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Vol 21  Issue 1,071 August 3, 2017

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July 1933

More than 1,500 men, armed with axes, saws and grubbing hoes will be working Monday morning, July 10th, building Lake Murray. By the end of the week, the list of workers recruited from the relief work registration books of Carter, Love, Johnston and Marshall counties will aggregate more than 2,000. Final legal details necessary to transfer the title to the 16,200 acres of land in the lake site were completed Friday. The first campsite is 17 miles southeast of Ardmore near the dam site. The first work is timber clearing. A sawmill has been set up to rip the larger trees into boards to build camp houses. It is estimated that 4,000 men will be used when the operations are in full steam.

The old First Baptist Church in Marietta, Oklahoma


Bell’s Amusement Park in Tulsa, Oklahoma


1869 – Outlaws attacked an Army supply train and hid the coins in the cave. In the cave near Mill Creek, Oklahoma in the Arbuckle Mountains, is a treasure of Army stolen payroll, in gold and silver coins.


Some pavers I sandblasted the past few days.





Jill and I sent off our DNA to ancestry.com for testing last week. $79 each on Amazon Prime. We can hardly wait the required month to get the results. We received an email this week that the DNA is in the lab being tested. There are a couple of DNA testing services, but I finally decided on  AncestryDNA as it seem to fit best what we wanted to find out. http://ancestry.com

You can find current gas prices for a particular Oklahoma town by entering the name or zip code in the GasBuddy search box.

Q. Where in Oklahoma is Skull Tree?
A. Waynoka, Oklahoma. A large tree in someone’s front yard is covered in skulls. The skulls are of various creatures – deer, cows, horses, sheep, and rams skulls.
Address: E. Cecil St., Waynoka, OK Just east of Blondie’s Restaurant at the corner of Flynn Street and E. Cecil Street in Waynoka, OK. Private property. Always visible.

Q. Where in Oklahoma is the Tin Woodsman?
A. Answer in next week’s newsletter

Below is from This and That newsletter archives of August 4, 2005

“Butch here are pictures of the old wooden pump jack, it’s been tore down but look’s as if it’s all there. The beams on

Some of you will remember me talking about the that red stage coach in a past T&T. It is on display at the Stevens Museum along with a lot of other interesting pieces of history. I cant wait to sit in that stage coach Saturday! Its really a reminder of bygone days. The person sitting in the stagecoach is none other than Healdton’s Number 1 historian, Kenneth Eck. Kenneth sent me this great photo last May. I meant to share it with everyone last May but forgot to put the link to the pic in my T&T. But here it is now!

“Butch, when I was a little boy about 8, I was playing with a model plane and sat down on a big hill of red ants to work on the plane that had damaged its wing. Well you can imagine what happened, hundreds of stings and all below the belt. My mother knowing about the Stewart’s Bluing almost bathed me in it. I at first thought I was staring death in the face, but the bluing helped even though I was apparently running a temperature. We lived next door to Dr. E. R. Barker, a Healdton pioneer physician, and he came quickly to check me out. It seemed that no medication other than aspirin was necessary. He advised me to stay in bed the rest of the day.” -Kenneth Eck
“Hello Butch, The educated hamburger got it name from Ernest Brown (owner of the Hamburger Inn). He was selling these in the late 1930’s and through the 1960’s. He had a place across the street from the U.S. Post Office on North Washington street. His little diner only had 7 (seven) stools for customers to sit on. He had 2 (two) cooks Chock and Blondy. Ernest would call the orders out to them and this is what he would say. MAKE ME 2 (TWO) WITH TEARS, (these had grilled onions and pickles on them) or he would say PUT 2 THROUGH SCHOOL, (these were the educated hamburgers with lettuce, tomatoes and mayonnaise) I have many fond memories of eating at the original “HAMBURGER INN”. -Joe Dale Black
“Butch, In case you need it, here is a picture of the Vendome Well as it now looks in Sulphur. This is no longer a free-flowing well, but has a pump operating it. Someone was asking about it.”
“Butch, recently at one of our Historical Society Meetings in Davis, one of our members showed a postcard of an Alligator farm in Sulphur located on “Davis Ave.” which may have been what is now “Broadway”. Does any of your Readers have any memories, stories, or information about this reptile attraction in Sulphur?”
https://oklahomahistory.net/ttphotos17b/SulphurAlligatorFarmClipping.jpghttps://oklahomahistory.net/ttphotos17b/SulphurAlligatorFarm1.jpghttps://oklahomahistory.net/ttphotos17b/SulphurAlligatorFarm2.jpg————————————————————————————————————Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..Ardmore Rod and Gun Club
https://oklahomahistory.net/ttphotos17b/ArdmoreRodAndGunClubHouse.jpgChickasaw Lake Club landscape view
“Reading the story about the train robbery and money buried at Lake Murray reminded me that years ago, probably in the early 1960’s, APD officer Rick Feiler and his brother from Chicago went diving for the treasure around Tucker Tower. I also remember hearing my dad, Ossian Cameron, talk about a train robbery but the money was supposedly hidden somewhere in the Arbuckle Mountains. I remember the amount of money was $50,000.Occasionally, while working at my dad’s service station across from the Skyview, a customer would come in with a gold coin and want to sell it to my dad because they knew he would pay a fair value based on the coin’s condition and they knew he wouldn’t tell anyone where he had bought it. Back then there were a lot of superstitions about gold coins and whether you could possess them. Some times the seller would only accept face value for the coin.” -Monroe Cameron
Dr. J. Jay Boyd, homeopathic doctor, Ardmore, Oklahoma “sugar pills.”
“Hi Butch: Reference Volume 21, Issue 1,070, July 27, 2018, Subject: “How I acquired the nickname Little Boy Blue” by Grant West.” I had forgotten that I had written and sent the article to you. I was pleased to see that it fitted nicely to the subject of bluing that was used in washing white clothes and for ant and bee bites by housewives and mothers in the 30’s and later. Thank you for using my tale. I finally completed writing my life titled “Short Tales.” Elmer Grant West, An Okie from Oklahoma born and reared at Fort Sill, Oklahoma and now residing in San Antonio, Texas., The City of the Alamo.” -Elmer West
“Hi Butch, Reading every word every week. A big navy Bravo Zulu.”Mrs. Stewart’s Bluing still available.
https://www.amazon.com/LNDRY-BLUING-MRS-STEWARTS-MfrPartNo/dp/B001F0RBZGhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mrs._Stewart%27s_BluingEmil Levine
Captain, USNR, RET
AHS 1955
Vienna, AustriaNote: Locally you can still buy Mrs. Stewart’s Bluing at Farmers Market in Ardmore and Lone Grove.http://mrsstewart.com/The Old Stage CoachDrums the rain and sears the sun.
Now its hardy course is run,
And the vines and meadow grasses
Draw it to oblivion.
Rusts its iron, rots its leather,
Parts its hickory, peels its paint,
And the steeds that swung together
Gallop far and faint.
U.S. Mail and brave Wells Fargo!
Dancing harness, screeching brakes,
Reinsman bold, superb, loquacious,
sawed-off shotgun disputatious,
Miners, gamblers, dames flirtatious,
Dusters, pokes and wide-awakes
On by winding purple canyons
Over granite crests you rolled,
Storm and battle your companions,
Glitter in your hold.
Where is now that gallant cargo
Of the days of old
When the West, to jingling traces,
Bounced and skimmed on thorough-braces
Rocked and banged through sun and shadow
Up the trails of El Dorado?Veteran of the craggy passes,
From their oat bins in the sky
Call your vanished six. Prince, Beauty,
Lady, Star, Nell, Lightning! Ay,
Back, you wheelers, swing-span, leaders!
Now, by foothill oaks and cedars,
Spring for pine-clad heights and rutty,
Sinks of sage and alkali.
Box aclink and stout defended,
Roll, O coach refreshed and splendid!Nay. The odyssey is ended,
Charge delivered, waybill filed,
Passengers and whip descended,
Concord long outstyled,
And the grand old rubbish yields
To the fingers of the fields.From Treasure Express by Neil Wilson Macmilan 1938See everyone next week!Butch and Jill Bridges“Friends Make Life Worth Living”PO Box 2
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