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Vol 19  Issue 979 October 29, 2015

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Ardmore was the first town in Oklahoma to have a Jewish synagogue. Below is an interesting article that was sent to me on the Jews arriving in the new state of Oklahoma including the town of Ardmore. Even though I am a life long native Ardmoreite I learned a lot from this article about the Jewish friends I grew up with in Ardmore.


I received an email a couple weeks ago asking what is an obelisk. I did some research and its a stone pillar, typically having a square or rectangular cross section and a pyramidal top, set up as a monument or landmark. Back around 1900 when the original Artesian Hotel stood in Sulphur there was an Obelisk located out in front of it. There are two photos. One shows  what looks like a lot bigger hotel area wise than the other, like maybe an addition was added later?



I snapped this picture of the pond across the street to the SW from the new Artesian Hotel. This area was a really deep below street level parking lot, and it was filled in and the water falls and pond added on top at street level.


Southeast of Ardmore is a little community by the name of Concord. Not much left of Concord these days, just a church and a cemetery and a few houses. The picture below is a group photo of the children and teachers at Concord in 1906.


Winganon, Oklahoma is in far NE Oklahoma just SW of Vinita, Oklahoma on the east side of Oologah Lake. It seem that back in the 60s a cement truck turned over and the cement drum was so heavy it was just left by the side of the highway. The cement set up in the drum and over the years its been used and decorated in various way.




What’s interesting is I do not find a listing for any town named Wingamon in the Oklahoma Place Names book.

September 1931
With wolf eradication progressing, Joe Bell, government trapper, has killed more than a 100 wolves. Until eradication work began, farmers could not raise a flock of turkeys, unless a herdsman was provided for them.

September 1955
Somebody raided a Wilson bootlegger, but claims and counter claims buzzed around the courthouse as to who actually performed the raid. The county attorney said he issued a search warrant to Robert Denney, Lone Grove constable, covering the premises of Olive Marutsky near Wilson. Denney seized a total of 87 bottles of assorted liquor. The county undersheriff said Denney and A.C. Reneaux, Lone Grove Justice of the Peace started the search, but Marutsky refused to allow them to enter another building. When Denny went for assistance, Reneaux was run off the place. When Denny returned with two county deputies the other building was empty and Marustsky gone.

A few pavers I sandblasted the past week.




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You can find gas prices for a particular Oklahoma town by entering the name or zip code in the GasBuddy search box.


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Someone mentioned to me their electric bill is larger in the winter than in the summer because they have an all-electric home. Electricity is their only way of heating the house in the dead of winter. That’s all the more reason to own a Okie Power Saver. And OG&E continues to report each week I am in the “Efficient group”. I have only been placed in this group since I installed my Okie Power Saver. My Okie Power Savers, are also a FULL house surge protector.


Q.  Which Oklahoma born icon fought Bruce Lee in the 1975 flick Way of the Dragon?
A.  Chuck Norris

Q.  In 2000, Oklahoma City native Suzy Amis retired from acting after marrying which prolific filmmaker?
A.  (answer in next week’s T&T)

From This and That newsletter archives of October 27, 2001:

Ardmoreite Bill Landrum did some horse trading recently and ended up with a 1930 Dodge Brothers Sedan automobile. The car has suicide doors, wood spokes, and big ol’ headlights! Bill’ has hit nearly 60 miles an hour out driving! I haven’t gone for a ride in this fine automobile yet, but I plan to this weekend, his son said he’d work me in ahead of everyone else. hahaha Here’s a couple pics I took, including one of the motor.

“Hi, Mr. Bridges. Thank you so much for the Lake Murray pictures today. My family lived at Buzzard Roost in the old rock house on the right just inside the area. My dad worked at the park for many years, and retired from there. You are a jewel to give us so many memories!! Thanks again.”
“Butch, Thanks for the photos of Buzzards Roost. I lived there from 1956 until 1963. We the Greenaway’s lived in the first old rock house on your right after turning off scenic 77 Into Buzzards roost. The tower from which you took the photo’s housed our water supply. Under the rocks is a water tank. At the base of the rock outcrop looking north WAS an old water well with a gasoline pump housed inside an old small structure which my dad had to start with a hand crank. Pour In the gas, push the compression release lever, crank her up and fill the tower tank. supplied the whole pic-nic area as well as our home and the home of our only neighbors, the wonderful A. Faulkner Family. Oh what a life living at the beautiful Lake murray. Thanks Butch.” -Don Greenaway
“Dear Butch, Ever since I found your website a few months ago, I really look forward to Saturday mornings with the latest T&T. Both my parents were born and raised in Ardmore and even though I was also born there, never had the good fortune of growing up in that wonderful place. The last few years I have been attempting (without much success) to gather information about my relatives. My grandfather, Edwin (Edd) Scott died in 1940 before I was born, but I’m told he was a janitor for many years at one of the schools in Ardmore. If any of your readers have any information about him or his family, I would love to hear from them. Thanks again for your newsletter and all the pictures we enjoy every week.” Louie9293@aol.com
“Butch: I read with considerable interest your account in the last T&T about Mr.McKinney and the old air field NE of Marietta on the west side of Scenic Highway 77. When the question about the location of the air field was first raised several months ago in your T&T I wrote to you stating that my father-in-law, Bert Paschall, and I had often hunted quail in that area and I had never seen any indication of an air field around there. Mr. McKinney pre-dates me in Love County by a number of years. I first came to Love County in 1949 and married Bert’s oldest daughter, Patricia, in 1950. An immediate bond was formed between Bert and I and we hunted and fished all over that part of the county for the rest of Bert’s life. I looked at the map and the spot marked appears to be very near the geologic escarpment which drops off steeply toward the Hickory Creek bottom. During the 50’s and 60’s Bert and I occasionally hunted quail along that escarpment. It was a good area for quail and Bert had some good bird dogs. As I said in my earlier account of this matter I never saw any sign of anything that resembled an air field, but I do think I have seen those brick remains which you photographed. I often wondered what they were and why they were there. Now I know. The air field must have been a dirt strip and since it was abandoned in 1941 it was overgrown with brush before my arrival. Thanks a lot for T&T. My wife and I both enjoy reading it as it often renews old memories and wonderful experiences. I want to tell you a little story about Bert. He and Jack Mays were good friends. Jack and family lived on Scenic 77 about a mile north of the bridge across Hickory Creek on the east side of the highway. There was an old barn on the west side of the highway about a mile north of Mr. McKinney’s place. The old barn was dilapidated and looked as though it may fall any day. Bert and Jack had a bet for over ten years on which way it would eventually fall. They neither one lived to see it fall. It didn’t fall either way. It eventually just cratered into the middle.” -Don Davidson, Brenham, Texas
“Hi Butch, I was so glad to see the article about H.W. McKinney and the old airport. I have asked so many people and no-one seems to remember the airport. I remember going there as a child and seeing the bi-planes with the open cockpits. I am just so glad to find someone who knows about it. People would look at me as if were imagining things. My friend in San Antonio received her first T&T and wrote to thank me for sending you her name. She once lived in Marietta so I am sure she enjoyed reading about H.W. Although I do not get to attend meetings any more I still belong to the Love County Historical Society. H.W. has done a lot for the LCHS. My friend was very impressed with your work and said you must be a very interesting person. I agree. So sorry that I cannot go on the next tour of Brown Springs. We are going to see the foliage in Eastern OK next weekend. Looking forward to the next issue.”
“My name is Tweed Stonum Machock and I was born in Ardmore, OK. 1915 at 315 F. St. S.W. My earliest remembrance from my childhood is of Mrs. Byron Drew’s son Walter’s funeral. I remember standing on our front porch and holding my Mother’s hand as the military procession marched past our home. I recall band music and the flag draped casket. Walter was killed in World War 1. Many times when visiting Rose Hill Cemetery and seeing the life size statue of Walter Drew I’m flooded with memories of my childhood days. Thank you for this newsletter, for I will write again.”

“Just reminisce about my years in Ardmore. Got off the Texas Chief at 4 o’clock one afternoon in April of 1949 walked down to the end of the station platform and looked west down main street and couldn’t believe how much blue sky was visible to me. The tallest building I could see was the Simpson Building (Main & “A”) at 6 stories. I had just come from Chicago. The hospitality was great and totally unexpected as I checked into the Ardmore Hotel and within ten minutes I had a phone call offering some companionship. I was also astonished that week to see two mature ladies riding their horses down Main street. I understand they used to tie up their horses to a parking meter and go in and sit in the lobby of the Hotel. I loved it. I also remember the day that Waco Turner off loaded his beautiful 1950 yacht onto his oil field flatbed truck using his employees from the oil patch. They then drove west down Main and turned onto South Washington and proceeded to Lake Murray. The 1949 Gene Autry rodeo parade was watched by an estimated 50,000 people along Main street. The bowling alleys on “A” street between Main and West Broadway burned up, so I finally had to start dating girls. When Samedan Oil Company built Ten Pin Lanes I was back in business but it was too late I had already gotten married. Richard Roy was made the manager. At the grand opening Richard Roy, Joe Boyd, nephew of Bill Boyd of Pak A Sak, and myself bowled with Buddy Bomar. Buddy a native Ardmoreite was one of the finest professional bowlers in the U.S.A. at that time. I was too nervous to be any good that day. I remember the evening that Quintin Little and Carrie Lou held an open house, I was entranced with the fountains around the grounds spewing champagne in the air. The house was marvelous. Loved our invitation to the annual Daube party out at Dornick Hills. By the way I joined the Country Club in the fifties for 50.00. It was a special rate, they must have been hard up for members. Dr. Ken Turnbull was my sponsor and also a darn good dentist. The only reason I got invited to the Daube party was that my wife Jean modeled clothes for their style shows. The other big social event of the year was the style show put on by Jean-Lee fashions. They filled the civic auditorium for that one, almost 2000 people. Better stop now, as I’m getting carried away.” -Bill O’Heran, Canada

“Hello Butch, My grt Uncle, David L. Slaughter, (brother of my Grandfather, John W. “Will” Slaughter), was a Peace Officer Town Bailiff of Davis, Oklahoma in 1920. Probably a few yrs before and after that as well. I wonder if you or any of your readers would have any info about him. I am told that there was an article in newspaper about his home burning up also but don’t know whether it was before this period or not. He had 3 children listed with him on the 1920 census and they were: Alma age 12, Edwin age 10 and Doris age 7. I am trying to find more info on him as I am at a loss as to his parents, other than their names which were, Jane Ellis and Jake Slaughter, and thought maybe someone might know something. His mother, Jane Ellis was sister of David Frazier Ellis and John P. Ellis of Davis, Murray Co., OK. David was Murray County Commissioner and leaders of the Baptist Church there.”  -Carolyn Coughlin


Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..“Butch, Just found your grocery store webpage – brings back lots of memories! The Sooner Food you listed at 12th & N. Washington was a Dicus in the late 70’s – early ’80’s. It was in the same shopping center with Gibson’s and Bill and Barb’s. When Mountain View Mall was first built in the early 80’s, it had a Winn-Dixie in the south end. I can also remember birthday cakes from Elles’ Grocery and the deli in the back of Luke’s IGA (and the mechanical horse ride out front which is now in the museum!).”
-Luciana (Beard) Simmons
Ardmore HS class of 1992

From a distance the world looks blue and green,
And the snow-capped mountains white
From a distance the ocean meets the stream,
And the eagle takes to flight
From a distance, there is harmony,
And it echoes through the land
It’s the voice of hope, it’s the voice of peace,
It’s the voice of every man.

-Bette Midler, 1990

See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges
Nashobish Ikana
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Lone Grove, Oklahoma 73443

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