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Vol 18  Issue 926    October 23, 2014

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After more then 17 years, this newsletter is coming to you by a different method this evening. I am trying a new emailing service with this issue.  The website is mailchimp.com and for the first test the other day it worked great.  Brightnet for some reason started limiting my mail out on Thursday evenings to 1,000 on the first send-out, and then I have to wait an hour to send out the other 628. No big deal, but this new service is going to make it easier on my end. I will be able to mail out up to 2,000 subscribers each time, and up to 12,000 emails a month utilizing only their free service. Also at the bottom of each email is an “opt-out” link for easy removal by those not wanting to receive the newsletter.


“Once Upon A Time…. by Betty Carroll (1980s).


Received an update email on 10/16/14 from Brad and Nellie in Australia about their cross country trip.

“Butch, Truly interesting to see the county websites. Those lists of sex offenders and other named persons would be considered a gross invasion of your privacy here. The Queensland Police would have been very relieved when I retired as me and our computer system did just not get on. If I am remembered at all it will be from the endless list of errors that I left behind. We have spent the last week in the south west corner of Western Australia. ‘Tis fairly wet with an annual rain fall of around 1200mm (47 inches). Very green and lush and tourist orientated with numerous small wineries, chalets etc. It is also the home to giant eucalyptus including Karri and Red Tingle trees that grow to around 90 meters (295 ft) and 4-500 years old, if the wood chippers don’t get them first.

We spent a couple of nights on the edge of the Southern Ocean at S 35?00’17.7″ E 116?39’17.7″, a lovely spot but the bloody wind blew straight from the Antarctic. We are currently camped in our little tent in Albany, S35?00’43” E 117?52’26”. We are slowly making our way towards home, looked at the map last night and only 4500km (2,800 miles) to go, including one straight stretch of road of 146km (90 miles) and not a bend – Eyre Highway, Australia’s longest straight. Will talk again next chance.”
Hoodoo for now,
Brad and Nellie, in western Australia

Below are a couple pavers I sandblasted the past week.




If  you’ve ever tried to install a new hard drive in your computer after your old one crashed, or just need needing a bigger hard drive, here is some help. For a long time I’ve subscribed to a daily newsletter called How-To-Geek.  It’s full of good information on How To’s. In their October 18th issue there was a great artical on how to change out the hard drive.  One thing that caught my attention in the article the use of a free utility called Macrium Reflect, a disk imaging and cloning software.  Here is the link to the entire article.


Q.  In his 32 years in crime, what Oklahoma born outlaw is claimed to have robbed more banks than both the James-Younger Gang and the Doolin-Dalton Gang put together?
A.   Henry Starr

Q.  The inventor of the Nautilus exercise equipment found in most gyms and health spas around America was from what Oklahoma town?
A.  (answer in next week’s T&T)

From This and That newsletter archives of October 21, 2000:

“Hi Butch, Your pic of the Ardmore Oil & Milling Co may be the one I have info about. In 1893, when cotton was king and Ardmore was the inland center of the cotton industry with 13 firms representing 13 foreign countries, the Ardmore Cotton Oil Mill and the Choctaw Cotton Oil Mill were established. They took cotton seeds that formerly were discarded and made seed cake for livestock and oil for industrial purposes.”
“When i was a kid, i remember going to a drive in hamburger place about a block south of Colverts Dairy on the East side of Lake Murray Drive. Seems they had a big parrot in a cage right out front, do you or anyone remember that? What about The car wash on north washington, just north of the traffic light intersecting old Highway 70, to the right. I remember it as “Coopers Corner”. Years ago, i was told this was the first coin operated car wash in the state, Don’t know if it is true.”
“I see you’re still doing a great job on T&T. Enjoying it more every time. Saw that someone wrote you about the airstrip at Enville. When I was young, used to spend part of summers with my aunt and uncle Buddy and Jeanine Bryant. They were dairy farmers who lived about 2 miles north of the Enville store. A bunch of us kids made a baseball field at the airstrip, but once in a while, would have to clear off so a plane could land, taxi to Lemons store to get fuel and off again. This was in the early, to mid 50’s. Also, re: the movie Dillinger, Richard Dreyfuss was in it also as Baby Face Nelson. I was a member of the Ardmore Police Dept. back then, and while they were filming at the Chickasaw Lake Club, I was assigned as Ben Johnson’s personal bodyguard. He was a class act, and a good man.” -Jerry Landrum
“I live NW of Springer. There was once a town my Dad has told me about by the name of Glenn. Do you have any pics or information on the township. Thanks and keep up all the good, hard, long hours and efforts of the newsletter. I look forward to getting my cup of coffee and going to the computer every Saturday morning to read it.”

Glenn, Carter County, Oklahoma school in 1923
“My cousin was showing me a site that was telling stories on outlaws (men and women) and lawmen killed in line of duty. Jerry and I have a great uncle that was killed in Madill, July 21, 1932. The time of his death, he was with the OSBI out of Oklahoma City. Jerry was reading the story of our uncle to me. He was killed by Wiley Lynn, a peace officer. On this web site he was reading told about all of the outlaws and the lawmen.”
“I went to Cross Point Camp on Lake Texoma today and guess what was sitting just outside the cafeteria door????? A BIG beautiful bell and I took a picture! I have e-mailed the camp to see if they can tell me who to ask about the history. It is a really pretty bell.”



Gas prices today in the Ardmore area……


Non-ethanol gas (pure gas) stations in the Ardmore area.


Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..

“Educated Hamburger had lettuce, tomatoes, and Mayo. We always had onions it on them too. You could also order them with cheese. This how those of us at Calvary Presbyterian thought my old friend.” -LaVeta

“This is an old aussie folk song I liked when I was back there. Been to Gungadai and the road. Might ask your friends about the dog on the tuckerbox.”  -Jon

Dog on the Tuckerbox….


“Thank you so much for your newsletter. Even though I did not live in the area, I do have cousins who did, and do, and it still reminds me of “home.” Especially loved the OKC pictures of the capitol area. Had never seen the Ten Commandments monument nor the capital with a dome statue. Spent many summer vacations running around that area when visiting with my Granny Thomas who worked in the basement of the capitol office building. I could have been a Historical Building guide as I knew every inch of it. Is it still standing? I know they moved to a new building. Keep up the good work.”

“You have a question about the greatest bank robber in OK for next week. My great grandfather, Lafayette “Dred” Boulware, a deputy sheriff, was shot and killed by Jess Littrell, member of the Poe-Hart gang, in Jan 1917 in Okfuskee Co, OK. Jess is buried in Marlow, OK. Dred is on the OKC Law Officers Memorial and also the DC Memorial wall.” -Peggy Thomas Villanueva

Foiled Dog Attack
“Hi Butch, long time — My dog attack adventure may be of interest —
I’m 90 & need to walk mornings. Now & then I passed three big dogs chained in front yard barking furiously. Few weeks ago, same house a tiny little dog half the size of a house cat, yapping at my feet. Trying to avoid it, I saw one of the big dogs, free, headed for me. Lucky I had my spring steel walking stick, cut from a golf club. Big dog about to take hold of my left leg, I gave him my best stroke with my stick. That changed his mind. I walked on, thinking lucky I had my stick & saw the attack coming & lucky it was me instead of some little old lady or small child being attacked. Got home, called police, Animal Control Officer came out, took my report, saying he would talk with dog’s owner. Now, weeks later, the dogs sometimes still there but don’t bark much at me. Makes me wonder if dogs learned a lesson, maybe drugged by owner or just got used to seeing me but still a menace in my opinion.”
Bob McCrory
P.S. These are like Alaska sled dogs, maybe 100 pound size

“This week’s T&T reminded me of those early days T&T posts where all those bells you and readers documented across Oklahoma. I looked that page over and didn’t see this one. I took this pic last winter at the site of the old school at Fillmore OK in Johnston county. The school is long gone now and only a few traces of it can be seen today. But they do have this monument that contains the bell and a nice plaque that tell a little a about the school. If you are still collecting bells, you are welcome to this one. I could not find much written on the net about Fillmore or the school. Perhaps a reader out there knows something more about the place and can share it here.” -David Cathey


Lone Grove Band Boosters presents the Fall Carnival and Bingo is Saturday Oct 25th.

1965-1966 Ardmore High School Class Roll


Gene Autry Volunteer Fire Department fund raiser Saturday Nov 1st

23 Reason why you must visit Australia. -Steve Moran in eastern Australia

“I was a kid from Oklahoma who never wanted to be a singer, but was told I could sing. And things snowballed.”  –Patti Page

See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges
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