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Vol 19  Issue 958 June 4, 2015

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I can hardly believe six months has passed since I announced I’d retire from the Carter County Commissioners office at the end of June 2015. But here I am counting the days until June 30th. When I first told the commissioners last December I’d retire this month, in the days and weeks following I’d sometimes get mixed feelings. But it wasn’t long before I knew I was ready to make the change from working life to retired life. In August I’ll get my first Social Security check and also my county retirement check, so I’ll finally start getting back a little of what was withheld out of my checks my entire working life. My co-workers will be having a retirement party for me at the OSU conference room next door to the courthouse on Wednesday June 25, 2015. Time will be from 2:00pm to 4:00pm. This is an informal, come and go party. I hope those of you living nearby can stop by, say hello, and wish me luck when I joined the ranks of the unemployed June 30th.


Here is an interesting email I received this week:

Q. “Hello Butch, I sort of randomly came across a pretty interesting Wikipedia entry today about a man named Patrick Murphy. Just curious if you?ve heard of him before considering the entry says he ?may have come from Ardmore, Oklahoma?.  -Lee

A. I did find in my January 2010 T&T newsletter the following on a Patrick Murphy:

From Arizona Highways magazine Nov 94.
Ardmoreite Bombs Naco, Arizona throwing Washington D.C. into a “Tizzy”, President sends in troops.
-By Tom Kuhn

I am closing in on Patrick Murphy, the pilot who dropped bombs on Naco, Arizona for Mexican rebels during the 1929 Revolution.  Murphy needs to be found so history can be set straight.

The attacks made the front page of the “New York Times” three days running, and threw Washington D.C. into a tizzy. They marked the first time the contiguous United States was bombed by the air by a foreign power. The rebels meant to bombard Naco, in Sonora, Mexico and missed. Murphy apologized, but the bombing of the Arizona town continued.

When the revolution collapsed a month later, Murphy avoided a Mexican firing squad by crossing into the U.S. at Nogales, AZ where he was jailed briefly. After his release, he ducked out of sight. He hasn’t been reported since.

He appears in an undated photo to be in his late 30’s. He lived in ARDMORE, OKLAHOMA where he may have learned to fly.   3 more pages of info describing the battle and damage are in the magazine.

-Magazine article found by Larry O’Gwin, Sun City, AZ / Sulphur, OK

A few pavers I sandblasted this week.



After nearly a month of not losing any weight with TruVision I decided 2 weeks ago to stop taking it. During the two weeks I gained back a couple pounds reaching 180 lbs. When I started back I lost 2 lbs in a 24 hour period. Plus I could tell my energy level was down too. Now to see if I can break below that 177 pound plateau I had reached over a month ago. If anyone wants to try it give me a holler. “I’ll meet you at the Walmart mailbox!” Join us and check it all out at the link below.



Hot days are just around the corner. My OKie Power Saver will help keep my electric bill as low as possible when I crank up the air conditioning this summer. I’m ready to combat that sky high electric bill. I have created a webpage to tell more about the OKie Power Saver at the link below. You really have nothing to lose except a high electric bill to try the power saver. I am guaranteeing the unit to save you money or your money back. Give me a holler for more information.


Q.  Sometime after 1864 in what Oklahoma town did outlaw “captain” William Coe build a “fortress? to protect himself and his gang of some 30 to 50 members, who primarily rustled cattle, horses, sheep, and mules?

A.  Captain William Coe, who established his Robber’s Roost in the late 1860s. Located strategically on a long high ridge jutting southwest from a large mesa near the town of today’s Kenton, Oklahoma, the outlaw headquarters was large, made of rock walls three feet thick, was topped with a thick sod roof, had portholes instead of windows, and sported a fully stocked bar.


Q.  How many American Indian tribes are headquartered within the state of Oklahoma

A.  (answer in next week’s T&T)

From This and That newsletter archives of June 2, 2001:

Last Sunday evening, May 27th, about 11pm, probably the worst storm I’ve ever been in, came roaring through southern Oklahoma and Ardmore. The straight line winds were clocked at 92 miles per hour. Resulted in power and water outages all over the area. Damage from the strong winds could be seen everywhere. Thankfully no one was killed. My part of Ardmore was without water for two days and electricity for three days. I pray we don’t ever have another storm of that intensity again.
In southeastern Oklahoma is Pushmataha County. The county seat is Antlers. Antlers has one claim to fame that probably not other county in the state of Oklahoma has….. I’ve been told The City of Antlers has the one and only traffic light in the entire county. Rumor had it during the past few years that Clayton, Oklahoma in the northern part of Pushmataha county was going to get a signal light, but that has not happened according to my sources. I wonder if there is any other county in Oklahoma with only one traffic light? Here is a photo of the famous and lonely traffic light in Antlers!

Note: There are 2 now. Another is 2 blocks west of that one. The only 2 in Pushmataha County.
A friend brought up an interesting question this week. Remember the nursery rhyme, “Picking up paw paws, put ’em in your basket?” (Okies said, “put ’em in your pocket.”) What is a paw paw and why would anyone want to pick them up?
The 4pm tour of Brown Springs today (6/02/01) is still on. Thackerville, Oklahoma resident Lou Harper tells me she’s received lots of emails about the tour, and many say they are planning to attend. All I ask is if you do attend, be careful. The history of Brown Springs has been one of mystery and death and the unexplainable.

Speaking of Lou Harper, she has written a poem about Brown Springs. See if this little glimpse into the past doesn’t conjure up one’s imagination…..

Springs of Brown – by Lou Harper

A barren land in many ways
Our Oklahoma state,
And there are times when she portrays
Her outlaws for a trait.
In border town, old Browns springs plays
A fascinating bait.
A fool who wanders later lays
Stone dead; that is his fate.

Now, don’t go roaming off the path
That others marked before
Lest you incur the spirits wrath;
(More than you bargained for.)

For sometimes when a body strays
Into Browns springs to wait
Until discovered, there it lays,
With mystery its fate.
Events so strange become a craze
That cheapens real estate.
It happens frequently these days
Whenever we debate.
Men spit and whittle on most days
While trying to think straight.
This legend of our springs may faze
Land buyers near our gate.

Now, don’t go roaming off the path
That others marked before
Lest you incur the spirits wrath;
(More than you bargained for.)

The spirits rising from the haze
Scare strangers, who wont wait,
To know the reasons locals praise
That graveyards ancient date.
We’ve seen within the nighttime blaze
A witch or two create
A brew they often mix from maize
When they officiate.

Now, don’t go roaming off the path
That others marked before
Lest you incur the spirits wrath;
(More than you bargained for.)

Our legend lives because its true,
For none of us would lie.
Lets take a tour, just me and you
Our bravery apply.
If, by sundown, we disappear
No trace of us is found,
They’ll say that we were never here
Once buried neath the ground.

Now, dont go roaming off the path
That others marked before
Lest you incur the spirit’s wrath;
(More than you bargained for.)

A legend told, and who knows why
The Old wives tale endures?
Yet through the years these stories fly
And boredom surely cures.

The Carter County OSU Extension Office in Ardmore has a Website! Office secretary Kathy Speaks has been real busy the past few weeks building the website, and she’s turned it into a masterpiece.
“Interesting site of historical maps — see Oklahoma Indian Territory and more!”
“Butch: attached is a picture of a bridge we called the “Iron Banister Bridge.” Is was in the Murray 23 area, on Oklahoma’s Highway 22 (SE of Tishomingo in Johnston county). The bridge is no longer there. But I scanned the entire page, and you can get a general idea of how I have written my memories with the pictures of yesterday. They will be left for my children or grandsons or whoever.”
“Butch- Mr. Sparger (Puny) and according to an item in the Daily Ardmoreite, March 29, 1943, “Cousin Puny” Sparger had opened the Buckhorn Bar at 113 W. Main St., Ardmore. A man of several names and many talents!”
“Staunton is a two room school about five miles northwest of Healdton and was built about 15 or 16 years ago. This school year we have purchased for one of the rooms, new seats and a teacher’s desk and chair and blackboards for each room. On the playground we have two basketball courts for boys and girls. A comfortable home is provided for the teachers on the school site. A community Sunday School is held in the school each Sunday. The primary section consists of the first four grades, all of which are doing splendid work, and the interest they are taking my be noticed by their perfect attendance. The fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grades compose the intermediate section. There are nineteen pupils enrolled and 990 percent are present ever day. C.A. Sullivan is Principal and Lois Moody is assistant. The school census is 64.”
“The Cheek School in District 30, is located in the extreme south central portion of Carter County. Eight grades of school work is offered in this school under the direction of two teachers. Thomas Overstreet, principal of Cheek School, has taught sixteen consecutive years. The assistant teacher is Mrs. Mattie Barker, formally Miss Overstreet. The little village of Cheek, just south of the school house is the center of a farming community. The census for the school is 161.”

“Bunker Hill is a two teacher school located a few miles south of Lone Grove. The eight grades of school work in the district are taught by D.T.Stiles, principal, and Mattie Cypert, assistant. The principal industry in the community is farming. Many of the patrons of the district are interested in forming a consolidated school with Lone Grove District.”

“In 1923 the Lone Grove School had a census of 254. The Lone Grove School is one whose standard is constantly being raised with the firm belief that the pupils of the district are entitled to as great educational advantages as those of any other district in the state or nation. During the past three years it has advanced from a non-accredited school to one which is now accredited to the extent of three full years of school high work. This has necessarily raise the standard of teachers employed…….”

“Enterprise School District 33, was organized in 1909. Previous to this date, Enterprise School was a one room log building very crudely built. Two years after statehood the present building was erected and a two teacher school established, which has ever since been striving to meet the needs of the community. The second story accommodates the district as a community hall when not in use by the school. This year the faculty added the first year of high school to the curriculum in order to accommodate those who were graduated from the eight grade in previous years. Herbert A. James is Principal of the school. he Enterprise district has a census of 88. Location: Township 4 south, range 1 west, 1 east”
“Hello Butch, Just wanted to let you know that I was looking at your Home Page and I clicked on the Memorial Hospital (Coaster). There to my surprise was a photo of my youngest sister Jean Wages (now deceased). If you find another of this coasters, please get it for me.”

Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..Your May 29 newsletter has a question about the Horse Statues in Shawnee. A number of Oklahoma towns has emblems set in place as a matter of pride and public relation. Shawnee has the Horse statues, McAlester has the Buffalo statues, Tulsa has the Penguin statues, Duncan has the Longhorn Steer statues, and Muskogee has eight foot Guitar statues around town to advertise the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame. Just a part of Oklahoma Pride.” -Keith

“Butch, I know you have lots of photos of the overflow at Lake Texoma but here’s another. I stitched together 5 overlapping shots to make this 180 degree view.” -C. Dwane Stevens

“Got out to look around Texoma a bit today. Probably more than a few Readers have flood pics, but here is a few more. First two are at US 70 and Willow Springs road. Just east of Roosevelt bridge. Second pair on SH199 just east of Ft. Washita.” -David Cathey





“Butch, I forwarded your videos of Lake Texoma from yesterday’s T&T to my son, Rocky Miller and he attached this picture of the landing strip that is now underwater in your video. I thought you might like to see it along with his response. Happy Trails.” -Roy Miller

“I lived in Ardmore and worked for H.J. Heinz Food Co and prior to that I lived in Wilson and Healdton and Managed Thompson Theatres in also The Derrick Drive in at The Healdton Wilson Y.  I now live in Lawton.  Would like to hear from the people I knew back in the good old days.  Best regards.”
Homer [Pug] Hawkins
[email protected]

The longer you work, the more money you’ll have for retirement. But the longer you work, the less time you’ll have to enjoy that retirement.
?Wall Street Journal

See everyone next week!

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