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Vol 19  Issue 986   December 17, 2015

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Anyone remember the Shiny Brite Christmas Tree ornaments? I remember hanging them on our tree back in the 60s. I placed a picture I found of the star made by Shiny Brite like we had in the 60s on my Facebook. In the matter of 4 days it had over 1,700 Likes.  Amazing.


Shannon Houchin sent in an old photo of the Hardy Sanitarium when it was located where the present day Ardmore post office is located.


In 1902 oil was being drilled for on the Alice Petty farm north of Sulphur, Oklahoma when instead of finding oil, they found an artesian water well. I wonder if it is still there?


Ardmore’s CR Anthony Store on Main Street in 1949


Ardmore City Drug store in 1940s. It was located in the NE corner of Washington and Main Street where the new law offices building is located now.


I had another bad experience picking out a new cell phone. But thanks to Walmart’s refund policy I was able to get another phone and change to another carrier. I had purchased a Straighttalk PrePaid phone Samsung S968C Galaxy S3 ($199 normally but $99 on Black Friday) that used Verizon towers and it barely had a signal south of Lone Grove. Sometimes it did, other times no signal (no bars) and warbled sound. I took it back to Walmart the next day, got a refund, and bought a $99 AT&T PrePaid GoPhone. What a difference. It has almost always 3 bars and perfect sound and signal south of Lone Grove. I was even able to ported over my old number with no problem too. I’m a happy camper, again.

Some pavers I sandblasted the past week




You can find gas prices for a particular Oklahoma town by entering the name or zip code in the GasBuddy search box.


Still loving my Perfect Probiotic by Probiotic America I have been taking everyday. My stomach fat has been greatly reduced and I feel better than I have in years. If you really want to get rid of that belly fat I truly believe probiotics is a “must have”.


I installed an Okie Power Saver this week at a friend’s house and saw some of the best before and after results I have seen of all my installs. Before installing the power saver his total electric home was drawing 43 amps with the central heat was running. After I installed the power saver box next to the central heat and air disconnect box at the far end of his house, the amps being drawn dropped down to 24. Very impressive.


Several weeks ago someone mentioned to me their electric bill is larger in the winter than in the summer because they have an all-electric home. That’s all the more reason to own an Okie Power Saver. Also the Okie Power Saver is also a FULL house surge protector. You say you have brown-outs?  All the more reason to own a Power Saver unit.


Q.  What and where in Oklahoma is the Jed Tower located?
A.   The Jed Tower is located 20 miles northwest of Lawton in the Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge. It was built in 1940 as a fire tower lookout.

Q. What Oklahoma town has a 100+ year old water tower that came of Nicaragua in Central America?
A.  (answer in next week’s T&T)

From This and That newsletter archives of December 19, 1998:

One Reader wrote in last week inquiring about the tree ornaments that local architect Ludwig Isenberg painted area landmarks, etc on. Ludwig came to my office this week, and brought with him the only two ornaments left in his possession. This is not a good pic, but it will give you an idea what we’re talking about.

Here’s a pic of Ludwig on a dedication stone located at C Street and Main.
“Speaking of bells in the churches. Does the First Methodist Church on Main St. still exist in that spot. I remember right after WWII they remodeled the even then beautiful building and put in “state of the art” electronic bells. My father was the electrician on that and I remember how wonderful they sounded and how modern they were. I believe the church was located between Main and Broadway about even with the park.”
“Butch, you really got the memories going this morning in the T&T. ….the old road that is now Grand Ave. That was the way we would walk going home from town. We lived on F St. NW and then later on G. I had a couple of playmates that lived at the corner of F and now Grand. My favorite memories were of the “sewer” that ran along the old track. It was a great place to walk and pick up “crawdads”. I remember one time my brother had picked up a bucket full and placed them on the back porch. While we were sitting listening to the radio they began to pay us a visit. Some had escaped from the bucket.”

Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..Q. “Butch Bridges do you know anything about a refinery or maybe a gas cracking plant that was either on Brock or Cheek Road back in the 50’s? My father in law worked there but we don’t know where it was located.” -Rose Chaney

A. “Oilman Otha H. Grimes owned it. 3.5 miles south on Cheek Road. 2 of the original buildings are still there. There is large OG&E substation there now as well.” -Kevin Calley

Pauls Valley Ice Skating

Ice Skating in Pauls Valley! Gather family and friends to come enjoy ice skating at Pauls Valley Ice Skate Park from Saturday, November 28th through Sunday, January 3rd. The park will be open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and is located next to the Santa Fe Depot Museum. Private parties may be booked Monday through Thursday of each week. Come out to skate and enjoy the holiday season!Santa Fe Depot Museum
1 Santa Fe Plaza
Pauls Valley, OK 73075

“I have been using this for a while as your recommendation. I began clearing out tracking cookies regularly. Had an issue with being unable to get Google Chrome to load up. Not the router or internet. Finally decided to run SuperAntiApyware free version as you suggested. It found the usual tracking cookies plus a singular warning about ?bandoo/variant?. Cleaned it all out and Chrome loaded quickly and ran as it should! Thanks for your I.T. tips.” -Jim

Merry Christmas (1950) Santa Claus’ Workshop & Elves!

“RE: Vamoosa Cemetery. The answer to the question about the bag hanging in the little house. Those are Indian graves. Personal things of the dead. That cemetery used to be a private cemetery. My grandparents, parents and and others are buried there. (Smith and Keener). I played in that cemetery. I was born in Konawa Feb. 1, 1931.” -Clyne David Keener.


Most of us have seen the movie Miracle on 34th Street dozens of times. It’s an ageless movie we never tire of. But do you know where the original movie was filmed?  I didn’t, and for some reason I thought Philadelphia. But the 1947 film was made in New York City. I couldn’t find the original 1947 version on Youtube but I did find the 1955 version which is a good one too.


See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges
Ardmore Oklahoma
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