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Vol 19  Issue 950  April 9, 2015

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Three Shot, One Killed, Two Wounded, Alleged Result of Family Row
Saturday April 13, 1918 – The Daily Ardmoreite, Ardmore, Oklahoma

W.B. Bentley, a carpenter, who lived at 315 Fourth avenue northwest, was shot about 10 o’clock last night at his home and died at 3 o’clock this morning at the Hardy Sanitarium. His wife and her daughter by a former marriage, Mrs. Leonard Brown, are in the sanitarium seriously wounded.

A call came to the police station about 10 o’clock last night and Officers Johnson and Fenley responded. They found Bentley at the corner of Fourth Avenue and C street northwest, he having walked there, a distance of a block, after being shot. At the house they found Mrs. Bentley and Mrs. Brown both wounded. All the parties were taken to the sanitarium.

Dr. Walter Hardy said this morning that Bentley was shot in the abdomen four times there being 15 punctures in the intestines. His left arm had been broken by a bullet. Across his breast there was a scalping wound and one entering the side and penetrating the left flank.

Mrs. Bentley’s left arm was broken and she was also shot in the right hip the bullet entering the abdominal cavity. Mrs. Brown’s left arm was broken by a bullet and one passed through her right knee cap.

Information leading to the cause of the shooting is meager, as the parties were alone in their home at the time. The husband of Mrs. Brown, Leonard Brown, is with the army in France and she has been staying with her mother and stepfather. It is alleged that she did all the shooting. As the police gathered the story, there was a family row in progress when the young woman secured a gun which her stepfather attempted to take from her, that he knocked her down and was wrestling with her on the floor for possession of the gun when the shooting occurred. The weapon was a .32 automatic pistol containing nine bullets and Doctor Hardy said could have been no misses as he found where very one of the nine bullets had struck either the body of Bentley, Mrs. Bentley or Mrs. Brown. The shots the young woman inflicted upon herself were presumed to be accidental. The body of Bentley was taken to the undertaking rooms of Brown & Bridgman.

March 1931 – Governor W. H. Murray, charging existence of immorality and unlawful expenditure of funds, has asked the U.S. Marshal’s office to investigate crime at the University of Oklahoma. “In one case, there was a charge on an expense account of $7.50 for food. Many thousands of dollars have been stolen by these methods.”

March 1931 – Andrew Hardy, 46, former county judge and one time county attorney of Carter County, was arrested on a complaint of first degree murder in the death of his wife. Deliberating less than two hours, a dozen Carter County citizens found Andrew Hardy not guilty of the murder in the death of his wife, Ruby Hardy. There was absolute quiet when the verdict was received, which has been a statewide sensation.

March 1955 – A raid netted one of the largest whiskey haul in recent months. Lone Grove Constable Robert Denney led the raid. Charges of illegal possession were filed against Oliver Marutsky.

March 1964 – Candidates who have filed for office include: Lone Grove Justice of the Peace, Dee Greenwood; Lone Grove Constable, J.H. Bumpass; District #3 Commissioner, A.E. Payne, a Republican; and State Representative, Raymond Hammer.

March 1964 – Financing was assured to build the Lake of the Arbuckles, after Oklahoma Water Recourses Board approval March 11.

Someone asked me this week the directions to old Tuck’s Ferry by the Red River in Love County. The following is the GPS reading to the exact location of Tuck’s Ferry. If you COPY and PASTE the numbers into bing.com the map will take you there including Tucks Ferry Road.

33.853016, -97.052816



A number of years ago I tried a computer firewall by Comodo. For reason I don’t really remember, I was not all that impressed, for one thing I felt like it slowed down my computer. But after seeing all the computer hacking going on worldwide, I decided a couple weeks ago to give Comodo Firewall another try. Boy have I been impressed and it’s FREE for home, commercial and government use!  Even though Windows as a built-in firewall, I wanted some extra protection and Comodo’s firewall is giving me just that. Here is a quick run down of its features:0

World’s #1 free Firewall that finds threats and protects your PC
Blocks all Internet attacks
Monitors in/out connections
Manages traffic on your PC
Secures all connections when you are online
No complex configuration issues�perfect for amateur users
Quickly learns user behavior to deliver personalized protection
User-friendly, attractive graphical interface
Lots of configuration options let techies configure things just as they like
Plenty of Youtube tutorials to tweak the settings if you’re want
It even runs on XP if you are still using that very UNSECURE operating system

One feature I really like is the Sandbox. This is a box Comodo puts in the upper right hand corner of your screen that will allow you to run your Internet Explorer, Chrome browser, and Firebox browser in a secured environment. This is especially important if you’re connected to your bank, PayPal, etc., since it allows a secure connect between your computer and say, your bank.

There is one feature I don’t like, well not so much don’t like because it’s just doing its job, it’s more of a inconvenience than anything. I’m talking about when I run a program on my computer that it doesn’t recognize, a box pops up and ask you to approve the application. You may have to click Approve several times before the program runs but you can tell it to remember your choice so you don’t have to do it next time you run the program.


Got my OKie Power Saver installed this week and it sure made a drop in amp usage when I kicked on the A/C. That’s what I’m looking for, to save some bucks on my electric bill when those 100 degree days come this summer. I have 4 more units at $135 each if anyone is interested.



The warmer weather has me outside sandblasting a few pavers.




Below are some natural stone I have available for engraving.


I’m still stuck at the 177 pounds. So this week I started taking Fortify Probiotic Primadophilus capsules. If anyone wants to try it give me a holler. “I’ll meet you at the mailbox.” My TruVision family is growing like a weed. Come join us and check it all out at the link below.



Q.  Carl C. Magee invented what invention in 1932?
A.  Parking meter

Q.   This city is the county seat of Sequoyah County in eastern Oklahoma. The book “The Grapes of Wrath” features a family from this town. The city’s population from the 2010 U.S. Census was 8,880. Can you name this city?
A.  (answer in next week’s T&T)

From This and That newsletter archives of March 27, 1999:A couple of weeks ago I promised to tell everyone about the largest bell in the world. It’s already been cast at the foundry in Nantes, France. A lady here in Ardmore gave me the March 12th Wall Street Journal, and there on the front page was a large article about it. The bell is to leave France this month, makings it way up the Mississippi River and finally up the Ohio River, and ending up in Newport, KY in July. It is there in Newport, Kentucky they plan to ring in the new Millennium on December 31st with this bell. I sure would like to be there when they ring that 73,000 pound bell for the first time! It’s the world’s largest swinging bell.
I saw on the TV this week, that after decades, it seems like we have been fed misinformation about just what’s a Blue Moon. They now say it is when four full moons occur in one season, the third one is a Blue Moon. Now what do we believe.
“…..As I had family in Marietta, OK, I spent quite a bit of time over there while growing up. I have attended movies at the King Bee theatre, and naturally, went next door to the malt shop for c-burger and chocolate malt, or coke freeze. Mr. Lamont King and wife owned them both. He ordered me out of the theatre one night when he caught me lighting and rolling cherry bombs down the aisle…… This was back in the late ’50’s.”
“Reagan, OK….I have many fond memories of that place. Just north of the fish hatchery, there was a swimming pool that was fed by the Pennington creek. Just north of the pool was a skating rink with shutters that were raised in the summer to help keep the place cool. The Pennington creek flowed down through Tishomingo on the west side of downtown, flowing over a dam in the northwest part of town that was a popular place for swimming, diving, and picnicking.”
“Steel iron, even stainless is mainly Fe Iron elemental. The difference between wrought iron and mild steel is that wrought iron is a fibrous bundle of iron crystals that contain small amounts of slag. It is the slag that stops the growth of rust, making real wrought iron and stainless the only two iron alloys that don’t rust away. Stainless would be a better choice for the support strips because there will be condensation forming inside the copper and it will wick into the space between the support strips and the copper. Unless the steel is coated perfectly, and the finish is unscratched, there will be rust. And if you are already going to do as much as it sounds like, the cost of using stainless for the parts in contact shouldn’t be that much. On the other hand, if the framing is massive, it shouldn’t rust away. Proper coating with rust preventative paints may be all you need. That and a bit of care when the piece is put together.”
“Iron and copper are pretty close on the charts near the same valence. Copper is even used plain to “braze” steel sometimes. It shouldn’t be a big problem. That said, Stainless would be better, where the two meet. The statue of liberty had a wrought iron (relatively non rusting) frame that the copper was riveted to. The big renovation a few years ago removed all the iron support framing and replaced it with stainless. This would be the thin bars that are bent to the contour of the copper, where necessary.”
Last week a strong wind blew off one of the hands of the Seth Thomas Clock in the dome of the courthouse. The wood clock hand had to be repaired and painted.

Gas prices today in the Ardmore area……


Non-ethanol gas (pure gas) stations in the Ardmore area.


Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..“Butch, I sent you some information in 2013. I have found out a little more about the Haglers. The Son that I thought was Little Fred was named Robert David Patton. He was born on May 16, 1946 in Ft worth, Texas and died in the Ft Worth City Jail on December 17, 1961. He lost an arm in a bicycle accident with a car in about 1958 or 1959. His Birth Certificate and his Death Certificate both show Father as David Hagler and Mother as Doris Patton. The Birth Certificate shows their middle names as Fred and Mae. Both his and his Sister’s Birth Certificate show they were born in Ft Worth their last name as being Patton. I don’t know if either Fred or Doris are still alive but I think Melanie is still alive. I think Melanie married a man named Louis Michalski in the 80s.”

“I was going thru old papers of my parents and came across an article my mom cut out of paper. She wrote on it “this was in the paper on the 2nd”. When I read the article about Dave Hagler I was brought back to a very vivid childhood memory. It had to have been 61-64? But he used to hideout at our house in Euless, Texas from time to time. He was a friend of my dad’s. At the time I did not realize he was hiding out. Only later overhearing things figured it out and that he was a bad person. He was at our house in the garage and I rode my bicycle in the garage to have a gun pointed at my head. I remember him saying “you almost got yourself shot kiddo.” He had guns all over the workbench. Some apart & some together.” -Betty

“Back in the mid 60s, the Jaycees sponsored a home show at the Hardy Murphy Coliseum. I was the chairman for the show, Erl L. Harmon was Jaycee president. Hal Cochran, a DJ with KVSO radio was my co chairman and had contacts in Memphis through radio affiliates. WE had a very small budget for entertainment to help draw the crowds. Hal contacted some of his affiliates and got us some entertainers that showed some promise and a lot of people had heard of them. Conway Twitty cost us $1500.00, Don Gibson $1500.00 and the Wilburn Brothers about $3000.00 but, they also played at a dance at the Civic Auditorium for the Jaycees after the home show.  Some old Ardmoreites that were Jaycees at the time were D. Allen Wint, Carl Foster, Sonny Craddock and Mark Ellis. There were a lot more too.” -Dale Young

Anybody remember the Tom Tom Tavern in Durant, Oklahoma and know where I might get a photo of it?

As promised, a few pages from my book to illustrate some of the topics addressed in my book.

1) CumminsJR (pdf)  This six-page attachment shows some of the cards from the Civil War Card Catalog of the Texas Archives. I am clicking through those 40,000 cards that are now on Ancestry.com. Recently, a German company bought Ancestry.com. Austin TX was the first place their archivists were sent to copy Texas records.

2) p33Appendixpp1-186 (pdf) This page sort of explains the scope of my book. The most densely populated area was along the Louisiana line.

3) pp105-107CivilWar (pdf) These pages summarize the transfer of Indians from the Young County TX area to the Fort Cobb, Indian Territory area.

4) p302CivilWar (pdf) This page references soldiers who drove cattle back east to feed Confederate soldiers. I do not have the number of Texas cattle sent back east, but we know that 300,000 Indian Territory cattle were driven back east.

The eighteen members of this Reynolds Gang served in Wells’ Battalion in Indian Territory and can be found on:


5) p279CivilWar (pdf) This page highlights the military units active in July 1864 Texas. Notice the collective term “Arizona Brigade” that I have outlined on my web page:


Below is a Folder with the above mentioned PDF files available for viewing

https://oklahomahistory.net/bourlandcivilwar/Patricia Adkins-Rochette, 580-252-2094
1509 Shadybrook Lane
Duncan, OK 73533, http://www.bourlandcivilwar.com

Advertising is the art of convincing people to spend money they don’t have for something they don’t need.  -Will Rogers

See everyone next week!

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