Nation and its people and customs. We even watched the movie The Aviator about Pearl Carter Scott, the youngest licensed pilot in the U.S. back in 1930. If you ever get a chance to see this movie, do, you will love it, we sure did.

Its been 2 years and Jill and I decided to visit the Chickasaw Cultural Center again, and believe me, there has been a lot added since the grand opening in 2010. If you are ever in the area of Sulphur, I urge you to visit the Chickasaw Cultural Center, it will be an experience of a lifetime, I promise you. And the $5 admission fee to enter the Exhibit Center building will be the best $5 you spend this year! There is so much to see and do in the Exhibit Center, plan on about a 2 hour stroll in just that building alone to see everything! By the way, if you get tired along the way, there are plenty of rest areas inside the building, plus informative videos while your resting inside the air conditioned building!

Here are a few pics I tried to take inside the Exhibit Center. My camera does not do good at all inside, so the pics are not all that great.






Link to the Chickasaw Cultural Center website


Ardmoreite William Pippin notified me this week of an old Pony Truss bridge still in existence north of Lone Grove.  It was removed from service back in the 80s and a new bridge built about 500 feet to the west of it, where Deese Road crosses Caddo Creek. If you stop on the new Caddo Creek bridge over Deese road, and look east, you can see the old bridge. Pony Truss was a certain type of bridge built back 100 years ago and before. This particular bridge was built in 1910. The wooden planks are in really bad shape, rotten in some places, so one would really have to watch where they stepped if crossing it on foot.







Here are a coupe of maps to help show exactly where in Carter county the bridge is located.



There were several of these old Warren “pony truss” bridges scattered around Carter county years ago. One was the old East Anadarche Creek bridge on Concord Road (used to be Blevins Road) southeast of Ardmore which was built in 1927. The bridge is representative of many Warren “pony truss” bridges built across Oklahoma from around 1910 through the 1930s. Back in 2008 Carter County Commissioner Bill McLaughlin removed the old East Anadarche Creek bridge in preparation for a new one. I took a picture of the brass nameplate Bill removed for later mounting on a wood frame for hanging in his office. The plate reads: BUILT BY J B KLEIN, IRON & FDRY CO, OKLAHOMA CITY, 1927. Below is a picture I took of that nameplate along with other pics of the bridge just before the crane would arrive to move it.






A friend of mine when he was 6 years old found an old map at the Wynnewood dump grounds back in the 50s. I got to take pic of it, and you can tell it is old, its even on yellowed canvass. Its a map of Indian Territory and Texas in 1900.  A real piece of history.  Maybe someone can tell us what the value of an old map like this may be.




It was brought to my attention last week that one of the oldest trees in Ardmore might be in this front yard at F Street and Frensley Street SW. I don’t know how old it is, and if it qualifies to be the oldest, but I do know there is a very old tree at 11th NW and O Street. I was told several years ago this may be the oldest tree in Ardmore. You can see in this picture, this tree is huge around the trunk.


Here is a pic I took of the tree at F and Frensley Street.


Jill and I was in Ringling, Oklahoma last weekend and decided to stop at Mud Creek BBQ for a sand.  We had a real good meal of sliced beef sandwich (lots of meat), a drink and chips all for 6 bucks each.  We really enjoyed the atmosphere and nostalgia from the olden days on the walls. Highly recommended.




From This and That newsletter archives of August 8, 1998:

Retired Washita county commissioner Alfred Miller sent me a photo of the tower clock in the Cordell, Oklahoma courthouse. It’s an E. Howard & Sons clock. They removed it from the courthouse about 1950 and replaced it with an electric one. They just recently took the old tower clock from the barn and put it on display in the courthouse.
Last week the Tri-County Ambulance Service at Healdton, Oklahoma closed it doors… again… which makes several times that I remember since the early 70s. When I started to work at the ambulance service here at Ardmore in July 1970, we charged $17.50 for a basic run here in town. But a trip to Oklahoma City was a lot higher…. around $150. And that was using old Highway 77, because I-35 was not opened up yet. Boy, that “S” curve at Turner Falls was scary when running emergency. I’ll see if I can dig out a pic of that “S” curve in the Arbuckle Mountains north of Ardmore. One mistake and it was over the side. Went to a few wrecks up there where that very thing happened. But one of the worst wrecks I went to was in 1972. Four local teens died. I’ll never forget it as long as I live.
“I have acquired a painting that was painted by a Creek Indian named Fred Beaver…. from Ardmore. On the back of the picture is a newspaper article with a picture of Fred Beaver in his native attire showing one of his paintings. The painting that we have is called “Praying to the Great Spirit”…. The article said that Fred Beaver is also a singer and an expert on Indian heritage. What I am asking is if you can help me find out something about the painting and Fred Beaver?”

Q.  Who were the original members of the Dawes Commission?
A.  Henry L. Dawes, chairman; Captain Archibald S. McKennon and Meredith H. Kidd

Q. Wildman and Oreana are Oklahoma Ghost towns located where and why did they ?spring up? ?
A. (answer in next week’s T&T)

Gas prices today in the Ardmore area……


Check gas prices by town or zip code anywhere in U.S.


Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..“Butch: Since you are a BBQ/Smoked meat aficionado, thought you might be interested in the smoker that i designed/built. About 4 years, I made a smoker, using a Weber Smokey Joe ($29.99 at Walmart) grill and a modified tamale steamer as the barrel, also purchased from Walmart. I posted the build instructions on the Virtual Weber Forum and the owner of the forum later posed the attached instructions. I have since built 7, usually using Smokey Joes found on Craig’s List or resale shops for as little at $10. The IMUSA 32 qt is found at some Target and Walmart stores for $21 to $25. The modification is simple, easy to build and is very popular, has now spread to dozens of other blogs. Google Mini WSM and you can see how popular it has become. On the virtual Weber forum, there are posts by those who have built them in most of the states, in Europe and in Australia. I use mine to smoke whole chickens, pork shoulder, ribs, and chuck roast, or anything smoked that will fit on a 14.5″ grill. I use two racks and have smoked up to 15 lbs of meat at a time.” -Larry Watkins, Mesquite, Texas

Check it out.

“This guy writes with a golden pen. So easy to follow and understand (even for a 70 year old “shade tree”. -Richard Johnson, Spring, Texas

“Butch: I’ll bet not many people knew Roy Rogers had a wife before Dale Evans until reading your current This ‘n That. I don’t know how many children he had by the first wife, but we know now he had at least one. Not much has ever been said about this.” -Royse

Museum Memories
Compiled by Melinda Taylor
December 8, 1916
Takes Steam Passenger Train off O.N.M.&P Lines and Installs Motor Service – Same Schedule to Wilson As we are living in the motor age, there can be no great amount of kicking reasonably registered against John Ringling for deciding to discontinue his steam passenger service over the Oklahoma, New Mexico & Pacific Railway traversing this country from Ardmore to Lone Grove, New Wilson and Ringling, a distance of 30 miles. The make of cars which went into service yesterday were of the General Electric type, consisting of a combination passenger, baggage and express, this car seating 91, and a trailer with a seating capacity for 103, or a total of 194 passengers. The initial or trial run was made over the line Wednesday, the cars making all stops and doing the 30-mile trip in 42 minutes, this beating the steam train schedule of over an hour by several minutes. At present this seems to be a good move, as we are assured of a quicker service, no dust, no cinders and the cars are new and saniitary. But we still earnestly pray that John Ringling will now make some arrangement with Uncle Sam to haul our mail by pouch, which we think he can do under the new scheme, without entangling his other railroad business up with other complications.

Drop by and look at our old 1900s Cornish Newspapers now on display at the museum
Visit us online at www.wilsonhistoricalmuseum.org
Wilson Historical Museum Hours Tues., Thurs., Fri., Sat.: 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

“Butch ? Just thought you and your readers would like to know the book ?Carter County, Oklahoma: Then and Now? was just delivered to our doorstep today. It is available in our gift shop. It has been a long time coming, but it is here now.” -Barbara, Greater SW Historical Museum, Ardmore, Oklahoma

“For those of us who remember Dave Wood, perhaps this link will affirm some memories. For the newly initiated, welcome to the brand new blog of Lee Broom Gallery, whose history is shared with Dave Wood and others like him. Lee Broom Gallery and Design began as Valley Staging Company Inc., thirty-five years ago on June 12, 1977. “

Click on the link for more about Dave Wood:

The Daily Ardmoreite
October 20, 1946
The appointment of Hardy Murphy of Ardmore as county chairman was announced Saturday by Gareld A. Whitlaw, chairman of the Oklahoma USO state committee.
At the present time there are 74,200, Oklahomans still in the service of our country.  Many of these men are in hospitals where the bi-weekly visits of USO entertainers are often the only bright spots in an otherwise drab life. The continuation of USO through 1947 is vitally important to these men, Gareld A. Whitlaw said, and Hardy Murphy in accepting the chairmanship of the Carter county USO committee is doing his best to see that the wounded of World War II will not become the “forgotten man” of this generation.

A few questions about Ardmore schools, maybe someone can provide the answers….

1. Where did Ardmore Douglas play football?
2. Where did AHS play football before Walker Stadium?
3. How many schools (and where we’re they) made up the Douglas system?
4. When did the old Jr high building burn (SW corner of AHS downtown school block)?

Would appreciate any help with the above questions.

I snapped this picture at Martin Luther King Blvd and K Street NE.  Anyone know what it is, or was a part of? -Doug Williams

“Hi Butch. It is Susan from Baton Rouge again. My parents & grandparents and I were going from Davis to Ardmore, and, as usual, we stopped on the top of the mountain to look through the viewers at Turner Falls. Well, there was quite the crowd of people there. I was impatient as a 5 or 6 year old is. I walked up to a viewer and asked the man using it, “When will you be through so I can look?” He turned around and I recognized him as Roy Rogers. My mother was mortified at my rudeness. Roy smoothed it over, and soon my mother and the grandparents were at ease. As I remember, they discussed the movie and the wedding while I used the viewer.” -Susan

Look, Here are Oklahoma today archives you can see online.

Saturday August 4th at 10:00am. Absolute Auction at Tex Ritter’s place, 3021 Springdale Road, Ardmore, OK.

Life can be only understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards. –Kierkegaard, S?ren

See everyone next week!
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