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Vol 19  Issue 976   October 8, 2015

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As far as I know there is nothing left of Fort Arbuckle west of Davis, Oklahoma. But I was told several years ago there is still a rock chimney standing from some building that was at the fort back in the day. I was thumbing through a 1909 book I have (thanks Kathy) and found this photo of a well at Ft Arbuckle before 1900.


Someday when I’m in SE Oklahoma I’d like to stop at Lehigh and see if I can find this artesian well from 1900 if it still exists.


August 1964
An Oklahoma Geologist and paleontologist has found a skeleton that is said to be 3,000 years old. Albert Giles was conducting a geology field trip along Hickory Creek in the Criner Hills, and found the skeleton of a woolly mammoth in an upright position, which suggest it may have died in quicksand.

August 1987
Ground breaking ceremonies for the new jail have been set for Friday, September 4, at 100:00am. Commissioners previously approved a low bid of $3,089,553 on August 10th from Barbour and Short Construction of Norman, Oklahoma.

In 1903 Ardmore’s police chief, D. B. Booker, starting enforcing the City’s new ban on weeds on people’s property.


A couple years ago I received a list of Ardmore police chiefs, but Mr. Booker is not on that list.


Indianola College at Wynnewood. Pre-1907.


In 1903 Ardmore’s pharmacies sold Ballard’s Snow Liniment (James Ballard) for paralysis.


The Ringling Railway, The Final Day -Ken Fitzgerald Collection
Music video tribute to the last run over the Ringling Road. Built in 1913 by John Ringling of circus fame and named the ONMP (Oklahoma, New Mexico & Pacific Railway).

Sulphur Livery and Transfer Company – 1903.


Healdton Trade Day, April 16, 1926.


I’m still looking for someone to identify this contraption. The photo was shot by a friend of mine when he was in Nebraska week before last.


A few pavers I sandblasted the past week.





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Q.  What Oklahoman made a piece of machinery to replace the shovel in installing underground utilities in 1949?
A. “Compact Trencher/Ditch Witch, Perry, Oklahoma Ed Malzahn had an idea that would revolutionize the way farmers and gardeners worked. In days long past, they would mainly use hand tools in order to prepare the ground for crops. This was a long and hard process, and for Ed Malzahn, he saw an opportunity that he couldn’t resist. In 1902, Ed’s grandfather, Carl Malzahn, moved to Perry, Oklahoma and opened a blacksmith shop with his sons Charlie and Gus. During the oil boom, the highly profitable shop came to be known as Charlie’s Machine Shop. Charlie’s son Ed graduated from college with a degree in engineering. Shortly after graduating, Ed had an idea for a mechanical trencher that would end laborious process of preparing the ground with hand tools. He perfected the idea in 1949, and called the device the “Ditch Witch.” Charlie’s Machine Shop became Charlie’s Machine Works, Inc., and quickly put into production the “Ditch Witch”. Charlie’s Machine Works, Inc. is stronger than ever today, employing over 1300 in Perry. The Ditch Witch line has expanded to include horizontal drilling equipment along with many other devices.” -Larry

Q.  What is Oklahoma’s official state poem?
A.  (answer in next week’s T&T)

From This and That newsletter archives of October 6, 2001:“I recently had the pleasure of repairing the picture frame of one of the most respected officials of this county of modern times. Somehow the frame of Sheriff Robert Denney fell from the wall at the Sheriffs Office and I volunteered to repair the damage. While I had the photo, I scanned it. Around 1989 Robert had the distinction of being re-elected sheriff more times than any sheriff in the state, spanning 20 years. OETA came down from Oklahoma City that year to film a special on this little man who was a giant in this county. Everyone knew Robert Denney, and more important, Robert knew everybody. In the 30 years I knew him, his word was his bond. He was not only respected by the law biding citizens but the criminals too.” -Butch
I travelled to the NE part of Ardmore last Saturday, near my old stomping grounds. I found what’s left of the Lee Cathey Brick Manufacturing Company. It was grown up with grass and weeds so much, it’s hard to distinguish what is what. You can see the underlying support of red bricks under the concrete slab and foundation. Some kids were playing along the railroad track told me they have seen several snakes in this weeded area. So I tried to be as careful as possible. I’m scared to death of snakes. hahahaha. The location where the Cathey Brick Company used to be back around 1915 was just north of “D” and 7th Street NE, right next to the railroad tracks. Just south of this intersection is a big field. I remember in the 60s riding my bicycle to that field and helping myself to a few cotton bolls. I’d take them home and really thought I was doing something, picking those seeds out of the bolls. I’d take that cotton, string it out, twirl it in my fingers, trying to make thread. hahaha. For several years during the 60s someone planted the entire field in cotton, covering the equivalent of a city block. Just give me a holler. Anyway, here is some pics of what’s left of the Cathey Brick Company. The last link is a map of the location with a red X marking the spot of the brick company.



“Butch, I remember the old ambulance house behind the Ardmore Adventist Hospital. I was working at the hospital at that time. The ER was at the back of the hospital and sometimes it got pretty scary since there was no one back there but myself and sometimes Ida Nell Wilson who was the R.N. on nights with me. I remember telling Joe Pack and some of the guys at the ambulance service if they heard someone yell, they had better come running. I really enjoy your articles in This and That each week. They bring back lots of memories for us. Thanks for the memories.”
“Hello Butch, As you know I have the recipe for Priddy’s Dressing. My aunt, Leola Franklin Day (1902-1956) was the Salad & Pastry cook at Priddys for several years and it was her own recipe and Priddy’s used it for most of their salads, I think the chicken salad used this instead of mayonnaise. I will send this to those that ask for it. For a little information I am sending a picture of Leola with her brother( my dad), and her two sisters. This was taken in the late 50’s in front of the family home in Gene Autry. from left to right: Elmer Franklin, Leola Day, Ruby Franklin and Edith Holcomb.”

Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..“I always enjoy your weekly report, as much work as publishing a weekly newspaper (been there, done that, got the shirt) And congratulations on your retirement. Having been so for 36 years (yes, 36, I retired on my 50th birthday) You need to learn the magic phrase, “I’m sorry but I can’t do that now.” You can’t imagine how many times you will hear a sentence starting: “Now that you are retired…..” -Jim Foreman

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Photo gallery of Albuquerque’s  Famous Balloon Festival for October 2015

“Hey Butch, my name is Steve Willis and I have enjoyed reading your stuff the past month or so. I have lived in Enville my entire life. I was born in 1967 and there have been a lot of changes here in Enville over the years. I am looking for old maps of the area and information on any old schools or businesses here and where they may have been located. I was hoping that maybe you have run across any information about the Enville area in the early days, early to mid 1900’s maybe. Thank you for your help if you have any and keep up the good work, it’s awesome!” -Steve tedswhitetails@yahoo.com

“hi butch. i am indirectly related to w.w.h. myers referred to in one of your past newsletter. it was in the 2001 section, and the person did not identify themselves. i downloaded the 2 photos. he referred to a box of photos he had. here is how i am sort of related: my great grandfather, davidson frazier ellis, had a sister, minerva jane ellis b.1885 in tennessee. she married jacob slaughter in 1871 in tn. they moved to alabama where he died in 1880 and she died in 1881 leaving their 5 children as orphans. davidson frazier took in richard shelton slaughter and other family took in the others. one of the children, john william slaughter marrried pearl elizabeth myers in 1905 in davis. she was the daughter of william henry harrison myers and mary jane “mollie” brawley. john william and pearl had 3 children: turner g. b.1909, marie b.1911 and duffie “doc” b.1914 all born at arbuckle. anyway, is it possible to know who sent in the photos? i would like to contact them if possible to identify the people in them.”  -susan (francis) whitten

What can I do for my country,
For all the right she’s done for me,
She’s give me peace of mind and constant liberty,
To do what I may do and be what I may be.
What can I do for my country,
For all the right she’s done for me.

-Stuart Hamblen 1908-1989

See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges
Nashobish Ikana
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