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Vol 16  Issue 814 August 30, 2012

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Rani King out near Ringling sent in a picture this week of the old Wishing Well at Cornish we mentioned in last week’s T&T.  Its still there!


Rani also snapped a pic of the Cornish, Oklahoma city hall. Thanks Rani for the pics!


Ardmore Nurses and Nursing Homes 1960


Ardmore Lumber Yards 1960


Ardmore Motels and Auto Courts 1960


Ardmore Liquor and Wine Stores 1960


As some of you know from my old newsletters, my stomping ground as a kid was 3rd and H Street NE.  Just 2 blocks on east of our house on the south side of 3rd was Advent Christian Church.  Gary Creecy sent in some old photos taken back in those days along with the following email:

“In last week’s issue of This and That, Larry Higdon wrote about attending the Advent Christian Church and walking to Washington school. I too walked to Washington School and attended the Advent Christian Church. One Sunday morning a dear lady we affectionately called Grandma Worley announced she had a bush on her front porch that grew candy. Her house was just west of Mary Etta?s. Of course all of us children could hardly wait to check it out. After church we all sneaked up to her porch and sure enough there was a little bush just loaded with sugar coated gum drops. The temptation was just too great so we picked some until we saw the curtain in the window move. Then we nearly broke our necks running away. We checked it out every day for a long time until it quit producing. We must have provided her with a lot of entertainment. I wish now I had saved some for seed. Hee Hee  I?m sending you her picture along with a couple of pictures of Sister Boryk?s Sunday School Classes and a picture of Mrs. Arington?s fourth grade class at Washington School taken about 1954.” -Gary Creecy

This first one is of the church itself when it was well maintained in those days.


Since those days the building has fallen into disrepair.


Here are some more pics sent in my Gary.


This is Rev Boryk’s wife Myrtle.



In this pic is Paul, Sam, Larry, Danny, unknown, Sharon and Lois.


Lola Worley, seated. Tom Garner, standing.


Another photo sent in by Gary Creecy is this one of teacher Juanita Arrington’s 5th grade class at Washington school in Ardmore. If you recognize any of the nameless students, let me know.


Jill and I stopped last weekend at Abuelita’s Mexican Restaurant in Sulphur.  Absolutely delicious.  Everything.  And no flies like at the place in Davis.


Oklahoma History Revisited by Larry Guthrie, Sulphur

Question:  When was Midwest City started and why?

Answer:  As war clouds drew closer and the U.S. became the arsenal of democracy, defense bases and war plants sprang up over the country. On July 8, 1941, contract was let for an air depot in Oklahoma City. This was to become Tinker Field. Later Midwest City was built to house Tinker workers and Douglas aircraft plant employees. Originally plotted on a 187 acre wheat field. Midwest City was to become the nation’s first planned city. It was named for MidWestern Air Depot which was later renamed Tinker Air Force base in honor of Maj. General Clarence L. Tinker, a native of Pawhuska, who was killed in the battle for Midway, June 3-6, 1942.

From This and That newsletter archives of August 29, 1998:

In eastern Carter county is the small community of Durwood, Oklahoma. A little over 2 miles south of Highway 199 (just follow the signs) is Tiny Chapel. It’s actually located just a few hundred feet over into Marshall county. Tiny Chapel was built in 1974 by W.B. Trible. I talked with Mr. Trible the other day and he said 5 or 6 years ago, Tiny Chapel had seen over 44,000 visitors. There have been many marriages take place in Tiny Chapel. Organizations have held meetings there, as have tours for convalescent home residents, kindergarden and school outings. He said there have been notable people visit Tiny Chapel.  Mr. Trible told me that two years ago (1996) country-western singer Randy Travis made a stop there.

Note:  Tiny Chapel was closed earlier this year – 2012.
In the 800 block of Stanley S.W. in Ardmore is an old parking meter from Main Street, right next to the curb in front of that house there. I don’t know what year they removed the parking meters, but everyone sure was glad. If you look closely behind the parking meter you will see two “poles” sticking up from the ground. These have horse’s heads on top, to tie your horse to from the bygone days.


“Butch, I can relate to your scare with the water sprinklers. Had the same thing happen to me several years ago. A friend and I were sitting in the middle of a city park late at night (we really weren’t supposed to be there this late at night). We heard a strange noise coming across the park towards up. It really was scary because it was getting louder and closer and we could see nothing in the darkness. Suddenly a nearby sprinkler started up spraying us with water. What we had heard were the sprinklers across the park venting air and starting up as the water in the line reached them. Whew!!”


Gas prices today in the Ardmore area……


Check gas prices by town or zip code anywhere in U.S.


Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..“While cleaning out some office drawers, I found an old ruler that came from the Brown Printing Company, Ardmore, OK. Or do you know of any relative of the owners still living in Ardmore that would be interested in having this?”  -Eileen

“Arbuckle Mountains & Washita River, Big Canyon Oklahoma.  Mixture of HD & SD clips of trains through Big Canyon including an after sundown run-by of Amtrak’s Hearland Flyer on its way to OKC. Plus scenes of the Washita River at its lowest in years. The HD clips (wide screen) were shot by my Son Heath. The SD clips and the editing are by me.”  -C. Dwane Stevens (of course I’m the “old codger” in the video). Accompanied by Chris Sampley and Jerry Coffey.


“Lutie Hailey Walcott is my grandmother. My brother, Milton Jones who also lives here in Ardmore and I are not aware of a Walcott Street but there is a Hailey Street in the Walcott Addition. She was a charter member of the Ladies of the Leaf and the Ryonis Club. I have a telegram from Will Rogers sent to her January 16, 1926. The telegram states:

Mrs. Graham a cousin of my present wife said you had a club that was going to have Humor Day. Why not have it on Governors Inauguration Day. I haven’t contributed near as much to Oklahoma humor as many others. But my contributions have all been premeditated. By the way I have a purpose for your club. You know few clubs have ever been able to discover a purpose. Purpose as follows – Change the name of Ardmore. You don’t realize the amount of people that get it conflicted with Claremore. We have even had them go there and settle before they found out the difference. Regards to Charley Carter the most popular Congressman in Washington. My Sincere Sympathy on Humor Day. -Will Rogers.Thanks for acknowledging Lutie and if you have any additional information about Walcott Street, please let me know.” -Guilda Davis

Additional note: Walcott Street back in the 20s and 30s was the present day 14th Street NW.

“Butch – Thanks for another great newsletter. Wanted to let you know about a Facebook site called “Oklahoma Facts” if you haven’t already heard of it. It’s not huge, but already has some interesting facts in it and is something we would probably want to keep an eye on. Can always learn something!”  -Diane Boland

“Friends and family, this song is by a good friend of mine, John Pemberton who was the Dickson, Oklahoma Police chief for a number of years. He is going to Nashville a lot and recorded this song. Really great song I think. His family group “The Pembertons” do a lot of gospel songs at churches too.” -Doug Williams

That looks like some of the weather vanes the lady in the Twister movie made:

“In the last issue Tom McAnaly made mention about haircuts in Marietta for $.50 and $1.00 in Ardmore. I remember the flat tops but I grew up with the burr. I was born in Ardmore and in Marietta. I had a lot of family in the area. As far back as I can remember H.H. Hull, known as “Spooks”, cut my hair and Don Bloomer from the barber shop next to Simmons Cafe in downtown Marietta. Spooks would let me shine shoes on Saturday and I got 2 bits (25 cents) for each pair of shoes I polished and slapped the rag to bring in the shine. Also there was the checker board for those waiting for the haircut or wanted to play. I lost a lot of games but liked to play. I beat Spooks 1 time at checkers wow I was happy and Spooks got ribbed for getting beat by a little kid, I never beat him again. Hey Tom, thanks for your article, brought back many memories. Also I have an uncle Rusty in Wichita Falls who reads and forwards your e-mails. Without him I would have never known about your website and I have family in Lone Grove.”  -Mike Tipton in Quinlan, Texas

“Butch, do you belong to AAA? Today in their magazine Home and Away they had an article on hamburgers in Oklahoma. Kaye Seeliger and Hamburger Inn were mentioned as well as the Rock Caf? in Stroud, POPS on Route 66 near Arcadia, Sid’s in El Reno, Irma?s Burger Shack in OKC, Lucille?s in Weatherford and The Diner in Norman, a retro diner. I will have to check out those near my home.” -Francis Dunlap

The Daily Ardmoreite
October 8, 1946
Ramon Stewart Hero of School
Ramon Stewart, a first-grader in the Lincoln school and 7-years-old, was the hero of the school Monday. One of the Colvert milk wagon horses left his driver and was traveling at a rapid gait back to the barn when Ramon Stewart ran into the wagon as it passed the Lincoln school. the horse quickened his pace after the lad entered the wagon and men and women stood breathless as boy and horse went down the middle of the street. But the youngster grabbed for the lines and drew the animal to control.
When the regular milk wagon driver arrived on the scene the lad handed him the lines and scampered away so quickly that the driver, Leonard Blount, did not learn the lad’s name. He however, did pitch him a coin for his good deed.
The principal of the school knew of the heroism on the part of the first grader and put a reporter in contact with the lad’s teacher, Mrs. Charlotte Seren. Ramon’s mother, Mrs. Selena Stewart, 222 Stanley Boulevard, works at Puny’s Waffle House. He is an only child in the family.

“I have found some of your articles useful in my genealogy research. My husband’s great grandfather was Marion Thomas Pierce of Ardmore, Okla. You have mentioned him a few times in connection to Cannon School, Fox, Okla. We don’t know much about him. His son Lonnie died July 1916 shortly after his son Willie Paul Pierce was born. Then Willie Paul was killed in WW II in Belgium. We would be grateful if anyone knows any info about the family. Thanks again.”
Sharon and Willie Pierce
Breckenridge, Texas

“Hummingbirds I took today.” -Doug Williams

Museum Memories
Compiled by Melinda Taylor
The Wilson News
November 24, 1916
The News reporter caught a deal on the wing just as we go to press and is authorized to announce that Dr. T. W. Dowdy has rented a commodious office in the rear of City Drug Store where he will be delighted to meet his many friends and patients. His office equipment is being installed today and the doctor is busy familiarizing himself with his new quarters. Everything will be arranged in the most modern manner, good light, sanitary appliances, prompt phone service and the latchstring hangs outside to all. His office phone is now 12 residence 3.
December 8, 1916
As predicted in a few issues back, after C. W. Tuck had leased his fish and oyster cafe, we felt that he would spring something new and not remain idle many days. He is now ready to announce to the Wilson people that a much needed public bath house has been arranged; new tubs, heater, etc., installed at the Royal Barber Shop where the oil field dust and grease can be effectively gotten rid of by means of plenty of hot water and soap. His motto now is: “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” Get this upon your mind and you will feel much satisfaction upon its practice.
On Monday, twenty-nine new pupils enrolled in school. We are glad to see this increase. New pupils are always welcome. They each have a place to fill and it has not taken long for each of the twenty-nine to fall into that place and work in harmony with the other students.

NEED A BIRTHDAY PRESENT? STOP BY THE MUSEUM GIFT SHOP! Wilson Historical Museum Hours: Tues., Thurs., Fri., Sat., 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Wall Street is the only place that people ride to in a Rolls Royce to get advice from those who take the subway. -Warren Buffett

See everyone next week!
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