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Vol 18  Issue 919    September 4, 2014

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This week I’m going to start out a little different and give away a couple trade secrets I have on getting those blasted viruses, trojans, malware and spyware off a computer, and not cost an arm and leg, but for free.  For a a number of years I’ve liked SUPERantispyware.  It usually gets the job done. I run the FREE version here at home every 2 or 3 days religiously. But sometimes a virus can really be hard to remove and SUPERantispyware just can’t clean it off. That’s when I get out the big gun. It’s Norton’s Power Eraser (NPE).

Norton updates the file several times a day, and it’s just a single .EXE file you download and run.  Once installed it will have to reboot your computer (answer yes to the question) and when your computer comes back up, it starts scanning.  It will show what it finds when finished scanning, and remove the suspect virus or malware. It has never failed me on the stubborn viruses.

Here is a link to the SUPERantispyware website.


Here is a link to Norton’s NPE and its free too.


Nearly every night at least this bigger toad has himself a certain spot in the gravel next to the house, a couple feet from the A/C drain line. I know he is trying to find any moisture he can find in this drought. Usually it’s just one toad, maybe two, but last weekend I saw all 3 toads together, all different sizes.


As of today we have $425 pledged toward the purchase of a granite memorial to be placed in Healdton in honor of the City’s police officers who have given their lives in the line of duty. Next week I will check on the price of a granite marker. I hope some more of you will join with those listed at the bottom of the webpage, and we can make this happen.


Last week we had a photo of a US Marshal badge owned by a family in Australia.  It looks like it is not a true badge.  Here is the response I received:

Unfortunately, this has been confirmed as a fantasy badge by one of the experts I turn to on these.  However, at least it appears an earlier one, probably the 1960s-1980s.”

James McNeely
Warrant / Task Force Coordinator
United States Marshals Service E/TX
Beaumont / Lufkin Divisions

Here are a few pavers I sandblasted this week







Q.  Mister Ed, the talking horse from the 1960s TV show, is buried near what Oklahoma town?
A.   Tahlequah, Oklahoma

Q.  What is the second oldest town in Oklahoma and the first to establish electric service?
A.  (answer in next week’s T&T)

From This and That newsletter archives of September 2, 2000:

In Healdton, Oklahoma is a Department of Corrections Work Center. One of the inmates there is an artist in tooling leather. Here is a leather notebook he made for the police chief of Kingston, Oklahoma.


In the past I’ve been guilty of saying one vote will not make a difference. I will never make that statement again. In our local sheriff’s race last week (Don Waters vs Harvey Burkhart), one vote held the key. It was absolutely unbelievable. Did you exercise your right to vote?
“Thought you might like a copy of Palacine Oil and Gas Station. Picture dated l929 or 39, not clear on back. Palacine Oil Company was located at 310 West Main, Ardmore. The man on the left is Ira Butler.”
“Hi Butch, I’m a new subscriber to your weekly “This and That” and I do enjoy all of it. My Aunt, Idalue of Ft. Worth TX put me on to your letter and I will be forever grateful to her. I was born and raised in Ardmore, but I joined the Air Force in 1954, so I haven’t lived there since. I still call Ardmore home and I come back as often as I can. Being in the Air Force gave me the opportunity to see most of this “Great Country” of ours and a lot of this old world we live in and I can truthfully say there is no place like home. Ardmore is where my heart is, but because of all my children and grandkids bring here I can’t move home “YET!” I’ve enjoyed reading about the bells, old building, the fountain in the park, but I wonder how many of your readers remember the little passenger train we all called the “Dinky.” I believe it ran to Durant and back. If I’m right, it was the first Diesel Engine train in Ardmore. It sounded different than the big Locomotives and it was dependable. Every morning around 08:00am you would hear its strange sounding whistle as it started its run. Also, I wonder how many remember where the old old Hy 70 east was located. I’m not speaking of what is now Okla 199 east, which was Hy 70east until the new Hy70 east, south of town was built. The old old Hy 70 east was just north of where Okla.199 out of Ardmore is now and ran right close to the San A Fe railroad and a large pond called by the same name. As you might guess, I love Ardmore I wish I was there now, even though there are very few people there that I knew way back when. At least I don’t recognize them if they are. When I’m in Ardmore, I go to WAL-MART just to see if I can recognize someone and you know everyone goes there! ha. I’ve took enough of your time. Keep your letter coming we enjoy it very much!! I have a life time of wonderful memories of Ardmore.”
“I was Carter County Registrar from 1961 to 1997 and have many memories regarding that 1966 American Flyers fatal crash. I had to issue burial permits/removal permits for all the deceased and helped with some of the death certificates also, I will never forget going to the Civic Auditorium and seeing all the bodies and writing until my hand cramped filling out all the paper work. My brother went on ambulance runs with Joel Bettes and he also was a volunteer deputy. He was one of the first persons at the crash site and helped with transporting some of the bodies but was finally asked by one of the law personnel to help direct traffic. The traffic was miles and miles long and hindered the rescue and recovery units. He worked for over 36 hours without sleep before he went home to sleep a few hours and go to his job.”  -Pat
“Hi Butch Saw the inquiry last week about the Coca Cola sign on the mountain and thought I would pass this information along. We have been told in the 20’s, when the ranch was owned by Cal Washburn, the rocks did indeed spell out Coca Cola. Then the company decided not to renew and the rocks were used to form the now famous Lazy S Ranch sign. The sign measures 70 ft. high x 100 feet wide although that area doubles when it’s time to repaint. HA! If your readers have any more questions about the Lazy S Ranch we would be more than happy to answer them. Keep up the good work with the newsletter.”
“Mr. Bridges: I copied this picture and your comments and sent them USPS to my long time Ft. Smith, Arkansas friend, Charles Winters, who now lives in Kansas City. He only has Juno e-mail and can’t receive pictures off the Internet. I think what Mr. Evers may have is a bell off a streetcar. The motorman could operate it with his foot and the loudness would be consistent with the requirements of a streetcar. Charles will know because he had one on an old 1940s era Chrysler that he inherited from his father. If I remember correctly the bell came off a Ft Smith Light and Traction Co car. Service was abandoned in 1934. Now our only problem is getting an answer from him. He has e-mail, but won’t use it. I’ll probably have to call him in a couple weeks to see what he has to say about the bell. BTW, Charles is a walking encyclopedia of railroad and Ft Smith, Arkansas history. There aren’t too many question he can’t answer about the two subjects. He is working on a book about the history of the Fort Smith & Western Ry. The FS&W ran from Ft. Smith to Guthrie and Oklahoma City and was abandoned in 1938. Hopefully, he will have it published soon. I’ll let you know what I find out about the Bermuda bell.”

Gas prices today in the Ardmore area……


Check gas prices by town or zip code anywhere in U.S.


Non-ethanol gas (pure gas) stations in the Ardmore area.


Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..“Butch, I completely agree with the comment from the August 28th issue – please do not let your newsletter become only available through facebook! There are a lot of us who enjoy the newsletter and do not and do not intend to get into facebook – thanks!” -Judy

“Butch, I guess there must be a lot of old timers like me who do not do facebook. Love your publication.
Thanks.” -Les

Small White House

“About that Oklahoma Territory Deputy Marshal’s badge. I don’t know what number my great grandfather William Harvey Burdick had on his badge. I asked you (several years ago) if you had any info on him? You found nothing and I still don’t know where he died nor where he’s buried (somewhere in Texas I think). I also asked my friend Steve Bunch to check and he also found nothing (as did Glenn Shirley who is now deceased). Still looking and wondering?” -Roy

“Butch, Always enjoy the weekly newsletter. Noticed the two mentions of Sucker Day in Wetumka, Ok.
I grew up just 11 miles south of Wetumka in the Horntown, Ok area. Sucker Day was a great day for a 8-9 year old kid. A big parade with all kinds of floats, horses and riders and lots of clowns, crazy looking bicycles along with a lot of tractors and farm implements. Usually there was some celebrity type person who headlined the parade. Most usually they were riding a beautiful horse with all the fancy saddle & bridle.
For a long time I just thought it was named “Sucker Day” because of all the candy suckers that were thrown out to all those who lined the parade route.
There were all kinds of free food items, from ice cream to watermelon. Hot Dogs and Burgers with Royal Crown Cola, Double Cola, Pepsi Cola and of course Coca Cola, all of this for free.
What a day for a little kid. All kinds of local characters that were very colorful with their homespun humor and talent. You just never knew what you might see. Greased flag pole climbing to get to the top for the $20 bill. The Greased Pig chase for the $20 bill or for the pig itself.
I remember seeing my first color tv being displayed in the window of one of the local merchants in 1954-55, with special Sucker Day pricing. I made sure my dad saw the display, but we never did get one of those. It would be over 10-12 years after I was married with children before I had a color tv in my house. A big purchase with payments.
It seemed like everyone was having a great time, everyone was laughing and talking with each other. There were always local musical groups that plied their talent in the talent contests. My family went early and stayed late. My mother worried about all the junk food we would eat during the day, if she only knew. We had a bottomless stomach and could eat all day. It was so good.
I don’t remember when I finally learned the real story behind the Sucker Day Scam, but the businessmen of Wetumka certainly made Lemonade out of Lemons at least for this young boy and a whole lot more just like me. You will have to give them their due, they overcame the stigma of “Sucker” and turned it into a Winner instead of a Sucker!
Just thought I would give you another view of Sucker Day in Wetumka, Oklahoma.
-Jerry Summy

“My mother, an early Oklahoma pioneer wife and mother (her life spanned 1893-1964) cooked for the many years using iron skillets. Many were the times I saw her put her iron skillet into the middle of an open fire outside – sometimes the one used to heat the huge iron pot of water to wash clothes. Don’t know how long she left it, but it came out ‘clean as a whistle’. I suppose she seasoned it -I was too young to notice that.”  -Joh, Sulphur

Chickasaw Dugout Canoe Exhibit at Sulphur, Oklahoma on September 27th.

Ode to a Toad

Oh, my little slimy friend
Your croaking drives me round the bend
To find a mate you?re doing your best
But will you please just give it a rest
Miss Toad may be impressed
By your annoying call
But then again she?s a toad
She?ll love you warts and all
So off to the pond with you
Go on, off you leap
And leave me in peace
To get some sleep.

See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges
Ardmore Oklahoma
PO Box 2
Lone Grove, Oklahoma 73443

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