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Vol 16  Issue 824   November 8, 2012

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What can be billed the biggest event in Carter county of the year is taking place this weekend. A fall tradition in Southern Oklahoma returns for its 41st season in 2012. It’s the Carter County Arts and Crafts Festival & Food Fair. Festival hours are 9 am to 8 pm on Friday November 9th.  And 9 am to 5 pm on Saturday November 10th at the Hardy Murphy Coliseum in Ardmore, Oklahoma. So make plans to attend the ORIGINAL Arts and Crafts Show! Admission to the festival is free and parking is $2 per car.


Bryan Scott emailed a picture of Little Niagara at the Chickasaw National Recreation Area. This is an example of how dry this whole area is in Southern Oklahoma. We need rain.


On Oct 19th my BP was 172/98. This morning its 132/83 without medications, diet pills, exercise, starving to death and no expensive whatever to buy. Eat all I want, just certain foods (lost 9 lbs). I feel much better, with energy like I’ve not had in years. The Paleo Diet has changed my life (I don’t feel like I’m on a DIET). If I can do it, anyone can do it. Like a friend told me, “even a caveman can do it.” lol  This next link is the best sliced brisket we’ve found in Ardmore and Davis that is not greasy.  Perfect for our caveman diet.  After trying several places, we rank KC’s Smokehouse on South Commerce No. 1.


By the way, the 2nd runner up in our opinion for least greasy brisket goes to Ardmore’s Cattle Rustlers next to I-35 on Holiday Drive.



Last Friday Aldi’s Food Store had its first day of business in their new store on North Commerce and Grand Avenue. We went to check it out for our first time last Saturday morning and left very happy with the store!


Oklahoma History Revisited by Larry Guthrie, Sulphur

Question:  How was Oklahoma settled?

Answer:  T1540 – Spanish explorer, Spanish Hernando de Soto (1500-1542) explores the area in search of gold.

1719 – French Explorer, Soldier and Trader Jean Baptiste Bernard de La Harpe (1683 – 1765) explores Oklahoma

1775 – 1783 – The American Revolution creates the United States of America. The Revolution was due to the British burden of taxes and total power to legislate any laws governing the American colonies

July 4, 1776 – United States Declaration of Independence

July 10, 1778 – France declares war against Britain and makes an alliance with the American revolutionary forces

September 3, 1783 – The Treaty of Paris is signed by the victorious United States and the defeated Great Britain

1756 – 1763 – The Seven Years War (French and Indian War) due to disputes over land is won by Great Britain. France gives England all French territory east of the Mississippi River, except New Orleans. The Spanish give up east and west Florida to the English in return for

Francisco Vasquez de Coronado first explored the region for Spain in 1541. The U.S. acquired most of Oklahoma in 1803 in the Louisiana Purchase from France. The Western Panhandle region became U.S. territory with the annexation of Texas in 1845.

Set aside as Indian Territory in 1834, the region was divided into Indian Territory and Oklahoma territory on May 2, 1890. The two were combined to make a new state, Oklahoma, on Nov. 16, 1907.

On April 22, 1889 the official population of Oklahoma Territory went from 0 to 50,000 souls. Undoubtedly the biggest one day population gain for an area in the history of mankind!

From This and That newsletter archives of October 31, 1998:

The other day I found this old outhouse at #37 E Street NE here in Ardmore….. this is truly a remnant of the bygone years!

Gas prices today in the Ardmore area……


Check gas prices by town or zip code anywhere in U.S.


Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..

“Butch, as always your T&T is something to look forward to receiving each week. Thanks for the work you do with it. I’m trying to gather information and photos of a building in the 200 block of Caddo (A NE) and was wondering if any of your readers had any information about it. It was operated as the Columbia apartments historically, but not sure what years. Its a 3 story yellow brick structure with apartments on the 2nd and 3rd floors and retail space on the ground floor. If anyone can share any information about the history of this building, it will be very much appreciated.” -Tim Longest

No photo included in last weeks newsletter by Ronnie Roberts of the Dillinger crew.

“Butch: Some of your reader’s might enjoy this. I ask you to remember that for those of us who were in “Dillinger” their was always the dream and very slim chance that we might get that call and hit the big time. We all knew it was not at all likely, BUT, who knows for sure.? One dark, cloudy night while filming “Dillinger” I was driving a car at Gene Autry and next to me was Ben Johnson, In the back seat was James Clark and Wayne Warthen and Merle Salthouse. Well we had to re-shoot that particular scene about 20 times before I finally got the car exactly where they wanted it. The director finally said “Ronnie that was perfect” it’s a wrap. So, I stuck my head out the car window and asked the director what the chances were of me and my three friends in the back seat ever being contacted by Hollywood. The director smiled, was very nice, leaned in the window and told all 4 of us, the chances are the same famous two “Slim and None.” Well it turns out he was right. (Smile).” -Ronnie Roberts 1941-2011

From the Sept. 1908 “Ardmore Statesman” newspaper in Ardmore, OK:

The following complete list of the voting places and the officers of the election has been furnished by Hugh McGill, secretary of the Carter County election board.

Ardmore Township
Precinct 1: voting place Baptist church building, inspector W. H. Berry, judge E. R. Banks, clerk H. Southerland

Precinct 2: voting place McCharen’s store, inspector J. S. McCharen, judge Roe Carter, clerk E. E. Noble

Precinct 3: voting place Mansfield’s wagon yard, inspector J. D. Payne, judge J. S. H. Apollos, clerk John Prater

Precinct 4: Hall’s store, inspector C. P. Hall, judge James Butler, clerk C. A. Wall

Precinct 5: Chancellor Brothers company store, inspector J. R. Hutchins, judge J. J. Chandler, clerk J. M. Jones

Precinct 6: City hall, inspector L. N. Turman, judge J. A. McNaught, clerk George H. Webb

Precinct 7: Porter Staples’ store, inspector W. H. Cardwell, judge W. R. Roberts, clerk H. M. Cannon

Precinct 8: W. P. Davis’ place, inspector H. Porter, judge W. P. Davis, clerk T. E. Rowland

Precinct 9: Whittington hotel, inspector M. Ikard, judge A. F. Cisco, clerk Joe F. Pate

Morgan Township.
Precinct 1: J. Mat Moore’s store in Highland Park, inspector S. D. Mitchell, judge W. Carroll, clerk, A. E. Bussell

Precinct 2: Pollard’s store, inspector Charles W. Thomas, judge R. M. Harwood, clerk C. C. Litchfield

Precinct 3: Canning factory, inspector I. N. Wallen, judge J. W. Manley, clerk John Griffis

Precinct 4: Whitney’s store, inspector A. L. Lasley, judge M.H. Bratcher, clerk T. H. Horton

Wilson Township
Precinct 1 at Provence, inspector J. E. bowling, judge C. L. Ford, clerk W. M. Jones

Precinct 2 at Durwood, inspector A. F. Ramsey, judge F. V. Walker, clerk G. W. Presley

Precinct 3 at Mulkey, inspector Will Barber, judge D. W. Dunn, clerk J. H. Mulkey

Berwyn Township
Precinct 1 at Baum, inspector O. S. Bailey, judge J. S. Worthy, clerk M. F. Setliff

Precinct 2 at Berwyn, inspector George T. Fisher, judge George Murray, clerk I. A. Henderson

Precinct 3 at Springer, inspector J. J. Phillips, D. P. McDowell, clerk J. H. Owens

Akers Township
Precinct 1 at Glenn, inspector C. H. Davenport, judge H. A. Higgins, clerk W. S. Gardner

Precinct 2 at Newport, inspector G. I. Evans, judge P. W. King, clerk J. H. Caperton

Precinct 3 at Woodford, inspector T. S. Roberts, judge Logan Ross, clerk I. J. Akers

Graham Township
Precinct 1 at Pooleville, inspector E. R. Poole, judge Dr. T. N. Garrison, clerk R. D. Freeman

Precinct 2 at Graham, inspector O. Bounds, judge N. W. Grisham, clerk C. A. Bennett

Precinct 3 at Fox, inspector H. A. Carter, judge John Pruitt, clerk A. D. Davis

Precinct 4, inspector J. M. Forehand, judge J. W. Ragsdale, clerk R. B. Poyner

Hewitt Township
Precinct 1 at Chagris, inspector A. M. Greenwood, judge Grover Chase, clerk W. W. Newman

Precinct 2 at Wheeler, inspector J. H. Mills, judge C. H. Borcherding, clerk V. M. hanks

Precinct 3 at Healdton, inspector J. B. Watson, judge C. H. heald, clerk W. D. Teague

Precinct 4 at Eolian, inspector B. E. Mobley, judge J. B. Jones, clerk, C. E. Grissom

Precinct 5 at Hewitt, inspector W. B. Hudgins, judge G. R. Dowdy, clerk Charles J. Gill

Precinct 6 at Keller, inspector C. S. Beavers, judge W. F. Clodus, clerk U. T. Rexroat

Lone Grove Township
Precinct 1 at Lone Grove, inspector Ira Arnold, judge W. E. Drummond, clerk F. M. Byrd

Precinct 2 at Cheek, inspector H. D. Bogle, judge W. C. Luna, clerk Walter Edwards

“Here are the pictures we took starting at Rattan, Oklahoma on a dirt road back through Cloudy, Pickens and Battiest, Oklahoma to Beavers Bend State Park and at the park itsself. Oklahoma foliage at its best. -Doug Williams

“Hi, Butch – Here’s one of several photos I made back about 1979 of the old store building on the SW Corner of old US 70 in Dickson where US 177 “tees” in. Ever see any good shots of the old Dripping Springs store building? I’d like to find some. Also, I wish I could find a photo of the railway depot at Provence. -TOM ELMORE

Does anyone know if the Douglas aircraft plant mentioned in last week’s T&T is where the air force base at Tinker is now?

Yes it is. The main building at Tinker is the old Douglas plant. And the section line that forms the eastern boundary of TAFB is known as Douglas Blvd.

“Hi Butch. Yes Tinker is where Douglas Aircraft was located in Midwest City. My father worked at Douglas during the war. The building he worked in was 1 mile long. He was a supervisor and rode a bicycle from end to end. It was too far to walk and took too long. He worked the swing shift. My later-to-be mother-in-law worked there also. She was a tiny 5 foot tall “Rosie-the-Riveter”. Because she was so small, she was assigned to work in the nose cone. I don’t think my father knew her as she worked the day shift.”  -Susan in Baton Rouge

“I really enjoyed this week’s newsletter. Thanks for consistently bringing us such great memories and information that is so wonderful. Loved the stories about Emet.

While I was at First Methodist in the 50’s- early 60’s, I think that Geraldine Rawlins was the Music Director and Ruth Milner was the Organist. Ruth and her sister Ruby Krueger were cousins of my mother. My sister and I took weekly piano lessons from Ruby and Ruth used to let me play around on the organ occasionally. Lila Stout sounds familiar but I don’t remember when she was there.Loved the conversation about the Kraft cheeses. We never had a family holiday dinner without a relish tray and celery stuffed with Kraft cheese, usually the Olive Pimento or the Pineapple, was always on the tray. Whenever I pull out the green glass plate that was used for the relishes, I immediately think of celery filled with Kraft cheese spread.” -Nancy Coffman Wilson

“Hello my name is Kyle Mulkey. I was wondering if anyone has any information on who owned Ardmore’s Mulkey hotel or who started the Mulkey school. After seeing the last name and noticing it was the same, I felt I had to do some research.” -Kyle Mulkey Kyle.Mulkey@chickasaw.net

“Hi, Butch – Here’s one of several photos I made back about 1979 of the old store building on the SW Corner of old US 70 in Dickson where US 177 “tees” in. Ever see any good shots of the old Dripping Springs store building? I’d like to find some. Also I wish I could find a photo of the railway depot at Provence.” -TOM ELMORE

1943  or 1944 Pop City, Oklahoma

We raised our own meat here too. Just as we had done in Kansas.

My Uncle Roy lived in Seminole. Not to far from where we lived. When our hogs got big enough to butcher, Daddy had arranged with “Unk” (MY Uncle Roy) to come help slaughter hogs. When he arrived Daddy had got his little single shot rifle to shoot the hogs in the head.

Unk said no need to waste a bullet, shells were hard to come by during the war. (WWII was going on at the time)

He allowed he could knock them in the head with a ball peen hammer and crack their skull, slit their throat and it was all over with.

Well he got astraddle of one hog, and had the hog’s head between his legs. He drawed back and hit the hog right between the eyes. The hog started running around the pen with Unk Roy laying on his back hollering at Daddy “SHOOT HIM PEARL, SHOOT HIM PEARL.” (My dad’s given name was Pearl.)Daddy and I were laughing so hard we couldn’t do anything. Finally Unk Roy fell off, Daddy raised his rifle, shot, and dropped the hog in his tracks. Daddy “wasted” another shell on the second one too. Unk Roy never said a thing. I must add to this story. While I was “scraping the hogs” I heard Unk Roy ask Daddy, don’t tell Willa Mae, (his wife) and were still brothers.  -ken @ Wilson

“I have been trying to find any kind of maps that show Provence back in the day when there was a general store and school. And If there is any info about the Provence area school and livery stables and platform for the train.”

East of Ardmore: “Does anyone know WHO named tater hill and/or WHY it got its name?” -Kris

I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend. -Thomas Jefferson

See everyone next week!
Butch and Jill Bridges
Ardmore Oklahoma
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Lone Grove, Oklahoma 73443

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