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Vol 19  Issue 974   September 24, 2015

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The following is from this week’s The Okie Legacy.

100 Years Ago – 22 Sept. 1915, Wednesday

One hundred years ago, 22 September 1915, Wednesday, The Daily Ardmoreite reported on its front page: “Automobile Races Here Next Week” and “Sleeper To Oklahoma City During Fair.” Santa Fe was to give Ardmore people sleeper service between Ardmore and Oklahoma City.

Sleeper To OKC During Fair

Ticket Agent Herndon of the Santa Fe announced that the Santa Fe would operate a sleeper between Ardmore and Oklahoma City for the convenience of its patrons during the state fair. The sleeper would leave here on Train No. 6, at 12:30 a.m., and would be set out at Oklahoma City. Similar service would be established from Oklahoma City to Ardmore, a sleeper attached to train No. 5, arriving in Ardmore at 3:42 a.m., would be set out here. This service would be effective September 25 and would continue until October 2 (1915).

Automobile Races Next Week

Arrangements had been made to have several visitors as well as local talent, participate. Some speedy races were booked for the fairgrounds next week, and those who delight in seeing the big autos go will have their wish gratified. Pet Kearney had made arrangements with a couple of racers from Walters, Oklahoma, to appear here, and they, together with local talent, would give a good exhibition.

In addition to the auto races a number of short distance motorcycle races would be run, participated in by local and visiting riders.

The track at the fair grounds would be in excellent condition if the present weather conditions prevail, and some good sport may be anticipated.

Ever since the Labor Day picnic the speed bug had been working overtime in this city and considerable enthusiasm had been aroused in auto racing. Some excellent records were expected to be established for a half mile trek at the coming meet.

We have talked about the Ardmore racetrack of years ago in the SE part of town at the coliseum property several times in past newsletters. The following is from my 2008 newsletter. It is a link to a 1940 aerial where you can see the oval circle at the coliseum.


I received the following email from the Sheriff of Garvin County this week. Maybe some Readers can help Larry out on this:

“Butch – I am Larry Rhodes, current Sheriff in Garvin County. I came across your newsletter by doing Internet research on a project that I want to share with you and your readers. I am compiling a history on previous elected sheriffs in Garvin County with the hopes of displaying some type of memorial at the court house to honor those men. If you or your readers have any stories relating to Garvin County law enforcement I would very much appreciate the information.

I look forward to receiving your newsletter.
Thank you in advance.”
Larry Rhodes
[email protected]

CLICK HERE for more info on the above Garvin County project.

A few weeks ago there was mention in a newsletter about a round barn at Pond Creek, Oklahoma. Cecil Elliott took a photo of this oddity.


A few pavers I sandblasted the past week.




I found a great place to get small remnants of granite. They have a lot of it on hand on the north side of the building. I picked up about 10 small remnants to sandblast.  The company is Buck Creek Granite of Ada. 15070 Co Rd 354, Ada, Oklahoma. It’s kind of hard to find, down a dirt road, but worth the time if you want remnants, or for that matter big slabs of granite, countertops, etc.

Coming from the North:
Exit on Reeves Road. and go straight at the stop sign. You’ll see the GRANITE sign.

Coming from the East:
Exit on Latta Road, Go North to Reeves Road. Turn left, go under the highway and take the first left. West of the cement plant.



If you poke the following coordinates in Google Maps or Bing Maps it will point you right to the location of Buck Creek Granite.

34.765947, -96.704900

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OG&E continues to report each week I am in the “Efficient group”. I have only been placed in this group since I installed my Okie Power Saver. My Okie Power Savers, are also a FULL house surge protector.


Q.  What Oklahoma county was originally called C County and in 1892 renamed in honor of a  Republican presidential candidate.
A.  Blaine County was originally called C County.

Q.  What Tulsan was the inventor of an electronic communication system to store audio messages, and patented in 1982.
A.  (answer in next week’s T&T)

From This and That newsletter archives of September 22, 2001:I thought I had photos of nearly all the bells in Carter County, but this week a Reader sent me a photo of the bell at Mountain Lake (northern Carter county! Here’s the email I received:

“Here’s another bell. My uncle, Bill Sisk, who now lives in Lake Havasu, Arizona, mentioned this bell tower at Mountain Lake above the Woodford, Oklahoma dam a few years ago when he told me that my dad, H.H. (Harry) Whitfield, worked on the dam in the early 1920s. My husband and I were there a couple of weeks ago and took these photos. The bell is still there, although it’s rusty and needs some TLC. It must have been used as a warning system for Mountain Lake. (My husband noted the TV antenna and wire attached to the tower. Perhaps, it still serves as a warning system?)”
Sheriff Burkhart invited me over at noon for some red beans and chocolate cake his wife prepared for the employees. Here’s a pic of Sheriff Burkhart (on left) and Undersheriff Ken Grace (on right) serving up some delicious beans! Sharon’s red beans reminded me of the way my mother cooked them when I was a teen. Boiled down to a thick juice, some seasoning powder, and simmered with a big piece of salt pork!
“About Reavis Drug – the person who wrote about the drug store being on the NE corner of Main was correct. My very first job was at this drug store. I graduated from school and started to work within a month after graduation. I worked behind the counter serving drinks and sandwiches. I rode to town with my uncle when he brought his load of milk to Colvert’s dairy every morning and my brother would take me home after he got off work at the Big Gulf Station where Bank First is now. Mr. Maynard Reavis would sit upstairs looking out over the drug store and watching everything that went on. I was scared to death of him. He would walk down and get coffee a couple of times a day and I would shake so, I could hardly pour him a cup! Bernice Veal was manager of the soda shop and my boss. I worked there until I was hired at the Health Department the following fall.”
“As some of you already know, my good friend David M. Scales, with whom I had written over two dozen songs and had performed innumerable times over the past six years, was killed in the attack on the Pentagon. David was an active duty Army Lieutenant Colonel in the Adjutant General Corps. He is survived by a wife Tricia, a 12-year old son Ashton, his two parents, several siblings, nephews and nieces, and lots of friends. He had sent his wife Tricia an email 14 minutes before the fateful attack. He would have turned 45 on September 27th. David will be missed, but the music he created will live on. Several of the songs we wrote together will be on my upcoming singer-songwriter CD recording, which will be dedicated to his memory.”
“Butch, I meant to write weeks ago but I have been working on the Love’s Valley Reunion which was held Sat. Several weeks ago someone asked about Cowboy Slim Rinehart. He has relatives living in Allen, OK. All of the Allen Rineharts are involved in music and there are a lot of them. Dean Rinehart made a tape of some of Cowboy Slim’s records for my ex-husband. I have access to this tape if anyone would like a copy. Someone else asked about a young serviceman named Raybun who was killed in service. I think I may know his sister. I want to check with her to be sure. How Hell Roaring Creek got its name. Some cowboys were camped beside the creek and that night one of them said the creek roared like hell so it became Hell Roaring Creek. I have heard that story since I was a little girl in Marietta. I am now 73. The picture of the falls looks just like Seven Falls the first time I saw them. They still look much the same but the surroundings below have changed some. I was there again a couple of years ago. Mother also worked for Maynard Reavis when his sons were little tykes. They also had good “black cows”, a scoop of ice cream in a glass of chocolate milk but I think the cherry cokes were the best. The girls who waited on the booths had a special language they used to call the orders to the ones working the fountain. I used to know all of them but my memory is fading. America will stand proud and strong and we will heal and all will be drawn closer together because of this national tragedy. I was out of town Sunday but my daughter said our home church was overflowing with people. The little church I attended has only 14 pews but it was almost full and we had a wonderful service. Looking forward to next week.”
“Hey Butch, 911 was a sad day for America. Just like to comment about the gas stations that raised their prices, hope everyone remembers them all and quits trading with them, they are just as guilty as the lady they arrested for going around posing as a Red Cross person door to door collecting for her on gain! It is a lie in both senses and both were looking for their on ill-gotten gain. The only difference is that the stations did not get arrested and will go scot free, and the lady will be prosecuted and probably serve time in jail. And I see that they left out the Lasley’s station on the corner of Myall and South Commerce, I don’t know who they are listed with Conoco, Total, Independent, or who, but there price at 3:45pm Tuesday evening was $2.99 a gallon when I drove by. I will NEVER trade there again and hope every one else stops their trade with those who also raised their prices.”
We all love a surprise from time to time, and someone placed a red brick on my desk last week. This is no ordinary brick, but one produced by The Ada Brick Company in Ada, Oklahoma. They stopped making bricks at the Ada plant in 1981. I saw several hundred of those bricks when I was a teenager, cleaned and stacked back in the early 60s at 1001 3rd NE. It was the old home place for my grandfather and grandmother Carmon. When they tore down that house, my grandfather paid a man 5 cents a brick to clean the mortar away with muriatic acid. Here is a pic of that Ada brick some mystery person left on my desk. Whoever left it, thanks!

Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..“Enjoyed all the history of Reavis Drug. Visited many times. There was a penny scale in the entry. Just felt compelled to remember David’s younger brother, Bob. He was a fellow 1954 classmate and a super good guy, a prankster, but a good guy. We went through Lincoln Grade school through high school. He passed away quite a few years ago. Wanted to mention him along with all the Reavis talk.” -Dale Young

“Anyone out there have a photo of the old Potts Chili building at Healdton?” -Gary

National WWII memorial database

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

See everyone next week!

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